tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Taking of Danger Girl Ch. 02

The Taking of Danger Girl Ch. 02


{Part two of "The taking of Danger Girl}

I was in the back of a police car headed who knows where. My top was still unbuttoned and in the reflection of his rear view mirror I saw my face. It was covered in dried cum. No question he noticed it too. I looked like a prostitute for sure, a very busy one.

"Sir, you have this all wrong," I pleaded. His expression never changed behind his frosted police glasses. "Some guy brought me to that room," I started to explain before realizing that it would sound like I was bringing a john to the room. "I mean, I was with this guy and he brought me there, took my money and purse and left me in that closet."

He never wavered. "Ma'am, I'll get the whole story back at the station, right now you should use your right to remain silent."

I pouted the entire way. We pulled down a lonely road and passed a couple buildings that one might loosely call a downtown area. He pulled down a lengthy dirt road and pulled up to the station. It was a small brick building the size and look of a one room schoolhouse. It was painted a garish aqua color, the brightness long since gone. He handcuffed me and pulled me inside. It looked the station where Barney Fife worked. He took pictures of me. He focused on the dried cum on my face as well as my inner thighs. He also swabbed some of the cum off with some evidence collecting tools. The cell, and there was only one, was no bigger than my study at home. He pushed me into the cell, still cuffed. He watched me cry, though I'm sure he also got a good view of my nearly totally exposed tits, jiggling with each sob.

"Why had this happened to me?" "Where the fuck is Rick?" I wondered. Honestly, doing the things at the diner and the gas station and even with the motel manager were totally within my usual modus operandi. I might have even been getting off on them now, if this hadn't happened. The sheriff made some calls and ignored me for awhile but then he approached.

He tapped the bars, I stood up and approached. "Do I get a phone call?" I asked, sniffing softly.

"In time," he said. "Right now though I think you need to get cleaned up." He led me outside, to the back. "Strip," he ordered. He took the cuffs off of me. I looked around. I was in the middle of nowhere and totally at this guy's mercy, I had no choice. I shed what little I had on, the now tattered top and the short skirt. He made me stand there while he looked me over. Again, his cold expression never changed behind his shades. I tried to cover my tits with one hand and my pussy with the other. He nudged me towards a tree. He put my hands over my head and looped them and the cuffs over a branch. For the first time I saw him grin. I heard him walk away, then suddenly I heard the sound of water running. I was hit with an ice cold stream of water from a hose. I started screaming. He just laughed.

"Scream all you want, sister, there's no one around that cares." He hosed me down. He took particular delight in spraying my face and tits. "Got to get all that cum off you before you have to face a judge."

My knees got weak at that thought, "Fuck," am I going to end up getting convicted of something I didn't do in this podunk town?"

The shower ended, thankfully. He toweled me off. I noticed he took his time, he spent a little extra "drying off" my pussy. I was still helpless.

He led me back to my cell. He only let me have the towel to cover myself up. He left me alone for a couple hours. He was in and out. Finally, he came in and approached me.

"Miss?" He said sternly. I rose, wearily. "You want that phone call now?" he asked.

I nodded, though I had no idea who to call at the time, any attorney I knew was hundreds of miles from here. My parents were long dead and I did not want any of my work associates or home friends to know anything about this strange adventure I was on. I thought of Beth, maybe she could get me help. Then I thought of Rick fucking me and I reasoned that she might not be in the best frame of mind to help me. The cop studied me while I was lost in thought.

"Is there like a local lawyer around here?" I wondered.

He laughed. "Sure, but he's 70 years old, doesn't hear too good and hasn't tried a case in a few years." No doubt he noticed my crushed expression.

"Ok, here's how I see it. You can just face the judge in two days. I can hold you here indefinitely since you have no I.D. You'll have a hearing, no doubt you'll be let go on your own recognizance, that is, if you can provide some proof of who you are. The prostitution charge, though, isn't going away. I have a credible witness in Joe, the hotel manager. I have the pictures and dna of what can reasonably be argued to be semen all over you and I have the fact that you carry no I.D whatsoever." I tried to protest and explain but he continued. "So you can face the judge unless you get an attorney in the mean time...or..."

I didn't know why I didn't recognize it before, he was going to blackmail me, sure as day. And, as so often has happened to me I was again powerless to stop it. I just wondered what the cost would be. Again, I wondered if I'd ever get out of this spinning sexual submission loop I was in.

"...or, we could work something out," he said, his voice stern, measured.

"Fuck it," I thought, at least he'd be the best looking one to use me so far. He was built. He had strong arms, covered in light red hair. His hair was in a buzz cut, his jaw was strong.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"Look, let's not sugar coat it. You're a whore. A very very beautiful one though, but still a whore. You keep me company and I'll consider not reporting this."

"Keep you company?" I asked, playing dumb.

"I'm going to fuck you as hard, as often and in any way I want to until then, is that clearer?"

I lowered my head shamefully. "Yes."

"Do you agree to that? I'm not going to make you do it. This is something you and I, two consenting adults, have chosen, right?"

"And..." he continued, "there's going to be some punishment, meted out by me, one way or the other for whoring in my town. Do you agree to that as well?" I nodded, what else could I do?

He slipped off his gun belt and placed it on his desk. "I'd feel safer like this," he said as he recuffed my hands behind me. He probably thought I'd run, or worse, grab his gun. He had no idea who I was, what I was. I did think about how I could escape all this, though, but not before I did what he asked. It's my nature. He made me drop my towel.

He forced me to my knees and for the third time in less than 24 hours I was on my knees sucking some guy who I hadn't met before. It was shameful and I knew it, it made my pussy leak even more. His cock was like he was, thick, strong, solid. He fondled my hair as my mouth engulfed him. I wasn't sure what he wanted, if he wanted it quickor if it was just a prelude. I held back, just in case. His urgency was growing, though. He pulled me up and bent me over his desk. His cock found my wet slit, he rubbed it quickly and forced his way in. I groaned. He took that as encouragement. He started with long, slow strokes.

"Oh yeah, that's it," he grunted, "man your pussy is tight for a pro," he panted.

My tits were being mashed up against his desk. He started spanking my ass between thrusts, it got my pussy flowing. The fucking got more furious.

"Oh fuck, whore, fuck," he gasped. "I'm going to cum in your whore pussy," he hissed.

He made a few more animalistic sounds before he dumped his load inside me. He sighed. My body went limp on his desk. My pussy was buzzing, though I knew better than to hope for any release. He didn't even allow me the towel to clean up as he pushed me, nude, back into the cell. He took the cuffs off of me through the bars. He disappeared for a few hours or so, I'm not sure. I fell asleep on the hard cot. I awoke as he barged in the door. He had a funny look on his face. He told me to stand up. I shook out the cobwebs and complied. He motioned me towards him. I walked up to the bars. He had me put my hands through the bars. He cuffed them together in front of me, effectively locking me to the bars, naked, in a standing position. He had a satisfied look. He turned and went back to the door. He motioned for someone outside to come in. I watched in embarrassed horror as three other guys filed in. They looked like they had been drinking. They looked young, probably early twenties at best. One of them looked strikingly like the sheriff.

"Oh my god, I totally thought you were lying," said the one they called Brett. He was the one who resembled the cop, and sure enough it was his younger brother. The other two laughed and high fived each other.

"I told you I had a naked slut in my cell," said Roy, the sheriff, with pride.

"You fuck her yet?" asked Brett, with an excited tone.

"What do you think?" laughed Roy. The others giggled drunkenly.

"Fuck it man, she's hot, can we have her too?" said Colin, the least socially adept one.

I tried to shrink away from them as they hovered so close but I was locked to the bars. Roy reached in and twisted my nipple, which made me shriek, to the delight of the other men.

"I told you, I was in charge," said Roy to the young men. "She does what I say. But, I told you guys that she'd entertain you, you need to sit back and watch for awhile." The men agreed to that, the sound of "entertainment" no doubt striking a lustful chord in them (and if I'm being honest, me as well, somewhere down deep inside me). I was stuck in a fantasy with no obvious escape, yet still burdened by my own desires. Above all else though, I wanted to live and get back home safely. I had to do whatever it took.

"Come here, dear." Roy smiled menacingly. I neared the bars only to get rewarded by being yanked lewdly into the cold steel by my nipples. He leaned in close and whispered to me.

"Be good, or this could get bad for you. Remember, you agreed...right?"

I nodded yes, even though my head was screaming no. He smiled evilly. He cruelly twisted my nipples while I danced on my tiptoes to try and survive the pain. He invited Brett over. He took his turn twisting my nipples and pulled me into him and made me kiss him. His tongue dug deep into my mouth. He pulled away, laughing. The other two got their sweaty paws on my nipples too, they had me dancing. Roy came into the cell and pushed behind me, which forced me into the bars. It had the effect of pushing my tits to either side of the bars. He motioned for Red to hold me smashed up against the bars like that. I called him red because of his hair, he was the shy one, I don't remember him saying anything.

Roy stepped out of the cell and turned to the other two. "Watch this," he laughed. He began slapping my tits with his hands. I started to wail but Roy had Red clamp him hand over my mouth.

"There ain't no one to hear you, slut, but I just don't want to listen to it," Roy chuckled. He had my tits on fire. He stopped, but only to invite the other two guys to do the same. Tears were running down my cheeks, through Red's fingers. I could see in a mirror on the wall my poor tits were now an obscene fire red. They backed off and laughed at their handiwork. I was sobbing, but my pussy was unmistakably hot. I'd had this treatment before, it's humiliating to admit it gets me wet. My mind was spinning, I couldn't want this. I needed to escape. What if they never let me go? But honestly, if you offered me the keys to the cuffs and the car keys to the cop car, I can't say that in my state that I'd be able to do it.

The men wanted to take pictures but Roy wouldn't allow it. Instead, he took his own pictures of my reddened tits, and the men as they fondled my nakedness. He allowed Brett the most privilege and he took advantage, he finger fucked me while I squirmed and the rest of them laughed and Roy clicked away on the camera. The men were the most amused at how slick Brett's fingers were and they took particular delight when he made me lick my own juices from them. He spread some over my face as well while they all laughed at the slick slut. Things were starting to get serious though, I could tell it in the air. Lust was all around, I wondered if Roy could control it, or if he even wanted to.

Finally, he pushed everyone away. "How's my slut doing?" he asked without concern.

"Fine," I sniffed, playing the part of the unwilling victim.

"You don't fool me," he growled softly. He made me slide to my knees again. My hands caught on the cross bar so that my hands were stuck above my head. "This is what she's best at," Roy smiled to the others.

He took out his cock. He was hard again. He presented it to me. I took him in my mouth. I heard gasps in the room. It's one thing to see it in a grainy video online, it's another to be a few feet away from it. I fellated him the best I could, through the bars, it did limit my access some. I was lost in my cocksucking, I didn't even notice Brett bringing Roy something and handing it to him until it was too late. I felt an electric zap on my tit. I yelled. Roy laughed. He had some handmade thing that looked like something similar to a cross between a taser and a violet wand. I took my mouth off his cock. He zapped me again.

"Keep sucking, whore," he laughed. I tried the best I could but he kept tormenting me with occasional shocks. Each time one hit my nipple I had to fight to keep from biting him, which I knew wouldn't end well. The men were laughing at me, sucking cock and dancing on my knees to the constant barrage of electrical jolts. I went to work in earnest, I figured I could get him to cum and it would be over. I thought I had him on the edge once but he used that fucking thing to shock my clit and I thought I saw stars. I cursed him but I went back to fucking his cock like a good slut. I now saw that Brett, Red and Colin had taken their cocks out and were stroking them. The room was more hushed now. The sounds of my mouth sloshing on Roy's dick filled the small space. I was ready to taste his cum, I really was, but maddeningly, he withdrew, leaving me gasping.

"Ok, boys, she's all yours," Roy said to my fearful surprise. They started to approach me, I thought I was about to be devoured.

"Here's how it's going to be," Roy panted, still trying to recover from my oral pleasure.

He tucked his still hard and ready cock back into his pants. He took out his belt. I was still on my knees. He slammed the cell shut, no one could get in but him now. He looped the belt around the bars and around my neck. He pulled my head right up to the bars. My cheeks were pressing on either side of them. He cinched the belt up tight. I was trapped like that.

"Use her mouth all you want but no one goes in the cell, got it?" The men all nodded in quick assent. Roy turned around and walked out the door, leaving me to them.

Brett moved in first, "Fuck, I ain't waitin," he said. He shoved his cock into my mouth. I had limited movement because of the situation so I knew this wasn't about ability, only desire. I used my tongue the best I could but basically it was just a face fuck. He was moaning and grinding and Colin, the fucker, found the wand thing and used it, almost exclusively on my nipples. I could see Roy outside through the window, smoking a cigarette. He didn't even move as I shrieked. Brett filled my mouth up and they all laughed as I choked in my attempt to swallow it all. Most of it went in my face, on my hair, on my chin. Young men have that wonderful ability to cum a ton. Colin stepped up and thankfully he put the wand down. His cock was thick, but short, I easily took him in deeply, and he didn't hold out long to my tonguing. His cum also joined his friend's all over me. I could feel long ropes of it hanging from my chin obscenely. Before he pulled out of me I felt more cum hitting my on the side of my face. Red had been jerking off and he sprayed me down with almost the same intensity as the hosing I got outside. I was a fucking mess, my hair was matted with cum, it was in my eye, I didn't have my hands to wipe any away.

The young men slipped outside without a word and why not, I was just a slut to them, a cum hole to fill, to cover, so they did. I heard them saying goodbye to Roy. He came in. He had a disgusted look on his face.

"Fuck, look at you," he said, shaking his head. "Still claim to not be a whore?" he said, not expecting an answer.

"I'm not a whore," I said softly.

"Then what are you, exactly?" he asked in seriousness.

"I'm not a whore. I don't charge men to have sex, I'm not a prostitute..."

"But you are...?" he wondered.

I wanted to tell him, "I'm a slut. I allow men to use me in any way they wish. I'm a slut for cock. I love sucking men off. I love them using my pussy and ass as they wish." But I couldn't give him the satisfaction, hell, I still didn't know if I'd ever get out of this.

He took me outside, I knew what for. He hosed me down again. The icy water couldn't contain the heat in my pussy. He brought me back inside. He pulled me onto his lap, I was still wet, shivering.

"You are a special breed, for sure," he said with a hint of admiration. "What are you thinking?" he asked.

"You didn't cum before," I said softly. "Do you want to?"

He grinned. "Of course."

I continued my submissive descent. "How do you want me?"

He had a lustful glare. "Do you ass fuck?"

I knew he could see me blush. I shook my head no. "Of course you do, you little whore. Well, you do now," he smiled.

He picked me up and took me outside. He brought me back around to the tree. He cuffed my hands over my head again so I couldn't escape. He had a video camera, he positioned it to his liking. He stood in front of me and he dropped his pants, his cock was thick and firm, ready. He picked me up by my waist and had me wrap my legs around him. He slid his cock into me that way. My pussy was wet, inviting. His hands dug into the flesh of my ass and pulled me into him. His girth again made me gasp.

"Fuck you feel good, you whore," he said with lust. "I'm going to tear that ass up," he said with a growl. He quickly pulled out of me. He walked around behind me and slapped my ass sharply several times with his hands.

"Tell me what you want," he urged. I didn't respond, I wasn't sure what he wanted. He assailed my ass again with slaps. "TELL me to fuck your whore ass."

"Sir, please..." I begged, I can't deny what I wanted, I was just playing that part that is so natural for me.

"Say it or I'll wear your ass out with my belt!"

"Please sir, fuck my ass. Please, fuck it good."

Suddenly I saw the wand thing back in his hand. He placed it against my pussy, I tried to back away but I couldn't. He shocked me. It sent electrical shock waves throughout my body, radiating out from my pussy.

"Convince me," he growled.

"Oh please, please sir, fuck my ass. Fuck it like you want to. Fill my ass with your big dick." I cried out. He zapped me again, I was writhing. My pussy was betraying my conscious thought though, the jolts were actually stoking the fire. Another zap. I squealed.

He put the device right up against my ass opening. I cried out for him to stop.

"I'm not convinced yet," he barked. He inserted the end into my ass, I screamed, "No!"

I begged him over and over in as many ways as I could think of, to fuck my ass, to use me like he wanted. Finally, I must've been convincing.

Without ceremony he grabbed my hips again, dabbed his cock with my juices and poked his cockhead into my opening. I tried to bend at the waist to help him in but I could only go down so far before the branch was too taut. It didn't dissuade him a bit, his cock slid easily in, its fullness taking my breath away. I grunted.

"Yes, grunt like the whore you are," he urged, "grunt because you are just a little whore piggy for me to fuck." His lust getting the best of him. I started to protest but he kept up the verbal assault. "Just a piggy whore and now an ass fucked piggy whore," he said in a fever.

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