tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Tale of Green Mary

The Tale of Green Mary


The bell rang and all of the boys and girls on the verge of adulthood ran to Grandmother's tent. There were about fifteen of them, both male and female, all learning the lessons that would help them as adults. 'Not all of Grandmother's stories make sense, but they will in time.' That was what all of the children were told.

Grandmother stood at the head of the tent, her dark robe covering her entire body, save for her head. Her steel gray hair was pulled back in a messy ponytail and her faced was covered in lines beyond the tribe's reckoning. Grandmother was the name she had taken when she came to the tribe, already old, now ancient. They didn't know where she had come from but they welcomed her teachings.

"Children," she began, her horse voice a whisper. "Tonight, I'm going to tell you the story of Kierna the Unfaithful."

The children all gasped, even the oldest boy. Kierna the Unfaithful was a monster that still terrorized the swamps to that very day. None of the elders had seen the Unfaithful, but they still talked of her as if she might walk out one day and kill them all.

From the tales of the elders, Kierna could change her form, perform powerful magic and steal the strength of the most powerful warriors with a single touch. No hunter ever went out alone.

Grandmother began again. "Once, a very long time ago, there was a druid, a protector of the wild, named Green Mary. Green Mary was beautiful as well as powerful. She was a great warrior for nature. She always answered the call of the spirits and followed their direction without question and without mercy.

"One day, she received a call from the spirits and using her magic, she found the one the spirits were troubled by.


Green Mary quietly crept up to the clearing, her wooden sword already drawn from its scabbard and her wooden shield at the ready, and her leather armor tight against her chest. There he was. She didn't know his name or where he came from, but she knew he was evil. He was killing animals for sport and cutting down living trees to make the spears he used as weapons.

She moved slightly to get a better look at him. As he turned his face, she saw that he was handsome. 'No matter,' she thought. 'He must be destroyed for his crimes.'

Mary stepped into the clearing. "Halt, defiler! You must answer for your crimes."

The man stopped what he was doing and turned slowly, his hands up. "Stay your hand, druid. Tell me what crimes I have committed."

"You are slaughtering animals for nothing more than sport. You are killing trees to make the weapons you use to hunt the animals. Those are your crimes. Repent them and leave and I will not destroy you."

The spirits railed against her, telling her that his destruction was the only answer.

"Nay, druid. 'Tis you who will be destroyed!"

He grabbed a spear from his pile and threw it at her, grabbing another as she deflected it with her shield. He moved in, holding the spear in both hands, jabbing it at her, and using it to defend her blows.

Several jabs from the spear kept her at range, not letting her get much an attack. She was content to wait, let him tire himself out and then kill him. He stabbed again, waiting for her block. He grabbed the side of her shield and started to pull on it, only to sweep a leg under hers, knocking her to the ground.

The hunter quickly reversed his grip and plunged the spear toward her head, thinking to end the fight quickly. However, Mary moved her head slightly and the spearhead slammed into the ground, burying itself to the shaft of the spear. Mary kicked the hunter in the shin and rose, standing between the hunter and his weapon.

The hunter held up his hands, signaling surrender. The druid stood wary, watching for any sudden movements. The hunter went to his knees, claiming his repentance, begging her not to kill him. Mary, against the better judgment of the spirits as well as herself, lowered her weapon and her shield.

The hunter exploded off of the ground and slammed his shoulder into her stomach, knocking sword and shield from her hand and tackling her to the ground. They rolled around on each other, both trying to gain the upper hand.

The hunter ended up on top due to superior strength, pinning Mary's arms to the ground and sitting on her stomach. "Now, druid. It seems that I have the upper hand."

Mary surprised him by kneeing him in the back and rolling him over as he winced, reversing the positions: her sitting on his stomach, pinning his hands. "Nay, hunter. It is I who am the dominant one."

The hunter grinned up at her. "Now, druid, I have no problem with a woman being on top. So, if you must, have your way with me."

She looked down at him and surprised him and herself when she swooped her head down, kissing him deep and hard on the lips. The spirits raged in her mind, claiming that she was a traitor and that their vengeance would be harsh.

She ignored all of that, instead, focusing on the feelings that were growing deep within her. She felt his penis grow hard in his pants just as she could feel herself growing wet from this contact. She bit her lip, unsure of what to do now. The hunter took the lead, reaching up from her loose grasp and unbuckling the belt of her armor, her scabbard and pouches falling to the ground.

Mary followed his lead and did the breastplate of her armor, her small breasts riding high on her soft white chest. His hands went to her chest, kneading them, grasping and twisting her nipples. Mary groaned and ground herself into him, not sure of what she was doing but knowing that somewhere inside her, it was right.

The hunter rolled her back to the ground, the grass cool on her hot skin, and pulled on her leggings, watching them come off easily of her toned legs, her pubic hair the same pale white as the hair on her head.

Mary lay there before him naked, trembling from nerves. He cooed soft, soothing words to her, his hands slowly moving up her legs. With gentle insistence, he pushed them apart and seeing her folds for the first time, gasping at their beauty. He immediately fell to the ground, lavishing her wetness with kisses and licks, as if he was kissing the most beautiful woman in the world, which he might have been.

Mary moaned loudly, her pussy reacting to it's first touch, her body not sure of which direction to move. She clutched her own hair, tears streaming down her face from the intensity of the sensations. She didn't know what he was doing but she knew she never wanted him to stop.

Within moments, Mary was arching her back and covering his face with her juices, her body shaking wildly as she experienced her first orgasm, her mind and body trying to reconnect. She lay there as he withdrew, panting as if she'd run the length of the forest, her heart pounding as if she were facing a dragon. She shook her head to clear it and saw the hunter removing his clothes.

With no word between them, he lie down on her, kissing her again, deeply, their tongue playing, and put the head of his cock at the entrance to her untouched tunnel. Instinctively, he knew she was virginal, so he went slowly, holding her face in his hands, kissing her through the pain.

With minimal force, he broke her maidenhead, holding her as she cried out at the sharp pain. He kissed away the tears that formed and spoke words of love as he moved into her, giving her her first lovemaking experience.

He was very good, giving her several orgasms quickly, her body moving on it's own each time. His motions stayed slow and gentle, making sure she was comfortable. He felt his own orgasm start to rise and increased his speed slightly, making Mary moan louder than before, feeling him swell slightly inside her.

He grunted once softly and she felt the warmth of his seed inside her, filling her completely. She cried out again, another orgasm passing over her then quickly fading. The hunter leaned down and kissed her, Mary wrapping her arms around him and holding him close. They removed to his tent and slept the night away together.

Mary woke in the morning to find herself changed. She was no longer beautiful. Her skin had turned to bark, her hair to vines. Her hands had turned to cruel claws. She wept at the spirit's vengeance and then carried out their order without mercy. When she was done, not a piece of skin or drop of blood was left of the hunter.

Mary returned to the heart of the forest, begging the spirits to forgive her and to change her to her previous form. The spirits either didn't hear the plea of one forsaken or they simply did not answer.

Mary left the heart of the forest sad and angry, never to see her true form again.


"Some say that she is still in the swamp or the woods. Some tell tales of her being a wicked and evil monster, eating children and slaying men. Others tell of Kierna as still trying to atone for her misdeeds. None know for sure. And that, children, is the story of Kierna the Unfaithful, once known as Green Mary. Now go. You have learned your lesson for the day."

The children filed out of her tent in silence, turning the story over in their minds. Grandmother smiled after them and once the tent flap closed, her hand, which was now a claw, scratched her bark-skinned chin.

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