tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Taking of Rebecca Ch. 04

The Taking of Rebecca Ch. 04


Linda calls Rebecca's name. Still in a bit of a fog, Rebecca doesn't reply. Lilith shakes her and Linda says her name again. Rebecca slowly comes back to the real world, the fog in her head starting to lift. Where is she, she wonders? Oh yes, the Master Bedroom. That must be where I am, she thinks as her senses start to recognize the familiar surroundings.

"Are you alright, dear?" Linda inquires of Rebecca.

Rebecca nods, then nods harder, "Yes, yes...I am alright. Why?" her senses still clearing.

Lilith holds Rebecca and says, "You passed out for a few seconds after Linda came in you, darling. You collapsed on the floor before anyone could catch you. Can we get you something? Are you feeling okay?"

Rebecca says, "I feel cold. Linda came in me? Oh yes, I remember now. The moment was just so intense that it left me woozy."

Lilith takes a blanket that lies on the floor and wraps Rebecca in it. There is no doubt that Lilith loves Rebecca. Lilith thinks to herself that Rebecca has had enough for the night. How much cumming and cum can one girl take in a day? Surely, she needs a break.

Lilith says to the group, "I think we ought to call it an evening."

The rest of the group thinks otherwise.

Rebecca says, "No! I am fine. I want more. I need more cum."

The rest of the group stands above the couple with lust in their eyes. Rebecca smiles at them with a sparkle in her eye. She hasn't finished yet.

Linda is the first to make a move toward Rebecca. She snatches her up easily and moves her to the bed. She lays Rebecca at the head of the bed gently. Treating her almost like a porcelain doll.

Linda smiles at Rebecca and says, "The night is young, eh? Yes, the night is just starting."

Lilith attempts to protest, "Haven't we made our point? She has proclaimed her need for cum, hasn't she? Doesn't that make her a cum-loving slut?"

Linda clearly states, "No, she isn't quite there, yet. Rebecca belongs to us tonight. You agreed to that when the plans were made to turn her into a cum-loving slut. She won't be permanently harmed or damaged, I assure you."

Lilith realizes she has little to say in the matter. It was all her idea in the first place. As long as Rebecca isn't harmed, she reasons, then we might as well make a night of it and enjoy ourselves.

Linda goes to the dresser and grabs the handcuffs. This time the cuffs go on Lilith with her hands behind her back. Ruby helps hold Lilith while Linda applies the cuffs.

Linda stands over Lilith and says, "I don't want you getting too soft on us. You need a little help. I understand your concerns, but Wan-li went through the same thing and now she is quite the cum-lover."

With the application of the handcuffs, Lilith has suddenly gone from Mistress to submissive in one simple action.

"I know you were once a submissive yourself. If necessary, I will put you there again, at least for the night, if not permanently," Linda states casually to Lilith.

"Look at you! On your knees, head bowed." Linda lifts a heeled foot chest high to Lilith and commands, "Kiss and lick my pump."

Without hesitation, the confident and self-assured woman kisses and licks Linda's shoe. She sucks the heel deep into her mouth. Linda smiles at the act of submission. Lilith is now humiliated in front of her slave. Tears form in her eyes, but she is not about to give Linda the satisfaction of seeing her cry. She is Rebecca's Mistress and she will not be reduced to the roll of a slave. Rebecca lies on the bed, ready for more action, pleading for more. Ruby and Taisha stand around the bed salivating at the prospect of fucking Rebecca.

Linda now takes control of Rebecca's fate. The group is anxious to get started. Linda says, "Rebecca, you are about to take cum from everyone with a cock. If you are good and take it like a big girl, I will have you fuck Wan-li." Wan-li smiles broadly. Rebecca looks perplexed, but knows better than to retort. Fuck Wan-li? She can't imagine how that will happen, not with her little cock.

Linda goes back to the dresser and picks out a length of rope. She moves toward Rebecca. Rebecca is frightened by this turn of events. Rebecca looks to Lilith, but Lilith simply nods to her. Linda orders Rebecca to get up on her hands and knees. Rebecca complies without a word or hesitation.

Linda throws the rope to Ruby, "Tie her hands to the headboard!"

Ruby grins knowingly and gets up on the king-sized bed.

She whispers to Rebecca, "Looks like I am gonna get another shot at that sweet ass of yours after all. Maybe even twice. You want that, don't you?" Rebecca nods.

Ruby barks, "I didn't hear that?"

Rebecca knows what to say. She swallows and speaks loudly, "Yes, I want you to fuck my ass, please?"

Linda corrects, "Oh darlin', that isn't quite right. Say what you really want!"

Rebecca drops her head, but Ruby grabs her by the jaw and raises it.

Rebecca speaks up and says to everyone, "I need to be fucked by everyone in the room until they are spent. Please fuck my ass? Please? I need the cum. I want the cum from each of you. Please give me your cum?"

Linda claps and shouts, "Bravo! You are learning, girl or should I say little one?"

Lilith's eyes shoot lightning bolts at Linda.

"Back to the matter at hand. Ruby tie her wrists!" Linda commands.

Ruby turns to Rebecca and grabs her wrists and feeds them through the headboard and ties them securely. Rebecca can feel the sting of the rope tied tightly around her wrists, but says nothing.

Linda takes the reins and orders, "Lilith, suck Ruby's cock until it is hard enough to penetrate Rebecca. Do it properly and perhaps the cuffs will be removed."

Ruby jumps down from the bed and walks over to Lilith. At first, Lilith turns her head away from Ruby, not wanting to take orders from Linda. This definitely wasn't part of the plan. Linda goes over to the dresser and grabs the riding crop and slaps it against the palm of her hand.

She coldly states, "We will have to insist if you won't cooperate."

Lilith get a sense of what Linda means and, rather than take a chance on feeling Linda's wrath, she relents and turns her head back toward Ruby. Ruby, sneering, steps up to Lilith and puts her cock up to her lips. Lilith opens her mouth and takes the thick cock in. She can feel every vein against her upper lip as the cock invades her mouth. Ruby's cock is too thick for Lilith to swallow, but Lilith manages to get most of it in and Ruby grins down at her. Slowly, Ruby's cock comes to life. All of the fucking she has given to Rebecca and Wan-li has drained her, but she lusts deeply for another shot at Rebecca and her cock grows in Lilith's mouth until it is hard. Lilith begins to enjoy the sensation of the moment and starts to really work Ruby's cock. She tries desperately to take as much of Ruby into her mouth as possible. Secretly, she wants Ruby to cum in her mouth. It has been a long time since she had a large cock to suck on.

When Ruby's cock is good and stiff, she pulls the cock from Lilith's mouth with a popping sound. Lilith groans a little at the loss of Ruby's thick member. Linda smiles at Lilith. The cuffs are obviously no longer needed. It was only a precaution to ensure Lilith's cooperation. Linda can see that Lilith wants this night just as badly as the group.

Ruby advances on Rebecca. She stands at the side of the bed and asks, "Do you want my cock, Rebecca? Here it is, all hard for you and your sweet ass. Tell me you want my cock."

Rebecca pleads, "Yes Ruby, please fuck my ass?"

Ruby slowly climbs up on the bed. She comes over to Rebecca and licks the side of her face. The feel of her tongue makes Rebecca moan softly. She has never wanted cock as much as she does tonight. She doesn't want it to end. Rebecca sticks out her tongue and kisses Ruby, signifying once and for all that she wants her. Ruby reaches under Rebecca and squeezes her breast. Again, Rebecca moans. Ruby positions herself behind Rebecca. Rebecca's ass is high in the air. Ruby stands up and squats down slightly to place her cock at the entrance to Rebecca's hot hole. She strokes her own cock a few times, teasing Rebecca a bit. Then she removes the butt plug and feeds her cock into Rebecca's ass. What Ruby lacks in length, she more than makes up in girth. Rebecca puffs hard at the sudden intrusion. Ruby's cock has stretched her before, but it is so thick that the sudden introduction causes Rebecca to feel discomfort. She relaxes and adapts to and is soon ready for Ruby to fuck her. It feels so good to once again have Ruby inside of her. Once Ruby is inside, she starts fucking Rebecca with a fervor that she can't contain, doesn't want to contain. She has Rebecca at her most vulnerable and she knows it. It isn't the tying to the headboard. It is her willingness to give herself to Ruby that drives her desire to fuck Rebecca so relentlessly.

Rebecca moans loudly and yells, "Yes! Fuck my ass! Give me your cum! Oh, Ruby!"

Rebecca can feel the throbbing of Ruby's hard cock as it drives in and out of her ass.

That is what Ruby has been waiting for, Rebecca to scream her name while she fucks her. Linda looks on with approval, her own cock growing in size again at the sight of Ruby fucking Rebecca with abandon. Lilith looks on as well and her own cock is getting hard, betraying her reservations to continue. Ruby fucks Rebecca long and hard. Cumming is elusive for her, but the feel of Rebecca's exquisite ass around her cock keeps her hard. As Ruby fucks her, Rebecca feels a full body orgasm building. She moans uncontrollably, her lust driving her over the edge.

Suddenly, Rebecca begins to feel that familiar quaking within and she starts screaming out her orgasm, "Yes! Fucking fuck me! Cum dammit, cum! I need it! Give it to me Ruby!"

Her body is bucking up against Ruby's pubic bone of its own accord. This action drives Ruby over the edge, her knees are getting weak from her crouching position, but she can't stop now. She has to cum in Rebecca, making her Ruby's once again. She blasts her cum into Rebecca's ass, this time the sweetest yet. She cums hard and her cock pulses as it shoots her spunk into Rebecca's ass. Rebecca feels the pulsing of Ruby's cock as her quaking continues. After Ruby finishes cumming, Ruby's knees give out at a crucial moment and she collapses onto the bed beside Rebecca. She fails to insert the butt plug back in Rebecca's ass. Without the butt plug, Rebecca's ass leaks out a stream of cum and juices. It shoots onto the bed and leaves a large puddle.

Rebecca screams, "No!" but it is too late to stop it.

All of the cum from the days fucking streams out of her like an enema. Rebecca is unable to close her worn sphincter to stop the flow. Rebecca whines a little at this turn of events. Damn Ruby, anyway!

Linda smiles and quips, "Don't worry my dear, there will be more cum for your ass."

Linda turns to Lilith and asks her, "If I undo the cuffs, will you cooperate?"

Lilith nods enthusiastically and says emphatically, "Yes!"

Linda directs Taisha to remove the cuffs. Taisha goes to the dresser, retrieves the key and walks back to Lilith. She kneels behind Lilith and unlocks the cuffs and removes them. Moving her shoulders to stretch them out hurts Lilith a bit, but having the cuffs removed feels good. Her wrists are more than a little sore.

Linda states matter-of-factly, "It's time to do your part Lilith. Suck Taisha to hardness. Make sure she is hard enough to fuck Rebecca."

Lilith does as she is told and kneels down in front of Taisha. Taisha, who managed to stay hard after Rebecca sucked her off earlier, is now limp. Lilith has her work cut out for her as she reaches up and gently takes the cock in hand. At first, she strokes Taisha's large cock and licks the head shamelessly. She can taste Rebecca's ass on the cock. It isn't unpleasant at all. It takes a few minutes, but Taisha's cock finally starts to respond to the action. Lilith feels the cock get semi-erect and decides it is time to suck it. Once she sticks the cock in her mouth, it perks up and grows steadily. Lilith reaches up with her other hand and massages Taisha's balls. They hang low and she marvels at their size. One testicle fills her palm completely. Lilith's efforts are rewarded as Taisha's cock gets hard, very hard. Lilith can feel every vein and bump of Taisha's cock as it moves in and out of her mouth. It tastes good. Lilith feels a little proud of her accomplishment, having taken Taisha from soft to hard with her mouth. Lilith sucks on Rebecca's little cock regularly, but it is small and rarely gets hard. It is good to know that she still has it in her to work a cock to hardness. Those thoughts betray her a little and they make her feel strange, but her own cock is hard from watching the taking of Rebecca and she salivates profusely at the taste of the cock in her mouth.

Linda orders, "Now Lilith, it is your job to feed Taisha's cock into Rebecca."

Lilith isn't thrilled with this order, but she leads Taisha over to Rebecca. They get up on the bed together and Ruby moves over to observe the fucking. It is Ruby's intent to watch the action up close. An evil grin crosses her face. Taisha positions herself behind Rebecca. Lilith gives the nine inch cock a couple of licks and sucks to ensure Taisha is still hard and then guides Taisha's cock into Rebecca's waiting ass.

The head is just penetrating Rebecca's rosebud when Linda says impatiently, "No! Shove her cock into Rebecca. Do not take it easy and slow!" She smacks the crop against her palm commandingly.

Taisha smiles a little at Linda's insistence. Taisha is much taller than Ruby and the head of her cock is at the right angle to go in.

Rebecca whispers audibly, "I need that cock, please? Please give it to me hard. Fuck me Taisha."

Lilith positions herself behind Taisha and pauses for just a moment, then she pushes against Taisha's ass with all the effort she can muster. Taisha's cock slides into Rebecca's ass in one quick motion that almost causes Taisha to fall on top of Rebecca.

Rebecca moans and coos, "Yeah, fuck me. Fuck my ass. Cum for me Taisha."

Taisha needs no encouragement. She begins to plow into Rebecca's ass fast and hard to satisfy Linda's salaciousness. She enjoys the feeling of Rebecca's ass. She slides in and out effortlessly. She withdraws a full 7 inches of cock and then shoves it back in with each stroke. This action drives Rebecca wild. She can feel Taisha's cock against her prostate and her own little cock drips precum. Taisha's cock is heavily veined and Rebecca feels each one as Taisha ravages her ass.

She gasps and screams, "Oh my God! Yes, fuck me Taisha! Fuck me and make me yours!"

Rebecca is possessed by the feeling of Taisha's fucking. Ruby is a little jealous of this. Rebecca called Taisha's name, too. That somehow violates an unspoken rule between Ruby and Rebecca. Ruby will have to reinforce this when Rebecca pays her Wednesday visits.

Taisha continues to fuck Rebecca at a rapid pace. She wonders to herself how Rebecca is able to take so much fucking. It doesn't matter though. Taisha is enjoying it. Rebecca is screaming out all kinds of obscenities at the pleasure she is receiving. Rebecca does her best to tighten her ass to spur on Taisha's climax. She needs the cum and she does her best to coax it out of her. Rebecca's efforts don't go without results for soon Taisha feels her climax coming. The fast fucking and pushing her cock in to the hilt is bringing her orgasm on. Taisha tries to hold off from cumming. She is loving the feel of Rebecca's ass but the pleasure is more than she can handle and she starts squirting her orgasm into Rebecca. She keeps squirting more and more.

It is so much that she can't help but moan loudly, "This is all for you Rebecca. Take my cum, baby!"

Rebecca can feel the familiar warmth of Taisha's cum deep inside of her. When Taisha is spent and every last drop she has to offer is expelled, she pulls out her cock and grabs the butt plug. She inserts it and it goes in easily. Taisha's cum leaks a little around the base of the plug. Rebecca seems oblivious to this fact, as she is still moaning and gasping from the harsh and relentless fucking.

Linda once again applauds the spectacle, "Excellent! Yes! Next!"

Lilith is the only one left, except for Linda herself. Linda offers Lilith the opportunity with the wave of her hand. Lilith climbs up onto the bed and leans over Rebecca and kisses her cheek. Rebecca, who has finally caught her breath, smiles weakly at Lilith, exhaustion written all over her face. Lilith looks over at Linda who makes a motion for her to get started.

Lilith thought she wanted a cum slut, but now she feels that they may have created a monster. Rebecca is changed forever and she wonders how it will affect their relationship. It is too late now. Once done, it cannot be undone.

Linda smacks the footboard of the bed with the crop and Lilith does what is expected of her. Her cock is hard and has been ever since Ruby climbed on top of Rebecca, and it continues to betray her instincts to save Rebecca. She positions herself behind her wanton slave and pulls out the plug. Taisha's cum has puddled slightly beneath Rebecca. No matter, it is time to fuck her woman. She begins by placing the head of her cock at the entrance to Rebecca's ass. She pushes her cock deep inside of Rebecca until she bumps her asshole with her pubic bone. Her cock goes in easily as Rebecca has been stretched so much. She sets a fast rhythm, keeping in pace with Ruby and Taisha's fucking of her beloved girl. Rebecca coos and moans at the feeling of Lilith's familiar cock in her ass. Truth be known, Rebecca can barely feel Lilith's cock, but she wants Lilith to know that she is still hers so she squeezes down as hard as she can. She wants to feel the fucking. Lilith has fucked her so well for so long that Rebecca doesn't want to disappoint her.

Eventually, Rebecca's rosebud tightens enough for her to truly feel her fucking. Lilith has trouble staying hard at first, so she bends over and kisses the back of Rebecca's neck, nuzzling her. Lilith's erection comes back as she shows her little one that she still loves and wants her. Lilith's cock begins to throb as she fucks her little one. She feels her climax coming on. She fucks Rebecca with all of the effort she can muster. The familiar feeling of Rebecca's ass is returning and Lilith is moaning hard and breathing fast. She feels the need to cum in her girl. She strokes in and out of Rebecca, withdrawing her cock as far as possible before plowing back into her. Soon, Lilith is cumming and she cries out at the release. Rebecca lays there and coos at the warmth of Lilith's cum in her ass. Lilith is breathing hard and fast from the workout. She takes her cock in hand and squeezes out every drop she has to offer. When Lilith is spent, she pulls out of Rebecca and inserts the plug once again, holding the sperm in Rebecca's ass. Now, it is Linda's turn.

Linda smiles broadly. Rebecca has been truly taken and has truly enjoyed being taken. Linda directs Lilith to untie Rebecca's wrists. Linda wants to feel Rebecca's lips around her cock before she fucks her, if she fucks her.

Linda pronounces, "It is time for a change. Rebecca come here and worship my cock."

Lilith turns at this and says, "Please Linda, let me suck your cock. I have sucked the others to your satisfaction. I can suck yours too. You won't regret it."

Lilith is certain that Rebecca won't be able to properly suck Linda's massive member. Rebecca is too weak from all of the fucking. It is time to give her a rest. Linda can fuck her again after Lilith has sucked her cock to hardness. Rebecca might be able to handle one last fucking. Linda insists that Rebecca is to suck her cock and Lilith finishes untying Rebecca.

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