tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Taking and Making of Melanie

The Taking and Making of Melanie


She had started dating Greg over six months before, he was nineteen, a year older than herself and had just graduated high school that May. He lived with his father in a really nice upper eastside apartment. His dad, Jason, was thirty-six and wore his age so well that when she had first been over to meet him she had kind of stared and ended up blushing beneath his flashing smiles. He was as cool as he was good looking, he wore his darkish hair longer than most men his age and it was usually tied back at his neck. He was an investment planner or something like that, but he could do a lot of his work from home and had plenty of free time to spare for dating and other things that occupied his time at night.

Her parents had not liked that she wanted to date a boy out of high school already, but when they found out she'd been to his apartment where only he and his father lived, they had pretty much flipped their lids. That's when Jason had called them, talked to them about his views on her and Greg dating and taking it slow, and had even invited them over for dinner. Now, her parents not only liked Greg, they adored his father and never worried about when she went over to visit.

So when Greg had told her about his fathers Christmas party at the house, her parents had been very cool about allowing her to go over, Jason had even told them his girl friend would be there as well as several other adult couples and their kids and she'd be perfectly fine staying over like some of the others were going to.

Her friends thought she was living the absolute dream of a life. In school, she was popular, on the debate team, swam, acted and out of school she had even done some part time modeling to save up for college. She was tall, slender, had a head full of strawberry hair that tumbled in heavy waves just to the point where her ass swelled. She was dating a guy that looked as if he could have walked off the pages of GQ and he was in love with her and willing to wait.

She had let him know from the beginning, she was a virgin and planned to remain that way for a long time to come. It was something she prided herself on. Even though, she did let him touch her, she had halted him every time he had tried to put one inside. It made her blush and squirm to even think about his fingers down there touching her. It was so very hard sometimes, not to ask him to keep going. But one day, she knew one day when they were married, she would give everything to him

The evening of the party, she took her time getting ready, starting with a long bubble bath in which she luxuriated for nearly an hour, she hummed along with music as she shaved her legs, paying special attention not to leave any nicks or rashing, she hated that and she wanted to show off in the dress she had begged her mother to let her buy. She scrubbed slow and gently until her skin shone, luminous in the light spilling in from the window. Living on the 28 floor did have it's advantages, she never had to worry about some sick old pervert spying in on her.

She dressed carefully, not that there was much to do, the dress was black, a salsa style cut that parted in several strips when she walked and gave glimpses of her thighs, her mother had sworn up and down if she just bent over even slightly, someone would end up getting a nice peek at her rump. The thought kind left her with a giddy feeling. She was feeling very grown up tonight and rather relished the idea of someone looking at her and finding her sexy. Jason even. The thought caused her to drop the straps of the dress she had been about to tie beneath her hair at her neck, and her gaze fell to her breasts. Youthful breasts that sat high and full, tipped in pinkish brown flesh that tightened even as she stared. She blushed and with trembling fingers hurriedly fixed the ties and smoothed her hands down the silky fabric, liking the way it plunged deep and molded flat to her tummy. She twirled this way and that with a flushed grin before settling herself down long enough to go about fixing her hair and make up, adding a pair of strappy black heels at the very end.

She looked different, not little girlish at all, but like a woman. There was a glow to her eyes, anticipation. She had a feeling Greg's Christmas gift tonight was going to be something very special and even Jason had let her know she had a surprise in store that she would never forget.


"I didn't think your parents were going to be able to take enough pictures. God damn you look hot" Greg reached across the small space of his car and touched her cheek, tucked a strand of her hair behind the shell of an ear. His greenish gray eyes were full of her. He loved her so much. It shined from him. "How can I go all night without taking you into some dark corner and..."

She blushed and smiled, leaning to brush a kiss over his cheek. "Maybe you don't have to go all night without it. You are looking very hot yourself"

And he did, he was tall, lean but muscular, rangy her mother called it. His hair was curly and fell just over one of his eyes in such a way that never failed to make her feel butterflies inside. He looked a lot like Jason, but he also looked in his coloring like his mother, whom she had still never met.

He looked away from the street often, unable to get enough of how she looked tonight. He had been with her to modeling stuff before and it was amazing how they could make her look, but for some reason tonight, tonight she just looked dream like. He dropped his hand to her knee where it was bared by the layers of dress, and slid it just a little higher, he knew about how far he could go before she would stop him, and sure enough by the time his fingers swirled at the upper mid portion of her thigh, her hand fell lightly over his. Not pushing him away, but not letting him go any farther either. Her skin was like nothing he had ever known. Silk, cool and pure. His fingertips tingled and he ached in his gut to slide his hand deeper into the shadowed places he dreamed of touching, tasting. She wasn't like any other girl he had dated, and he had dated some pretty hot chicks, but Melanie, she made him think about her, she made him crave to see her, to have even the luxury of holding her hand. When he thought about her, he didn't think about "until the next", he thought about how he could keep her wanting ...him.

"Fuuuuuuck girl, this is going to be a long night" He moaned.

She laughed and patted his hand gently. "It's going to be a night to remember." she promised.

Greg and Jason's apartment was awesome. That was the only word she could think of it whenever she first stepped in. They never cleaned, Jason paid a maid to do that, and the place was immaculate, completely male, done in soft suedes and leathers of caramel, buff and golden browns. The couch sat caddy corner, you could watch television that sat on a huge wall length entertainment center, or part the curtains to the glassed balcony that ran the length of another.

He'd had some people come in and decorate the place with trailing vines and mistletoe, chrysanthemums and other beautifully done decorations, the tree just to one side of the glassed wall, huge, full, trimmed in wide pearl lace, clear lights and beautifully fragile glass bulbs filled with dainty bits of snow. The topper was an amazing glass angel that glowed as the lights lit it from beneath. She stood for long moments just admiring. As the sun was setting and the world outside became night, she could see herself reflected in the polished glass, and she was mesmerized by the sight of herself, not even aware of the one walking up just behind her.

"All grown up tonight"

His voice startled her and she caught the glossed cherry of it between strong pearly teeth and half turned to gaze up at him. His eyes were so similar to Gregs in their shape, but gray, not one touch of another color. Just pure stormed gray. In this light, they gleamed mercury.

"M..my mom, she let me buy it" she stammered, feeling her cheeks blistering and silently cursed herself for how very little girlish she always started feeling around this man. Real man. All man. Adult............man. Powerful. That is the word that fit him fully, he exuded power.

Tonight his hair had been left loose and splashed against the black of his tailor fitted shirt, tucked into black trousers that molded muscular thighs and fell down to the tops of shined leather of boots. Dangerous, her mind whispered. This was the type of man women shied from for all the reasons she was only just beginning to understand.

"Yay mom" He grinned suddenly, a lopside quirk of sensual mouth and her tummy coiled, rolled in tight fluttery sensation. "I approve, now come on girl, don't be shy, come meet the other guests" He touched his fingers lightly to the back of her elbow and she jumped. For just a moment, a breath really, her gaze crashed within that mercurial shine of his and she could not hear or focus and she was sure she would..fall, but in an instant his gaze dropped to her lips, his own tugging slightly. "I believe you've met my girl friend Jill..........."


Jill Mendelsson was one of those women young girls dreamed of growing up to be like. She also had a way of looking at you as though she was aware of every reason to every bit of blush on Melanie's cheeks. Her smile that of a woman in total control of herself. Tonight she actually took charge of Melanie and lead her about the small gathering of friends to introduce her to Greg and Jason's friends. Although he had told her parents there would be children here, those "children" were all over the age of eighteen.

There were four couples not including herself and Greg, two of whom who had brought their kids who seemed to be not much younger than their parents. It was a rowdy group. Laughter spilled frequent and everyone, including Melanie was given glasses of wine and champagne with dinner and after. They played silly games before Jason lowered the lights so that the candles lit everywhere took over the hue of the room, adding a deeper more intimate warmth. He cued up his stereo system and it was languid pulsing music that filled the apartment. He encouraged everyone to enjoy and swept Jill up against him. And it was with a pang of something new and surprising in her tummy that Melanie half watched them out of the corner of her eye, though Greg was never far and soon she was smiling up into his eyes as he swept her up close to him.

The warmth of the drinks she'd consumed made her feel fuzzy, floating. And it was so very nice the way Gregs body brushed up against hers in time to the music. He held her hand lightly before guiding each up to his neck, his own hands wrapped against her ribs, just beneath the swell of her breasts and slid slowly down and around the curves of her hips until they splayed out against the swell of her bottom. It was nothing like he'd ever held her before and warmth crept through and a newly familiar ache throbbed to life deep inside. She became lost in his gaze, he in hers. It was timeless. The lights aglow, the music deep inside her, her first love so close, his head dipping so that his breath fanned her cheek, and with each brush of his thigh between hers, her eyes grew heavier and heavier. "God how I want you..." he whispered, right up against her ear, tiny kisses teased her, a flicker of his tongue aroused a flood of electricity through her blood. She felt as if she were sinking.


It was Jason and each of them turned their heads in slow unison, flushed. Melanie turned closer into her boyfriend the moment Jason's eyes slashed over her. They seemed to cut her open and she could barely manage to flicker up the most shy of glances before looking away, her heart racing wildly.

"Greg...Jill's come down with a headache. I'd like you to drive her home as I need to be here for the others. You can take the jag. I'll keep an eye on Melanie for you."

Greg never faltered to adhere to his fathers words. He groaned softly, but nodded. He turned Melanie to him and slid his arms around her tightly, bending to speak quietly into her ear. "I'll be back before you know it and we can pick up......where we left off"

Melanie blushed and smiled, reaching to hold herself against him for just that moment. She watched him go with great reluctance and immediately felt out of place and exceedingly shy the moment the door closed behind Greg and Jill, but when she would have turned and disappeared into some semi-shadow to watch the others in quiet, Jasons hand was around her own, tugging her back easily. "No hiding for pretty girls" He murmured and tugged her up closer until she could feel the heat of his body radiate around the expanses of flesh left bared by her dress.

"I wasn't going to hide" She flushed, but her words were a girlish attempt at sounding indignant.

"Of course you were, but I took away your dance partner, so allow me" His tone left no room for denial, nor did his hands. One at her hip, claimed, settled in a slow firm wrap that drew her hips forward into his. Her heart stopped in that moment, just as his other arm slid round her, his hand splayed in the dip of lower back. His head bowed and she could feel the cool lengths of his hair brush her skin. "Now, be a good girl and put your arms around my neck, just like you had them around Gregs"

She did so, her arms sliding up around his neck, and the length of him, so much taller than herself, forced her even closer until her breasts brushed his chest and her breath moved over this throat as she tilted her face. She could feel the blush on her skin. It hurt in its intensity. He moved with the music. A natural rhythm, easy, sensual. The hand wrapped over hip guided the slow grind of her own body and she could feel him, feel the very epitome of what made him so male in the cradle of her pelvis and it flared something so....hot...she felt she would surely find her knees buckling at any moment. "You have eyes that are going to drown oceans of men" He murmured and the hand controlling her hip strayed, her movements sealed to him now, following without thought. His fingertips stroked up her side, brushed the outer curve of her breast and was gone before she realized. He skimmed the ridge of her collarbone and touched only his fingertips to her cheek, using his thumb to tilt her face even more fully upward to his gaze. He smiled, watching her eyes dart around the room, dilating as he spoke what she was thinking. "No one is paying attention, they're all enjoy the music as much..as you and I"

Her fingers contracted against his neck, his skin warm, velvet. His hair tickling her arms made her want to slide her fingers through it and hold on. She felt as if her entire insides were melting. She stared up at him, he did not falter in returning her gaze. His hand on her lower back slid and rode the sweet curve of her bottom and she could feel the dress bunch just the littlest bit as he curled his fingers into her, pulling her tighter still into the heat of him and she could not stifle the worried little noise of guilty pleasure she felt explode. She started to pull away, wanting to run to Gregs room and hide. Just hide. But he held her, locked in his arm, in the fingers holding her face and he bowed his own closer. She could feel his words breathed out over her mouth and her gaze fixated on the mercurial gray shine of his own. "No running, just a dance. You like to dance don't you?" He asked so very casually. "I think you do, your body says you love..to dance."

She was flustered. Confused. Tipsy and very aware of the warmth between her thighs. Every moment he brushed into her, it grew. "Yes Sir, I like to dance" She said so softly. "But...you...you are..." She stammered and closed her eyes, felt her lips part as his fingers tightened their grip on her face, felt his thumb swirl from chin to sweep against the fullness of her lower lip.

"I am what? To old to be a dance partner? Not a good enough dancer? Am I such a disappointment?" He was teasing her. He knew what was happening. He knew and he was taking delight in making her nearly combust in her shy awareness and after a moment he took pity on her and slowly released her from the closeness to him, sliding his hand from her face down a slender arm. "Come on little Melanie. Let's get you a drink" He smile so charmingly that she could not help but return it, walking after him in what was feeling increasingly like a state of haze.


The rest of the evening passed in a blur for Melanie. While Jason never touched her again, she continued to feel him as she did when they danced. He had taken her over to the bar and given her a spiced rum drink that by the time Greg arrived back home had her just slightly wobbly on her legs. Jason had been charming and funny and eased her mind and she was laughing brightly with him when Greg walked over to them, she had even lifted her arms as he bent to brush a chaste kiss and kissed him back in such a way it had stunned him for a moment, parting his lips with a rummed tongue, kissing him deep until he had groaned and his father had suggested they tone it down.

After that, Greg had taken her to a den and given her his gift. The beauty of it took her by surprise. A thin silver chain upon which dangled a heart shaped locket. Inside was a picture of him and one of her and on the back he had had their initials engraved. It was so sweet and so precious and unlike anything she had ever been given that she promptly became a soft weepy mess and he had rocked her and kissed her for a long long while afterwards. In her tipsy state and in the happiness of such a lovely gift she had allowed him to eventually lay her back on the soft twill couch until he laid half atop her, one of his legs in between her own and she had moaned when his knee drew up to grind gently against her panties. She was rushing, dizzy and felt as if she were only half awake. It was delicious and intoxicating. She let him kiss her mouth and her jaw, down the slender column of her throat with little nibbles and suckles that made a deep rich throb take life against his knee. She had even allowed his fingers to tug aside the flimsy material covering a taut breast and moaned again when his mouth closed over a pinkish tip and suckled slow and deep, the swirls of his tongue so soft that it soon had her fingers deep into his hair, not sure if she were trying to tug him off or pull him tighter to her breast. But for the first time it was Greg who slowed them with an agonized groan, lifting with a dazed smile, staring down at her with such adoration.

"Please Greg......I want you to...more..."..her voice did not seem her own, the girlish lilt had grown huskier and want heated each breathless word.

He moaned as if in pain and eased fully away from her, sitting her up, smoothing her dress and her hair. "No, you're pretty fucked up and that's not how I want us to do this. I want you to be perfectly sober. I want you to know exactly what you are asking me for............................when you are ready."

She had cried again. He had made her love him ten times more. So it was with a soft laugh and gentle hands that he pulled her to her feet and took her down the hall to the spare room that would be hers tonight, helped her out of her shoes and laid her down across the bed. Set the tall rotating fan into motion and with a whisper of love had left her to sleep the night away. She smiled watching him go, still aching inside from the feelings his sweet touches had brought to life. With a tiny lil groan she had rolled over and drifted into a foggy half sleep.

She had no concept of what time it could possibly be when the touching roused her from a fuzzy sleep and even as she felt it, she still could not fully wake up. Her eyes opened, but she couldn't see anything but pitch and felt as fingers drifted up her inner thigh, that something had been tied around her eyes, her body felt too heavy, and her voice when she spoke seemed so far away, but there was fear to it

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