The Taking of Lena Ch. 01


Renz released a low, soft moan, and put his hand on the back of her neck, pulling her even closer as he kissed her. Lena whimpered and tried to push him away, feeling as though her lips would start bleeding any second, he was kissing her so hard.

"Don't fight me, Lena. I just want to make you feel better. I'm going to show you how nice it can be between a man and a woman," Renz whispered, trailing kisses across her face. Lena continued to struggle in his arms, but her efforts were proving to be increasingly futile. He was simply too strong, and she was too weak.

"Sir, please release me," Lena pleaded. Renz chuckled, gently pressing kisses in the curve of her neck.

"You're not going anywhere, sweetheart," Renz muttered, still buried in the curve of her neck. Lena's eyes widened when she felt a sudden slight gnawing pain on the skin of her neck.

"S-sir, are you...biting me?" she asked fearfully. She began to blush at the sound of some kind of suction from his mouth against her skin.

Renz finished leaving his mark on her before finally answering.

"Does that surprise you? You are delicious enough to eat," Renz teased, continuing to kiss her neck. His words shocked Lena, and she continued wiggling in his arms, hoping to break free.

Renz stood on his feet, briefly releasing her, and Lena took this as an opportunity to run. She didn't even reached the double doors before Renz grabbed her by her waist and spun her around, thrusting her back up against his torso.

Lena trembled in fear as Renz began to run his hands across the front of her body. He reached for the hem of her skirt and bunched it up around her hips, exposing her white stockings held up by white garter belts, and bare upper thighs.

"Very delicious, indeed," Renz whispered directly in her ear. Lena felt something large and turgid pressing against her back, and she shifted against him, hoping to distance herself from it. Lena found that the more she struggled, however, the harder it seemed to be.

"Let's see what other delicious things are under this outfit of yours," Renz said, locking his hand on the ribbon at the back of her apron. Lena began to cry as he forcefully tore the apron from her body, throwing it to the floor. He locked his right arm around the front of her body as his left played with the laces at the back of her dress. Lena felt the cool air of the room touch her bare back and shoulders, and she whimpered in shame when the chill touched her entire body, as the dress and her thin slip felt to the floor.

Lena tried to cover herself, but Renz wouldn't let her, and locked her small arms behind her back. She trembled as he slowly ran his hands over the front of her body, gently caressing her bare stomach. His fingertips darted along her ribs, and then higher. Lena gasped as he cupped her left breast in his large hand, molding it to the shape of his palm.

"You have such lovely breasts, Lena. Perfect and small. And your nipples..." Renz paused, circling and lightly pinching her nipple with his fingertips. Lena gasped, shocked at the strange immediate sensation that shot through her entire body at the touch. Renz chuckled.

"Very sensitive," he finished, teasing the hardening rosy pink tip.

Renz kissed her shoulder as he brought his large hand over her stomach once more. But this time, he traveled lower, and cupped her panty-covered mound. Lena closed her eyes, trying to ignore the strange heat that was thrumming between her thighs. She bit her lower lip as his large hand began to stroke her there with an agonizing friction that made the hair at the back of her neck stand. The heat down there was only growing stronger and harder to ignore.

Renz slowly pushed her panties away from her slit, and pressed his palm directly against her. She heard his sharp intake of breath, and her face felt hot with shame.

" are shorn," he mentioned. Lena's lower lip began to tremble.

"It's p-part of the recommended grooming for make sure we don't...oh god," Lena stammered, feeling more humiliated than ever. Renz chuckled, gently separating her lips with his fingers.

"I think it is delightful, Lena. Nothing can hide your pussy from my gaze," Renz replied, beginning to explore her inner folds.

Lena felt as if she would melt, and she would have fallen over if Renz had not been holding her. As Renz stroked her in her untouched regions, she felt the pleasurable heat inside of her grow stronger and stronger.

Renz lightly teased the area around her clit, and Lena's long eyelashes fluttered.

" like it when I touch you there, don't you Lena?" Renz asked. Lena shook her head, trying her hardest to maintain what little remnants of decency and dignity she had.

", you have to stop. I feel faint. I don't want this," Lena protested. Renz stopped stroking her and slowly removed his hand. He released her, and Lena turned around to face him, slowly backing away. She wrapped her arms across her chest, and stared up at him fearfully.

Renz slowly stalked toward her, his hand extended. Lena realized his fingers were glistening.

"My fingers are wet from your desire, Lena. Clearly you do want this," he said.

She watched in horror as Renz put his fingers in his mouth, tasting her. He stalked towards her, and grabbed her before she could think to react or protest.

In one swift motion, Renz grabbed her inner thighs and wrapped them high around his waist. Lena instinctively clung to him, terrified that he would let her fall.

"What are you doing?" she asked nervously. Renz quickly carried her over to the large bed and dropped her. Lena slightly tumbled, and scrambled to find her balance, but he was on top of her before she could sit up.

"I'm going to get inside of you," Renz said. Lena shook her head fearfully, whining as Renz buried his face in her neck.

"Please release me, sir," she pleaded, tears running down her cheeks. Renz pressed his lips against hers, silencing her.

His kiss was hard and commanding, more painful than it had been before. She felt his tongue circling around hers rapidly, exploring her mouth. She felt like his tongue would choke her, it was so active. Lena tried to push his face away from hers, but her attempts were futile, and only making her weaker and dizzier.

Renz shifted down her body, leaving wet kisses along her bare neck and shoulders. Lena felt the heat between her thighs throb with a new urgency as Renz closed his hot mouth upon her nipple.

Almost as if he could read her mind, his hand trailed down over her stomach and into her panties once more. Lena couldn't help but release a moan when his fingers reached that sensitive little part of her and began stroking in sync with his lips upon her nipple.

Just when she thought she was getting used to his ministrations, Renz darted his head between her breasts and began sucking on her neglected nipple. He increased his pressure upon her clit, and without thinking, Lena cried out in pleasure.

Renz slightly sat up, resting his weight on his arm. With his free hand, he began sliding her panties off. Lena shook her head and tried her hardest to keep them up, but he gently, but forcefully, slapped her hands away. She whimpered in shame as he slid them off of her ankles and threw them to the floor. Now all that remained were her stockings.

"It's time I see how wet I've made you, Lena. Open your legs," Renz said firmly. Lena began blushing, certain she'd heard him incorrectly. She shook her head, and crossed her legs. Renz frowned dangerously.

"You haven't the strength to fight me off, Lena. I will have you tonight, whether you want it or not. Now open your legs," Renz said. There was a darkness in his voice that shook her to her core. Lena began realizing that there very well could be something other than her virginity that this man planned on taking away from her. For the first time, Lena began not only fearing for her body, but for her very life.

Tears welled in her eyes as she slowly separated her knees. Renz groaned impatiently, and pushed her inner thighs apart rapidly, securing one leg over his shoulder. He kept his hand against the other and pushed it further into the bed, exposing her unused flesh to his hungry eyes.

She felt her face burn in embarrassment the longer he stared at her private regions, seemingly deep in thought. Eventually, he began to lean forward, bringing his face a mere few centimeters away from her pussy.

"What are you doing?" she asked fearfully. Renz looked up at her from between her legs, a small smile on his lips.

"I'm going to taste you, Lena," he replied. Lena's eyes widened and she began to squirm, horrified at the suggestion. Renz kept his arms locked around her small legs, preventing her from escaping.

"Lena, be still," Renz said firmly. She immediately halted her movements at the sound of his voice, and closed her eyes, hoping he wouldn't taste her for too long. It was barbaric, disgusting, invasive, and...oh!

Lena cried out when she felt Renz's hot, wet tongue on her sensitive place. The feeling was so exquisite, so pleasurable, that she was sure she would float away in ecstasy.

Renz slowly and deliberately massaged her pussy with his tongue, just beginning to explore her swelling inner folds. His tongue was flat, slowly sweeping along her highly responsive surface.

Without even realizing, Lena was slightly arching her hips, her body involuntarily searching for more of what was giving it pleasure. Renz stiffened and curled his tongue against her delicate pink petals, and began circling the area around her clit. Lena trembled and moaned louder the closer he got. When he finally began flicking his tongue directly against her little button, Lena squealed in pleasure.

Lena rolled her head from side to side, quickly becoming overwhelmed with the sensations of her body. It was no longer heat between her thighs, but fire. And in that moment, she wanted it to fully consume her.

She bit her lip when Renz pushed her thighs even further apart, almost to a painful point, locking her legs open. He feasted upon her wet pink flesh like a man starved. He increased the pressure he put on her clit, and it was so pleasurable and forceful that Lena was certain it was about to become painful.

Lena felt a pressure begin to build deep in her belly, and it only grew stronger the longer he licked her. It felt as if something inside of her was about to burst, perhaps painfully, and she began squirming and pushing his head away in fear.

"Sir, I beg you, please...please stop. Please don't hurt me," Lena cried. She felt temporarily relief as he paused, but he didn't shift from his position between her legs.

Renz pushed her swollen lips apart with his fingers, fully exposing her. Her swollen button was completely vulnerable, no longer hidden by its protective hood.

He held her this way, on the precipice, as she became accustomed to the anticipation of orgasm. He gently blew on her clit, coating her with cool air, and Lena shivered in pleasure.

"Are you sure you want me to stop, Lena?" Renz asked. Lena almost blurted out no, but she bit her lip, trying to regain control of her body. Even though he had paused, Lena found that the pressure inside of her body was only growing stronger, becoming almost unbearable. She needed to have it relieved, even if it might perhaps be painful.

"Answer me, Lena," Renz urged, before bringing his stiffened tongue across her throbbing, wet clit in one single, slow stroke.

Lena cried out, feeling as if her body were being tortured. That single lick seemed to have doubled the pressure inside of her body. She would surely go mad if he didn't finished what he started, and burst whatever it was he had inflated inside of her.

But she couldn't give in. She simply could not allow this man to violate her.

She sighed in resolve, hoping that the pressure would eventually fade. She tentatively glanced down, eyes widening at the strangely erotic sight of her left leg around his shoulder, her right bent and pressed down against the bed. She was completely exposed to him, his mouth dangerously closed to her swollen flesh. She watched in wonder as he extended his tongue and licked her swollen core up and down. Pink against pink.

"Such a pretty little pussy you have. Exquisitely beautiful, just like the rest of you," Renz muttered. He looked up at her, catching her interested gaze.

"Tell me you want me to finish you. Beg me for release," Renz ordered. Tears fell from her eyes as she realized that she needed him to continue.

"Please...please finish me. Please give me release, sir," she sobbed softly. No sooner had she uttered the words did Renz readily oblige her, swirling his tongue around her clit with dangerously rapid strokes. Lena began releasing high-pitched screams, certain her body was on the brink of explosion. She felt vibrations against her pussy that were not there before, and quickly realized that Renz was releasing moans of his own.

Lena fell back against the pillows, gripping the sheets in preparation for the explosion that was about to come. She hoped it wouldn't be too painful or leave any permanent damage.

Renz snaked his tongue up inside of her tiny hole, and he struck an avalanche. Her pussy squeezed around his tongue, and her clit shuddered. Lena felt an electric current go throughout her entire body, centered in her pussy, and the only pain she experienced was too much pleasure. She released a long, high-pitched scream, and came.

Renz gently kissed her pussy, and eventually crawled back up her body, trailing kisses along her stomach and neck. Lena felt even weaker than she was before, dizzy with not only champagne, but also the incredible pleasure she had just experienced. Her only protest was a mere whimper when he shifted between her legs, locking her pelvis with his. She no longer had the strength to try to push him away.

Her heart pounded as he undid his pants, and her eyes widened as that large, unique male part of him sprung forward threateningly. It looked angry, with its rigidity and pulsing vein. Lena realized then that that was the hardness that had been pressing up against her, and she stared up at him in fear.

"Touch me," Renz whispered. Lena shakily reached forward, wrapping her little fingers around his large cock. He felt hard and hot. Her hand couldn't completely encircle his diameter.

"Do you know what I am about to do?" Renz asked. Lena nodded slowly. Marie had explained to her years before what "giving yourself to a man" meant. Lena was not giving herself away, however. This man was taking her.

With a sudden tenderness, Renz began stroking her cheek as he positioned himself at her virginal entrance.

"Such a beautiful girl," Renz whispered softly. He tried to plant a kiss on her lips, but Lena turned her head away fearfully.

She heard him inhale, and felt his cock probing at her entrance. Immediately, Lena's exhausted eyes released new tears.

Lena was well-lubricated after her orgasm, but it wasn't nearly enough to ease the pain of first penetration. She cried out in pain as Renz pushed his hard thing inside of her. She felt like she was being ripped in two, it hurt so much.

Lena looked down, horrified to find that he was hardly inside of her. She hoped desperately that he didn't plan on putting his entire length inside. She wouldn't survive it.

Renz paused with his head barely inside of her.

"Look at me," he whispered harshly. Lena looked up at him, and his expression was so focused it looked almost pained. It frightened her. Lena quickly averted her eyes, but he grabbed her chin, forcing her to face him.

"I want to see the look in your eyes as I enter you," Renz explained.

"Please don't do this," Lena pleaded. Renz wrapped his fingers in her hair and kissed her, hard. He kept his lips locked against hers as he jerked forward. Lena screamed into his mouth as he pushed into her. She felt the barrier inside of her rip, and it hurt her terribly.

"Ohh my god," Lena cried, lips trembling. Renz pushed a bit deeper and held himself there, unmoving. Lena was close to crying hysterically, and he gently shhed her and wiped the tears from her face.

"Relax, Lena. It's only going to hurt you more if you're tensed up like this," he said softly. Lena frowned. What did he care if it was hurting her? He was forcing himself inside of her. He clearly had no moral fibre in his entire being.

"Lena," he repeated firmly. She looked up into his eyes, surprised to find a hint of tenderness there.

"Relax your muscles, sweetheart. Don't clench up," he instructed. Lena sighed, relaxing the muscles of her thighs. The muscles deep inside of her, however, were much more difficult. She'd never used them before, and wasn't even aware of what she was doing, clenching or not.

Renz withdrew, and began pushing himself in and out of her, making slow, controlled, shallow thrusts. Lena winced each time he entered her, but found that she was gradually becoming accustomed to the burning, ripping sensation.

Her distant comfort didn't last long, for with a groan from deep in his gut, Renz surged inside of her with more force. Lena screamed in pain, panic returning. He drove his hips into her rapidly, trying to push his cock as deep inside of her resisting pussy as possible.

Lena's brow furrowed and she turned her head away, in an attempt to avoid the pain. She was certain that any moment now, she would feel something much more important rip on her insides. She squirmed in agony, but Renz reached down and grabbed her hips, to prevent her movement, and pounded himself inside of her harder and faster.

"Sir...sir please stop. It hurts so much," Lena whined, words breaking due to her tears. She didn't know what to make of the animalistic grunts and moans he was making. It sounded as if he were in some kind of pain too.

Renz leaned down, and began darting kisses all over her body, taking as much of her into his mouth as possible. He gripped her hips, and moved his hands over her stomach, and squeezed her small breasts, hard.

"I can't stop, Lena. You feel so perfect around me, tight," he grunted. Lena closed her eyes, praying the torment would end soon.

Renz pulled her legs higher around his waist, and arched his back, in an attempt to penetrate her deeper. He roughly pushed inside of her, and bumped against her cervix. Lena screamed in agony.

"Please, stop it...please don't do this anymore. I can't...I can't take it," Lena begged, pressing her small, weak hands against his chest. Renz grabbed her wrists and locked them at either side of her head, trapping her. Lena looked up at him fearfully as he leaned down, but surprised her when he grabbed her into a fiery, passionate kiss.

"Kiss me, Lena," Renz ordered, teeth scraping against her lips. Lena thought it best not to upset him, and shyly darted her tongue into his mouth, mimicking him. Renz released a low moan, and began kissing her harder and faster. Lena tried her hardest to keep up with his desperate pace, but he was suffocating her with his tongue.

"Am I too hard for you, sweetheart? Am I too big?" Renz asked roughly, pushing himself deeper to emphasize his point. Lena nodded, biting her lips in nervousness.

"Yes...please stop it," she begged. Renz chuckled and shook his head.

"I'm not going to stop, but I can make you enjoy it. Do you want me to make it better for you, Lena?" he asked. Lena nodded again, desperate for some kind of relief from the pain of his thrusting.

Renz buried himself in her neck and lowered his hand between their joined bodies. He began rubbing her throbbing clit, and Lena arched her back at the sensation. It confused her, feeling pain and pleasure simultaneously, and she tried her hardest to focus on only experiencing the latter. And she began to moisten again.

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