tagNonHumanThe Tail of Two Wolves Ch. 01

The Tail of Two Wolves Ch. 01


A loud howl rang out across the forest, reaching into a small cottage in the center of a well hidden clearing. The sound jolted Abby from her sleep, groaning she rolled to her feet and rubbed her green and yellow eyes, glancing at her clock she frowned, it read 2am. Squinting out her window into her bright moonlit back yard she sighed, the same call had been howled out for weeks, months even. It was the alpha of the Shadowmask pack, taunting her father, practically begging him to come fight, but being an alpha her father was smart and wasn't going to start a war over some annoying howling. Huffing Abby made her way back to bed, rolling herself up in her blanket and closing her eyes, forcing herself to sleep.


A sharp knock on her door woke her up "come in dad!"she called knowing it was her father.

"The Truesoul pack alpha and his son are coming to negotiate a truce to fight against the Shadowmask scum, get up and make yourself decent" He said quickly, her eyes showing how tense he was about having another alpha coming on his territory.

"Daaaad!I told you I'm not marrying that pig headed son of his! He only thinks about sex and how much better he is than everyone else"Abby protested, covering her head with the blanket.

"Abby this isn't up for discussion, your marrying him and that's final, so get up, now."He growled shutting her door.

"Fine"She snarled under her breath getting to her feet and walking to the bathroom to shower. Taking her sweet time she washed through her chin length black hair, using her special shampoo that kept the electric blue streaks from fading or washing out. Knowing that she had little time left she picked up the pace washing her body rather quickly before rinsing off all the soap. Stepping from the shower she wrapped a towel around herself and walked back to her room, opening her closet and grabbing a tight denim mini skirt and a cut off navy blue tank top, as well as a matching set of green bra and panties. Pulling on the skirt she grinned to herself, it just barely cover her upper thighs, showing off her long shapely legs in all their smooth tan glory, and hugged her ass perfectly. Slipping on her top her grin grew, she had rather large breasts for her small size and the tank top barely covered them, she was hot, and she knew it. Pulling a brush through her hair she walked back to the bathroom and made sure that it was straight and not sticking out anywhere. Deciding she looked good she walked from her room plopping down on the couch and crossing her legs just as three wolves dashed into the clearing, the third and smallest carrying what was clearly a bag of clothes. Snatching a magazine off the end table beside her she flipped open to a random page and pretended to care about what was on it.

There was a curt knock on the door and her father was there in an instant opening it and welcoming the three men in. From her position on the couch Abby could see the door, and as usual the alpha was first through, he was a tall man, towering over her father at 6'6", and not all that bad looking for his age.He was well muscled and had a head of dark brown hair that hung just below his shoulders, with only a few grey hairs. He had dark blue eyes that always seemed to be swimming with grief, for he had lost his mate to a forest fire a few years before and never really gotten over it. Following him was Ethan, his moronic, cocky son.

Now Ethan was muscled like any werewolf was but he was different, his muscles were more compact giving him a small but dangerous appearance, He stood at around 5'9" and had short dirty blonde hair and large brown eyes that were alway looking at something with disgust or maybe it was superiority. The third through Abby didn't see because she snapped her magazine in front of her face as to avoid looking at Ethan. But it was too late to avoid him now, for he walked over sitting next to her and draping his arm over her shoulder. Growling under her breath she opened her mouth to speak but her father walking into the livingroom speaking before she could.

"Why don't you take Ethan to hang out in your room Abby so me and Alec can talk"He said his tone telling her not to argue.

"Of course father"She said getting her her feet and walking to her room, Ethan close behind her, shutting her door behind him and before she could react he had her back pinned to the bed, a hand over her mouth.

"You scream and I'll kill you" He snarled in her ear, his hot breath raising goosebumps over her body. Sliding his hand off her mouth he ran it down her body and up under her mini skirt, rubbing her panties gently with two fingers. A quiet moan escaped her lips before she snapped back to her senses, what was she doing? She hated this man. She quickly made sure her body was limp making him loosten his grip thinking he had won her over, but he didn't realize what a mistake that was.

"Not happening"Abby growled pushing up with all her strength, shoving him off her and onto the floor. Getting to her feet she kicked him hard in the ribs just as he was standing, sending him sprawling back down onto the floor with a groan.

"I will have you Abby, our parents deem it so, so stop fighti-"Ethan's words were cut off as her foot collided with his ribs once more.

"You will never have me, father won't agree to it without my permission!"She yelled storming from her room and back to the living room, finding her father signing a paper. "Father?"

"Abby, I-I......It had to be done, we need their help" standing he reached out to touch her arm but she jerked away.

"NO! I hate you! I hate all three of you! I will never marry him, I hate him, I hate his father, and I hate you!"She cried tears running down her face as she ran into her room, just as Ethan was stumbling out, slamming her door and locking it. Running to her closet she grabbed her empty book bag and quickly stuffed a few pair of clothes in it, as well as her hair brush and a bracelet her mother had given her. Throwing a hoodie in on top just in case it got cold she zipped up her bag and tossed it onto her bed. Grabbing her desk chair she put it under the handle of the door as soon as she heard her fathers approach. Running to her desk she snached up a silver locket and put it in a smaller pouch on her bag before making sure everything was zipped and throwing it over her shoulder. By now her father was pounding on the door, Dashing to her window she threw it open and climbed out, shutting it behind herself. Before putting her arms through both straps on her book bag she slipped off her clothes and put them in her bag, shifting to her wolf form and sprinting off tears streamed down her face, the bag on her back causing her no trouble as she ran.

She ran for hours, not quite sure where she was going, and as night approached she grew tired. Running for another hour or so she made a left, and found her self falling, tumbling down a hill. Yelping as her body bounced down the large hill she scrambled to dig her claws in, but it was no use. Finally reaching the bottom her body went limp, and everything went black........

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