tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Taking of Jean

The Taking of Jean


This is a group sex story with a little twist. The evening does not go as intended for two of the leading characters. It has been some time since I posted as story here and the writing maybe a little rusty and over long. I hope it proves worthy of your patience and your perserverance.

At 40, Jean like so many women of her generation had retained her youthful looks with just a little extra curvature to her figure. As a full time mother of three she had not found it necessary to go to the gym to keep trim, keeping up with her offspring and their varied pursuits had helped keep the pounds off and her dress sense young. The one thing she found as she grew older was that she became lonely and missed the interaction she used to have when she was working.

When a former employer met her in the supermarket and asked what she was doing, she was surprised and rather grateful to be invited back to be an auditor for a firm of accountants. Ken her husband, was not so enthusiastic as she, but as Jean explained, it would give them some extra money to do more things together.

Jean bloomed within the office and found a confidence she realised had been missing for some years. She also enjoyed the banter and fun of flirting with male colleagues and customers. She found the attention, good for her spirits and good for her sex life at home. Ken soon dismissed his misgivings as his wife gained a new sexy personae particularly in the bedroom.

Even the kids commented on mum's new look, her brown hair was cut shorter, to her shoulder, emphasising her recently acquired tan. The black skimpy bikini, she wore on that holiday with its strapless top, was one Ken's favourites in her wardrobe. At home he particularly enjoyed tracing along the line where her tan ended and the pale flesh covered by her bikini bottom began. Jean took to colouring her hair removing the first wisps of grey. She returned to wearing make up, a gloss plumping her thinning lips whilst a little mascara focused attention to her eyes, which gained an extra sparkle, when in the company of strangers.

When the office asked her to undertake an audit some distance from the office, Jean was less happy. She and Ken had been together for over twenty years. They had not been parted in that time. The prospect of a week away working did raise some doubts in Jean. Talks over the meal table with the family encouraged her that everything would be fine, they would miss her but at the end of the week, they would be able to have a little celebration. On the evening of her departure, she and Ken cuddled in their bed and made long slow love, his fingers traced the white triangle framing her pubic mound his mouth kissing the pink edges of her labia lips He promised her a long deep exploration with his tongue when she returned from her trip away.

Graham Ransom was one of life's grey people, anonymous as the faded wall paper in his office. As the accounts manager of a medium size printing works he theoretically had a small office team to run whilst reporting to the Financial Director. The truth was he was bypassed by his team and the Financial Director. The only key role he played was to look after the auditors each year. Provide them with the information they asked for, and make sure the fee stayed low. Graham always enjoyed his annual week of importance, which always began a few days before with the briefing by the Financial Director.

Graham was pleased to learn he had a female auditor by the name of Mrs Jean Witt for this visit. In recent years he had a succession of young male trainees who stayed at local pub and drank talking sport with his Director. Having a more mature woman instead Graham changed the booking from the pub to a long established hotel more befitting a married professional. By ordering the deluxe room he was able to provide her with an internet wifi connection and a desk top at which she could work in the evening as well as Satellite Television with a choice of movies.

He ran through the details of the accounts and the hotel with the Financial Director explaining he had inspected the hotel personally and found it to be of a good professional standard. He waited expecting a comment on his good work, instead his Director answered the telephone on his desk , dismissing his manager with a wave of the hand as he started to discuss golfing with a new addition to Sales. Graham slipped out of the office looking forward to his meeting with Jean. It would be nice to have a female to talk to maybe she would not overlook him like the young men.

It had always been the same for Graham, everyone ignored him, his wife, his family, even his friends, for each he had an ordained purpose a task to fulfil but as a person he rarely existed.

Jean arrived at the printing works and was surprised to be greeted, by a shy well groomed man in his forties who was described as the accounts manager. She watched the receptionist filing her nails as Graham tried to explain he was taking Jean to the accounts office and that they could be contacted there. Jean shook hands with Graham, his grip was weak, his fingers slightly damp. She politely withdrew her hand from his grasp as quickly as possible.

In the office prepared for her, Jean began to warm to the man who did not quite fit the quality of his suit. He was meticulous in the presentation of the accounts for her to audit and everything was exactly as she wanted. A PC connection was available for her to access and space for her laptop and printer as well. Within half an hour she was working and relaxed all of her fears about the audit, working away from home were dispelled.

She told Ken as much on the phone from her hotel room that night. She had warmed to Graham. He was of a similar age to her, he was very courteous, thoughtful, he brought her hot drinks during the day and made polite conversation when she needed a break. He had children of similar age to hers, but there the similarities began to end. Whilst Jean was close to her children, Graham's were distant, almost absent from his life. Graham's relationship with his wife was equally diffident, it was not a partnership, he appeared to be the provider, but was always brought down by his wife for his lack of achievement, and personal standing.

As the week continued, Graham appeared to become more confident and relaxed in Jean's company. He did make her smile, he was comfortable to be around, not threatening, she liked him, but he was not a man she would ever be attracted to.

Graham however felt there was the start of a relationship with Jean. He had spent years trapped in a loveless marriage to his wife. Having produced three children he was almost relieved when their sex life ceased. He failed to be aroused by the bad tempered woman who gained pounds with each passing year. He blamed her for his lack of confidence and esteem that undermined his position at work. The constant stream of complaints and demands from her and the children had worn him down. He had no life, every place he went, everything he did was controlled by her. She owned him and she constantly reminded him, he owed her for staying with him throughout the years. At one time he had hoped she would find a lover, leave him, anything, but as the years progressed he knew there was little chance of her leaving and even less of him having somewhere else to go.

For the first time in Jean he had found a woman he was comfortable with, and would be pleased to be seen out with. Maybe this was providence, fate had been kind to him Jean was the woman of his dreams and before the end of the week they could be lovers.

Graham knew his wife would never allow him out to entertain Jean on his own, but he did have his regular Thursday night out with friends this coming week. A group of guys he had known since school days. He could already see their faces if he turned up with Jean Witt. The prettiest woman any of them had seen in years. Of course at the end of the night, he would accompany Jean back to her hotel and she would surrender into his arms.

Jean was surprised and at first hesitant when Graham invited her out for a last night meal. When he explained there would be others, and it was just a simple curry night, she accepted. She had grown tired of her own company. She was missing the conversation, the presence of Ken in the evening watching TV together and more importantly cuddled close in bed together. She had not realised how much she would miss his touch. As she spoke to him on the telephone she alluded to how much she had missed him, and how much she wanted an early night so he could be inside of her. It was becoming difficult to concentrate on her work, as her body increasingly succumbed to the imaginings of her return home.

It had been a diversion thinking of what to wear for her evening out. Her travelling wardrobe she had limited to business attire, but she did have this one navy blue A line dress, which moulded well to her figure. It was just a little tight on the hips, and pulled across the dome of her tummy. It fitted her 36C breasts well and despite being sleeveless her matching navy bra strap was almost hidden beneath her dress. Whilst her cleavage was covered the contours were plainly visible. She wore a simple antique style flower necklace with gem stones at their centre, which drew attention to her slender delicate neck.

The dress had a flirtatious split at the back, which enabled her to walk freely, but also showed off the start of her thighs, inside fine denier black pantyhose. She wore simple black 2 inch heeled pumps. She turned in the mirror. The dress was maybe a little too tight and there was a visible panty line, showing off the outline of her bikini style panties. But with a jacket over the top there was nothing really too obvious and anyway a girl has to have a little fun, to prepare her for meeting her husband the next day.

Graham like his three friends were all dressed in short sleeve shirts and jeans. Whilst the look suited his friends, Graham looked out of place. He needed a style makeover, but Jean could not think how she could make him not stand out from the crowd.

Graham's three friends were all charming, Steve in particular who had short greying hair, piercing blue eyes, and sparkling white teeth. His body was sagging a little but was predominantly firm muscle beneath the tanned flesh. He was the joker, a salesman by trade, a womaniser by choice, twice divorced he had a girl friend ten years younger than him and an ego that filled room. Of the other friends, Phil was a painter and decorator, and Neil a gardener. The three played sports together and were part of a soccer, cricket and pool team. Graham as ever was the odd one out. He was described as their learned friend because he was the only one to have been to University. Graham had more qualifications than his director. But then Jean could already see, why he had not gone further. Perhaps that was his wife's problem too.

Graham watched his evening deteriorate as Steve pulled Jean by his side. At the Indian restaurant Graham found himself placed furthest away from Jean, and soon she was telling her life story to Steve and his friends. He watched as they joked, discussed different parts of the world they had all visited when Graham's furthest adventure was a trip to Paignton in August. Graham became a cast away adrift in the babble of the evening, yet still he clung to the one thought he would take her back to the hotel. They would be alone she having enjoyed her evening would melt gratefully into her arms.

Jean found her head starting to swim, as the evening progressed. She had chosen not to drink wine as it always made her feel very sexy. Whilst she was happy to flirt and enjoy the compliments of these three fun guys, she did not want to loose control. Instead when beer was offered to go with the curry she drank that. It was what she did at home. She could control it, but she had not accounted for the speed at which these men could consume beer.

She had almost forgotten about Graham. He was a sweet guy thinking of her, and arranging this night out. It was what she had needed an evening to unwind, have fun and chat to some new people. She found she really liked Steve. If she were not so very much in love with Ken she would have been tempted. As they talked, the touch of his hand on her arm, on her shoulders, had been firm, warm and comforting. It was the same with Neil and Phil too. She felt comfortable with them, she could giggle into their shoulders, laugh and joke even make fun of poor old Graham, who over the years, had become something of the group mascot and joke. Whenever one of them felt depressed they only had to be with Graham to realise their future was not as bleak. His weekly outing to escape his wife, had been the focal point that held them all together, through marriage, divorce and children. She had to admit Graham was an okay guy, if maybe a little dull.

The evening was ending and to Graham it felt like a huge gulf had opened up between him, Jean and his friends. He could not see why Jean was so enraptured with Steve. He was shallow, at times coarse, a philanderer and user. But it was always the same, women never noticed the good guy they always wanted the bad boy. It was the same when they were younger. Graham would never have married his dreadful wife if it had not been for Steve stealing his fiancée. It still hurt, it was still a vivid memory, finding Steve fucking his girlfriend in the kitchen of Graham's parents on the night of their engagement party. Graham had felt so lost so rejected, he wanted to prove he was a man, who would be a husband and a father, when Jessica came along he did not notice her size, the fact she had been used and rejected by every lad in town did not matter. She had said she wanted him. He had paid the price every day since and now Steve was doing it again, luring away his one chance of happiness.

When the night air filled Jean's head she felt a little wobbly and was glad to receive the steadying arms of Steve and Phil. Good strong arms on solid muscled frames. Their hands did sit a little low on her hips, she did have to remind them to behave themselves as they walked to the hotel. But it was after all just simple fun. Harmless flirting, she would be so relieved to be alone. She had enjoyed the company and touch of the men. Normally after a night like this, Ken her husband, would have taken her with his stiff hard cock. Tonight her fingers would have to do.

Her skin felt so sensitive in the night air, the cool breeze penetrating her dress, making her nipples hard like bullets. As she chatted to the three friends she realised Graham had become sullen, morose, very quiet walking at a distance from them, whilst still being with them. She felt sorry for him and a little annoyed that he had not joined in with the others.

Graham had descended into a dark mood. He could feel sharp prickles of tears at the corners of his eyes. He sniffed against the breeze, blaming the cold for the tears forming on his face. Why did they have to spoil it? What was the matter, with her, couldn't she see this was to be their evening together, their chance to develop the relationship that had been forming all week. The cool breeze made him feel cold, he began to feel a little sick as he heard the group laughing. He watched as Steve and Phil's hands slid down to her buttocks, resting on the sway of the flesh as she walked. He saw her make the pretence of admonishing them, he watched as little kisses passed between them.

Graham watched the group walk, he knew then she was a cock tease. He looked at the way she dressed, showing off her thighs with the split at the back of her dress, the tight fabric which showed off every contour of her body and the underwear beneath. She was a mature woman, she was not a child, she was experienced she knew what she was doing to these men, with her black pantyhose, and heeled pumps. He watched again as she leant into Steve. Steve, they always wanted Steve, always spread their legs to Steve. So she may spread them for Steve tonight but Graham would have the bitch. He had found her, he had paid for her to go out tonight, he would have what he paid for from this whore. She was not going to cheat him.

The lights of the small hotel foyer were a shock to the eyes after the dark of the night. Jean caught sight of herself in the mirror, she was surprised by the sparkle in her eyes, the colour in her face, the tousled look of her hair after the breeze had formed it. The red gloss she had applied to her lips at the start of the evening shimmered under the light of the foyer chandelier. In the corner she saw Graham's dark sullen features there was damp on his cheek, he clasped a handkerchief as he cleared his nose. He did not look well. Then she saw the front of her dress, the outline of her nipples and bra pressed against the fabric she quickly closed her jacket over her breasts. Oh god she thought, I hope no one else has seen that.

Graham collected Jean's key from the reception, as Jean prepared to say goodnight. The men all insisted they escort her to her room. She was after all a lady alone. Graham suddenly took charge, walking ahead of the group as they shushed and giggled down the corridor to her room. He opened the door to Jean's room, stepping inside he held the door open for them to walk through.

The room was simple, Jean's lap top sat on the desk by the window. There was an open hanging space for her clothes, and a stool for her suitcase which lay open with her soiled clothes in. Her bra and panties from earlier in the day lay on top. All the men noticed them and imagined her inside of them. The 6 foot king size was at the centre of the room as befitting the luxury room, the crisp white cotton sheets had been remade by room service and the quilt was flat and even.

Jean wriggled away from the support of Steve and Phil, the room appeared to shrink with all of them inside, it was almost claustrophobic. It had been a good night, but now was time for her to be alone.

'Thank you very much gentlemen for a wonderful evening. It was a welcome break from my desk. I shall report back to my husband tomorrow that I was well chaperoned throughout the evening. Graham thank you for thinking of me, and inviting me along.'

Graham standing beside the door, flashed a brief smile in acknowledgement. Lying cow he thought. She hadn't even noticed his existence all evening. She did not give a fuck that he had organised and paid for this night out.

'Jean it was our pleasure to have you with us, makes a great change from our normal curry night. You will have to come and stay more often. Graham does provide a really nice room. It is a better bed than the one I have at home.' Commented Steve

'That is because it does not see as much action as your bed Steve. You wear out beds like other people change socks.' Phil added sitting down and bouncing on the edge of the bed. 'Good spring in this mattress, you would get a nice recoil on this one.'

Jean looked down at the bed, she did not want anyone getting comfortable on it. She just wanted to be in it, to be alone with her thoughts and her hands.

'Come on boys. It is past my bed time. It has been a lovely evening but I have to work tomorrow. I don't want Graham telling me off for being late.' Jean turned to Neil, who had been hovering at her side and gently embraced him kissing him on the cheek.

'Thanks Neil. It has been good to meet you, hope we can do it again next year.'

Neil returned Jean's hug, his hands resting on her hips as she gently moved to turn away.

'Do I get one of those as well?' Steve asked, standing close behind her.

'Yes! It has been nice to meet you too.'

Jean turned into Steve's arms. He pressed her close to his chest, her breasts flattened against his torso. He leant down and kissed her lips. Flustered, embarrassed, and slightly shocked she pushed away and turned to Phil who had stood up from the bed. Wary she rested her hands on Phil's shoulders keeping him at arms length she leant in to kiss his cheek. He reached for her elbows, and pulled her closer to him, again kissing her on the lips.

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