tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Taking of My Sister Amy

The Taking of My Sister Amy


My name is Paul. I am 18 years-old. This is a story of how I took my sister Amy. Amy is about five foot nine. She has long sandy blond hair and a body of a model. I loved her tits they were a perfect 36c. She's a cheerleader at our high school. She is also 18 years-old. She's popular, unlike me. I guess that I'm what you would call a dork. I have a couple of friends that are on the chess team with me. We are always trying to be cool. It was a hopeless task.

One weekend our parents went out of town. It was Friday and like always Amy went out with her friends, while I staid at home. I sat at home watching my dad's porn videos. I got horny as hell. Lately I had been noticing my sister a little more. I guess what I'm trying to say is. I had begun to lust after her long muscular legs and her perky large tits. I would snick into her room and grab a pair of her panties; usually a thong and I would wack off till I was about to explode. I would rub my cock into her panties and soak them with my cum.

So there I was alone on a Friday night watching my dad's porn videos. Damn my life is sad. I was so horny. I went into Amy's room and began my usual activities. I searched her draw for a pair of her panties then I would start whacking off. I kept thinking about forcing her big tits into my mouth. Sucking on her nipples. I knew that I was going to cum soon. My balls were so tight. Then I heard a door slam shut. "Shit," I said I quickly put her panties back and ran out of her room. After slipping my hard cock back into my pants. I walked down stairs.

Amy and her friend Nicole were sitting there. Amy was drunk as shit. Nicole came over to me she said, "Paul, Amy is pretty drunk help me get her up stairs. I promise she'll feel better if she just sleeps it off." Nicole got one side I got on the other and we carried Amy up stairs into her room. After laying her on the bed Nicole tried waking Amy up but she was out cold. " Just let her sleep it off, if you need anything give me a call." I walked Nicole out to her car. As she pulled off I began thinking about how I had to wack off. I had some serous blue balls. I went up stairs creeping by Amy's room. I started watching my dad's porn again. Then it hit me. Amy would never know if I just took a look at her big tits. I left the room and made my way into Amy's.

"Amy, wake up…. Wake up Amy," said while I shock her shoulders. She didn't move at all. She was out cold. She was wearing a short black skirt and a cut-off white top. "I'll just take a look, she'll never know," I said. I was so nervous. Slowly I put my hand on her stomach. She didn't wake up. I began moving my hand over her rock hard stomach up to her breast. Finally I reached the base of one her tits. I couldn't believe that I was doing this. I was thrilled. I then pulled up Amy's shirt exposing her beautiful breast trapped behind a white lacy bra. My dick was hard as a rock. I was afraid I would explode in my pants.

You could undo her bra from the front. I knew that if I did it that there was no going back. I placed both my hands on either side of her bra's clasp. I then undid her bra. I was shaking as I peeled it back exposing her breast. Her large breast sat there begging for me to suck and squeeze them. Her nipples were rock hard. I placed on of my hands one her tits. Slowly and softly I began squeezing them. She didn't make a move. " She's out cold, fuck yeah," I said. I bent over and placed one of her hard nipples in my mouth. I began sucking the shit out of it. My hands began squeezing her tits harder and harder. She wasn't showing any response as I flicked her nipples with my tongue.

I knew that this was a once in a life time opportunity so with out a second thought I slid my hand up her skirt. I started fingering her. I pulled her skirt up around her waist. She was wearing a thin black thong. I placed my hands on either side of it, pulling it down. I knew that I had to fuck her as her thinly shaved slit was exposed to me. I quickly got undressed. I ran into my parent's room and got the KY from under their sink. I began rubbing it all over my dick. I then placed a little on her slit. All she had for hair down there was this thin line of hair that was probably about two inches long and an inch wide. I mean her pussy looked sweet. I had to have her.

I placed my dick head against her opening. "Please God, don't let her wake up," I said as began forcing my cock inside of her. I don't like to brag, but my dick is ten inches long and two inches thick. So I knew it was going to take a while before I got the whole thing up in side of her. Slowly I slid my cock in and out of her shaved pussy. I kept going further and further in her. It took a few minuets but finally I was all the way in. I began pumping her up and down. She was so tight. I kept grunting with every pump.

Slowly but surly my pumps got harder. Pretty soon the room was filled with the sound of my balls slapping her body. I was sucking on one of her tits while her body would go up and down. I knew that I was going to cum. I bent over and said, " I'm going to fill your tight cunt full of my cum, and there's nothing you can do about it. I leaned back and placed my hands on her legs while drove my cock deep into her tight cunt. I could fill my balls building up. It had been a week since I last whacked off so I knew that I would have a lot of cum to pump Amy full of. As I sat there with my hands on her muscular legs pumping her body up and down I couldn't take my eyes off her face. She was so beautiful.

I bent over and forced her hard nipple into my mouth as I felt the cum starting to build up in my balls. I leaned back and pumped her tight cunt with a vengeance. Suddenly I started cumming in her. I pumped her full of my cum. I must of pumped a gallon of my cum up her. I laid on top of her. As my dick went limp it popped out of her. I got up and looked at her. There she was lying on her bed with her legs spread, my cum was dripping out of her cunt, and her big tits were fully exposed with her nipples as hard as nipples can get. I was so proud of my handy work.

As the night went on I gave it to her again and again. I fucked her ass and her cunt.

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