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The Switch


My friend Joe and I have been friends for years. We grew up together and went to the same schools. When we started dating, we even had similar tastes in girls.

When it was time to go to college, we both were accepted to the same school. That is where we met Julie and Donna. They had a lot in common with each other.

They were both beautiful girls; each with long blond hair and blue eyes. Their bodies were always in shape and tanned.

They were both athletes who played on the school's tennis team where they were doubles partners.

All this was perfectly normal. They were, after all, identical twins.

Joe and I had difficulty telling them apart sometimes. They could finish each other's sentences and always wanted to be near each other.

Joe began dating Julie and I, Donna. We would do lots of things together. That was partly due to the fact that Joe and I were such good friends.

The other reason was that Julie and Donna always liked to be near each other.

Joe and I decided to take the girls to the mountains for winter break. We were all having a great time together.

I began to wonder if Julie was anything like Donna in the sack.

I asked Joe, when the girls were in town shopping, if he ever thought about sleeping with Donna.

He said that of course he did.

I suggested that we should try and make it happen.

When Joe asked me how, I told him. "When you take Julie to bed, just make up some excuse to go downstairs.

There, we could make the switch. Then, after the sex, we could switch back."

He said that it didn't sound like a very good plan. I told him to just play it by ear.

So the plan was set in motion.

The girls came home from shopping. The both said that they had a surprise for us and it was lingerie.

If they only knew the surprise we had in store for them.

As night fell, I couldn't wait. I wanted Julie so bad and could tell that Tom wanted Julie.

When Tom said that they were going upstairs to bed, he looked over at me and smiled. I was wishing he hadn't done that, as both girls saw it too.

I hoped they weren't suspicious.

Donna and I then decided it was our turn to go to bed. She put on her new lingerie for me. She looked so hot.

She and I started kissing. I knew that if Tom and I were going to switch, he'd better switch with me soon, or it would be too late.

Then I heard someone in the kitchen. I told Donna that I wanted to go get a glass of water so my mouth wouldn't dry up.

Donna asked me, "Why would it dry up?"

I told her that I was going to lick her pussy until she begged me to stop.

She smiled and told me to get a big glass then. I was going to need it.

When I entered the kitchen, I saw Tom. He kept looking down at the floor.

I asked him, "What's wrong?"

"I couldn't do it. I couldn't deceive her like that. I would always be jealous later and could never be friends with you.

Julie became suspicious of how I was acting. So I confessed our plan to her. I hope you can forgive me?" Joe said.

I was floored by what he said. I wanted to get mad at him but I knew he was right.

So all I said was, "You're my best friend and your right. I would never let a girl come between that."

He smiled and said, "Thanks. Julie was flattered by it all and wasn't even mad. The reason I was so late was after I confessed, she fucked me.

The idea must have turned her on, because she kept teasing me at first. So when I finally came, it was huge."

I told him that information was probably more than I needed to know. I also asked him never to tell Donna.

He laughed and said for me not to worry. Just to go pound Donna for him.

Sounded like a good plan to me.

When I returned to my bedroom, Donna was naked. I slid in next to her and started to kiss her again. She was really excited.

She was really using her tongue in my mouth, which is something she rarely does.

When she pushed me on my back, Donna looked at me and said, "I want to try something different tonight. I bought these furry handcuffs today with the lingerie. Are you game?"

This was unusual for Donna. She was never so adventurous but who was complaining. I agreed immediately.

She had two pair in her hands. She put one around each of my wrists and fastened the other ends to the bedposts.

I couldn't wait to see what was next. Who needs her sister, when she can behave this wild?

"Now first, I am going to suck your dick. What ever you do, don't cum. I'll make you glad you didn't" Donna said.

She then took my cock into her mouth. She started to suck me ever so slowly. She kept running her tongue all around my cock.

This was driving me mad with passion for her. Then she stopped and began sucking my balls, one at a time.

It felt so good. I kept thinking that this technique was so different. She then started to deep throat me.

When did she learn how to do that? I knew that if she kept this up, it would be all over soon.

She started to really pick up the pace and began massaging my balls, too. This was getting unbearable. I needed to cum and she sensed it.

All of a sudden she pulled off my cock, with a pop. She said she knew I needed to cool off a little.

"You're gonna beg for me to make you cum tonight. Now do what I say. Why don't you suck my toes for me," she said.

This was so out of character for her. I never knew she liked being so aggressive. I was enjoying the change.

When she offered her right foot to me, I opened my mouth. She inserted her toes in my mouth, one at a time.

I was really enjoying this and so was she. I always thought she had cute feet but this was down right erotic.

I must have sucked each of her cute little painted toes several times before she finally had enough.

Then she went back to sucking my cock. Only this time, she did it harder, deeper and faster than before.

Just as the cum had filled up my balls to their capacity, she pulled off again.

I groaned, "Please, don't stop. I need to cum!"

She said, "Don't worry. You'll cum, but I need you to eat me first."

My cock was throbbing. I could sense that she was really enjoying teasing me this way. I never saw this side of her before but I liked it.

When she slid up on my mouth, I noticed how wet she was. I loved to eat her pussy, so this was going to be a treat.

Then I smelled a strong odor. It was cum. As in semen!

I looked up to protest. My eyes were wide. I tried to turn my head away but she had my face firmly clamped with her thighs.

As she looked down, she appeared pleased.

She said, "Listen, when Joe told me about your plan I immediately told Donna. We came up with our own plan.

We switched after Joe fucked me. He's fucking Donna now. He thinks it's me and he's getting a second round."

She said, "If you eat me out until I have had enough, I will switch back with Donna after she's done getting stuffed by your best friend.

If you refuse, then I will tease you all night and tell Joe all about it in the morning."

I knew I would lose my friend forever if she said something. Also, I wanted to cum and couldn't take anymore of this teasing.

So I gave in and opened my mouth. I began to tongue her.

She told me to clean her out first and then make her cum.

So, I went to her orifice and started to suck. I was greeted with a warm flow of thick cream. It just continued draining out of her.

Soon, there was so much in my mouth, I had to swallow.

The first thing I noticed was that it didn't taste bad, like I thought it would. So I kept on sucking her. I wondered why some girls objected to swallowing semen.

Joe had cum with much more volume than I do. I ended up swallowing a lot of his cum.

Just then, I remembered him telling me how bad she had teased him before she had let him cum.

Julie looked down and said, "That's it, now drink it all. How does he taste, yummy? I hope you like it because there's more to come. Donna's coming back with a pussy full, too."

She thought she was funny but this was downright erotic.

I sucked her till my mouth started to ache. When she finally came, it was a relief for both of us.

Before she left, Julie said, "See you in the morning."

A few minutes later, in walked my girlfriend Donna. She looked at me in bed, handcuffed, and said, "My turn!"

As she got into bed, she looked at my cock. It was leaking pre- cum and was bobbing in the air.

She said, "You thought you'd fool us? Well, if Joe hadn't fessed up, you just might have. Now you need to decide.

Are you going to tell Joe? He'd probably never talk to you again.

Besides, how's this feel?" She bent over and began to suck my cock. She gently swirled her tongue around and around my purple head. It was throbbing in her mouth.

She started rubbing my balls. They were so full that they ached. I was ready to pop and she sensed this.

"Not yet. My sister said that you cleaned her up very nicely. I want to feel that now," she demanded. It sounds kinky.

She sat on my mouth just like her sister did. This time, I didn't try to avoid it.

I sucked her pussy and was rewarded with another mouthful of his hot, thick cum.

The familiar taste of him washed over my tongue. Not as much as his first load, but I still had to keep swallowing to keep up

She said, "Wow, I see my honey loves the taste of his ball juice. I'm so glad, too. That feels so good on my sore little pussy. I think I can get used to this.

You know Joe was surprised when I said I wanted some more. He said that I never wanted it more than once in one night.

He pounded me hard for a long time. I guess that's because he had already cum inside of Julie.

Of course, you already knew that. You drank that entire load from her." She was begun laughing.

She enjoyed telling me how fucked her. She said that she wasn't sure of this whole plan at first, but now knew that she wanted to switch with her sister all the time.

She stopped her talking and started to ride my face like it was a saddle. Donna's juices were now replacing Joe's juices in my mouth. She was really moaning and thrashing all about.

She started talking dirty.

"Suck my pussy you bastard. Your tongue is so good. Now suck, ugh, please, oh, here I cum... oh!!!!"

After she came, she smiled at me and said, "Since you held up your end of the bargain, I will too."

She spun around and began to suck me again. I had never been so ready to cum. Just as I was ready to spurt, she stopped. I thought I would cry.

She looked at me and said, "Promise me that no matter who Julie is with, we can always do this again?"

I agreed.

She then sucked me until I felt my balls fill up to twice their size. I began to worry she might stop again. But she didn't and I let loose with the biggest load of my life.

She almost choked at first. She rarely swallowed my cum, but tonight, she gulped it down with vigor.

When she finished, she smiled at me and unlocked me.

We didn't say anything. We just slipped into a blissful sleep.

The next morning I saw Tom in the kitchen. He looked around to make sure the girls weren't within earshot.

He said, "Dude, I am so glad we didn't do the switch. Julie was a wild woman. She fucked me twice last night. It was awesome.

Don't worry about Julie; she said she would never tell Donna."

The next night I didn't need the handcuffs.

At the end of the trip, Tom thanked me for the idea to go away to the mountains.

He said, "I'm going to need to start taking vitamins. Julie fucked me twice a night, every night this week.

She drained every drop of sperm from my nuts. My balls are sore from dumping so much cum into her."

As he spoke to me, all I could think of was that I knew. What my friend didn't know was that they had both drained every drop into my mouth.

Julie and Joe eventually broke up. He got married and moved to the West Coast.

Donna and I ended up getting married. She is still the girl of my dreams.

Her sister Julie has been married for five years and lives up north with her husband.

We live a pretty normal life now. I still look forward to our vacations. We bought a place in the mountains, where Julie and her husband come and stay with us.

Julie's husband, Steve, always takes me to the side and thanks me. He says that every year, when we all go away, the mountain air must do something to Julie.

She becomes insatiable and fucks him twice a night.

I said, Maybe it's because she's happy to see her sister. You know that twins have a special bond."

He said, "I know. That's why I had asked my company to transfer me to your town. We have a franchise there.

I hope you don't get sick of seeing us all the time because it was granted.

I hoped that living close to you guys will make continue fucking me silly. I guy can hope, can't he?"

I smiled back and said, "I can almost guarantee it."

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