tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Taking of Danger Girl Ch. 01

The Taking of Danger Girl Ch. 01


{This is stand alone story, although it continues the adventures of Stephanie, aka, Danger Girl. The other stories are no longer on literotica so some background is provided.}


Hi again, I'm Stephanie, known amongst only a few choice friends as Danger Girl. Those few that truly know me know that I like risky sex. Who am I kidding? I love it. I crave it. I'm a fiercely independent woman who just gets off on being controlled and used sexually. I like it risky and humiliating. I've done things I would never do, all because someone else made me. Admittedly, I put myself in those situations to start with, but I did them at the time because someone else was calling the shots. That's what drives me crazy, being made to do it. I've done some pretty wild things and if you've read about me before, I'm sure you can attest to that. If not, this story will corroborate that and show you who I am, deep inside.

It had been a year or more since my last adventure which was directed by my old professor. It was a nearly naked trek through the downtown area in which I was required to perform a number of tasks, several of which got me used good and hard. He had purposely fallen out of my life, no doubt I was a lot for anyone to handle. Plus, he was married. I still had some debts to pay for months from that adventure which kept me busy. I was used pretty good by some cops and one of the inner city guys who had "caught" me downtown. They loved using me, for sure, but it always lacked the imagination a good alpha male can muster. I was in limbo.

I kept in touch with one of my best friends from college. Her name is Beth. She knew all about me and my sexual exploits. We even lusted after the same guys in college and fooled around some on our own. She lives in Arizona, I in the Midwest.

She had a boyfriend, Rick. I had met him back in school. He was the slick black haired, suave playboy we used to fight over. I didn't want her ending up with him. He was always so full of himself, totally a macho guy and was quite the player. Beth was far less adventurous than I and I was always surprised that she ended up with him, at least for the time being. He was hot, however. He didn't really go to school. He was into cars and motorcycles. He knew everything about how to fix them. I suppose that's why he was always greasy, though I still couldn't help but watch how his muscles flexed when he was under the hood of one of our cars. He most certainly liked me, though. He was always all over me, he was handsy, flirty. There was no mistaking what he wanted, what would happen if he got me alone, he would whisper it to me. In mixed company he'd kiddingly "threaten" to make me pay for my teasing, saying he and his "boys" would take care of me right. Beth and I just brushed it off, I had plenty of action back then. It was clear he had a dark side, though.

Beth and I kept in touch through phone calls and instant messaging. I'm sure she got tired of me whining about my lack of action. She was surprised and shocked by my telling of my earlier adventures. I think she was probably also a bit excited by them, she always made me tell her the details. I mentioned that I had a week vacation coming up. I talked about visiting her. She was always noncommittal, even though she kept asking me if I had plans. Finally, the vacation approached and since she hadn't said one way or the other I figured I'd just drive out to a lake, rent a cabin and chill.

Friday evening finally came and I was in the kitchen fixing coffee. I just needed to pack a few things and then just slip into relaxation mode. I reminded myself to most certainly not forget my vibrator. I was planning on working it out when I got to the lake. I thought I heard a rustle in the back yard. I checked, but nothing seemed amiss. I took a long, relaxing shower. I got dressed and brought my suitcase to the living room. I sat down and had some more coffee while I checked my phone for any last messages or emails. I was still hoping to hear from Beth, but alas, it was not to be. Suddenly, my head didn't feel right. The coffee looked like it was a mile away in my hand, then everything went black.

I remember dreaming about riding a horse. I dreamt it was bumpy, there was something sexual about it, something dangerous. I had this funny taste in my mouth, plus it was dry, so dry. My memory was fuzzy, I remember thinking I had to wake up but the harder I tried the harder it got. Finally, looking back on it, I remembered seeing the back seat of a truck, in glimpses, though at the time I incorporated those images into my invading dreams. Finally, I started to come to. Everything was blurry at first. It was bumpy, just as it was in my dream. I could now see the backseat. I was in the back of a pickup, behind the driver and passenger seat, lying on the floor. I tried to straighten up. I couldn't move my arms. They were bound behind me with something hard. I saw just the outline of the driver. I tried to yell, I couldn't, I was gagged. I started to take stock of the situation. My head was groggy, but clearing. I was wearing what I had on in the kitchen. I had on my jean shorts and my flower print blouse. I couldn't feel my bra. I tried kicking and grunting through the gag but all I got was a big, thick hand from the driver, smacking at whatever he could reach. The gag was nearly choking me, that's why my mouth had felt so dry.

My head was clearing. I managed to lift myself up to a sitting position. I made sure I watched the driver the whole time. Finally, he slowed to a stop. He turned to look at me. It was Rick! Beth's boyfriend, I was relieved and pissed at the same time. I grunted my disapproval. I wanted to ask him what the fuck he thought he was doing. He knew what I was asking though, he laid it out for me.

"Well, Stephanie, it has been quite a long time," he said with a smug smile.

"Fuck you!" I tried to yell in a grunt.

"In time, sweets, in time. For now, you don't have any say," he laughed. "Here's the deal, Beth, that lazy bitch, finally did something good for me. She told me her friend, her slutty friend Stephanie had a week vacation. Stupid bitch never knew how to use the computer, how to erase things like emails and messages. Turns out you are the very slut I thought you were, way back when. Why I didn't get a piece of that ass back then I don't know, but I guarantee that will be rectified. So, you like being used, eh?" He sneered. I tried to avoid eye contact. I wanted to spit in his face, I couldn't. "You have quite the background. I am looking forward to seeing if any of it is true, you know how internet people tend to lie."

He reached back and cupped my face. I struggled against my bonds, they were handcuffs. I knew that feeling completely, usually accompanied with lust. He just smiled.

"Those are police issue, good luck struggling." I slumped down, defeated. "Here's the story," he said, his eyes blazing into mine, dark and intense. "I've wanted to fuck you ever since I met you. All that teasing, all that chasing will finally end. However, after reading about what you are into I decided to make it much more..." he said, his chin raised, as if in thought, "...interesting."

I whined my complaint through the gag.

"I ain't buying it, sister," he said gruffly. "I know what you let guys do to you back at school. Now, hearing what you've done recently, well, I don't see any reason not to continue."

With that he removed the gag from my parched mouth. I tried to spit but I was too dry. I thought about yelling but he pointed out where we were, on a lonely highway, not another car in sight.

"Please..." I started to beg, my voice cracking with the effort.

"Listen," he said, as he cut me off. "The way I see it, you owe me. You cock teased me something fierce back then."

"Nooo," I whined, to no avail, he wasn't having it, he had a calm, steely intensity about him.

He cupped my breasts through my blouse, I tried to resist but he had me in a corner, I couldn't move away. He flicked his fingers across my nipples through the material. They were hard.

"Hon, if this was just about fucking you I'd have taken you right there in your house. This all just came to me like a fucking Christmas present," he said. "First, blabby Beth told me about your vacation time and second, I saw all the incriminating emails and messages, and third, I was able to convince Beth that I had a cross country run to make for business. Like I said, it's all perfect," he chuckled.

"Beth doesn't know you are here?" I asked in fear.

"Hell no, the bitch doesn't know, you think she'd want me fucking her slut friend? So, I've got her convinced that I'm gone for a week and you are not going to be missed for as long at least. Well, like I said, fucking perfect. Oh, I took the liberty of texting Beth from your phone, seems like you are having a great time relaxing at the lake," he laughed ominously.

"Fuckkkk," I thought. I had thought he was dangerous, I could always feel that about him, but kidnapping...or worse? It seemed surreal.

"So, think about it as a game," he said. "For the time being, you do what I say, like you seem to like in your writings. It could work out for both of us," he smiled and he turned and resumed driving.

My mind raced as we headed down the highway, it was early morning, the sun was starting to rise. I didn't recognize the area, it was remote, desolate. I was both comforted and terrified by the fact that it was Rick that was doing this. As I've said, in other instances I'd have loved the loss of control. Here, though, I didn't know what was he up to, what he would do. I couldn't be sure. He didn't seem like a killer. I even supposed that my writings about what I liked could have emboldened him to do something out of his character, though I couldn't even know for sure what he read. I had no idea what he knew about me, exactly. Perhaps it could all just be a game for him, as he'd said. I wasn't afraid of the sex. I only hoped that was all he had on his mind.

I woke up a little later, as we pulled into a greasy spoon type place. I looked around, it was just the tiny diner and only a couple rough looking vacant buildings around it. Rick got out. He came around to my side and pulled me out roughly. He pushed me back in, this time in the passenger seat. His strong, thick hands removed the handcuffs just for a minute before he pulled my hands behind the seat and attached them again. I just looked at him helplessly. He shook his head upon looking at my top. He undid the front buttons nearly all the way down. My bra was missing. His strong hand found my soft skin. He caressed my tits for a minute. He let out a low whistle.

"Damn," he whispered.

I looked at him pleadingly. He just smiled. "Trust me." I guess I had to. A familiar feeling was growing deep in me, I tried to brush it off.

He had parked facing the window of the diner. I was starving, I realized I hadn't eaten dinner the night before. I'd planned to stop on the way. My mouth started to water as I watched him eat at his leisure. I saw him chatting up the waitress. She was giggling, I could tell. He had her in the palm of his hand. He kept pushing his long, black locks back out of his eyes and smiled every time she came around. She was a big haired 40 something woman with cat glasses. She had on stretch pants even though she was clearly 30 pounds past her prime. She was fixated on him.

There seemed to be only one other person in the diner, it was a young man, 18 or 19 it seemed. He had on the white paper hat, it looked like he was the cook/busboy. I saw Rick talk to him as well. They both looked my way. I tried to shrink down in the seat even though the truck sat high enough I knew they couldn't see anything. I just felt so exposed, my tits were basically hanging out of my blouse and my hands were bound behind the seat. I saw them huddle together, towards the end of the meal. The guy disappeared. I saw "Flo" as I imagined her, again dote on Rick. It struck me that he was distracting her. I found out why, quickly. Out of the corner of my eye the youth approached the truck. He had a goofy look on his face. I was right, he looked no more than 19 or so. He still had his paper hat on.

"Well goddamn," he said thickly. "What do we have here?" He didn't appear too bright. He gaped at me for a moment. He glanced with uncertainty back at the diner. Flo and Rick were still engrossed in conversation. He ogled my tits, droolingly. He reminded me of a young Peter Griffin, fat, stupid and lustful.

"Never saw a woman's tits before, junior?" I spat condescendingly.

"Nope, heh hehe, can't say that I have, up close..." he gulped. He leaned in through the open window. My cleavage was pushing the nearly fully opened top out enticingly. Finally, he summoned the courage. He reached in. His fat fingers found themselves under the material. He pawed my tits roughly, without guile. He seemed fascinated by my erect nipples. He pulled at them lewdly. He kept looking back at the diner and when he saw no distraction he went back to fondling my tits. My nipples are super sensitive and I had to admit that he had me squirming a bit. The whole situation was hitting me, taking me to that dark place. Rick was obviously allowing this and that bit of information was burning itself into my subconscious. I was under his control and that fact was getting me antsy, even as I tried to fight it. I noticed the man/boy using only his right hand to play with my tits, I found out why. His other hand had obviously found its way inside his pants, I could only see the motion, but I realized he had his dick in his other hand and was moving it furiously. I wanted to laugh but I realized the situation might not warrant it. I wondered if his hand would find my pussy but he never left my tits. I saw Rick look back at us with a smirk, he'd maneuvered Flo into a position facing away from us. He had his hand on her shoulder, like they were old friends. For a bastard, he sure was a charmer. Suddenly the young man started grunting. Then I felt it, a drop of his cum shot through the window of the truck and landed on my neck. The rest showered the truck's door. He withdrew his hand, his mouth formed an orgasmic "O". Then, he backed away and I never saw him again. I felt that drop start to run down between my tits.

Rick had taken note that his young charge had finished his task and he excused himself from Flo's company, much to her obvious chagrin. He walked out to the passenger side of the truck. His smirk turned to disgust.

"Oh would you fucking look at this," he said with disdain. "There's fucking cum all over the door."

I wanted to laugh but I dared not. I had gauged him to be in it for the sex and not the danger, but it was still too soon to be that certain.

"Slut, did you do this?" He asked menacingly. "Did you get someone to fucking cum all over my door?"

"I guess I did, sir, isn't that what you wanted?" I said demurely.

He opened the door swiftly. He grabbed me by my hair roughly. He tried to pull me out, forgetting that I was cuffed to the seat. He then opened the cuffs, pulled me out of the truck and shoved me to my knees.

"Fucking clean it off," he barked. I started to rise to use my blouse but he pushed me down again. "With your mouth, slut, clean it off with your mouth."

I looked at him with wide eyes. I knew prying eyes would be able to see from the diner, if they were so inclined. He didn't care.

"Fucking clean that cum off my truck like a good whore would," he snapped. "You were supposed to fucking swallow his cum anyway. I should whip your ass just for that." He started to pull off his belt.

I didn't allow him to continue, I quickly pressed my tongue onto the cold steel and slicked the young man's cum from his precious truck. I didn't linger. I heard the snap of a picture being taken. He was capturing the event for posterity. He seemed satisfied. He pulled me up and cuffed my hands behind me again.

"Sir, please," I begged, "I'll be good."

"I know you will," he said, ignoring my request, "I also know you dig it. Now get in the fucking truck," he ordered.

We drove down that lonely highway for a time. I realized we were rural Illinois, heading towards Iowa, if I read the signs correctly. I had no idea where we were going. I was still hungry. I asked him about food. "Oh, right," he said, remembering something. He reached into a white bag, it was a doggie bag from the diner. He took out the Styrofoam container, it had some hash browns left in it. I couldn't grab it with my hands cuffed. He turned and emptied the container on the floor behind the seats.

"Eat up," he smirked. I was fucking pissed but I was beyond hungry. He made me wiggle my way back there. He pawed me as I crawled past him. He made sure he adjusted the rear view mirror so that he could see me, hands cuffed behind me, tits hanging town, while I lapped the hash browns from the metal, dirty floor.

"That's a good slut," he sighed.

We sat in silence for awhile as I relived the taste of cum and dirt. I stared at him, he seemed lost in thought.

I broke the silence. "Why all the mystery? Why kidnap me? Why didn't you just take me, as you said, at my house? He didn't respond.

"Ok, You got me, you know my secret. You know you could've just fucked me, whenever and however you wanted, all in the comfort of my house. No one would know, you could have had me tied up there for a week. You know my past, you know I couldn't really cry rape, what with the emails and messages, which I'm sure you saved. Why drug me and take me...wherever?"

"Because that's the plan," he said tersely. "Don't worry," he said, ogling my open tits for the first time in an hour, "if you are half the slut you purport to be, you'll love every minute of it. You loved the diner thing, didn't you?"

"No!" I spat instantly even though I knew it was an unconvincing lie.

"Yes you did," he smiled knowingly. I'll bet you were wet, too."

I tried to avoid his gaze while I blushed, I knew he could see it.

"I just don't want to be hurt," I said softly.

He looked at me intently, like he was staring at my soul, he waited for me to continue, it was as if he drew it out of me.

"I mean, except sexually. Fuck," I thought, "why did I reveal that?"

He just nodded knowingly. I actually felt relief when his hand found my tits. I'd wondered if he was even interested, he hadn't touched me with interest to that point. He pulled me over towards him. My hands were still locked behind me. He forced my head into his lap. He undid his zipper. He fumbled around and took out his cock.

"Lick it," he panted. I obliged. It started to grow. He pulled his balls out. He had me lick them too. "Yeah, like that, baby," he grunted. "Do that for awhile," he instructed, "I don't want to cum yet."

We continued down the highway like that. I licked his shaft up and down and bathed his balls in warm saliva while he drove us off to who knows where. He pulled my head off his lap roughly by my hair, I'm sure he knew I liked that. We pulled into a gas station. Again, we were out in bumfuck Illinois, Iowa, whatever. There was nothing around but farmland. The station looked like it doubled as a produce stand. Rick went inside. I saw him talking to a portly balding guy, probably in his thirties. The guy looked out towards me. He was missing his front teeth, at least one of them anyway. I saw him smile, leeringly. It looked like they were negotiating. I knew what for. Rick finally walked outside. He came up to the truck.

"Listen darling," he said sarcastically. "I ain't paying to haul your slut ass around everywhere and I already took all the money from your purse."

I rolled my eyes, "here it comes," I thought.

"So, Rex in there and I made a deal." I looked inside at the ugly man now staring intently at me.

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