tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Taking of Lena Ch. 03

The Taking of Lena Ch. 03


"Jonathon, I have something very important to tell you," Renz began. Jonathon sighed.

"What is it, Mr. Wolfenbarger?" he asked. Renz squeezed Lena's panties in his fist, safely hidden in his pocket.

"I am no longer interested in collecting money from you, Jonathon," Renz replied. Jonathon began growing angry, and his pale, wrinkled face reddened.

"What is it that you want from me? I am an old man, I am tired and I am weary!" Jonathon exclaimed. Renz raised his hand, hoping to silence the man before he himself changed his mind about this uncharacteristic path he was about to go down: compromise.

"What I mean is...I have decided to cancel what you owe. But I realize that I am not the only lord you are indebted to, and your estates and assets are still very vulnerable. I would like to help you," Renz continued. Jonathon stared at him open-mouthed.

"I thought I explained to you that Lena is not for sale," Jonathon replied curtly. Renz did his best to keep his features composed, and feigned an expression of dismay.

"Lena? Oh, that maid...my words were merely the impulsive musings of a man noticing a pretty face. I meant nothing by them," Renz said. Jonathon eyed him suspiciously.

"She's also much too skinny for my taste," Renz added. Renz observed Jonathon, noting the way his face shifted as thoughts went through his mind. He didn't seem fully convinced, but he did seem satisfied with the answers Renz gave him, for the time being.

"You've truly had a change of heart, Mr. Wolfenbarger?" Jonathon asked. Renz nodded.

"I have. I know that you and my father had a longstanding relationship of a much more...amiable nature. I wish to honor his legacy," Renz replied. Jonathon's expression softened.

"Your father was a very good man, indeed," Jonathon said. Renz smiled, a perfectly composed lie across his face. He tried not to grimace at the memory of the man he knew not as father, but as the violent Johann Wolfenbarger.

"That he was," Renz answered. For the first time, Jonathon smiled.

"I am certainly not as cunning of a businessman as he was...and I realize I do owe you a great deal...you truly have no further interest in acquiring the money?" Jonathon asked. Renz chuckled.

"The sum you owe would seem as mere pocket change in comparison to my other debtors. Money does not mean very much to me anymore, Jonathon," Renz replied truthfully.

"Money and power are supposed to be the most important things to a business man. What is important to you, then? Love?" Jonathon asked, chuckling on the end.

Renz thought for a moment, unprepared for the question. Money didn't mean anything to him anymore. Power didn't mean anything. Love, especially, didn't mean anything to him. These ideas were fleeting, empty, and ephemeral.

But the passion he felt for Lena, the very tangible, magnetic pull his body exhibited towards hers, was attraction in its purest form. It was animal instinct. It was as if every aspect of Lena had been specifically designed to tempt his every desire. He didn't know how long the feeling would last, but it was strong enough to pursue, at least for the moment. That was important.

"I'm sure I will discover that soon enough," Renz said eventually. Jonathon nodded thoughtfully.

"I hope you will. You will not be a young man for much longer," Jonathon replied. Renz couldn't help but laugh, looking at the nearly decrepit man that was calling him old.

"I suppose that is true. Back to business, however...I thought I might extend my stay. I wouldn't want to ruin this week's festivities, but I believe we should have an additional few days to discuss how we are going to repair your assets," Renz said. The older man's eyes filled with joy.

"An excellent idea! An additional week, at least, for us to make plans?" Jonathan queried. Renz nodded, trying to quell the thrill he felt shoot through his body at the guarantee of at least an additional seven days inside of Lena.

"An additional week sounds splendid," Renz replied.

And splendid it would be, Renz thought as he wandered around the dark and quiet manor. He decided against retiring back to his suite, for he knew that he wouldn't be able to sleep. He was far too excited. But beyond the feeling of excitement was something stronger...relief. He was relieved to know that he could still enjoy Lena for seven days on top of the five he already had remaining with her. He'd found a way to buy more time with her. Surely, after twelve days of having her body, he would be able to get her out of his system.

In the back of his mind, however, Renz knew that twelve days would not be enough. He had never been a man to settle for less than what he truly wanted, and what Renz wanted was Lena, as his property, completely independent of Sterling Manor. He wanted to own her.

Renz knew he needed to find a way to take her away from Jonathon, permanently. But the old man had an unusual attachment to the young maid, and had expressed strange protective behavior that puzzled Renz.

Acquiring Lena would be difficult, but Renz was ready for the challenge.

Lena didn't sleep that night. Her eyes were raw and puffy from her tears, and her body felt more sore and tender than ever. The soreness, however, had nothing to do with Renz's rough grip and forcefulness upon her flesh. This sensitivity was from the climax she'd experienced on top of him that had shaken her to her very core. Lena stayed in the same fetal position, not because she was in pain, but because her body felt so...contented. She was worn out from physical bliss, and she lacked the willpower to move. There was no denying that what she'd experienced tonight was definite pleasure, and she hated Renz for drawing it out of her.

It was only when the rays of morning light began to illuminate her small room that Lena began to feel tired. Groggily, she resisted the sudden urge to sleep and crawled off of her bed.

Lena sat in the kitchens for breakfast with the other chambermaids in a daze. She was aware of the inquisitive eyes on her, the whispers about her, but it wasn't enough to inspire her to care. She couldn't force herself to smile and put on a bright face. She was simply too exhausted.

Lena knew how dreadful and disheveled she looked. She was fully aware of the dark circles beneath her eyes, the paleness of her skin, heightened by the darkening bruises upon her neck. She knew she looked frightened and tired. And she knew that the fellow chambermaids, the women she'd grown up with, were concerned about her. She felt a pain go through her chest at the thought of these women discovering the truth about the whore she had allowed herself to become.

She gathered a small amount of boiled meal in her spoon and brought it to her mouth. She separated her lips and felt the pull of her cheeks, and was instantly reminded of precisely what she had done with her mouth the night before.

"Just use your tongue and lick me."

She heard his voice in her mind with such clarity, it was almost as if he'd spoken directly in her ear. A chill went up her spine at the memory of his low, powerful voice. The spoon slipped from her fingers and dropped heavily in her bowl, spilling meal all over the table.

She swallowed hard, suddenly shockingly aware of the newly sensitive flesh at the back of her throat. Her cheeks reddened as her distractedness and clumsiness began reflecting on the faces of the other chambermaids. They were watching her. They were judging her. They knew exactly what she was doing at night.

Lena's heart pounded in her chest as she frantically searched the faces of the other maids, paranoid that they somehow did know about what she had done with Renz.

"Are you all right, Lena?" someone asked. The voice sounded far away, not truly there. It might have been Marie, or maybe it was Isobel. Perhaps even Margarite. Lena felt distanced and detached, and the only thing that was real was the beastly memory of what she had done with Renz.

"Dear lord, I think she might faint." That voice sounded even more distant and unrecognizable. Lena's heart pounded faster in her chest as the maids continued staring at her inquisitively. Her head felt heavy, and suddenly the room felt very hot as her anxiety increased exponentially. A sweat broke out across her forehead, and Lena put her hand on the table, in an attempt to steady herself.

"Quick, catch her before she falls!" a frantic voice shouted.

Lena slipped off of her stool and tumbled into a realm of unconsciousness.

"Lena? Lena, dear?"

Lena opened her eyes, surprised to find Marie staring back at her.

"What happened Marie?" Lena asked, beginning to sit up. Marie gently pressed her hand on Lena's shoulder, guiding her back down to her bed.

"Easy there, Lena. You had a fainting spell this morning," Marie said calmly. Lena frowned.

"This morning? What time is it now?" she asked, panicking. Marie placed a cloth on her clammy forehead to calm her down.

"It's just past five. You slept all day. And I think it best if you continue to rest into the night," Marie answered. Lena shook her head.

"No, Marie, I feel fine. And I have...duties to attend to," Lena responded. In truth, she felt as if she hadn't slept at all, but she feared that if she didn't go to Renz as he'd instructed, he would reveal devastating lies to Master Sterling.

"Lena, your duties have been reassigned. And before you protest again, I have informed Master Sterling of your condition. He is very worried about you, and has even called for the doctor," Marie said.

Lena sighed, too tired to argue with Marie. She realized she would have to be very stealthy when the time came for departing her room later that evening.

"Lena," Marie said. Lena looked at her, feeling guilty for the worried expression on Marie's face.


"Has something...happened?" Marie asked. Lena did her best to appear as bewildered as possible. She hated that she had to lie to Marie, the woman who had been much like a mother to her.

"What do you mean? I'm perfectly fine," Lena replied. Marie shook her head.

"No, Lena. For two days now you have been unable to complete your normal duties. You have never been one to fall ill, yet here you sit, thinner, and sicker, than I have ever seen you. What is happening to you?" Marie asked. Lena blinked slowly and took a deep breath.

"I don't know what you are talking about, Marie," Lena said quietly. Marie's warm eyes saddened, and her mouth slightly parted in a silent gasp. She looked hurt.

"I would have thought, after all of these years, you would trust me enough to confide in me, Lena," Marie replied.

Lena took a deep breath, realizing she couldn't keep the secret from Marie any longer.

"Marie, I—"

"The doctor is here," Marie said suddenly. Lena exhaled, and regarded the thin bearded man that shakily walked over to her and sat by her bed, medical bag in hand.

"Good afternoon, ladies. What seems to be the problem with this one?" he asked.

"Lena had a fainting spell this morning, doctor," Marie answered.

"A fainting spell. Interesting. Have you a fever, child?" the doctor asked.


"Yes," Marie interjected, eyeing Lena suspiciously. Lena sighed in frustration.

The doctor placed his spectacles at the end of his nose, and began examining Lena. He placed his hand on her forehead, turning her face this way and that. She blushed when he asked her to open her mouth, wondering if there was perhaps any physical evidence of the oral service she'd performed on Renz the night before.

"I am going to ask you a series of questions, and I need you to be completely honest with me. Have you been experiencing some...fatigue lately?" he asked. Lena nodded.

"Yes. I have been...somewhat fatigued," Lena replied.

"Any dizziness?"

"Yes. I have been...dizzy," Lena replied.

"Any new and unusual muscular pain?" Lena bit her lip.

"Yes," she replied.

"Around your...birthing area and...abdomen in particular?" he asked. Lena bit her lower lip.

"Just a bit," she replied cautiously.

"Any nausea? Have you been vomiting?"

"Yes, doctor."

"Trouble sleeping?"


"And she's been unpredictably emotional, doctor. I've noticed her crying. And this morning she looked as if she was experiencing a fright," Marie added. A jolt of panic shot through Lena's body.

"Is this true, Lena?" he asked. Lena nodded shamefully.

"Yes, doctor." The doctor removed his spectacles and stared directly into Lena's eyes.

"How often are you copulating with men, Lena?" Marie gasped.

"Doctor! She is an unmarried woman!" Marie exclaimed. Lena blushed scarlet as the doctor repeated his question.

"Never, sir," Lena replied. The doctor raised his eyebrows inquisitively.

"You are chaste, then?" he asked. Lena swallowed hard and nodded.

"Yes...yes I am," she replied shakily, wondering if he knew she was lying.

"That settles it, then. It appears you have a case of hysteria," the doctor answered. Lena's eyes widened in confusion.


"Yes, Lena. It's quite common in spinsters, widows...and virgins. Your body is not performing its required...womanly duties...of marital service and childbirth, and as a result, your restless female organs are rendering you unwell and unstable," the doctor explained. Marie put her palm to her open mouth in surprise.

"You poor dear," Marie said quietly.

"I recommend extremely limited physical and mental exertion for the next few days. Bed rest. I will provide you an herbal remedy that will help you relax, and I will return tomorrow to see if your hysteria has worsened. In which case we will take...other measures...to ensure your health," the doctor finished.

Lena mulled over his words. Although she suspected his diagnosis to be far-fetched, she realized that her new illness could perhaps be the perfect escape from Renz. Surely he wouldn't want her if he thought she were ill...

"Thank you, doctor. May I rest now?" she asked.

"Of course, Lena. Drink this," he replied, offering her a small vial. Lena closed her eyes and drank the bitter liquid quickly, hoping it would not be long before it took effect.

Lena closed her eyes and curled up on her bed, listening to the voices of Marie and the doctor. Eventually, the former's soft, gentle timbre of motherly concerned lulled her to sleep.

Renz dismounted the horse he'd been riding and wiped the sweat from his brow. He watched as Jonathon's son Adam arrived shortly after, followed by other guests, with Jonathon, naturally, appearing last.

The men of Jonathon Sterling's festivities had spent the day out on a foxhunt. Renz had always had a particular fondness for the sport and the primitive instincts it brought about. Also, Renz was very competitive.

He watched the other guests in arrogant amusement as they glared at him in jealousy. Not only had Renz returned with the most kill, but he had also returned first. For it was not enough for Renz to have the most successful kill; he had to be the fastest too.

"I didn't know Germans were familiar with the sport of gentlemen," Adam muttered coldly. Renz chuckled and raised his eyebrows.

"I didn't know children were familiar with the sport of gentlemen either, Adam. Isn't that a more puzzling aspect of sport?" Renz asked. Adam spat loudly.

"Quite a fine display of prowess, Mr. Wolfenbarger. I am sure my guests will agree your skills are astonishing!" Jonathan exclaimed pleasantly as a servant helped him dismount his horse. Renz shrugged his shoulders as a few of the older men released tones of recognition.

"Fortune was merely on my side, today," Renz replied, fully aware that his pelts did all of the boasting for him. He stifled a laugh as he noticed a man bashfully hiding the mere single pheasant he'd captured.

"Indeed it was," Jonathon replied, patting his shoulder.

The men returned to the manor for cigars and brandy and for talk of the hunt, but Renz couldn't rouse much interest. Renz's omnipresent appetite for Lena was beginning to become a gnawing ache.

It was just after five, and Renz realized that this would be the time she would most likely be turning down the rooms. Perhaps he could enjoy her for just a few quick moments before using her later on that evening.

Renz quietly exited the room unnoticed, and quickly raced over to his suite. He opened the double doors and headed straight for the bedroom, and his heart sank in disappointment when he realized the woman turning down his bed was not Lena.

"Pardon me," Renz said quietly. The woman gasped and turned around.

"I thought the men were out on the hunt. I will just be a few more minutes, sir," she said pleasantly.

"We finished early. I don't believe I have seen you before," Renz mentioned casually.

"Lena usually takes care of the Crown suite, however she's fallen ill, so we've made a few changes," she replied. To his surprise, panic instantly shot through Renz's body.

"Ill? With what, may I ask?" he asked. The maid seemed surprised by the question, and did not answer immediately.

"Naturally, I wouldn't want to be infected by anything she may be carrying," Renz added. The woman shook her head.

"You needn't worry about that, sir. Lena just has a touch of female hysteria, is all. The doctor was just with her," the maid replied.

Renz could hardly contain his relief. Lena was not ill at all. She'd simply been diagnosed with meaningless Freudian piffle.

"So this Lena will be out of commission for a while. Will you be turning down my room for the rest of my stay? What is your name?" Renz asked.

"Yes, sir. The doctor recommended Lena remain abed, so I will be taking care of your room. And my name is Marie," she replied. Renz smiled.

"I am Renz Wolfenbarger. Surely she will not be confined to bed all alone? There is someone looking after her? I hear hysteria can be quite...unpredictable," Renz continued, hoping he was conveying just the proper amount of concern. Marie smiled warmly.

"You are quite the gentleman to be so concerned, Mr. Wolfenbarger. The doctor did not specify a necessity for Lena's constant supervision, however I will perhaps be checking in on her after dinner is served. The poor girl just needs her rest," Marie replied. Renz smiled at the revelation of Lena being alone, for the time being.

"You be sure to convey to her my utmost wishes for her speedy recovery, Marie," Renz mentioned. Marie's smile widened.

"Of course, Mr. Wolfenbarger. I'm sure she will be honored to hear it. Good evening," Marie replied, exiting the room.

Renz waited a few minutes before leaving the Crown suite, and headed towards the maids' quarters.

Lena woke up feeling particularly feverish and disoriented. She slowly opened her eyes and took a few deep breaths, willing her head to stop spinning.

Lena shifted in her small bed and pushed at her blanket to cool herself off. She began to panic when her hands grazed the now familiar feeling of Renz's hard, large body.

"I was wondering how long it would take you to wake up," Renz murmured softly. He shifted closer to her on the bed, wrapping his arm around her stomach. Lena frowned and tried to push his arm away, but he pulled her against his torso with an irritating ease.

"Sir, I am very ill. You will not want me tonight," Lena said groggily, still experiencing the effects of the relaxant. Renz laughed.

"Oh I know all about your little illness sweetheart, and hysteria certainly won't keep me from enjoying you," Renz answered. Lena sighed solemnly.

"But the doctor said I should stay in bed and be physically...inactive. I cannot service you lest I get worse," Lena replied. Renz shifted on the bed, and Lena whimpered in fear when he pushed her legs apart and kneeled in between. She looked up at him fearfully, hoping to find some semblance of mercy in his eyes.

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