tagToys & MasturbationThe Sybian Introduction

The Sybian Introduction


Author's note: I want to thank Alex (fem) for her time in helping me with this story. Just a fun little ditty about some really intense playtime.

"Hey babe! What the hell is this thing?" John asked his girlfriend. He was getting ready to put a new floor in the bedroom, one of those fake wood floors that snap together. When he started to clean out the closet he found it. It was a small saddle like contraption with a, well… a thing sticking out of the top. It was heavy and had a plug where it plugged into an outlet.

"What thing, John?"

"This thing, in the closet, this saddle thing" John asked. He had moved it out into the middle of the floor and was looking at it, his head turning from side to side.

When he looked up at Beth, as she walked in the room, her face was red, her eyes were down and she had half a smile on her face. "It's not mine… uh, it's Sharon's."

"Sharon's? What the hell is it, what does it do? Why do you have it?" John still had no clue.

"It's for… umm, women John, just put it back and leave it alone. I have to get it back to Sharon." The unreasonable level of irritation in her voice was apparent even to John.

"What do you mean it's for women? What does it do?" Beth's face turned an even darker shade of red, she wouldn't look John in the eye. "Just put it back!" she turned and walked out of the room. John, like an inquisitive terrier, followed her down the hall.

"No really Beth! What is it? What does it do? Whaddya mean it's for women?"

"It's a massager John! It massages women… Just drop it and put it back, I'll get rid of it tomorrow!" John could tell something was going on, brilliant guy that he is. Beth always got angry when she was trying to hide something.

Beth was mortified. She couldn't believe John had found it. Her girlfriend Sharon told her how great the thing felt. She said Beth had to give it a try, it would give orgasms that would drain you. Beth's love life with John wasn't the hot experience it was when they first started dating and a draining orgasm was probably just what Beth needed. They still had the desire but they just never seemed to have the time and work kept them so busy that the energy just wasn't there. Beth loved John intensely and, when they actually got the chance, the sex was still great. Not quite as passionate perhaps, definitely lacking a little of the urgency of the early days, but still in the top 10%.

Sharon and Beth had been talking about life and relationships and Sharon asked Beth if she had any toys. Beth had played with vibrators before and the orgasms came but seemed to be lacking in intensity. Beth would rise to orgasm quickly but the orgasms were more… surface, is the best way to phrase it, nice but not the world shaking orgasms she had when John was in a playful mood. When she told this to Sharon, Sharon explained the Sybian. "oh baby! You have to try this thing, it's a veritable orgasm machine. It vibrates and the attachments caress your G spot and you'll cum and cum until you can't cum anymore. Go ahead! Try it out!"

"Here? Now? You've GOT to be kidding!" Beth was mortified at the thought, but at the same time she could feel some tension begin to radiate from her pussy.

"Come on Beth, don't be so uptight."

"There is absolutely NO way this will happen, Sharon."

"oh, okay you scaredy cat. Let me show you how it works and you can take it home and try it out alone." Sharon plugged it in and Beth looked on doubtfully as Sharon started the vibration. Beth couldn't help but laugh as Sharon attached the 'large penis attachment' and started it rotating. It looked so ridiculous. But Beth also noticed that Sharon's nipples had come to attention and that her own pussy was getting wet.

Sharon had carried the thing out of the house and put it in the back of the SUV. She convinced Beth to give it a try, Beth grudgingly allowed it to stay there thinking that she'd keep it for a week and then return it. She had never really considered trying the infernal thing. It had been put in the closet and left there, not quite forgotten but not on the top of Beth's todo list. Of course Beth couldn't stop thinking about it and couldn't quite bring herself to take it back.

"A massager for women?" John's voice was almost incredulous. "You mean like a vibrator?" his voice rising towards the end of the question.

"Yes! Like a vibrator, it's a machine that fucks you! Ok?" Beth was definitely pissed off now and John knew it was from embarrassment. Beth collapsed on the couch with her feet up next to her in the infinitely feminine manner, she picked up a throw pillow and held it to her chest. "Don't be a shit about this John…" and as she looked at John expecting to see him laughing at her she was surprised to see his expression of concern.

John's emotions were a mixture of what he knew he should do and what he wanted to do. He knew he should drop it and let Beth off the hook gently, he loved her very much too, but at the same time he was intensely intrigued. The one thought that rolled around his head was that the one thing he loved more than anything in the world which was to watch Beth cum. He could never get enough of it, the expressions on her face, the sounds that she made, the way her body shuddered as the pleasure swept through her body.

He had always wanted to try out vibrators with Beth, it was something that was always in his masturbatory dreams. And now! He had the queen vibrator sitting right here!

He loved giving Beth pleasure, he loved to make love with Beth. He knew how to make her feel good, he enjoyed making her feel good, and it always seemed almost like a competition to see who could make who feel good. He knew it had been awhile and all the excuses coursed through his head, been working too hard, not enough time, been too tired to really do it right. The honest answer kept coming to the surface. He'd been taking Beth for granted. He felt horrible.

He understood that Beth probably masturbated too. He did, when his schedule looked as if he was going to be busy, or if he knew he'd probably be too tired, or if he thought perhaps Beth would be too tired, sure, he stroked one off. He thought she probably did the same thing… probably. She was a woman, which to John, as women are to all men, was a foreign creature, but she did seem to enjoy sex at least as much as he did. He realized that if she was bringing machines home to fuck that he had been neglecting her more than he could ever imagine. He felt even more horrible.

"Beth, I'm really sorry, I wasn't snooping, and I'm really sorry you think you needed that. I know we've been… busy, honey, god, I'm so sorry."

That was the perfectly wrong thing to say. Beth was prepared for anger, for cruel humor, to the the brunt of some super sarcastic comment, the last thing she was prepared for was the sensitive emotion filled sound of John's voice. A tear slowly dropped from her eye and rolled slowly down her cheek. Beth felt incredibly guilty, that she even wanted this thing, that she hadn't told John that she needed more.

John looked at Beth sitting on the couch, her smooth skin on her firm calves had always been a favorite target for his caresses while they sat on the couch and watched TV together. She was relatively tall and trim, her long dark hair cascaded down her back, she used it to hide behind when she was particularly insecure and impatiently brushed it from her face when they had, what John considered, intellectual conversations. He loved it when she concentrated on something, the way her nose crinkled, her brows furrowed in concentration, the slight smile lines at the corners of her mouth and the corners of her eyes. They gave her such character. He particularly loved it when she tucked her hair behind her ear. John was head over heels in love with Beth.

"Have you tried it yet?" it was now John's turn to lower his eyes.

"No!" Beth said in that what-do-you-think-stupid incensed tone of voice.

"Do you want to?"

Beth's hesitation before answering gave John his answer. "I don't know… Not really…"

"Come on babe, we'll try it together."

"What do you mean try it together?" Her head down, hair in her face Beth was trying to hide the sudden rush of thrill that ran through her body. She felt the fluids beginning to pool in her nether regions, and she desperately hoped John wouldn't see that her nipples were getting hard. She hated not having control of the damn things sometimes.

"We'll try it together, I'll tell you what, I'll guarantee you a wonderful orgasm if it works or not."

"You mean I try it out and you get to watch? Gee now that sounds like fun…" It did actually sound like fun to Beth. She wondered, in that instant, if she was truly an exhibitionist. That was something she'd never shown to John, and truly didn't want to show to John. She knew her thrill of exhibitionism was something that was for fantasy only, she was much too shy to ever be an exhibitionist.

John got up and crossed the room, kneeling on the floor in front of Beth, pulling her down closer to him he put his forehead against hers. "I was kind of thinking that I could… perhaps… well, help, ya know? take care of the parts that thing leaves out…" He reached up and took her chin in his hand, tilting her head so he could kiss her.

Beth kissed him back her mouth opening, her tongue wrestling with his, it had been so long since they'd taken the time to show each other how much they loved one another. It had been even longer since they'd made love during the day, spontaneously or planned.

"No, John, I'm gonna take it back today. I never should've brought that stupid thing home."

"Come on Beth, it'll be fun, really."

"John, No! I don't want to try it, and absolutely not if you're here."

John saw the opening and Beth knew it as soon as she said it. "You'd try it alone?"

"No, John I'm not trying it." John slid onto the couch next to Beth and was holding her. Beth's head leaning on John's shoulder, his arm wrapped around her, holding her possessively. Beth didn't want to move, it felt so good to be held by John. God she wanted him to shut up about the stupid machine. She just wanted to lay there and be held, but he wouldn't let up.

"Come on baby doll, please… for me?"

"I won't like it"

"Try it, please?"

"Damn it John, if I try it will you leave me alone?"

"I promise I'll never mention it again."

"oh fuck! Fine! I'll try it, but I won't like it" a blatant lie, Beth could feel the wet, distended lips of her pussy rub together as she stood up. She couldn't believe that she was going to do this, this exhibitionism, in front of John. This was several fantasies coming true all at once, and so unexpectedly. She was so afraid of John's reaction if she showed him she liked this. She was afraid he'd think less of her. She couldn't understand what was in it for John, why he'd want to just sit there and watch her, 'guess it's just a guy thing' she thought.

John and Beth got up from the couch and walked down the hall and back into the room. The sybian machine was sitting there in the middle of the floor. Beth looked at John and John looked at the machine. "You know I'm going to hate this."

"Beth, you have to give it a try, have you figured out how it works?"

"No I haven't even looked at it." She lied.

John found the controls and plugged the thing into the wall. As he began to play with the controls it started to hum quietly. The other knob controlled the plastic thing that stuck out of it, making it rotate slightly.

"Sharon gave me a bag of attachments with it but I haven't looked at them either."

John dug in the bag and found that it had several vibrator shaped things, one of them a relatively realistic looking penis. John pulled it out of the bag and quickly figured out that it attached to the saddle if you unscrewed the plastic thing sticking out of the saddle. "Do you want to try this one?

"God John, I can't believe you're making me do this… you have to get naked too"

John was naked before Beth was. His enraged cock looked almost painful in the dim daylight filtering through the curtains.

Beth pulled her shorts and panties down as one unit. As she stepped out of them John marveled at this beautiful woman that he shared his life with. Hair cascading over her shoulder, silky, fine textured but tame. It always looked smooth as silk, although it was dark, when the sun shone on her hair it took on almost a light shade of brown, a textured silk. Her breasts were on the smallish side but they were so expressive. Her nipples were a soft pink, but long. John knew how much she enjoyed it when he touched them. She didn't like when he twisted them like knobs on a radio, but she loved it when he rubbed his palms over them, lightly, barely touching the skin.

The thing that always struck him the hardest was her shoulders. She liked to wear tops that had large neck openings. He thought her shoulders were the sexiest thing he'd ever seen. He loved how her shoulders looked when she wore off the shoulder blouses and dresses. Her arms were long and tanned and trim, leading to slim hands with long trim and tapered fingers. He found her hands so erotic, and couldn't help imagining them wrapping around his cock as she stroked him lovingly like she always used to. He again realized how long it had been since he really looked at her, since he noticed just how beautiful she truly was, since he realized just how strong his feelings for her were.

She was slim, he could see her rib cage as she pulled her shirt up over her head, but she still had hips, the curves that women should have. Her ass was taught, firm, the perfect capstone at the end of her long trim legs.

The replica cock now firmly attached to the machine, John smeared the clear, slick, liquid he found in the bag with the assortment of attachments over the penis, spreading it with strokes as if he was trying to make the thing cum. Beth kneeled over the penis and tried one more time to get out of this. "John, please don't make me do this."

John didn't know what to expect as she slid down on the cock. Although it wasn't very big, probably four or five inches long, it took Beth several strokes to get it fully buried. John handed her the controls and sat back a little watching her look at the controls.

She finally handed it to him with an admonishment, "here, you do this." John could read in her face that she really didn't want to do this at all and knew he had to take his time with this, start slow and let her get into it. He read the controls and saw that there were two knobs and two switches that were backlit with lights. One of the knobs controlled vibration and one controlled "rotation", whatever the fuck that was. John switched the one marked vibration and turned the knob.

"oh!" combined with a frown and furrowing of her eyebrows told John that this was too much. He quickly turned the knob back down and then adjusted it slightly to give the faintest hint of vibration. He watched Beth as he left it there for a few seconds to see if there was any reaction from Beth at all.

"Ok John, have you had enough? I don't want to do this, I want to get off now."

"Aw Come on Beth, give it a chance, please?"

Beth could still feel the gentle vibration and could feel the tingles begin to course through her body. She fought every sensation, not wanting to give John the satisfaction. Even though this excited her to no end, she didn't want John to know it. First he found the damn thing and now he was making her try it in front of him. God what else would he want? But wasn't this the excitement she wanted with John again, wasn't this the creativity she was looking for, the urgency that their relationship seemed to be lacking? Absolutely! But, damnit, she didn't want to give him the satisfaction of being in control. She was going to fight every tingle. 'I'll try it tomorrow alone but not now' she thought.

John watched her every move, which at this point was to sit still. He noticed Beth's nipples begin to grow and saw what looked to be like a slight movement at her hips. "Feel good baby doll?" He watched as the flush crept through her cheeks and listened to her too sharp retort.

"I was just adjusting position… can we stop now?"

John increased the vibration slightly, probably a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10. He watched as Beth took a sharp breath of air, and her hips continued to move forward and baskward just perceptibly. He watched as she leaned slightly forward on the front stroke of her hips to drag her clit over the nubs that were on the pad surrounding the attachment. She began to bite her lower lip and he could see the moisture increasing where the attachment slid into her, her lips distending farther and becoming engorged, her clit enlarging on each slow, subtle shift forward.

Beth had her eyes closed now. 'Fuck, this really does feel good. Why can't I keep my fucking hips still… those nubs are awesome, the way they gently flick my clit with each pass.' Her thoughts betrayed her reticence at feeling so much pleasure regardless of whether she wanted to or not. She absolutely hated losing control like this. She opened her eyes intending to glare at John and what she saw surprised her.

John held the remote control in both hands, but his concentration was on Beth. He turned the dial slightly higher and she watched his attention increase as he watched for signs that it was too much, or was she ready for more. She had what was almost an epiphany 'I am in control! He's looking for messages from me! Signs that this feels good' The rush of emotion she felt was quickly followed by a rush of pleasure as she began to let go.

The image that presented itself to John was one that he'd never thought of but understood he'd always been in search of. He had the opportunity to pleasure the woman he loved, but not being distracted by his own pleasure. Yes he was sitting here naked with a throbbing, rock hard cock that was begging for attention, but his focus was absolute. Looking for any sign that Beth wanted more he watched as her nipples strained into their full hardness. He loved Beth's nipples, so responsive, with such personality. He watched as her breast hardened as she flexed the muscles beneath, her hands on the Sybian supporting just enough weight that she could slide forwards and backwards.

"ohh! Oh my god… oh John"

Beth looked at John, and he once again realized that her eyes held the mystery that was Beth. He watched as she struggled to focus on him, watched as the will to fight this thing slowly ebbed away, her eyes glossed over and John knew she had slipped into a world where the only focus was her own pleasure, the quest for orgasmic release had begun in earnest.

Her hips began to move in earnest now, her breasts taut, nipples distended. Her mouth opened, her face slack, she began to talk.

"ohh god John, these tingles are great… the nubs… on my… ohh my clit, ohh it tingles baby… I want more… please give me more tingles…"

John watched every move and knew she was well on her way to orgasm now. He increased the vibration slightly up to 5 now. He watched the waves of pleasure course through her body, almost palpable waves, visual as they radiated out from her pussy, up through her stomach which was beginning to twitch now, down through her thighs that were rhythmically flexing as she slid forward and backwards on the machine. John could see that Beth was fully focused on the deep feelings this infernal machine was generating in her body.

John hit the other switch, the "volume" control turned all the way down. He slowly turned it up slightly watching Beth for a reaction…

Beth could feel the waves of her impending orgasm growing, intensifying, just on the other side… She just needed… a… little… more… The first rotation as the penis attachment fluttered across her G spot was almost more than she could take. The flash of intense sensation as it pressed and rubbed the spot then moved so slowly in a circle, caressing each wall as it moved closer. Her world had decreased to the anticipation of the moment when it once again touched her spot, she continued to drag her clit over the small nubs, her body tensing tighter and tighter then a full shudder as it once again passed over her G spot. She could feel the moisture flowing now, a pulse emitted each time the penis caressed her just right.

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