tagInterracial LoveThe Taking of Susan

The Taking of Susan


The apartment complex was of your typical upscale 200 unit variety, with a couple of pools, covered parking and an eclectic group of residents. Susan, my wife, and I moved in while our new home was being built. I'm an engineer with the local government, thirty-eight and in good shape. The change from living in a more spacious house and down sizing to a two bedroom apartment had been traumatic to say the least. I hadn't lived in an apartment complex in fifteen years. Half my personal belongings were in storage and the other half were piled in random order in the spare bedroom. Things were chaotic for me, but not for my wife Susan.

Susan and I had recently decided to start a family and we were very excited with the idea. Susan looked forward to moving into the apartment. "It's the first step to being a family," Susan would always say.

I first met Susan four years before, when she started working with me as an intern engineer, fresh out of graduate school. Susan was one of those girls who seemed to blossom once she hit college age. When we first met she was wearing horn rim glasses and a pony tail. Susan was twenty-four, wore over size sweaters, clogs and below the knee skirts. At first there was no chemistry, honestly she was a nerd, something we joked about in the office all the time. Then that first summer during a particularly hot spell, Susan came to work in a sleeveless form fitting blouse. The woman had a rack, I remember thinking, she'd gotten rid of the glasses (new contacts) and man what a transformation. I asked her out two days later and we hit it off.

Susan and I dated for three weeks. During that time I never got past first base, although I was sure that Susan liked me. Then one night, as if she had an epiphany, she let me into her apartment, led me to her bedroom, handed me a condom and asked me to be the first person she ever made love too. That night was wonderful and six months later Susan became my wife.

Over the next four years everything about our relationship was great. While Susan lacked experience sexually, she certainly made up for it with enthusiasm. Susan is 5'6" with long light brown hair. Italian decent, Susan has brown eye's, an olive complexion, with the long legs of a runner. Susan's breasts our beautiful, more than a handful, and her nipples get really hard and long when she's excited. Susan was always ready to experiment sexually and never balked at any of my suggestions. Susan loved oral sex both giving and receiving. Once she even suggested anal sex after reading some woman's magazine, but I nixed the idea not really being into it. The bottom line is that Susan loved sex.

Like I said, at first Susan was rather frumpy in the way she dressed. Susan wasn't really modest, it was just that she didn't view herself as attractive, but that began to change with time. I was constantly after Susan to wear more revealing clothing, and she would always say she didn't want other men to get the wrong idea. Then Susan became friends with a new girl at work, her name was Dede. Dede was a twenty-something single mom, and who I thought was a wild woman. Dede did as much as I did to change the way Susan dressed. Dede was always after Susan to wear sexy cloths, often loaning Susan things to wear and taking her shopping. After a while Susan came to enjoy the attention a plunging neck line or short skirt brought her, and often we would talk at night about how a guy would flirt with her or stare at her. The net result was it made for great sex.

When we decided to start a family, Susan stopped working to be a stay at home mom. At the same time we sold my small home and began the arduous task of building a new one.

I remember it was our first weekend at the apartment when we decided to take a break from unpacking and go for a swim. Susan grabbed the first swim suit she could find which was a tiny bikini we had bought down in the Key's. I remember the conversation and the events that transpired as if it were yesterday.

"Boy the neighbors are going to love that suit. I didn't remember it being so small, hell is that part of your nipple showing there," I said, joking with Susan. I loved to make her blush.

"Billy your the one that went into that shop and made me buy it. If I could find my other suits I'd wear them, maybe I should hold off on the swim." Susan was serious and her modesty was showing.

"No, I was just kidding, hell you look fantastic," I said admiring my wife. The suit barely did cover her areolas and the thin material did nothing to prevent her thick nipples from protruding through. The bottom was just to small triangles of cloth, dropping provocatively low in the front and in the back it was little more than a thong. Wisps of hair spilling out the top and sides of the suit. My dick got hard just looking at her.

"You sure it's okay."

"Yes, hell sugar, we'll be out of this place in a year and never see these people again, so who cares." Taking a couple of beers from the frig, we headed to the pool. I was surprised when we got down there to find it pretty crowded. We had leased the place during a week day and no one was by the pool, when we had checked it out. Susan and I staked out two lounge chairs. We hadn't been there long when this black guy pulled himself out of the pool right in front of Susan's chair. The guy was about six-three, lean and extremely well muscled. The man was dripping water which seemed to bead up on his smooth black skin, as he broke into a smile, his teeth a brilliant white. The guy had short hair that was plaited in corn rows. Staring directly at Susan, and completely ignoring me, he introduced himself.

"Hello I'm Andre Butler," he said as he extended his hand to Susan. Susan who was caught off guard seemed speechless as she extended her own.

"And you are." The guy was still holding my wife's hand for what seemed like a long time.

"Susan," my wife answered, her eye's transfixed on the guy as if she were mesmerized. I looked at my wife and thought, dam this guy must of pressed the right buttons because Susan seemed really taken with him.

"You new here."

"Yes." Dam, the woman could hardly talk I thought to myself, hell the guy wasn't Denzel Washington. I was starting to get a little perturbed, plus the guy was still holding her hand. Andre let go of her hand as if he could read my thought's.

"And your the lucky guy."

"Yeah, Bill," I said, as I shook his extended hand.

"Great, listen I'm having a party later and would love to have you guys come over. In fact the party starts in about thirty minute's. I'm cooking burgers and ribs, got plenty of beer and make a deadly Margarita. What do you say?"

"I don't know we're still unpacking," I answered, then looked at Susan for confirmation, who shrugged her shoulders as if to say she didn't care one way or the other.

"Well if you can, please join us," Andre said, the statement clearly directed at Susan. After he left, Susan and I sat by the pool and drank our beers. During that time a few of Andre's friends showed up and congregated with Andre on the other side of the pool. Black men like Andre, there were about five guys all together. That's when I noticed that all the female party go'ers were white. I pointed this out to Susan and she said that she had noticed that too. I went for a couple of refills on the beer and when I returned I saw that Susan was in the pool talking to Andre. I walked up and was going to hand Susan a beer, when I realized she had a plastic glass filled with frozen Margarita.

"Billy your back, you really need to try one of these, Andre wasn't lying when he said they were killer."

"Yeah Bill get yourself one. Upstairs, the apartment with the door open. On the back balcony is the Margarita machine and if you don't mind fill up a pitcher and bring some down. Susan is going to need a refill."

So what the hell I thought, chugging my beer, then Susan's, as I made my way to Andre's apartment. Entering the place I made my way back to the balcony and looked for a pitcher, to fill up with more drinks. That's when I realized that Andre's balcony was just a stone throws away from our place, maybe sixty feet. I couldn't find a pitcher by the machine so I went back inside to the kitchen. there was a pitcher on the counter and I was returning to the machine when I heard some loud moaning. Curious I followed the sounds to a partially closed bedroom door.

Peering inside I witnessed the most erotic thing I had ever seen in my life. A cute little blonde I had seen earlier by the pool was fucking one of Andre's friends. The girl was on top, with her back to me. From my vantage point I could clearly see the blonde impaling herself on a big black cock. The moaning was getting louder with each stroke as the blonde announced she was cumming. With each thrust the woman's ass made a slapping sound against the black stud's legs. The black man's cock was streaked with what looked like sperm and wet with the woman's lubricant. My dick was instantly hard, I was glued to the spot. In one hand I carried the empty pitcher with the other I instinctively rubbed my raging hard on.

Suddenly I felt someone rub up against me, almost causing me to drop the pitcher and have a heart attack. Looking over my shoulder it was another one of the girls from the pool who with a finger over her lips indicated that I should remain quite. The girl, kind of stumbled into me and almost falling down, put an arm over my shoulder for support. The black haired Latina was obviously drunk. Fortunately the couple making love were so loud they didn't hear us. I tried to leave but the Latina was intent on watching and then with no warning she grabbed my penis and started rubbing it through my swim trunks. Between the action in the bedroom and the hot Latin's hand job I came in about a minute. The girl looked up at me as she rubbed my shrinking dick and smiled. Then turning her attention back to the couple she let go of my penis and slipped her hand down the front of her bikini.

I turned around immediately, all freaked out. I couldn't believe what had just happened. I walked back to the Margarita machine weak kneed, my swim trunks sporting a big wet spot from my sperm. I filled the pitcher and headed down to the pool, still stunned by what had transpired. Exiting the apartment I saw Andre reach out and move a wisp of hair from Susan's face. Susan didn't react at all. Susan had acted as if it was okay to have this strange black man touch her in a familiar way.I remember the act with out being terribly overt had made me a little jealous, perhaps do to the guilt I felt for what had just happened.

"What took you so long Bill, we started getting thirsty. I see that machine got you huh," Andre said, indicating the wet spot on my shorts.

"Couldn't find a pitcher," I answered as I handed Andre the pitcher and jumped in the pool. Andre filled Susan's glass, then exited the pool to pass around the Margarita's when the Latin girl from the apartment, came back to the pool. She walked over to Andre for some Margarita and while he filled her glass, I saw her gesture in my direction. The girl was loaded that much I was sure of and when she started walking over to where Susan and I were now sitting, I freaked out.

"Hi I'm Brenda, I live in 205, Andre was saying you just moved in. Great party huh?" I was speechless and after a pause Susan answered.

"I'm Susan and this is my husband Billy."

"Billy and I met upstairs, but I didn't get his name, we were to busy taking in the sights, speaking of which here come the love birds. Jimmy you naughty boy you taking advantage of my friend," Brenda slurred, almost falling down and spilling half her drink. Brenda turned away to join the couple from the bedroom who had just joined us at the pool.

"What did she mean by taking in the sights Billy, god is she drunk or what."

"I was just showing her were we live. Andre's apartment is directly behind ours." I hated to lie but what choice did I have. We left the party right after we finished our drinks. Back at the apartment we unpacked a few more boxes, then went out for dinner.

Susan and I returned to the apartment after dark. Susan and I went into the bedroom and got undressed. I slipped on some old gym shorts and she threw on a baggy t-shirt. Susan and I then went out in the living room turned on the TV and curled up on the couch. Susan started things when she put her head on my lap. Next thing I knew Susan had pulled down my shorts and had started licking the pre-cum off the slit of my dick. I closed my eye's and immediately began reliving the events from the afternoon. Earlier I had felt guilty about what had happened with Brenda, but now with Susan licking and swirling her tongue over the head of my dick all I could think about was that black cock and the way it contrasted against that blonde's white pussy. Next thing I knew I was cuming. With the first jets of cum entering her mouth Susan started pumping my dick furiously, milking my penis of every drop of sperm.

"Oh god dam Susan that feels so good, ohhh wow." I was really a little shocked that I had cum so fast and even more surprised that Susan had swallowed every drop of my cum, a first.

"Billy I hardly touched you, god did you cum quick," Susan said wiping her mouth with her t-shirt.

"What can I say, you make me crazy."

"Good, now it's my turn," and with that last statement Susan pulled her t-shirt off and straddled my lap so that her tit's were right in front of me. Susan moved so that her nipple brushed my mouth.

"Suck on them Billy make my nipple's hard, you know how much I like that, suck on them Billy suck them hard." I took her nipple into my mouth and gently bit down eliciting a moan of pleasure from Susan. After working on one nipple for a while I turned my attention to the other. Susan's nipples get really long and hard when I suck on them and it's a big turn on for both of us. Susan was grinding her cunt on my dick which was gradually getting hard again.

Susan stood up and pulled off her panties. Grabbing her purse she pulled out a pack of condoms.

"No baby yet," Susan said grinning as she unwrapped the package and took out one of the condoms.

"I hate those things when did you go off the pill."

"Last period and I don't want to take chances." Biting the rapper open Susan placed the condom on my dick and rolled it down all the way to the base. Then Susan straddled my lap and with her hand guided my dick into her slit. Susan's pussy was wet and my penis easily slid into the hilt. I closed my eye's and pulled Susan close so I could suck on one of her thick nipples again. My mind once again filling with the image of the earlier interracial coupling. Once again just the thought of that erotic scene brought me to an incredibly intense orgasm. Susan too was getting close and when she felt me tense she started pumping up and down even faster.

"Billy ohh, I'm so close don't stop baby, cum baby that's right cum, I'm cuming too, oh Billy yes baby.Cum in me cum." Susan collapsed on me covering my face with her breasts. It was then turning sideways to catch my breath that I saw him standing in the shadows of his balcony. Susan and I had left the curtains drawn without thinking. Our eye's made contact and then Andre turned and went back into his apartment. I got up and drew the drapes shut.

"I think our neighbor got an eyeful Susan."

"I know I saw him too. God I never came like that before," Susan said, still trying to catch her breath.

"You did, why didn't you say something babe."

"Billy we were right in the middle of having sex, I couldn't stop, besides it was kind of a turn on being watched. I wanted him to see how lucky you are and I mean being watched, is that perverted, I mean I really got turned on knowing he was watching."

This was so out of character for Susan, I had to ask why. "I don't understand exactly, so explain it. What turned you on more, the fact that you were being watched or that it was Andre that was watching."

"Both I guess, are you mad at me, I'm sorry I just got caught up in things. Now that I think about it, how am I ever going to look him in the face again. I'm so embarrassed."

"I wouldn't worry about Andre, hell, he just about saw you naked in that bikini anyway. Shit, he was coming on to you the moment he saw you."

"Yes, I know, I thought I noticed you getting a little jealous," Susan grinned as she put on her t-shirt.

"Should I be jealous."

"No, but if I weren't married, lets just say he's fantasy material if you know what I mean."

"No I don't know what you mean." Now I was curious because Susan and I had never really talked about her sexual fantasies.

"Come on Billy, you know, a tall handsome black man, hung like a horse, fantasy okay. Lot's of white women fantasize about being ravished by a well hung black man. I'm only human, lets just say if I were to go black, Andre would be the one."

"Really I never knew you had those thoughts, and what was that, hung like a horse, I'm afraid to ask."

"I guess you didn't notice his package, that wet swim suit of his sort of clung to him, if you know what I mean. A woman would have to be blind not to notice how big he was."

"Well I'm not a woman and I don't make it a point to look at guys. Hung like a horse huh."

"A big black horse. Billy his cock looked to be that big," Susan indicated with her hands, "and he wasn't excited. I wonder if he got excited watching us make love."

"Honey there isn't a man alive who wouldn't get excited seeing you naked."

"Do you think he gets a lot bigger when he's excited, you get twice as big. My god if he gets twice as big. I wonder what that would feel like."

"Susan I can honestly say I haven't a clue." Susan laughed and made her way to the shower.

I decided to leave well enough alone, but that night I had a hard time sleeping. Earlier I had the most erotic experience of my life watching that black man fuck that blonde, while a cute latin girl jerks me off. Then a few hours later a black guy we just met watches my wife and I making love, with the capper being she has a black fantasy.

The next day I worked late at the office. When I got home Susan had opened a bottle of wine and prepared a nice dinner. I could tell she had unpacked quite a few things with the apartment looking more like home. I was half way through dinner when Susan told me about her day.

"I was out by the pool today."

"Yes I noticed, your getting brown."

"Guess who I ran into?"


"God Billy, I didn't know what to say."

"So what happened."

"Not much, we chatted for a while, he works as a night club manager. He told me about that, asked about your job, stuff like that. At first it was awkward, then he surprised me by saying he didn't mean to watch us, it just kind of happened he said."

"Is that all?"

"Oh he wants us to go by his club one night this week. Andre says they have a really good band and our first drinks are on the house. I told him we might drop by tomorrow night, is that okay."

"Sure I guess. Is that all he said about watching us."

"Well he did say you were one lucky man Billy." Susan grinning rubbed my crotch.

"I know I'm lucky, did he flirt with you."


"So do I need to be jealous yet."

"No not yet," Susan answered coyly. "Billy he knows I saw him watching us. he asked me if it excited me to know he was watching."

"What, your kidding right. What did you say Susan."

"I was so embarrassed I couldn't answer, then he just laughed and dropped the subject."

"Dropped the subject huh, be careful with this guy babe. I don't trust him."

"Billy Mathison for the first time in our relationship I believe your jealous."

"Susan Mathison I think your right."

The next day at work I received a call right after lunch.

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