The Swing Man Cometh Again Pt. 01

byChile Peeler©

Jonas peeled the red thong down to her mid-thighs and left the tightly stretched garment there. His big hands spread his daughter's asscheeks again, exposing the entire expanse of Nikki's dainty, dewy pussy and her tight little asshole - both of which he enjoyed regularly. Everything was so perfect!

Nikki pulled her mouth from Lance's manhood and looked back at him, her eyes wild.

"Give it to me....I want it," she implored. Her manicured fingers appeared between her legs and opened herself for him, showing him the coral notch of her pussy mouth.

It was a tempting target. His daughter's pussy was little slice of heaven. But he was not going to just dive right in; they had all night and like two cats playing with a mouse, he and his brother were going to enjoy themselves slowly.

"You'll get it.....just let me get you good and ready," he said with a smile, turning his hand over and sliding it between her legs, cupping her pussy mound as her fingers retreated.

"Okay," she sighed, turning her attention back to Lance.

"Huuhhh," Lance grunted as Nikki's head began to bob anew.

"Lance, I think we're a bad influence on Nikki," he kidded, finding it hard to believe, even after all the wild times he had had with his daughter, that he was there on the bed with his brother, sharing Nikki. And it almost seemed natural.

"Oh, I don't know about that," his brother smiled, pulling Nikki's long hair over the left side of her head as she sucked away. "Mmmm...I think this girl was bad to the bone before she ever heard about Carmen."

"It's true, I am a bad girl," Nikki giggled after pulling Lance's cock from her lips. She tilted her head to the left and Jonas could see her tongue licking up and down his brother's shaft like a big lollipop.

"Damn, if I ain't glad you are," Lance gasp. "Jesus, you got me ready to pop, Kiddo."

"Pop away!" Nikki urged, her right hand reaching up to stroke his dick, gleefully priming his pump.

"Shit, not yet," Lance moaned, sliding off the bed to position himself on his knees on the floor, away from her grasp. Nikki gave a little sound of displeasure as she raised her front up off her elbows and supported herself on straightened arms.

"Hey, no pouting," Lance said as his left hand slid under to feel her tits. "You don't want me out of commission that soon, do ya?"

"I don't think you'd be out for long," Nikki chuckled, throwing her right hand around Lance's head and pulling him to her. Jonas watched his brother lean forward and begin to kiss Nikki, saw his daughter tilt her head again to the left, obviously enjoying the tongue that Jonas was sure his brother was slipping her.

As their mouths smacked away, Jonas slid an index and middle finger into the slippery entrance of his daughter's pussy. He slowly pushed them down her hot, clasping sheath as Nikki wiggled herself around his digits, mmming into Lance's mouth. He corkscrewed his fingers, rubbing all around, fucking her with them, slowly spreading his fingers to stretch her. His probing fingers were drawing out dribbles of feminine lubricant which seeped down into the inverted V of her clit folds.

"Oooohdamnit, Dad," Nikki gasp and he looked up to see her looking back at him.

"I know, baby," he said, drawing his fingers from her. He scooted back a little and lowered to face, kissed her asscheeks as he saw Lance move the upper half of his torso under her front. Nikki's eyes shut and Jonas knew his brother was sucking on her nipples.

Well, he would do a little from his end too.

He ran his tongue down into his daughter's splayed cheeks, rimmed her puckered anus for a few seconds, then dipped lower and began to lap at her neat, slightly-crinkled cuntal folds.

* * * * *

"Oooohhh....aaaaaahh!" Nikki gasp again as she felt her father's tongue attack her clit, the tip doing little circles around her hard nervy nubbin. Below her, Lance was pleasuring her dangling breasts, lips and fingers pulling and sucking at her excited nipples.

She had never been the focus of a three-way like she was now. It had almost always been her and Tori and some guy or she and Tori and two guys. And now it was just her with two family members! Incest between two was great, between three - awesome. It was like being on some kind of drug.

She moved her right hand down her uncle's bent chest and hard stomach, leaning over him slightly as she tried to grab his cock once again. It moved her crotch away from her father and he stopped for a moment.

"Damn, this is the prettiest little pussy," Nikki heard him say as she felt his loving fingers running up the back of her silk-wrapped legs, over the bare backs of her upper thighs, onto her asscheeks. Then his mouth was back, his nose burrowing into her buttcheeks.

"OOHHHH DADDDY!" she moaned loudly as she felt his mouth on her pussy, his tongue worming into her pooch. Her hands dug into the sheets as her father's broad tongue licked her gash from bottom to top, striking her semi-hooded clitoris, exposing it further as the hood was pushed away. She hunched her crease into his face, trying to not fall over from the delicious cunnilingus he was performing on her.

"AAHHHHH...GODDDDADDD!" she moaned as he sucked and slurped away on her sparse haired muff, drawing her juices across his tongue, making more well up from her young depths.

Lance slid out from under her and stood by the bed, watching her and her father.

"Get in there, Jonas," he encouraged, stroking his cock which had wilted a little after escaping her clutches.

"So good," her father breathed into her slit as he came up briefly for air. But it was only for a second.

He stiffened his tongue and began fucking it into the coral portal of her pussy mouth. His nose bumped against the lower edge of her anal opening, sending more sensations through Nikki's delirious frame as she watched her uncle pull on his long sex shank.

Nikki felt her loins begin to melt, the first orgasm of the night sweeping through her crouched, trembling body.

"Oh, I'm gonna cum... oh DADDY!... Ahhhhhhmmmmm...I'm gonna cum on your tongue!...oh yes...yesss...ohhhhhhOOHHH!"

Her pussy creamed around her father's wiggling, wriggling, plunging tongue as she rubbed it against his face, his brush-like mustache heightening the sensation as it scraped across her tender pussy folds. She let her face fall against the bed and she screamed into it as her father ate her to orgasm.

"HHAAAWWHHH!!...MMMMMAAAWHHH..AAHHH!" her muffled cries reverberated in Lance's bedroom as her father held her ass up and sucked on the gushing oils that welled from her quim.

Through her delirium, she felt hands stroking her upper back and arms, kisses being applied into her hair. It was Lance, could only be Lance as her father continued to suck on her calming cunt.

She turned her pretty face toward Lance again, resting her left cheek on the bed as her father cleaned up between her legs. Her eyes were still closed, the darkness full of bright little explosions from scrunching them so tightly.

Her father's strong hands, which had been lodged up high on the front of her thighs, dropped down in front her knees and pulled them back toward him, letting her body down.

She opened her eyes and saw Lance on his knees by the side of the bed, leaning against his nightstand.

"Like that?" he said, rubbing her arm.

"Mmmhmmmm," she purred as her father crawled up over her body. His weight and heat made her feel so safe.

"You're gorgeous," she heard her father's voice close to her ear, then his lips on her jaw line, kissing her damp face. She felt so loved, euphoric from her father's toe-curling pussy eating.

God, it's only just started! she thought as she felt Daddy's hard cock pressing into her asscheeks.

* * * * * *

"That was who's going to fuck me?" his daughter sighed as he kissed her shoulder, his erection nestled in the pillowy cheeks of Nikki's derriere.

Jonas was more than ready; the heat of her body and her scent had him aroused as always. But Lance was their host....

"Shit, you two go ahead and have your fun," Lance said unexpectantly. "Probably take ole Jonas two hours to recover and I'll have you all to myself then."

"Ha, ha, ha," Jonas scoffed looking up as his brother, stood and opened the nightstand drawer. "Haven't you ever heard the story about the old bull and the young bull?"

"No, enlighten me, you old bull," Lance said, smiling as he lifted a small Ziploc bag out of the drawer. Nikki raised her face up, resting her chin on the bed as Lance unfurled the bag and took out a funny looking cigarette.

"I want some," Nikki said, coming up on her elbows.

"Jonas, can your little girl have some marijuana?" Lance said.

"She's an adult now....I don't think she's a gonna be a dope fiend like you," Jonas falsely chided.

"I'm no dope fiend, I'm a sex fiend," Nikki giggled, swinging her right hand back on his hip as she turned under him slightly, offering him her mouth. He kissed her gently, his right hand sliding under her twisted torso to rub her right breast with his palm as Lance sparked up the doobie nearby.

"How you want me?" Nikki asked, after their lips smacked apart.

"I've seen enough of your ass in the air," he joked, stroking her stomach with his hand. "How about the good old you-on-your-back position, baby?"

"Yeah, that sounds good," Nikki agreed.

Jonas rose up on his knees at his flushed daughter rolled over in place onto her back, her legs turning between his knees. She shifted her body to the middle of the bed, putting a pillow under her head as he rocked on his knees, pulling her stockinged legs out around his crouched form. She looked like a Hustler centerfold with her long gloves and hose and high heels, body sleek and toned.

"Here you go," Lance said sitting on the side of the bed and handing the lit joint to Nikki.

"Is this going to get me really stoned?" she said, raising up on her left elbow toward his brother, before taking a deep drag.

"It's good shit," Lance told her, rubbing her left leg which lay near him.

"Ooooo," Nikki said, her voice raspy as she tried to talk with her throat feeling the effects. "Man."

"Go on, one more," Lance coached. "You'll be feeling just comes on you, trust me."

Nikki took a smaller puff and sucked it down, holding it. Jonas was a little amazed; he had never seen her do any type of drug. Alcohol, yes. She liked island drinks like Mai Tais and daiquiris.

"Enough," she gasp, handing it back to Lance, falling back on her back, her eyes watering a little. Jonas watched a lazy smile form on his daughter's lips as she ran her silk-covered fingers over her nipples beneath him.

"Oooo, I can feel it......Dad, do some," she giggled, running her hands down to inside of her thighs.

"No thanks," he said. "That's not my era."

"Oh, you're no fun," Nikki playfully pouted.

To answer her, he dropped his right hand between her legs and rubbed her moist pussy, his eyes locked with hers. He got the reaction he thought he would.

"Aaaah, you are fun, Dad," she cooed, her gloved hands grabbing his wrist as he fingered her. She felt real ready for him. His left hand grabbed his cock, which had begun to wilt a little during the pot smoking wait. He squeezed it, stroked it as she watched.

But she would not just watch. Using his wrist, she pulled herself up into a sitting position, the move taking his hand away from her tender prize.

He leaned down to kiss her smiling lips, tasted the weed on her tongue as she wormed it into his mouth. He grunted in pleasure as her gloved hands took control of his erection, the exotic fabric so smooth.

"Uuh," he gasp down at her face when their lips parted, her hands tugging on his cock like a milk machine.

"Let's get this cock nice and hard," Nikki giggled, the pot visibly effecting her. Her eyes sparkled with mirth. She was really enjoying herself, he knew that. "Mmmmm..I can feel it. It's getting bigger."

"I think it's hard enough, baby," he grunted again.

"Good," she smiled, leaning forward to kiss his right nipple as her left hand dropped under to massage his balls.

"Jesus, lay back," he told her, pushing her shoulders away, ready to get on with the fucking.

She fell back, her head hitting the pillow, her hair fanned out under her head on the pillow. With a wicked smile, his daughter lifted her legs in the air, stiffening them straight as she brought them past his shoulders. When they were in front of him, she let clicked her heels together and then let her shoes fall away toward the sides of the bed, her legs opening in an inviting vee as she kept them raised in the air.

"Come and get it, Daddy," she whispered.

* * * * * *

God, I want to get fucked!!!!!! Nikki thought lewdly as her father moved over her, his hands running down the backs of her calves, the front of her thighs as he prepared to mount her. The weed had her body humming. She could feel blood coursing through her eyes, through her temples, through her legs and arms, through her nipples and belly and...oh, everywhere.

She had not even noticed that Lance had gotten up from beside them, she was just focused on her father and that big dick he was moving into position.

"This is our first audience," she blurted out as she felt and watched his cockhead rub over her clit. It felt electrified, intensified.

"We did it with Tori," he reminded her, putting his hands on the bed beside her shoulders.

"God, that's right..duhh, I'm so high," she giggled, feeling foolish. Of course, he had fucked her in front of her best friend. He'd fucked both of them together, more than once. Focusing, she stated, "This will be the first time you do me in front of another man."

"Yeah, I should have brought score cards," her uncle said and she turned her face to see that he had pulled a chair next to the bed, watched him sit in it and put his feet up on the bed, legs spread, his nice cock and balls right there.

The image of him holding up a card with an "8.5" on it, as her father fucked her, suddenly was the funniest thing she had ever heard. She giggled, then laughed, then fought it back to more giggles, trying to keep her head. God, she was stoned!

She looked back up at her father as he ground the bottom of his prick against her pussy. He smiled down at her as she moved her hands to rub his wonderful organ, her gloves cocooning the softly hunching hard-on between her palms and her tingling genitalia.

He's so handsome, she thought as they shared a few seconds. He really was....his body like an aged swimmer's, lanky but muscular at the same time, his chest awash in gray-flecked hair, his face sort of weathered looking. If she had not found him attractive, she probably never would have started all this, she realized. If he had been some pot-bellied, pasty executive, she would not be here beneath him, wanting him to fuck her now.

"Give it to me," she said up to him as she pushed his cock down, bringing the back of her high heels to rest in the small of his back. She guided him, steered his cock into her familiar clutches. The pulpy head pierced her neat, wet folds and pushed inward. She let go of his manhood, reached up to hold his sides as he began to seat his length in her needy loins.

She closed her eyes and let her mouth fall open as her father pushed into her, half of his cock instantly driving into her slippery cunt sheath, spreading her open before his cowcatcher-like glans.

"Ooohmmmmmm," she gasp and sighed as he gave her little fucking strokes, slowly working his way inside. She ran her gloved hands up and down his lower back, tightening the pull in her legs, her shoes urging him in, all the way in.

"Aah, uuh," her father grunted above her as she worked her cunt muscles on him, gently squeezing his invading shaft.

"I love it," she announced, opening her eyes, "I love your cock!"

Her mind was dizzy with the weed, focusing her whole world on the live flesh stuffing up inside her crotch. It felt lewder than usual, being filled with the cock that had created her.

Out of the corner of her eye, she could see her uncle's hand moving up and down in his lap....more cock for would her uncle fuck her?...would he fuck her hard on her back?....fuck her like a bitch?...oh, it was so wild, her mind swirled.

"I know you do, baby," her father gasp, his face above and slightly behind hers as his long body covered her smaller form. Looking in her eyes, he forced the last inch that she could take inside, the top of his cock pressing against the bottom of her cunt.

Nikki moaned in approval as she felt his hairy balls lightly bat against the scrunched lower swells of her ass as they swung underneath the base of his prick. She moaned further as he began fucking her, slowly undulating his hips, his stiff dick pressing against the top wall of her pussy as he dug inward, hitting that spot that drove her wild.

"Fuck me, front of Lance....ooohyeaah," she urged, her satiny fingers digging into his flexing ass. She raised her head off the pillow and looked down between her legs, watched the wide glistening expanse of his prick appear and disappear beyond the trimmed strip of her pubes.

Her eyes seemed to jiggle in her head, moving the scene back and forth, not compensating like they should for the movement of the bed beneath them. She tried to stop it but it seemed impossible. She was high on her uncle's unholy grass, the stuff seeming to settle right behind her eyes. She had not smoked anything in so long and now this. She couldn't fight it.

Instead, she let the warmth of the marijuana buzz and her Daddy's pulsating, pistoning pike sweep her upward. She felt like she was going to come already. It was unbelievable! She wanted to come again and again....wanted her pussy to quiver around cock all night...wanted to feel her pussy squirt around her father's and uncle's unflagging fuckpoles.

"Harder," she groaned under her father's overhanging frame. She felt so small, like a little girl, a little girl taking a big cock. She closed her eyes again, coiled her graceful legs around the big, powerful body of her pumping parent, crossing her ankles behind his rear.

"Nikki...uuh...uuuhh," her father said, his voice coming in little rushes around his thrusts.

"Harder...oohh, fuck me!" she whined. "Aahhhh... yesss!... so good... harder, harder.. make me come... oh, God... nnnuuuhhh... oooooohh."

"Give it to her, Jonas," she heard Lance say somewhere off in the distance, like he was a mile away.

She brought her right hand between their bodies, ran the smooth, smooth palm of the glove over her belly, up over her left tit, the material making her hard nipple sing with sensations. She pulled at the excited stalk with her fingers, opening her eyes to watch the jiggling flesh of her breast stretch upward as she pulled on the stiff teat cap. Releasing it, her tit dropped back and began the mad dance on her chest wrought by her father's fucking. She did the same thing to her right nipple as she threw her head back on the pillow and looked up at her father.

He was not looking at her, his face was up, facing the headboard of her uncle's rocking bed. His eyes were closed, his features racked by grimaces of sexual pleasure that she had seen so many times over the months.

"Uuuuhh...aaahhhh," she gasped and began to meet her Daddy's coring thrusts, using the muscles in her belly and legs to lift her splayed lap up around his descending cock. It felt so good, so fucking good...

She dropped her left hand, which had been hovering against her father's flank, down onto her own body. She slid it down between her legs and began to rub herself around her father's moving member, playing her cool fingertips on her unhooded clitoris.

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