tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Take-Out Ch. 01

The Take-Out Ch. 01



It was night and I had an extraordinary bad day. You had called to tell me the unfortunate news of you extending your stay in London for another month, and I had been throwing a temper ever since. But it had been extremely unsatisfying because I had no one to scream at, since you were called to a meeting. Then I burnt my fingers while heating up my dinner. In the end, I burnt my dinner and had to call the restaurant in the nearest town to drive out to my place to deliver my dinner.

The man that stood at the door when I rang the doorbell was tall and muscular. Normally I might take another look at him but tonight I was in a horrible mood. In a curt tone I told him to put the take-out on the dining table while I went into my bedroom to get my money. When I came out, he was eyeing the photos that I hung on the wall in the living room. Somehow, it irritated me.

"Excuse me, do you mind?" I snapped at him, handing him the money in my uninjured hand.

He turned around slowly with a half-smile. "What? Aren't you a little snorty today?" He reached out with his hand and brushed against my cheek. I slapped his hand away.

"Don't touch me!"

The man narrowed his eyes. "Look here lady, there's no need to throw your temper at me. I'll just take the money and go." And then in a softer voice, he muttered, "What a bitch."

"Hey! How dare you!" My frustration and anger immediately zeroed in on him and I finally get the chance to lash out a target. I raised my hand to slap him, but in a swift movement he caught my wrist. For a moment, I was shocked that he would touch me, but I recovered and shook my hand in an effort to make him let go. He did not, only encircling my wrist in a steel grip. I looked up at him and something I saw in his eyes make me double my effort in struggling. I began to panic.

"Not so cocky now, are you?" He muttered.

He advanced towards me with a sinister smile on his face. I was scared now, and I backed away from him, not wanting to get too close to this man. He continued to walk towards me, until his smile widened, and I realized that I had backed myself against the wall. Stupid stupid stupid me. He leaned forward until he was pressing up against me, breasts to chest, thigh to thigh. He had pulled my trapped wrist above my head and was slowly bring my other wrist up too. Cornered, that was what I was.

"Please," I whispered, not knowing what else to do, not knowing what I was begging for. It seemed, however, that he knew exactly what it was.

"Where's your husband?" He asked, as he moved to hold both my hands in his huge one. I thought that it might weakened his hold on me, and I struggled viciously, but he just laughed at me, laughed at my weakness, while I managed to rub myself all over him in my struggle. It took a moment to realize the consequences. I froze.

"Where's your husband?" He asked again, as I was trying my best to ignore the huge throbbing evidence of his arousal between us. He tightened his hold on my wrists until it hurt. I whimpered in pain.

"He's in London. For another month." I spat it out, and deep in my mind I was still able to summon enough frustration at the situation.

The man smiled again. I shivered at the blatant desire in his eyes. He moved his free hand to grab my breasts and I kicked at his shin. This time, he let go of me in surprise and I took off towards my bedroom, which was the closest, wanting to lock myself in the room while I call the police. However, the man was faster than me. He swiped a scarf off my clothes tag and tackled me to the ground, tying my hands together behind my back.

I opened my mouth to let out a scream but he slapped me, and my head snapped back, my mind registering the agonizing pain.

I felt a tug on my pants and realized that he was undressing me! I had a pair of cotton drawstring pants on and it made it easier for him to get it off me. I kicked at him, but it only made it faster for him to pull the pants off. Next came my panties, and I sobbed at the humiliation of being half-naked in front of a stranger.

"Please. Please." I begged, "Don't do this to me."

He turned me around to lie on my back and knelt between my legs, holding them down with his hands to avoid my kicks. I felt very vulnerable before this man, with my hands behind my back and my legs spread open before him. Where were you when you were actually needed?

"Maybe you'd be less bitchy once you'd been fucked." He grinned evilly.

"No! Please!" I begged. "I have a husband."

"Too bad he isn't here." He cupped my pussy and I froze at the warmth from his palm. I could feel myself getting wet. Oh my god. How long had it been since I last had sex with you? Two months ago? "If I had this I wouldn't leave you anywhere alone." He raised a brow when he felt my wetness slowly seeping out. "What's this? It's turning you on?" The stranger swiped at it with his finger and lifted it to his mouth, tasting it. Tasting me. I shivered again, not in fear, but in arousal. He inserted two fingers into me and began moving it in and out. "Don't worry, what your husband can't give, I will. Tell you what, I'll come around regularly for a fuck within the next month, alright?" I shook my head no, indicating my reluctance. He only thrust in his fingers into me so hard until I gasped, and moaned. "You have no choice, darling. Before I leave tonight, I shall tie you up in bed and come back tomorrow with locks and handcuffs."

"Please." I begged again, trying to appeal to his better nature. "Please let me go."

He ignored me and proceeded to unzip his pants. I stared at his size when he took out his cock. It was big, almost three inches in diameter and seven inches long. There was no way I would be able to take him in. I tried to wriggle away from him, wanting to close and lock my legs together, but he reached out, grabbed my ankle and pulled me back to him.

"Don't try to get away." He growled. "You're mine for the next month or until I said so. I shall use you in any way I want and you can only take it."

His words were meant to frighten me into submission, but somehow it also turned me on, and I grew wetter between my legs. He inserted his fingers into me again, wanting to be certain that I was wet enough for him. I tried to dampen my arousal by thinking of you, but it did not work. He knew I was wet, aroused and eager for sex. His thumb found my clit and rubbed it, chuckling as I let out a soft scream, my whole body trembling at the sensations. He had found my weakness, and I knew I shall succumb to him in no time. With his other hand he pulled up my tee and found my breasts, mauling them. I whimpered and moaned when he sucked on my nipple, pulling at it, nibbling it. I knew that before tonight is over I would be royally fucked by this man.

In a thrust, he pushed into me, groaning at the tightness as my pussy enveloped him. His wide girth stretched me out and I tightened down on him, creating a pleasant pressure. He pushed in again, but I was too snug. Instead, he rubbed my clit again until I was moaning and thrashing below him, the pleasure derived from his ministrations were too much to take. He could feel my pussy pulsing and tugging at him, as if pulling him deeper. It was an awesome feeling to him and he pushed in more of his cock into me, wanting me to take everything in. He was already five inches in and I already felt full. But with short thrusts coupled with his determination and my wetness, he was able to push all seven inches of his huge cock into me. It rubbed against my sensitive spots and I writhed under him as he thrust in and out.

"Does this feel good? You miss this, don't you?" He gritted out, moving between my legs. "Are you enjoying this? Aren't you a little slut? Fucking a stranger when your husband is away."

I wanted to protest against his words, but I only knew he spoke the truth. Instead I focused on the pleasure that I was feeling at that moment, moaning and rubbing against him. He began to move faster, and I could feel him grow even bigger inside my pussy and I knew he was going to come. Fear struck me as I thought of the consequences. Pregnancy. I struggled viciously under him again.

"No! No! You can't come in me! I'll get pregnant and my husband will know! PLEASE!" I screamed at him.

He pulled my head back and growled at me, angry that I was disrupting his pleasure. "What I do, you have no say, slut. Now take it all like a good little whore." He bent down and bit me on my neck, while I felt him pump his semen into me. I stopped fighting and lay down on the ground, defeated. I tried not to think of what would happen when you come back from London to see me pregnant.

He fell out of me and stood up, zipping up his jeans. I could feel his seed sipping out of me. He dragged me into the bathroom and proceeded to tie me to the bed, managing to find the ropes that we used for bondage sex and tied me spread-eagle to the bed posts. I was mortified that he had found our private stash for sex play, but he grinned at me and promised me fun for the next month. Then he blindfolded me and gagged me when I tried to protest against him. He pinched my nipple until I lay in bed quietly, just as he wished. I felt something at my pussy again, and moaned as he spread me open with it, inserting it deep into me. He tied the object inside me with another rope and I screamed inwardly when he turned on the switch and the vibrator began to churn inside me. I writhed in bed, knowing he was enjoyed the view. In no time I began to get wet again, and my clit throbbed eagerly for attention. He leaned down and bit my ear, drawing my attention away from the vibrator.

"I'll come back in the morning, slut. Wait for me."

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