The Swimming Pool 1964


I made the loop back and forth for nearly a minute before she shook herself and said, "Damn, this is going to be harder to do than I thought. Your tongue is so hot and wet and feels so damn good, it distracts me."

Looking at Pat who was looking over my shoulder she said, "You might have to take over the explanation part from time to time. I never could get Mark to do this, which is why he never got a blowjob." She laughed and went on. "Next are the inner lips, they are thin and sensitive so lick them gently and sucking on them may be good too."

Leaning forward, I instinctively took a long lick up the center of her slit. As my tongue hit her clit she jerked and grabbed my hair as a loud moan came to her lips. I licked at the small bud experimentally again and she did the same thing. I circled it with my tongue as she had done with the head of my dick, which caused her to shudder and pull my face tighter to her sex.

When I fluttered my tongue over it quickly as Pat had done to me earlier she clamped down on my head with her thighs and came in a rush. I could hear her yell a long drawn out, "Oh," as I continued to flick her clit with the tip of my tongue. He hips rocked and jerked as her orgasm went on and on.

Finally she opened her thighs enough to push my head away. I took a lick along her inner thigh and she pushed my head farther away.

"Oh, shit," she said softly as she calmed down. "I thought it would be like my finger down there or something but wow it's a lot better."

I chuckled and asked, "You mean that's the first time you've had that done to you?"

Chuckling again, I looked over my shoulder at Pat and said, "I think our teacher is as ignorant as we are. Well, maybe not anymore since that mind blower of an orgasm. Do you want me to try it on you?"

Pat giggled and said, "Yeah and I want to try it on her. This girl, girl thing has me curious. What did you do to her exactly?"

I tried to explain it as best I could but ended up telling her to just experiment. Laughingly I said, "Why don't you experiment on each other at the same time and compare notes?"

Pat stood up and walked down to where Maggie's head was. "That sounds like a great idea to me," she said as she stepped over the bench so that her sex was directly over Maggie's face.

As she lowered herself down, I leaned over and licked Maggie's clit. She jerked and a shiver ran through her body. She wiggled and tried to push my head away. I let her move it some as I explored lower down on her sex. When I probed her opening like had done to her ass she started to say something but was cut off by Pat's descending sex.

The hands that had been on my head went to Pat's hips. As I wiggled my tongue around, her hips started to move against my face. Pat's were moving in a very similar fashion. I ran my tongue up the slit and flicked her clit once before moving back down to suck on the thin inner lips. Her stomach muscles gave a jerk but her hips didn't stop their movement.

Pat had leaned forward and placed her hands on the bench to either side of Maggie's waist. Her face was just above mine so I lifted my head and kissed her quickly on the lips. As I went back down on Maggie I could see Pat licking her lips. A grin spread across her face and she lowered her head and took a tentative lick across Maggie's mound.

About then her hips jerked and she said, "Oh, yes, Maggie. Do that some more but not so hard."

Her hips went into a slow rocking action and she said. "Oh, much better. Let me try that on you." Leaning farther forward she ran her tongue slowly and lightly over Maggie's hard extended clit. Maggie's hips came up to meet her each time she did it.

I moved back and sat on the end of the other bench so I could watch what Pat was doing. Over the next few minutes I got quite an education. It wasn't that she did anything different than I had, but it was the way she did it, softer, gentler, almost teasingly.

Watching Pat, I knew she was having a bunch of small orgasms and was building up to the final big bang quickly. I had an idea that Maggie was right with her and I was right as both girls exploded in unison.

In the end, I had to help Pat up off Maggie and to sit down on the bench. With a big grin for me, she lay back on the bench and relaxed.

"Man, that was rough on the legs but well worth it," was all she said.

Maggie laughed. "This bench is interesting but I think a nice soft bed would be a better place for all this or at least a big blanket somewhere down by the lake."

I had gotten up and walked over to the door while the girls talked. Opening it a crack I peeked out to see that it was still dark and rainy. Wondering what time it was I went around to my locker and checked my watch. Four thirty, I didn't believe it. When I told the girls what time it was they couldn't believe it either.

"My how time flies when your having fun," Pat wisecracked.

Looking over at me, she said to Maggie, "I think we kind of left Ron out in the cold during our last round. The way he's wandering around I think he needs some special attention. What do you think?"

Maggie laughed and said, "I'll flip you for him, heads or tails?"

Pat laughed back and replied, "That's a rough decision, but it doesn't really matter now that he's got a taste for pussy. Why don't you take tails since you haven't had that end and I'll take heads since I haven't had that end."

"Ronny, oh Ronny, have we got a deal for you," Maggie said and both girls laughed. Maggie sat up and crooked her finger at me again. "It's your turn to lay on the bench, so get your ass over here. I've got it nice and warm for you," she said as she stood up.

I didn't need a second invitation.

When I lay down on the bench my manhood was only semi hard but as the two girls moved to position themselves above me it grew back to its former length and hardness. The sight of two beautiful naked girls standing over me was inspirational and knowing what they were going to do to me was mind blowing.

Maggie sat down first and positioned herself so that her hot wet slit was over my shaft. She wiggled from side to side and hunched her hips back and forth forcing me deeper into her slit. Sliding her hips slowly back and forth she soon had me as slippery and wet as she was.

"It feels so good just to ride it that way doesn't it? Wait until you try it inside you. The first time we made love, I had four or five orgasms before I got even half of it in. I still haven't ever got it all inside but it's fun trying," Pat said with a chuckle.

Maggie had been rubbing herself harder and faster against me when she groaned and sat down harder. "Damn, that one slipped up on me," she said as Pat laughed.

"You seem to have tails under control, so let me see what I can do with heads," Pat said as she lowered her sex toward my waiting mouth.

With her facing Maggie, everything was upside down or was it backwards from where I had been before with Maggie. Also in this position, I could only reach what Pat brought close enough for me to reach. She had almost complete control, as did Maggie on the other end.

As I licked and tongued Pat's sex, Maggie was holding my shaft straight up and eagerly rubbing the head around her opening. As she got it lined up and centered, she lowered herself slowly and I felt the head squeeze inside. She gave a loud groan and her hips jerked back up off me.

Pat leaned forward so she could get a better view of what Maggie was doing and brought her swollen clit within range of my tongue and lips. Pat's clit was twice as large as Maggie's. Large enough for me to suck it between my lips and lightly run my tongue over it. Pat moaned and pressed herself tighter to me. It was only a few seconds before she was coming.

I continued to lightly tongue her clit until she moved forward and took it out of my reach. But now I could reach her flooded opening, which I proceeded to lick and lap at like a kitten after cream. She circled her hips and sighed.

Maggie had again sat down on my manhood and now had the head and a couple of inches of shaft inside her tight hot vagina. I could feel her juices running down the part of me still outside her. Pat lowered her hips more as I ran my tongue up inside her and wiggled it. With a soft moan she came again.

Maggie was bouncing in short sharp movements of her hips as a low whining grunt accompanied each downward movement. More of my dick was going in on each grunt. When she was about half way down, I felt her tighten even more around me as she came hard. The trickle of fluid became a flood as she froze in place, her insides squeezing and milking me. Why I hadn't came yet I didn't know but I wasn't worrying about it.

Pat moved back and sat down hard on the bench above my head. For the first time I could see Maggie and where we were connected. I marveled at the way the opening to her sex extended and sank as she flexed her hips slowly. Her legs were as shaky as mine had been earlier and she started to slowly sinking farther down on me.

The whine came back louder and at a higher pitch. Her insides were working and churning around me with a hot heavenly embrace. I felt my semen burst forth from me as I came suddenly. I was so engrossed in watching Maggie that I hadn't realized it was going to happen. When it did she yelled and sat down hard, jamming the rest of me into her.

This was a whole new experience for me as Pat was the only other woman I had had sex with and she had never taken more than half of me in. I felt myself coming again with a loud grunting moan.

Maggie was frozen in place where she sat. I looked up at her face, which had this startled expression; her eyes were wide open, as was her mouth. Slowly she closed her mouth and swallowed hard before blinking several times rapidly.

"Oh shit," she said softly with a touch of disbelief in her voice.

I heard Pat whisper in awe behind my head, "Damn, it's all in."

Maggie looked down quickly, then looked at me, and Pat as a big grin spread across her face. She wiggled her hips experimentally and the grin disappeared as another orgasm hit her. She leaned forward and caught herself with her hands on my chest. Her eyes were tightly closed and she was licking her lips as her stomach muscles rolled and tensed.

When it slacked off she opened her eyes and said, "Oh, shit," again.

Pat chuckled and said to no one in particular. "I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes." She paused a second then asked Maggie, "What does it feel like?"

Maggie sighed and took several deep breaths. Looking down at me she grinned and said, "Kind of like sitting on a baseball bat. It feels like I'm stretched to the limit, plus some. I can feel the head pressed against the cervices. Anytime I move even the slightest bit I come. When he came I went."

She paused to laugh and then froze. "Even laughing sets me off. Damn, I'm not sure how I'm going to get off this thing without dieing. I thought it would get soft after as much as you came but it hasn't. Its actually as hard if not harder than it was."

Pat chuckled and said something about the horn of a dilemma but I didn't catch it all as about that time Maggie tried to get up off me. I felt as though I was caught in one of those Chinese finger cuffs. The more she pulled up the tighter she got.

On the third try she shuddered and was back to leaning on my chest breathing hard and fast. In a moment or two her breathing slowed and she chuckled before saying, "Damn, I keep on going boom but I don't get anywhere. I never dreamed I could have as many orgasms as I've had and still keep having them."

Pat moved over beside my hip and looked up at Maggie saying, "That sounds like a problem all women wished they had. Try getting up quickly and when it feels tight freeze. If I can get enough room between you two I'll try to work it out."

Maggie laughed and said, "My Aunt has a horse farm up state, and I saw her helping the stallions once on my summer vacation up there. In my wildest dreams I never though I would need help with something like this. Of course I never dreamed that I would be mounted on someone this size either."

She paused to laugh again before continuing, "No one at school would believe me if I was crazy enough to mention this but if I did, there would be a stampede over to your house, Ron. You'd be fighting the girls off with a stick and I don't mean this one." Suddenly she stood up quickly and just as quickly stopped as we both groaned.

Pat's hand shot between us and she wrapped her fingers tightly around the base of my shaft. "Well, that's a start," she said with a grin.

She wiggled her fingers to get a better grip and started to move my shaft around as best she could. Maggie moaned and shuddered and I flexed my hips and groaned to myself. Pat kept working her hand back and forth and around in a circle.

Maggie's moaning grew louder and her legs began to shake but I felt her slip upward a little and then I came again. When I did she stood up and then sat right back down but Pat moved me out of the way just in time.

For her efforts Pat caught the last spurt right in the face. I tried to keep from laughing but a chuckle escaped my lips. Maggie opened her eyes, looked at me, and then followed my gaze to Pat's face. She went into a giggling fit. Pat had a very startled look on her face for a few seconds and then she started to laugh. We all broke up at that point.

When we finally settled down, I noticed that Pat still had a hold on me and that her hand was covered with a sticky mixture from Maggie and I. She also had semen on her face and in her hair. I got up on one elbow and then sat up.

My head spun a moment then cleared as I said, "I think we need to get in the showers."

Maggie giggled and asked, "Who's going to carry me? I don't think my legs will hold me up."

I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her lightly on the lips, which tasted a lot like Pat's sex. I grinned and answered, "Poor baby. You taste like Pat's pussy and smell like you've been fucking all day, which by the way is a very nice smell but I don't think your grandmother would approve if I dropped you off this way."

Pat laughed and slid her hand up my semi hard shaft and then brought it up to rub our juices all over Maggie's tits. "If I can wear it all over my face then you can wear it there."

She paused a moment still running her slippery hand over Maggie's chest. She grinned and rose up to suck one of the nipples into her mouth. Maggie jerked at the touch of Pat's hot mouth and I grinned as I leaned over and sucked the other one into my mouth. Running my tongue over the hard nipple I savored the taste of us.

Popping the hard bud out of my mouth, I kissed Maggie, slipping my tongue into her mouth to give her a little taste. As she realized what she tasted a whimper came from her throat. As I broke the kiss, Pat took it up. The whimper resumed in Maggie and a whine started in Pat. I moved my arm so I could put it around Pat as the three of us kissed and hugged each other.


In a little while we finally made it into the shower. We did have to help Maggie but once she was under the hot water and we were washing her hair and body she seemed to revive quickly. Then Maggie and I turned to wash Pat from head to toes. Once she was clean the two girls attacked me.

I got a thorough wash job with special attention paid to my face and manhood. Pat even got down on her knees and sucked on it as Maggie kissed me. As I started to get hard again, Pat got up and joined our embrace, swapping kisses all around. She had my shaft trapped between her legs.

After a few minutes Maggie asked her why she stopped sucking me. Pat laughed and said, "If we get him started again we'll never get home. Anyway, if you think you had trouble getting him out of your pussy, what do you think it's going to be like getting him out of my ass? I really do want to try that, you know but we'll have to save it for another time and there will be other times."

Maggie giggled and said, "Damn, straight there will be. People around here are going to be talking and wondering about us from now on. It's the three of us anyway we want it."

I laughed and said, "I don't know what I did to deserve this but thank you Lord, thank you."


You can take this story anyway you like. Is it true? Well, maybe, maybe not. Only Pat, Maggie, and I know for sure and we aren't telling. I told you that Pat did go on to Hollywood and after she did, Maggie and I got married. We were happily married until September of 1989 when she passed away suddenly.

I still hear from Pat from time to time and got invited to her last Premier. I didn't get to go but its good to know that I'm still remembered. Maybe someday I'll pen some more about our times together. It's September and I always get nostalgic this time of the year.

Oh, by the way, some of the names were changed to protect the guilty but not all.

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