tagLoving WivesThe Taking of Jean Ch. 03

The Taking of Jean Ch. 03


The title tells all for those who have not enjoyed the story of Jean please read no further. For those of you who specifically asked for more Jean's tale continues with her husband.....this time.

Ken sat in the hotel bedroom adjusting his tie in the mirror. In the en-suite bathroom his wife Jean was getting changed into her evening surprise for him. Ken could not believe the change that had occurred in his wife over the last 12 months. When she took the job with the accountants, he noticed a new confidence come to her, but since she had been away on audits for the firm, she was a changed woman.

From the quiet woman who had been a doting mother to his children, and loving wife she had been transformed into the very sexy woman that everyone had begun to envy him of. He liked the change, he liked the new clothes she wore, the way she worked so hard to please him in the bedroom away from the eyes of their teenage children, but sometimes he felt under pressure to perform. He began to wonder if he was enough of a man for her increasing sexual appetite. He had never known her to stray, he had always been faithful, although at times he had looked at other women and wondered. The woman on his arm had always been enough for him.

Tonight was an occasion to be out with his office, Jean had promised he would be the most admired man in the room. He was beginning to wonder if this was what he wanted. He began to question, foolishly he felt, the new invitations he received from colleagues to attend parties, and dinners. As he reflected upon their previous night in the bedroom at home, he thought how much things had changed for the better.

Aside from the invitations his own personal confidence had spilled over into his work, and he found he was more assertive and oddly more attractive to his female co-workers it was as if Jean's new personae had created a challenge between the women to ask for his opinion, his views and to take his attention. None of them could ever compare to Jean, his lovely wife who had just celebrated her 42nd birthday and who he planned to take away for a surprise holiday in a months time for their 20th wedding anniversary.

In the bathroom, Jean applied the finishing touches to her make up. She wanted to look special tonight for her husband. He was a good man, a loving man, and she did not want to lose him. She stood upright and pulled her shoulders back, then tipped a knee forward. There were many younger women who would like to look and feel the way Jean did tonight. She wore a black strapless half cup bra, underwired to support her cleavage, raising it forward on her chest. The padded satin cups hid her nipples, the top crescent just covering enough of her breast to be sexy without being shameless. She wore a black garter belt, with black stockings, and black satin short briefs which pulled tight over her ass, and clung to the lips of her vagina.

She reached down to smooth the satin, her finger trailing over her vagina and covered clit. She was excited already, she tried to control the nervous shivers inside of her, imagining the many men downstairs who would like to be doing what she was with their hands. Tonight she belonged to her husband, tonight she would tease, only to prove how powerful, and how special her husband was to her. No other man would have her tonight. But even as she reminded herself of this promise, the thought of Steve flashed across her mind.

Steve was the callous bastard who touted her like a whore amongst his friends and acquaintances as a prize for his whim, and his entertainment. She did not love Steve, she was possessed by him. She hated the power he wielded over her. The way he could enter her mind so easily, with his confident smile, his strong body and that big stiff cock that so dominated her body. Tonight was her way of repaying her husband and try to expunge Steve and his sordid sexual group from her mind and her life.

Steve had created a spark in her, she did not know existed, he had taken her beyond the limits of any morality she thought she had. He made her want to explore the limits of her body. But he was bad she had known that all along, all experiments in the future would be with Ken. She was full of guilt, remorse for the things she could not tell him, must never tell him. She had to be punished, Ken had to dominate her, although this was not in his character.

She would start tonight after the social event, to introduce Ken to a new way of thinking. She would try to get him to use her the way other men used her. Fuck her out of pure lust rather than love. She hoped her plan would work. She could not live without Ken, but right now, she was addicted, to rough sex and the negligent acts of men like Steve.

Jean bent forward and used the mirror in the bath room to see how her panties pulled taut across her full round curves. She knew Ken so loved the swell of her hips, that slight ridge of flesh that came with the years. Ken had pulled her onto him with that spare flesh just as the other men, who had taken it in turns to fuck her ass, her pussy and her mouth. The picture of the previous time she had been gang fucked filled her mind. She could imagine all the quivering, pulsing cocks aimed at her, here in this bathroom, circling her body.

Jean smoothed the creases out of her stockings, her fingers sliding over her calves across her knees up to the cool soft flesh at the top of the nylon. Her hand again slid over the soft satin of her panties and the warm flesh beneath. Her fingers slipped beneath the satin, finding the velvet warmth of her hot pulsating pussy. She stroked her clit, and felt a damp trail of her juices leak onto her painted nails. She grasped her breast, squeezing the pliant flesh through her bra cup. She could not hold out all night, waiting for Ken, she had to pleasure herself now. She drew down her panties, slipping her fingers deep into her vagina. She hooked one of her breasts free of her bra, pinched and pulled on the nipple as she circled her clit with her thumb whilst driving her fingers into her vagina. She bent her head, covering her mouth with her arm, to stifle her moan as she orgasmed. Ken knocked on the bathroom door.

'Are you alright in there darling?'

'Fine just fine. Just be a few more moments. You had better take a seat, I think you will like your surprise.'

Jean tidied her make up and fixed her underwear. She placed a six string pearl collar around her neck, eased her hands into a pair of black elbow length velvet gloves, and entered the bedroom with her matching pearl bracelet in her hand.

'Can you put this on for me sweetheart, I foolishly put on both of my gloves and now can't do up the clasp.' Jean proffered the bracelet to an open mouthed Ken, he had liked his surprise.

Ken felt the instant stirring within his pants. Was this beautiful sexy woman really his wife? His eyes focused on her quivering breasts, the ripe mounds of flesh straining to be contained by the black bra. He looked up to the pearl collar around her neck and her dilated pupils, she looked wild with a vivacious sparkle to her. His gaze drifted down to the slight rippled dome of her belly, and the broad sweep of her hips. Did they really have to go down to his office party? He just wanted to lock the door and make love to his wife. But tonight was important, for both of them. It was rumoured a position was becoming available that would improve their circumstances give them a little nest egg to help their children go off to University. It was what they had worked for, the best they could give their family and have a little something for themselves too.

Jean's velvet hand touched Ken's face, ruffling his hair. Are you going to sit there and look at me all night or are you going to help me get dressed.

'I would rather be helping you get undressed.' He said pulling her body close to him. He sat onto the bed and pulled her between his legs, her belly close to his face, her fingers brushing his hair. Ken kissed the soft flesh of her belly his hand stroking her bottom through her satin panties.

'Easy tiger! Just keep this in mind for later. We don't have to be home for another day, so there will be plenty of time for us to have some fun. Now would you help me finish dressing.'

Reluctantly Ken withdrew his hand from his wife's satin clad bottom and focussed on the clasp of the pearl bracelet Jean wanted placed on her wrist. Leaning forward and kissing his forehead, Jean ensured her husband had the opportunity to gaze down her cleavage, before walking across the room to put on her shoes and dress. She caught sight of herself in the full length wardrobe mirror. She watched the way her buttocks clenched as she moved, she deliberately swayed her hips to further tease her husband. She so enjoyed knowing she had his full attention.

Jean turned her back to Ken deliberately bending at the waist to reach for her shoes. She stayed bent for several seconds, feeling her panties taut across her butt, knowing how they would ride up between her legs, revealing the slightest edge of her pussy lips. She stepped carefully into the 4 inch heels easing herself back up to her full height, feeling the muscle at the back of her legs, shaping her calves, pushing her buttock cheeks out. She reached into the wardrobe and slid the tight sculpted black dress over her head. She eased it down her torso, and pulled it over her hips. She felt the dress grip her body, the slit at the back parting to allow the dress to settle just above the knee. She turned adjusting the scallop front of the bodice to cover the edge of her bra.

Jean stepped in front of her husband. 'Zip me up darling.'

'How long will it be before I can pull it down?'

'Whenever you like, probably best when we are alone, this is for your eyes and hands only.'

Ken turned his wife around so she was facing him. He pulled her to him, pressing his groin against hers. She felt the solid pulsing strength of his shaft. His cock sent shivers down her spine.

'This my darling is waiting for you.' He said gently thrusting against her abdomen.

'Just what I wanted to know. But you have to be a very good boy all evening and make sure it stays that way, just waiting for me.'

Ken playfully slapped his wife's ass, she tensed waiting for the next slap. She pressed herself against his chest, hoping it would be harder. She so wanted to be spanked, to be punished for all the things she had done which she could not tell him. Instead the spank became a loving pat and a gentle stroke of his palm across her tensed buttocks. Jean bit her lip, accepted the kiss to her neck and then gently pushed him away.

The buffet reception attended by 200 of the company's employees and guests, was a success by any measure. Ken found himself separated from his wife as he was guided around the room, being introduced to familiar clients and some new ones. At times he would look across the room and find his wife in the middle of one group or another, normally comprising of males. When the floor opened up for dancing, he saw Jean being whisked onto the dance floor, as his director ushered him aside for a chat.

Jean found it difficult to control her emotions. She was determined that this night was to be for her and Ken. The attention of the other men in the room was fun, exciting but too dangerous even for Jean in her currently aroused state. Her skin was so sensitive that even the slightest touch had her close to her orgasm. In the midst of the dance floor she found stray hands, feeling her legs, touching her garter straps, fondling her buttocks. She lightly brushed off the tentative kisses of Ken's colleagues and pushed aside their hands as they slid across her breasts. She did her best to be with the women but they were cold as a group, with her new found sexuality she was a rival, an outsider, a victim for the nearest predator if they could arrange it.

Jean looked for Ken, finding him on the dance floor. Obviously things had gone well, the Directors young PA Katy had her arms draped around his shoulders. She was known only to flirt with men moving up the company tree. This young madam was almost offering herself up to Jean's husband in the middle of the dance floor. Jean felt a flush of jealousy stab at her. She watched as Ken carefully steered Katy through the dancers, deflecting her hands and her attempts to become intimate.

Jean almost wanted to scream at him, take her, as part of her own punishment. She felt as sick, as she knew Ken would, if he ever found her with Steve and his friends. Feeling her own pain made her more determined to refuse Steve and make her life with Ken. Jean stepped onto the floor and eased her husband away from Katy back onto the floor.

'Thanks for rescuing me.'he whispered into Jeans ear. 'She is likely to have one bad headache in the morning. I wouldn't have wanted to added to her nightmares.'

'I don't know. I think from the way she was guiding you I think she was enjoying your attention, just the way I do. Perhaps she got to feel that hot cock of yours up against her body.

Ken reached down to check his trousers, he was embarrassed again, was his erection becoming obvious again? Jean pulled him close to her body, her gloved hands tousling his hair, running down his chest to his trousers.

'Jean Darling!'

'Mmmm. No wonder she was clinging so tight. I think it is almost bed time.'

'Anytime you say. Anytime you want.'

Jean was about to say now. When Ken's director Peter cut in and drew Jean deep into the dance floor. Jean looked back to see Ken captured by another one of the office predators. She mouthed back to him enjoy, as she eased Peter's hand away from her garter belt.

'Ken and I had a chat earlier. He has made great strides recently. He has a confidence he was lacking before. He has potential. Just like you Jean.'

'Potential? I do not understand Peter?'

Again Peter's hand slipped to her thigh circling the top of her stocking through her dress.

'I think you do Jean. I think Ken's new assurance has a lot to do with you. You have transformed yourself. You have a presence, you are the ideal partner, a woman who can take her man places.'

Peter's hand moved around Jean's back, his fingers resting on the cleft of her buttocks he squeezed her ass, pulling her close onto him. His breath was hot upon her neck, she could feel the goosebumps rising on her flesh. She looked anxiously about her looking for Ken. He had already been pulled off into the shadows.

Jean put her hand against Peter's chest firmly pushing him away from her.

'Peter I really do not understand what Ken's performance within the company has to do with me. I have a job, a career, you do not employ me. I understand from others he has progressed on merit. I love my husband, I will support him in anyway I can, but I will not do anything to undermine him, particularly not with his boss.'

Peter held her shoulders briefly, Jean sucked in her breath trying to make herself a statue she dare not let him see how close she was to succumbing to his advances. She was angry, she was frustrated to think Peter would threaten Ken's hard work to cheat his way into her panties. If only he knew how easy it could be. She did not want him to know, she did not want any of them to know.

She had to get out of the room away from the party before she did something that would spoil not only the night but her future as well. Jean excused herself blaming the heat. She slipped out of the room and headed for the quiet bar, away from the music. She glanced back, Peter was watching her go, with that smirk of someone who felt he could control her. Not this time. She would not be used, trembling she sat quietly on a bar stool and ordered herself a soft drink.

Too much wine had passed her lips during the evening and she wanted a little cool off time before finding Ken for a slow dance around the floor and a quick walk up the stairs to their hotel bedroom. One thing Jean had not noticed about her dress when choosing it was how high it moved up her leg when she sat on a stool. She pressed her knees together and swung a little closer to the counter. Suddenly feeling very exposed.

In one of the other function rooms near by a wedding reception had been taking place. Jean watched as some of the guests with their button holes came out from the wedding and sat at the low tables in the bar. Looking at the faces, the wedding was not going too well. A group of three men, in waistcoats open neck shirts and suit trousers, came and sat just along from Jean. She saw them look at her, then nudge each other, their faces suddenly wearing smiles.

'Hi. I am Alex, this is Darren, and Wayne. You don't look like you are with Carl.'

Darren looked at Jeans face as she tried to hide it behind her tall mixer class of Cola and Ice. 'Definitely not with Sharon either. Can't say I saw you in the reception.'

'You didn't. I am at a party across the hall. Just came out for a breath of air.'

'Party any good? Must be if they all look like you.' Said Wayne leaning in close to Jean and casting a glance down her cleavage. Jean re-positioned her arm to shield her breasts. The men were all in there 30's. Clean shaven, round faced with complexions flushed by alcohol.

'Yes it is good. It is organised by the company my husband works for. '

'Husband' said Alex slotting in behind Jean, signalling towards the lads to look at Jean's legs and the edge of her stockings. 'Lucky man. Very lucky man. So what have you done with him? '

'Left him inside. He is talking and I wanted a few moments quiet time before going back in. So how is the wedding?' Jean said shifting slightly on the stool trying to cover her legs a little more with her dress. The condensation from her glass, dripped onto her breast, making her shiver. She felt her nipples rub against the soft satin inside her bra, her pulse began to race as the three men closed around her. She was trembling they were so close, if anyone of them touched her now, she knew she would spurt into her panties.

'Drink? asked Alex pulling a wad of rolled notes from his pocket. He ordered beers for himself and his friends. 'I am asking you lady without a husband. Would you like a drink?'

'No. No thank you, I have one started.'

'So I can freshen it for you. What's in the Cola, Vodka, Rum?'

'Just Cola neat Cola.'

'Give the lady a double vodka. Looks like she needs a little drink to relax with whilst her husband is talking.' Suggested Wayne, teasing the edge of Jean's dress further up her thigh.

'No really. I have had enough drink thanks. Cola is fine, if you really would like to buy me a drink. You haven't answered my question, how is the wedding.'

'Dire. Absolutely fucking dire. Just like any typical marriage you know. What's your name love?'

Alex asked as he leant over Jean's back handing out the ice cold beers to his friends. The cold glasses touched Jean's flesh, sending further shivers down her back. Her breasts were swelling within her bra, she could feel her nipples stiffen. She had to get away from these three men. They were exactly what she had been trying to avoid all night.

'Jean my name is Jean. Thanks for the drink but I really ought to get back now. My husband will be waiting for me.'

Jean turned on the stool anticipating stepping down, she felt her dress moving and realised she would be showing a large amount of her thigh if she stepped down now. Not what she wanted to do. She considered if Ken had seen her leave and would know where to find her. She hoped so, as she felt she would need rescuing before things went much further.

'So what's wrong with the wedding?' Jean persisted feigning interest as she shifted in her seat.

'Usual thing, the bride is crying in the toilet, because her new husband has just passed out blind drunk across the top table. The in laws have been fighting all day, and the fucking bridesmaid is 6 months pregnant. The best man is groping the only decent tart in the place who is married to the grooms brother, who is also passed out on the top table, must be a family habit. We offered to give the bride a bit of a night to remember as the groom couldn't oblige and she flew off into the toilets. So we came out here to see if there is any decent talent around outside and then we found you. Jean.'

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