tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Taking of Rebecca Ch. 02

The Taking of Rebecca Ch. 02


Taisha pulls Rebecca up from her cum-sharing kiss with Lilith forcefully. She sticks her nine inch cock in Rebecca's mouth, fresh from Rebecca's ass. Rebecca licks it clean, savoring the taste of the cum and the juices mixed together. Taisha's cock is amazing. Rebecca wraps her tongue around the spongy head of the sizable cock and takes it deep into her mouth. She can feel it softening slightly, making it easier to swallow. Rebecca reaches up and squeezes Taisha's drained balls and Taisha just moans at the feeling. Taisha can already feel her balls moving about from the attention Rebecca is giving them. She knows that this night is going to be special.

Ruby likes what she sees Rebecca doing to Taisha's cock. Ruby has a thing for Rebecca. She can't help but lust for her. Ruby, unable to take the vision in front of her, suddenly stands up from her kneeling position beside Lilith and straddles Lilith in the chair, shoving her cock in Lilith's face. Ruby's cock is semi-hard and bouncing a little in front of Lilith's mouth. Ruby anxiously grabs her cock and strokes it a few times to get it stiff. She truly loves the feel of her own cock, proud of how thick it is. Lilith is excited and struggles at her bonds, trying to reach the cock in front of her, but the bonds are too tight and she is left frustrated. Finally, she gives in and sits waiting for whatever Ruby is preparing to do.

Rebecca sees Lilith's struggle out of the corner of her eye, but is incapable of doing anything to help her Mistress as she continues to service the cock in her own mouth. Taisha's cock is responding some to Rebecca's efforts, but doesn't get hard immediately. Nonetheless, she is moaning and breathing through her teeth as she enjoys the feeling of Rebecca sucking on her cock. Rebecca can feel each vein, each contour of Taish's cock as it stiffens in her mouth.

Taisha thinks, "Rebecca is a good cocksucker and a good little whore."

Taisha bends down and whispers to Rebecca, "You are a fast learner. I may just keep you for myself." Rebecca says nothing and continues to suck the large cock.

Lilith watches the two of them intensely and licks her lips at the action, absent of any thought other than her own sexual hunger. Her cock perks up and she can feel the arousal building inside of her. Ruby laughs at Lilith's predicament and rubs her cock against Lilith's lips, giving her just a little taste of it. Lilith lunges forward trying to catch it in her mouth, but Ruby isn't done playing with her yet, so she takes her cock and rubs the head against Lilith's nipples. The sensation of Ruby's cock rubbing Lilith sends little shockwaves through her. The torture is too much for her and she whimpers as she stares wantonly over at Rebecca and Taisha.

Taisha pulls away from Rebecca and says, "Stay here girl!" She walks over to Ruby and Lilith and literally lifts Ruby up and sets her down awkwardly, causing Ruby to stumble and fall on the floor.

Taisha straddles Lilith and tells her, "Here, suck some real cock!" and shoves her ebony wand into Lilith's mouth.

Ruby is angry at the turn of events and sits there steaming for a moment. That was uncalled for.

"What the fuck is wrong with you", she screams at Taisha, but Taisha is larger and an imposing figure and just chuckles at the much smaller Ruby.

Ruby decides to turn her attention to the woman she lusts after. "I would rather have Rebecca anyway", she mumbles to herself.

Ruby gets up and moves quickly over to Rebecca, grabs her head and shoves her cock in her mouth. Rebecca's is stretched almost to the limit, but she dares not complain and sucks Ruby's cock as best she can. Rebecca can feel Ruby getting hard as the cock in her mouth heats up and she sees the balls move around. Rebecca takes the thick cock from between her lips and licks Ruby's balls, bathing them with her tongue. Ruby moans low and intense.

"Rebecca, you really know how to treat a cock", admires Ruby.

Rebecca takes Ruby's balls into her mouth and rolls them around gently. Ruby let's luxuriates in the feeling.

"Yeah, that's it. Suck on my balls", she breathes out loud.

Rebecca is so eager to please and loves the feel of a nice cock, she thinks. Lilith's mind roams momentarily, recalling how her own cock feels when Rebecca sucks it.

Meanwhile, Lilith fervently sucks Taisha's cock, never taking her eyes off of Rebecca and Ruby. Taisha is moaning at the treatment Lilith is giving her cock and is simultaneously watching Rebecca and Ruby. Rebecca looks over to see the two of them watching intently and feels proud of the pleasure she is bringing the group. Taisha's cock fills Lilith's mouth. Lilith almost gags on the 9 inch penis as she tries to swallow as much of it as she can, but it is too much for her. She knows that Rebecca could take it all in and it makes her feel a little envious.

Taisha whispers to Lilith, "My, Rebecca is handling this all very well. You should be proud." Lilith just smiles around the cock in her mouth and winks up at Taisha. Taisha then pulls her cock out of Lilith's mouth and unties the stockings around Lilith's chest. She stands Lilith up, ankles and wrists still tied, and turns the chair around so that the back of it is facing Rebecca and Ruby. She then takes Lilith and maneuvers her back in the chair, Lilith's knees resting on the seat cushion, her wrists leaning on the back of the chair. Now the two of them have an unobstructed view of Rebecca and Ruby as Taisha stands behind Lilith and begins to absently rub her cock between Lilith's cheeks.

Ruby grabs Rebecca by the sides of her head and face fucks her for a few moments, until her thick cock is hard and ready. Ruby reaches down and pinches Rebecca's nipples hard, eliciting a moan from Rebecca. Ruby's cock is so thick that it makes Rebecca's jaw ache from all of the face fucking. The soreness in Rebecca's jaw becomes unnoticeable as she adapts to the rhythm Ruby establishes.

Ruby asks Rebecca, "Do you want my cum?" Rebecca looks confused by the question. Ruby says it again harder, "Do you want my cum?" Rebecca nods. Ruby begins to get annoyed. She says vehemently to Rebecca, "Do you want my cum?!"

Rebecca lowers her eyes and letting the cock fall from her lips replies, "Yes."

Ruby is now pissed, she screams down at Rebecca, "Say you want my cum! Say it!" Rebecca is stunned and says nothing, but keeps her head lowered. Ruby grumps at Taisha, "Stuff your cock down her throat! I will be back in a moment!" Ruby then turns to Rebecca and yells, "Don't you dare move from that spot until I return or God help me, I will make you regret it!"

Ruby turns and grabs a robe hanging on the back of the bedroom door and leaves the room. They can hear the sound of her stomping through the house and then the front door slams. Taisha walks over to Rebecca and tells her to suck her cock, just as Ruby had commanded. It appeared to Lilith that Ruby had taken control and was going to make Rebecca her little bitch for the night. Taisha knew they had planned to work on Rebecca and her behavior, but she hadn't expected the Ruby's response. Rebecca meekly takes Taisha's cock into her mouth and begins to suck it, trying desperately to understand what was going on, she looks up at Taisha, hoping to get an answer. Taisha says nothing, but grabs Rebecca by the back of her head and pulls her down further onto her cock.

Time seemes to suddenly slow down for Rebecca. It feels like Ruby has been gone a lifetime, but it has only been about a minute when she returns, in her hand is a bag.

Taisha looks at her and asks, "Where did that come from?"

Ruby just huffs and says, "Don't worry about it!" Ruby sets the bag down on the floor next to the bed and turns again on Rebecca. Taisha steps out of the way.

Ruby tells Rebecca to stand up. Rebecca looks around the room. She is scared. Lilith nods to her, prompting her to follow Ruby's instruction.

Ruby says, "Don't make me repeat myself! I hate that! Stand the fuck up!" Rebecca stands as directed.

Ruby snaps at her, "Get on the bed!" Rebecca bends over the edge of the bed.

The redhead reaches over, grabs Rebecca's leg and throws her up onto the bed. Ruby then says sarcastically, "That's better."

Ruby reaches into the bag and pulls out a pair of handcuffs. She wastes no time and quickly slaps the handcuffs on one wrist, then pulls the other wrist through the footboard of the bed and closes the cuffs. Rebecca is secured to the bed and realizes that more is to come. She looks over at Lilith and finds that she is watching intently with a smile on her face. This, at least, makes her feel better.

Ruby says piously, "There! That is much better."

At Ruby's direction, Taisha steps over to the foot of the bed. Ruby whispers in Rebecca's ear, "You may resume your cocksucking." Rebecca doesn't have to think about it. Taisha is tall enough that her cock easily hangs over the footboard. Rebecca takes the cock into her mouth and begins to pleasure Taisha.

Taisha moans, then she looks down at Rebecca and says, "You like this, don't you?" Rebecca nods her agreement. Taisha then says calmly, "Good, because mine isn't the only cock you'll be sucking. When we are done, you will be begging for more cum. You won't deny anyone the opportunity to cum in either orifice."

Ruby gets up on the bed and, without warning, pulls out the butt plug in Rebecca's ass. A big droplet of cum follows the plug and Ruby smears it all over Rebecca's sphincter with her cock. Ruby takes a tube of lube, squirts some in her hand and rubs it onto her cock. With an evil laugh, Ruby unceremoniously takes her cock and pushes it against Rebecca's waiting rosebud and shoves her thick cock into Rebecca's ass. Rebecca gasps at the pain caused by the sudden intrusion. Taisha had been gentle and graceful. Ruby was out to make a point.

She yells at Rebecca, "You are mine now! I am gonna fuck your ass hard until I cum."

Ruby slaps Rebecca in the back of the head and Rebecca realizes the severity of her situation. Ruby now grabs Rebecca by her hips and begins a relentless fucking. What Ruby lacks in length, she makes up for in girth. Soon Ruby's enthusiastic fucking begins to wear on Rebecca's asshole, but Rebecca grits her teeth, tears streaming down her face. Rebecca feels like a fuck doll. Ruby is in her ass, Taisha is in her mouth and Lilith sits and watches, implying her approval. Rebecca feels helpless and knows the only way out of this situation is to endure the fucking.

Rebecca can feel a sensation growing inside of her. It is different than anything she has ever felt, but strangely wonderful. She thinks to herself, "Oh my god, am I truly enjoying this?" The tears dry as she begins to revel in the moment.

The hard fucking lasts several minutes. Rebecca can feel the veins in Ruby's cock. It feels like she is being fucked with a beer can. Rebecca's feeling of pleasure is growing. Suddenly she starts shaking all over and involuntarily squeals with delight. Rebecca's arms give out as the quaking makes her unsteady. Ruby cries out that she is cumming and buries her cock deep into Rebecca's ass. Rebecca feels searing pain as Ruby pushes all the way in, but nothing matters at the moment. Rebecca is cumming in a way that she has never known. Ruby's throbbing cock pumps hot cum deep inside of Rebecca. Rebecca can feel the familiar warmth in her bowels.

Ruby shouts, "The little bitch liked it. Look at her cumming! The little bitch is mine!"

When Ruby finishes cumming, she pulls out her cock just as unceremoniously as she had shoved it in and pushes the butt plug back in. Rebecca groans from the discomfort of the treatment, but at least Ruby enjoyed it and is finished for the night, or is she? Ruby walks away from Rebecca smiling, knowing that she has truly taken Rebecca.

Rebecca resumes her efforts to suck Taisha's cock, but she is trembling uncontrollably. The room is quiet except for the cocksucking noise coming from the foot of the bed. Ruby unties Lilith's hands and ankles and Lilith goes over to Rebecca and smiles proudly at her. "You did it", she says. "I am so proud of you." Rebecca is confused by the praise, but feels good about it too and she continues sucking on Taisha's cock. Rebecca deep throats Taisha's cock and Taisha gasps loudly at the sudden pleasure of her cock being swallowed. Taisha gently places her hands on the back of Rebecca's head and starts fucking Rebecca's face fully aware that Rebecca is taking her to the base. Rebecca leaves lipstick on Taisha's balls and base. Lilith and Ruby just stand there and gaze in amazement.

Rebecca worries that Taisha is not going to cum. Then suddenly, Taisha reluctantly pulls out of her mouth and gets up on the bed. Taisha positions herself behind Rebecca, pulls out the butt plug, and says with an eery calmness,

"Tell me how much you want my cock in your ass." Rebecca remains silent for a moment and Taisha grabs her by the hair and, without breaking her tone, says, "Darlin', don't make me repeat myself. Ruby is still in the room and you know she won't tolerate insubordination. You are our girl now and you will learn your place one way or another."

Rebecca looks up into Lilith's face and Lilith just nods her approval. Rebecca states clearly, "Please fuck my ass. I need you to fuck me. I want your cum."

Lilith smiles and Taisha smacks Rebecca on the ass, laughing almost playfully. Taisha puts her hands on Rebecca's shoulders and eases her cock into Rebecca's asshole. The discomfort Rebecca feels is enormous, but she breathes deeply and relaxes her sphincter. Taisha sinks into her until there is nothing left to insert.

Ruby seethes, "No, no, no! Fuck her hard! She needs to know what true submission is."

Taisha begins fucking Rebecca fast, treating her ass like a wet palm, only this palm engulfs the full length of her cock. Rebecca's ass feels the full length of Taisha's cock and it is almost too much to take. She can't help but feel a need for Taisha to cum. Her ass is sore and Taisha is bigger than most cocks, but it is giving Rebecca pleasure, so strange. As Taisha continues to fuck her, Rebecca is oblivious to her own screaming of joy as Taisha keeps pounding away. Rebecca is in another place altogether. A place where she feels nothing but pleasure. Finally, Taisha slams her cock in one last time and Rebecca can feel the warmth fill her bowels again. Taisha keeps her cock buried in Rebecca's ass and her cock pulses and throbs as her balls empty. Rebecca can feel the throbbing and smiles, knowing she has satisfied Taisha. Taisha pulls out slowly and once again replaces her cock with the butt plug.

Rebecca can barely catch her breath, but Lilith says to her, "What do you say to that?"

Rebecca doesn't understand and says, "What?"

Lilith slaps her face. "What do you say when someone gives you a good fucking?"

Rebecca cries for a moment and then looks over at Taisha and Ruby and says simply, "Thank you."

All three of them clap. Ruby comes over and removes the cuffs. Once done, Lilith slaps Rebecca on the ass and says to her, "I think it is time for some refreshments, don't you?" Rebecca grins and climbs down from the bed. Barely able to walk, she manages to follow Lilith, Ruby, and Taisha. They all put on some clothes and head to the kitchen.

Ruby whispers to Lilith, "Just wait until the rest show up. This is going to be a night to remember for all of us."

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