tagGroup SexThe Taking of Jean Ch. 02

The Taking of Jean Ch. 02


This is the second story of Jean and her continuing experiences of group sex. It is not often that I write a sequel to stories, despite numerous requests from readers. But Jean is one of those characters who has stayed in my head.

I had a lot of reaction to the first story and I am sure anonymous will be back to tell me what is wrong with this story too.

A lot of the comments were positive and among them were numerous suggestions on how I could save Jean's dignity. I hate to disappoint but this next sequence just fuels her obsession with the character of Steve. Why? Her reaction is based upon two ladies I have met in life and one who corresponded with me regularly on the internet. Who all had similiar experiences to Jean, being lured into a situation where they were taken by a group of men. For each that event had been a trigger which led them to seek similiar encounters again. Now you know what to expect if you liked the first part of Jean's story enjoy. If not well there are lots of alternative stories on this site, enjoy those and do not read any further.


Jean sat in the small corner office of the accountants where she worked. Spread on the desk in front of her was the paperwork relating to her current client. When Carol came in from reception saying she had a visitor, Jean did not expect to see the tall muscular frame of Steve. Jean's face flushed as she remembered their last meeting, when as a group of 4 men he initiated her introduction into the world of team sex. For Jean it had been a nightmare, especially in the days after, hiding the bruises and the marks, from the eyes of her husband and teenage family. She loved her husband and her children. She did not want them hurt, she did not want them knowing of the things she had submitted to and in retrospect enjoyed.

Now two months after that night in a small town hotel, she had managed to consign the events to a distant memory. At times she found the memory exciting, sometimes was able to dress some of the proceedings into a fantasy role for her husband. Having her husband perform some of the acts she had submitted to, were both stimulating and disturbing. Yes it had been exciting, but she never intended she would see any of the men again or repeat the experience of that night.

As Carol closed the office door, Steve bent forward towards Jean.

'Are you going to invite me to sit down?'

'No! I do not know what you think you are doing here. But I want you out. Out of this room and out of my life.'

Jean was suddenly aware that Steve was staring at the front of her white blouse, and the lace edge of the camisole she wore to cover the outline of her bra underneath She drew her jacket across her breasts.

'No need for modesty with me Jean. I 've seen it all before remember? Very nice those tits were too. Now have you got a kiss for an old friend.'

Steve dropped his jacket down onto Jean's desk covering the papers she was working on, he moved to the side of her desk, as Jean, put up her hands to push him away.

'Do not come any closer. I am warning you. Leave me alone. Please leave me alone. I still have a marriage no thanks to you. I have a nice life that I want to stay that way. Now go. I have no kiss for you, not even a kind word. Just go.'

Steve grasped her hands, pulling them behind her back, as he leant forward into her face, she smelt the familiar sweet after shave on his skin, the fresh smell of his cotton shirt, open at the neck. She felt the firm strength of his arms, suppressing all of her resistance. His piercing blue eyes sparkled as he looked into her face. She was trembling her mind racing, what was he doing here, why did he come to find her.

Steve drew Jeans wrists together, causing her to arch forward in the chair. Her breasts were pointed up towards his face, her skirt rode up her legs, as she slid over the seat of the chair, pushed towards his body. She turned her face away, as his lips brushed her cheek. He kissed her neck, her cheek, his breath was hot, just as she remembered it. He kissed her chin, the edge of her mouth as she tried to keep her face turned away from him.

'Please Steve don't, you tricked me once, you can't trap me again. This is my office, my desk, and you will leave it now.'

Steve pulled her to his chest, she feel the firm muscle of his torso through her blouse. His lips found hers, he kissed her on the mouth, his tongue licking at her lips, probing to enter her. Jean felt the same hot suffocation, she had experienced before. His strength, his kiss the memory of him looking down on her as cock slid into her wet pussy made her shiver. She felt the moisture in her panties. She tried to disguise the effect he was having on her. She meant what she said. The guilt, the lies, the deception, she had come so close to telling her husband, and potentially ruining the one relationship she held dear for ever.

'So you are not enjoying this reunion Jean? You are not excited to see me? To have me kiss you. I bet your panties are wet already.'

Jean pulled away from his kiss.

'I have told you. Leave me alone Steve. Please leave me alone. I do not want you to come here. I certainly do not want you to kiss me. Just go.'

'Tell me you haven't got a wet pussy.'


'Tell me and then I will just check to see if you are a liar.'

Steve pulled Jean onto him, his leg pushing between her thighs, forcing her skirt further up her leg.

'Steve! Someone will hear. Someone will come in. Stop.'

'Only if you let me feel to see if you have wet panties.'

Steve continued pushing forward with his leg until his knee reached her crotch. He looked down, at her flesh coloured panty hose, her white panties showing through. Through the two layers of sheer fabric he could see the shadow of her pubic triangle framed by gauze and lace.

'Looks like you were expecting me, or were these for someone else? Very sexy panties Jean, very sexy. Can I touch them now or do you want to wait till someone comes in. You know I don't mind sharing if you want to wait.'

Jean listened for the sounds of her co-workers, how could she begin to explain what was happening. She could say he attacked her, but then she would have to tell about everything else as well. Her dark secret, how she was used, and betrayed by her body. She looked at Steve's face, he had that small smile of triumph, when he knew he would get his own way. It was easier to let him do what he wanted than risk a difficult scene.

'Don't tear my panty hose. They are the only ones I have with me.'

'If you don't want them torn, you will have to take them off. I am going to let go of your hands, and you take off your panty hose and no one will know Jean.'

Steve released Jeans hands and she sat back in her chair. Jean's pulse was racing, her head was spinning, she brushed back the hair from her eyes.

'Steve, why are you doing this? What...'

'Take the panty hose off or I will rip them off. I want to feel your sexy panties and that hot pussy inside of them.'

Steve placed his hands on the arms of Jean's office chair, trapping her in the seat. His leg still wedged between her thighs. Jean raised herself in the chair, looking over Steve's shoulder, she watched the door listening for the slightest hint of an approaching colleague.

Fumbling nervously with the waistband of her panty hose Jean tugged down the nylon which had covered her body. She shivered as the air cooled on her body, goose bumps rose on her legs, prickling her thighs. She pushed the pantyhose down over her knees, Steve eased back, allowing her to reach her feet, and slide the garment off. As her head rose she became aware of the big bulging erection filling his dark grey trousers. Steve slid his right hand up under Jean's hairline.

'Remember that don't you? You remember that, in your mouth, in your pussy, filling your wet hungry pussy. I bet my cock has been in your mind a lot. Maybe when you were on your back, with your husband between your legs? Is his cock as big as mine? Does he feel you the same way? Fuck you the same way?'

Steve's right hand slid down Jean's cheek, his finger trailing over her closed lips, he pushed a finger into her mouth, damping it with her saliva. His left hand pulled Jean back by the hair into her seat, as he forced his right hand down into Jean's lap. His palm covered the soft flimsy front of her white panties, he pushed her legs apart with his knee, and eased his finger between Jean's parted labia lips.

'So you were pleased to see me Jean. Now let's have a proper kiss.'

Steve covered Jean's mouth with his own. His tongue swirling around between her parted lips as Jean, tried to prevent her body submitting to his passion. His kiss seemed to last for hours as his right hand, explored her panties, feeling inside of her vagina and finding the raised nub of her pink clit.

Jean began to panic, her body was submitting to the pleasure of his touch, the heat of his kiss. But all the while, Jean could still picture someone walking in and finding them, or worse still her husband finding her. He had never visited her at work but there was always the prospect of a first time.

Abruptly Steve stood up and walked around to the front of the desk. He found a chair and sat down facing Jean.

'Better cover yourself up. We don't want everyone knowing you are the office slut. Let's dispense with protests, and any suggestion you will not be available for me. I have come to take you out for the night so we can become properly re-acquainted and have a really good time.'

Jean pushed her skirt down to cover her legs, reaching to the floor she gathered up her discarded panty hose and concealed them in her brief case.

'Steve no matter what you may think. What has just happened, that is biology. It has nothing to do with how I feel for you. I am a married woman. I have responsibilities, duties, I just cannot spend a night with you, even if I wanted to. When I leave here tonight I am going home to my husband and if I am lucky we may just make love, now you have excited me.'

Steve sat back in the chair and began to undo his trousers. He put his hand inside the open fly and pulled out his stiff sticky eight inch cock, he slowly stroked the shaft as he looked into Jean's face.

'You will come with me tonight, and we will continue where we left off. Now I know you will do that, because, if you reach inside of my jacket pocket you will find some very interesting cell phone pictures Neil took whilst Graham was fucking your ass. I am sure your family will be impressed with that. Now if you have not thought of an excuse and telephoned your husband in the next five minutes, you will have to walk out of here with my cum splattered all over your face.'

Jean watched as Steve stood up dropped his trousers and stood in front of her desk, stroking his big cock aiming it straight at her over the desk.

'Steve...I....Maybe with a little more notice. Sometime, but tonight.'

'Put your hand in my jacket pocket, check out the evidence and make the call and make it soon, the smell of your pussy on my fingers just make me want to spurt all over the front of that pretty white blouse.'

Jean found the pictures, somehow she knew he wouldn't be lying. Not about the pictures. She could see the white hairy back of Graham, his small round ass, pumping against her own. She could see the hands holding her pleasuring her. She could not believe it was her, it seemed like another woman, or at least Jean in another life.

Steve's strokes were getting faster and stronger, she had to act quickly, before he came all over blouse.

Jean phoned her husband's cell phone, she tried to focus on an excuse, a reason for not going home at all. When she did reach him, as she spoke the words, she could not believe them herself. She tried desperately to sound normal, whilst inches from her face she could Steve's shaft enlarging his hands, the steady strokes speeding as his obvious need for release began to take hold. She could smell the salt of his sperm waiting to erupt from his balls.

'Ken hi! Yes everything is fine, no, no problem. No problem at all. Good news actually, well sort of. We have a new big client, and well they have just arrived in the office and they are talking of maybe putting me on the team. So I have to go and talk with them tonight. Well could be a long meeting, they are talking of dinner. Yes they are paying. Well someone is paying. So yes I will be home. Probably best if you don't wait up.

Food the kids? Darren is out tonight, so there is just Sarah and Sally, they are both on health diets at the moment. They should have the inches on their hips which are on mine. Yes I know you like them. I wouldn't have it any other way. Yes....yes....Love you. Love you. Bye.'

Steve snatched the phone from Jean's hand.

'Touching. You lie so well.'

Steve placed the phone back on it's cradle his cock inches from Jean's face. His hand continuing to dance up and down his shaft, Jean was mesmorised she watched the full swollen purple head waiting for Steve to stop.'

'I have done what you asked. I will come with you tonight. No marks this time Steve. I will do what you want.' Jean looked into Steve's face, the triumphant smile, and the gaze that said he was about to cum. 'Steve...Steve!' Jean tried to whisper an alarm call to make him stop. Jean started to edge back. She could not leave the office spattered with his sticky cum.

Steve's hand snatched at the back of Jean's head pulled her face to within inches of his cock.

'You dirty lying slut. Open your mouth, open it wide, now take my cock.'

Jean could hear movements in the outer office. What could she do? Steve was so close to ejaculating. She covered his cock with her mouth, running her tongue around the head, she flicked the tip of his cock, her mouth filling with his spunk. With her head held in place, she gulped, and swallowed, nearly gagging as Steve pumped the full load into her mouth.

Red faced she finally swallowed all of Steve's cum, he released her head and slid his cock back inside of his trousers.

'You give real good head Jean. You are a natural. I bet hubby loves it when you go down on him. Now don't worry Jean, about this, you are going to have a really good time tonight just like you did before. Maybe even better.'

Steve's hand slipped to the front of Jean's blouse, he began to undo her top button, whilst the back of his hand rubbed against her erect nipple.

Jean smoothing down the front of her skirt so her legs were covered, reached up to push his hand away from her sensitive breast. She was already flushed and glowing from taking Steve's cock. Her conscience was nagging at her, reminding her of the terrible thing she had done and what she had committed herself to. All the time her head was saying stop this, walk away, go home, but her body just kept on making her stay and subject herself to whatever Steve demanded of her. He was so handsome, so confident, a few short months ago she would never have considered herself an object of desire, someone who could attract such open lust. Jean had always been just a housewife, a mother, even at School, when she had boyfriends, there had never been one who had wanted and used her like this.

Steve opened the top buttons on her blouse, his hand sliding inside of the camisole, to stroke her breast inside the cup of her bra. His palm cupped the underside of her 36C breast, whilst his thumb circled her aureole, massaging her stiff nipple.

'Take the camisole off Jean. I want to be able look at you whilst we drive, I want to see your tits pushing up against your bra cup, through your pretty white blouse.'

'Steve can't we do that later? What will the girls in my office think, my manager, my.....'

Steve squeezed her nipple between his finger and thumb, the exquisite pain took her breath away. She felt her panties dampen, as the pressure triggered a release in her vagina.

'Do it now Jean, or you will walk out of her in your bra.'

Jean hurriedly opened her blouse and slid the camisole off. Steve watched as she eased the garment over her head. He studied the sheer white cups of her lace filigree bra, with satin straps and edges. The shape of Jean's tanned breasts and the circle of her stippled pink aureole showed through the pattern. He did not impede Jean as she rapidly secured her blouse, although he did stop her buttoning her blouse any further than the edge of her cleavage. The top of her chest, her collar bone and neck were left open to display.

A polite knock on the door and Carol's head around the door told them it was time for the office to close. Jean had thoughtfully placed her suit jacket on over her blouse, so she would not be exposed walking through the office. Steve told her he would wait outside, while she cleared up so they would not be seen leaving together. Alone in the office Jean again stopped to consider what she was doing.

She decided she had no choice. She and Steve would be alone this time. It had to be why he came to her. She would talk to him, talk to him after sex and make it plain this had to be the last time.

Jean felt strangely naked as she walked across the car park, to where Steve had parked his big saloon car. With her camisole gone and her legs bare, she already felt every man on her walk had been watching her, knowing she was a slut. Steve opened the car door for her to get in. He took her brief case and slid it onto the passenger seat behind. The seats were leather, cool to her skin, the car stereo was playing dance music, the bass vibrating back through the floor pan. Steve jumped into the drivers seat and sped away from the car park and out of town.

Steve said little on the drive. Jean wondered where he was taking her. She imagined an anonymous hotel somewhere. There were so many travellers hotels, on the edges of towns. As he drove on they left behind the familiar stopping places she had imagined. She tried to talk to him, but he just smiled. His hand resting on her knee eased her thighs apart, gradually he shifted her skirt up up her thigh till it was inches from displaying her panties. She noticed as they approached lorries to overtake Steve would slow down, so the drivers could see into the cabin of the car and see her exposed bare legs, he would sometimes flash the edge of her panties before speeding on.

Jean tried to complain, ease her skirt back down towards her knees, Steve warned her, she was his, and if she did not behave, he would pull over and spank her at the side of the road, then her reddened bare ass would be on display for any passing truckers. Jean changed the subject to ask where they were going. All Steve would say was that it was a surprise.

A surprise it certainly was, when Steve entered a small run down town and headed for the centre. A few youths in hooded tops clung to the edges of the shop fronts, exchanging cigarettes, drinking beer from cans. He turned into the car park, of grubby looking 1970's brick built public house. The garden was unkempt, weeds strangling the few remaining plants in the flower beds. Plant pots, had become the repository for cigarette ends, empty beer bottles, glasses, some broken, lined the route to the entrance. The aluminium framed windows, were thick with dust and dirt, inside the yellow light shown through the stained and shabby curtains hanging limp at the edges.

Jean was angry, frustrated at being brought to this run down car park. She did not know what Steve had in mind, but she would not be co-operating. The charm was wearing off his smile and even the thought of Steve's cock inside her, would not dispel the feeling of humiliation and despair she felt at this moment. She had deceived her husband to be brought to a run down public house. She brushed her skirt down to cover her thighs, clamping the cloth tight between her legs. She could not look at Steve, she did not want him to see the tears forming at the corner of her eyes.

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