The Swimming Pool 1964


I thought it was a good idea and tried to move back but Pat wasn't moving too well. She hadn't broken the kiss and didn't seem to want to. I shuffled us back into the men's locker room and saw Maggie shut the door.

As the light dimmed Pat broke the kiss and laid her head on my shoulder. Maggie moved back up behind Pat and pressed her body tightly against her.

Grinning at me over Pat's shoulder Maggie asked, "You don't mind, do you? I feel in the need of a little close company myself, if you know what I mean."

"I don't mind if Pat doesn't." I answered with a quiver in my voice as though I was cold. I promise you that I was far from being cold.

Pat lifted her head and lightly kissed me on the lips before turning her head and doing the same to Maggie. Turning back to me she asked, "Does that answer everyone's questions?"

Looking back at Maggie she continued, "I've never been in a threesome before and I don't think Ron has either. I've never been with another girl before either. How about you?"

"No to both questions but I'm open for new experiences. Like I told you earlier, I've been trapped in a relationship that I never really wanted and had no way out of until now. I feel alone and on my own but also I feel so free for the first time in as long as I can remember."

She paused and chuckled before finishing, "I guess that was a long winded, nervous way of saying I'm game if you are?"

Pat smiled at me and asked, "How about you big boy, are you ready for the experience of a life time, every man's fantasy, two women at once? Think you can handle it?"

I took a deep breath and smiled back at her before I answered, "You know me, I'll try anything once and the good things as many times as you'll let me."

Pat stifled a giggle and said under her breath, "Ain't that the truth."

A little louder she asked, "Ok, boys and girls, how do we do this?"

When Maggie and I chuckled she hastily added, "I mean, I know that but how do we start? I feel as giddy and awkward as I did the first time I knew I was going to have sex."

Maggie grinned at me over Pat's shoulder and answered, "Why don't you go back to kissing Ron and I'll undress you, then we can switch places. He seems to know what he's doing and enjoys it too. That will be something a little different. With Mark it was his way or the highway and if you chose the latter then it meant a beating. To kiss someone who will kiss you back with some passion...." She let the sentence trail off.

Pat tilted her head back and offered her lips to me, an offer I might add that was irresistible. As we kissed I could feel Maggie's hands running over my back and sides only to disappear onto Pat's body. I could see her head from time to time as she kissed Pat's neck and shoulders and then it went out of sight as she kissed down Pat's spine.

Her hands slipped in between us and eased up and under the top of Pat's bathing suit, she moaned and moved her body back to give Maggie freer access. I could feel the hands working and teasing before they were gone and Pat pressed her now bare breasts to my chest.

My hands had been roaming over Pat's back and dipping into her bathing suit bottoms to caress her firm ass. I ran my hands back up over her bare shoulder blades and when I moved them back down Maggie must have pulled the suit down because the cloth was no longer there.

When my hands encountered Maggie's cheeks, I realized that she was running her tongue up and down the crack of Pat's ass. I cupped an ass cheek in each hand and pulled them apart to give Maggie freer access. When Maggie's tongue probed deeper into the crack, Pat gasp and jerked.

A few seconds later Maggie stood up and pressed herself against Pat's back, whispering in her ear, "Did you like that?"

Pat nodded vigorously while still locked in our kiss. "Good because I'm going to do a lot more than that. Does Ron eat pussy?"

Pat shook her head and broke the kiss. She was breathing heavily as she stood there between the two of us. "Then we're going to have to teach him how, aren't we?"

Pat giggled and asked, "Who's going to teach me?"

Maggie stepped away from us saying, "Maybe I will or I'll teach him and he can teach you. Maybe I'll teach both of you at the same time."

We had both turned our heads to look at her as she stood there grinning at us before she reached up and undid her top. When she removed it to reveal her breasts, I licked my lips involuntarily.

Maggie saw me do it and said, "Hold that thought lover boy and I'll show you what to do with it."

With a grin, she dropped the top onto a bench with Pat's suit and hooked her thumbs in the thin waistband of her bottoms. Slowly she peeled the tiny bikini bottom down to show me my first bald pussy. There wasn't a sign of hair anywhere and it brought a giggle from Pat.

"Maggie, I can't believe you did that. I've heard some of the girls talking about trimming theirs but never shaving the whole thing," Pat said.

Maggie grinned and walked over to put an arm around each of us. She kissed Pat firmly on the lips for a moment and then turned to me and did the same thing but let the kiss linger far longer.

When she moved her head back, she grinned before saying, "He is a good kisser."

Pausing a moment, she said to Pat, "I've got a cousin that works at a beauty shop and she does electrolysis. We got wild one weekend a couple of weeks ago and she removed all the hair from mine and I did the same for her. God, what a feeling, not having any hair down there makes me feel more naked than I've ever felt in my life. It also make me more sensitive, which keeps me horny most of the time." She finished with a laugh.

Pat giggled again before asking, "Do you think she would do mine for me? I'd love to try it."

Maggie kissed her lightly again and answered. "I'm sure we could talk her into it. Anyway while she was doing mine, she kept licking her lips in this strange way that almost made me ask her if she wanted a lick. I got quite turned on."

She paused to laugh. "While I was doing her I kept wonder what it would be like to lick hers. As my hands touched her she would shiver. I think she was getting off on my being between her legs. I guess I'll find out here shortly if I have the nerve to do it, won't I."

Pat said softly, "That'll make two of us or rather three as Ron here has no idea what we're talking about."

Stepping back from us she eyed me up and down before saying, "Go put on that little suit you were diving in. I want to see if it looks as sexy as I think it would trying to cover that hard-on of yours."

Maggie reached out and ran her hand over the front of my swim shorts. After a caress or two she grinned and said, "Damn, there's a lot more there that meets the eye. This is going to be a lot more fun than I first thought. I'd like to see this stuffed into that little suit myself. It ain't all going to fit." She finished with a laugh.

I walked down to the second row of lockers and opened mine. Slipping out of the boxer styled trunks I tossed them in the locker and got the diving Speedo out. As I worked it up my legs and onto my hips I knew Maggie was right. More than half my manhood was sticking out above the waistband. I tried moving it over to the side but that didn't help much.

With a deep breath and a grin I turned and walked back down the row of lockers and made the turn at the end to join the girls. The girls were already joined. They were locked in a tight embrace and a passion filled kiss. If I hadn't already been as hard as an iron bar, the sight of these two beautiful girls would have made me that way.

I slowed my pace to watch them as they kissed and caressed each other. What a sensuous and totally horny sight they made. When I was standing behind Maggie I leaned over and kiss and licked my way across her shoulder to her neck. As I kissed the back of her neck a shiver ran down her body so I followed it down her spine with kisses and nibbles.

When I reached her tailbone, she pushed her ass out at me and shivered again. Thinking about what she had done to Pat I grinned and planted kisses all over both ass cheeks before running my tongue very lightly up and down the crack. She jerked and wiggled her ass as a soft moan was swallowed up by Pat's mouth.

Getting a little bolder and braver, I spread her ass cheeks for my first close up view of the tightly puckered ring hidden there. Before I could let myself think about it, I flicked the tip of my tongue over it a couple of time. Maggie's ass jerked as though I'd stuck a hot wire to it.

I took several long licks up along the complete length of the cleft, which made her moan even louder than before. She took a little step to either side, which opened her up farther to my tongue. I flicked the ring several more time before experimenting with probing it. When I did I found out how tight it was and that it made Maggie jerk and shiver even harder than she had before.

As I worked at poking my tongue into her ass it slowly relaxed. I couldn't get much more than just the tip into the tight hole but it was enough to send Maggie's hips to humping back against me. In less than a minute a shaking began in her legs and a long drawn out groan came from deep in her chest. I continued to tease and tickle her there until her hand swatted at me to quit.

With a grin of triumph on my face I stood up and moved around behind Pat. The girls had stopped kissing and were just holding and petting each other.

As I kissed Pat on the shoulder I heard Maggie sigh deeply and then say, "We're not going to have to show him much, he's a natural with that tongue. Ron why don't you show Pat what you just learned? I gave her a teasing taste earlier but you have me beat hands down."

I grinned at her over Pat's shoulder before I started kissing the back of Pat's neck. Pat's neck is highly sensitive and as I kissed down her back, I found it to be the same. By the time I reached her ass she was breathing loudly and shivers were running up and down her body.

Now I had some experience to go by so I took several long licks up between the firm globes of her ass before I spread them and gently blew a couple of puffs of air over her anus. This brought a twitch and a gasp from her.

I noticed that Pat's opening was larger and more sloped in than Maggie's, which was a tight circle. When I probed it with my tongue she gasped even louder and arched her back, forcing her ass hard against my face. My tongue slipped inside her slowly as I wiggled it. Her gasp was now a loud moaning as I probed deeper into her.

When I was as deep as my tongue would reach I pulled it out quickly and shoved it back in hard. Her ass made little circles and pushed back against my probing tongue. I rammed my tongue in and out as hard and as fast as I could as her moaning went up in volume.

Oddly, I felt something bump my chin and moved my head back to see a set of fingers working at her sex. I returned to what I had been doing just as she came in a shuddering rush. I licked up and down her crack several more times before standing up.

I pressed myself against Pat's back and felt my manhood slip into her wet ass crack. She made a purring sound and rubbed her ass more tightly against me.

Maggie chuckled and said, "I think we've found something Pat really likes. I'd bet that you could fuck her in the ass right now and she would love it."

Pat took a ragged breath and raised her head off of Maggie's shoulder to look her in the face for a second before saying, "You're probably right about that. I've often wondered what it would be like. I know I like to finger myself there when I masturbate."

Maggie laughed and said, "Me too. I always thought I was strange or something. It's nice to know I'm not the only pervert around."

She kissed Pat lightly on the lips before looking at me over Pat's shoulder. "You'll have to remember that for one night in the future but right now I've got something else in mind for you," she said before she held up two fingers in front of my face. "Suck on these and see what you taste."

I sucked the fingers into my mouth and ran my tongue over them. They tasted sweet and musky at the same time. I had an idea that these were the fingers I had seen earlier on Pat's sex.

"What do you think?" asked Maggie, as she pulled the fingers out of my mouth. I nodded but before I could say anything she went on, "Good because you're fixing to learn the secret to keeping a girl satisfied."

She took Pat's hand and they walked over to one of the benches by the lockers. She sat down and motioned for Pat to do likewise. I still stood where they had left me. They sat there a second before they both broke out with big grins as they looked at me.

"Damn," Maggie whispered under her breath.

"Yeah," Pat replied.

Then Maggie giggled and said, "I wonder what kind of points the judges would give him if he dove like that?"

Pat laughed and said, "Perfect ten's if they were female judges. I've always thought it was just heavenly, myself."

Maggie stuck out her finger and curled it, indicating she wanted me to come to her. When I stood in front of her she reached out and lightly brushed her nails along the exposed length of my dick, which made me shiver. Placing her hands on my hips, she leaned forward and ran her tongue up and down the length of me as she rolled the suit down until I was fully exposed.

Sitting back up straight she whispered, "Double damn, it's a perfect ten at least, probably more." She leaned forward again and took another couple of licks.

Turning her head slightly she asked Pat, "Did you ever give him a blow job?"

Pat grinned and answered, "I started to the first time we made out but I got so excited by that thing, I hardly had it in my mouth before I started to come. I ended up just climbing up and sitting on it." Pat moved over closer as she was speaking and leaned in to take a lick herself.

"This is really the first time I've seen it in the light. Most of the time we just park down by the lake and you know how dark it is down there."

Maggie moved her hands around and wrapped both of them around my shaft, one above the other. There was still three inches of shaft and the head sticking up. Maggie giggled as she pulled the shaft down toward her.

"Mark would die if he could see what I'm fixing to do. I never sucked his; I'd just give him a hand job. When I grabbed him this way there wasn't hardly anything above my hands but part of the head and I'd sometimes lick it."

She ran her hot tongue over the exposed flesh before sucking the head into her equally hot mouth. Still working her tongue she slowly sucked more of me in until her lips met her hands. By then my legs were shaky and my knees were weak. I wasn't really sure how long it would be before I exploded but it wouldn't be long and I told her so. She worked her lips slowly back up until I popped out of her mouth.

With a grin on her face she angled me towards Pat. Pat chuckled and asked, "Are we playing Russian roulette?"

She did the same as Maggie, licked the exposed part, and sucked me into her mouth. Her tongue was fluttering everywhere as she moved her lips down to touch Maggie's fingers. My knees were shaking so much now that I had to place a hand on each girls shoulder to steady myself.

The winner or loser, according to how you look at it was Pat in the third round. I had tried to hold off for as long as I could but that fluttering tongue of hers put me over the top and I gave her a drink.

She started to whine deep in her throat as I started to spurt and her body gave several small jerks. Maggie moved her top hand, by the time I had finished Pat's lips were down to the bottom hand, and I could feel the whine on the head of my shaft.

Now my whole legs were shaking and my hips were moving of their own accord. Pat was sucking and licking as she raised her head until just the tip was still in her mouth. She ran her tongue over the whole thing one more time and released me with the sound of a cork coming out of a bottle.

Pat had her eyes closed as she sat up. After a moment they fluttered open and she looked up at me and then grinned. I grinned back at her and was going to tell her thanks but Maggie's applied her hot mouth to me again and distracted me.

She bobbed her head several times before releasing me again. When she did she looked up at me and asked, "That felt good, didn't it?" When I nodded she continued, "Now it's time to teach you how to do that for a girl. Kneel down here in front of me and I'll show you."

When I knelt down Maggie spread her legs wide and moved forward onto the edge of the bench. Remembering her manners she turned to Pat and asked, "Do you want to go first?"

Pat laughed and shook her head. "I'm sitting here in a puddle from a moment ago. I came when he did. I didn't know a woman could do that."

Maggie laughed and replied, "I didn't either. I also didn't know I could kiss another girl or lick someone's ass, or enjoy having mine licked, or suck a dick, or have sex with three people. I'll just add that to the list of new experiences for the day. I've already had a half dozen little orgasms already and I don't think we're anywhere near finished. I originally intended to get a little quickie and maybe be a little kinky but I think we've started something that's going to be long term. You have your dream and I have a lot of catching up to do on life now that I'm free of Mark."

Looking over at me she grinned and said, "Do you think you can put up with us for a couple more years?"

I laughed and answered, "Like Pat said earlier, this is a fantasy come true. It seems that I'm adding to my list of firsts at a rapid rate like you are. It's especially nice that they're happening with the two people that I like the most. Pat I've loved for a long time and I've wanted to get to know you better since the first time I saw you."

"Like I told you Maggie, he's a great guy and with the right woman's help he'll even be better. With both of us working on him he'll be perfect," Pat said and then laughed.

Maggie chuckled and said, "Then I guess we need to get to work, it'll be a hard and messy job but someone has to do it."

Standing up she moved down to the end of the bench and lay down along its length with her ass at the very end. "Why don't you two move down here? I'm going to get comfortable because I have the feeling I'm going to need to be laying down for what's going to happen next."

When I was once again kneeling between her legs, she rose up on one elbow and ran her hand lightly over her sex. "This is a pussy and welcome to cunt licker 101," she said with a laugh. "Although I've never licked one as of yet." And she stressed the word yet. "I'm going to try and explain to you how it's done to best satisfy the lickee, which is me. I know it's going to be a tough job, but I'll make the sacrifice."

Using her fingertips she rubbed up along her inner thigh. "Pat you know most of what I'm going to say because you have one of your own, so if I miss something, help me out."

Looking at me she continued. "The inner thighs are very tender and very sensitive. Make sure you shave before you do this as whisker burns are a bitch." She paused to chuckle. Moving her hand to her sex she lightly rubbed the large outer lips.

"Normally these would be closed up until the girl gets excited. As you can tell I'm already there and have been for some time. Now what I want you to do, Ron is to lick along the insides of each of my thighs up to but not touching my sex."

I did as I was told for a few minutes then she said, "Ok, now lick the outer lips and up across the mound, here."

I did as she indicated as I watched her face. When my tongue touched the smooth skin her eyes closed and as I ran my tongue up along one lip, across the mound and back down the other lip her hips flexed and a shiver ran up her body.

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