tagLoving WivesThe Talent Scout Ch. 02

The Talent Scout Ch. 02


This begins in the middle of the closing conversation of part 1. It is categorized as Loving Wives simply to keep the story together in the story lists. It contains non-cons, romance, erotic coupling, group, and lesbian sex scenes, and hints at gay sex. As well, since it concerns making a sex tape, there is also the voyeuristic/exhibitionist element. There is also a scene about a strip club and a panty party. I gather there are some readers who don't like it when genres are combined. Sorry, my fantasies aren't like that. Hope you enjoy this. Jb7


(Uncharacteristically, and against the protocol she had learned, only Joe called at the door for her, while Harry stayed behind the wheel, with the motor running. When she got to the limo, Joe got in the back seat with her and instructed Harry to start driving. The young agent skillfully pulled the large car into traffic.

"Stop, Harry, and turn the motor off," ordered Mikki.

"Keep moving, kid," instructed Joe, putting his hand on Mikki's knee.

"Harry, unless you want to spend the next two years cleaning prisoners' toilets at Gitmo, stop this fucking car and turn off the motor." Mikki reached down and grabbed Joe's wrist. Harry pulled the limo to the curb

"As for you, Joe, get your ass up front where it belongs right now, or, starting tomorrow, you will spend the rest of your professional life as Special Agent in Charge at the embassy in Central Africa with the highest combined incidence of Ebola and HIV. Do I make myself clear?"

Joe's face clouded with anger. Mikki saw him glance at her purse. With a small laugh, she chided Joe, "It's in the mail. Smitty said he didn't trust you, and, I guess, rightly so. Get up front, Joe. If you don't, you know I can and will do what I said." while her tone was conversational, her voice and her eyes were like steel.

"I know I owe you guys more than a simple thank you. The other day exceeded all my desires. So much so, we're coming back next week. And we're bringing my good friend, Jodi. So, Joe, what's it going to be, Ebola and HIV, or Jodi?") (from pt 1)

Joe sat there, not moving, looking at Mikki, anger and desire flooding his emotions—desire to push her down on the back seat of the limo and fuck her brains out; desire to slap her silly then push her down...desire to...

"Joe!" It was Harry. The voice of the younger agent broke into Joe's consciousness. "Joe, take your hands off her and get up front, or I'll have to take you into custody for attempted assault."

"You'll what?" Joe exploded, turning away from Mikki to look at the agent, still sitting in the driver's seat.

"You heard me. Right now, your behavior is bordering on criminal. If our positions were reversed, you'd already have me in cuffs, and you know it. Get your ass up here, now. I'm assuming command, and will have to report your actions when we get back to D.C."

"Thank you, Harry," said Mikki in a quiet voice. "I'm sorry, Joe, but he's right. Go on, now. Get up front." Joe looked at her, a sinking feeling in his gut. He had been in the Service for nearly twenty years.

"I...I...Sorry, Mikki. I don't know what got into me." The senior agent opened the door and got out of the back seat of the limo and took the shotgun position. The drive back to D.C. was quiet and without incident.

Charlie Morgan, Supervising Director of Special Service Agents, looked at his phone in surprise. The special ring tone alerted him to an incoming call on a line known only to a dozen and a half people around the world, and couldn't mean anything good. However, since it wasn't the panic line, his secretary intercepted the call. A few minutes later, she came through his office door, an enigmatic look on her face. She handed him a written message.

"Interesting," was her only comment.

"What do you..." He fell silent when he read the message, "Horse, call me this morning. I'm at the TalentSearch office in Towson. Jacko." Charlie had a flash back to his college days, when he was part of TalentSearch's 'stable' of male extras, on call to assist in auditions for roles in the XXX film industry, which was beginning to burgeon with the introduction of the internet.

His smile prompted Shelly, his 40-something secretary to ask, "How do you know Smitty?"

Charlie looked at her, shocked and bemused. "I, uhh, did some... acting for him when I was in college. How do you know him?"

Shelly blushed, and hesitated a moment before answering. "My major in college, at the University of Illinois, in Chicago, was drama. When I graduated, I saw an ad announcing general auditions for film roles, and gave them a call.

"The first audition went well. Smitty had me read several selections, comedy, melodrama, adventure, you know. Several weeks later, he called me and said some producers had expressed an interest, and asked me to come in for another reading. By that time, he was here, in Towson, and offered to pay for the trip.

"When I got to his studio, he explained that the producers were impressed by my reading, and by my looks, but that they wanted to see my 'goods,' as he put it. I asked what he meant, and he said they wanted to see me naked.

"I started to object, when he said it would be just the two of us in the studio, and he'd talk me through it. He told me if I couldn't do that with him, I didn't have much of a chance in films. He told me that three quarters of the non-starring roles were filled on the couch." Shelly paused, a small smile on her face.

"So, I stripped for him, on camera, and practiced the casting couch...role off camera. He put me up for a couple of weeks, while I applied for jobs here in D.C., after he convinced me I wasn't cut out for Hollywood. Besides finding a new career, it was one of the best...few weeks I ever spent."

Her smile broadened. "How about you; did you ever assist anyone who became famous?"

It was Charlie's turn to blush. "A couple of them. I guess the best known was DiDi Hills, named for her...more noticeable physical assets."

Shelly laughed. "I remember her. It was like almost every time she entered a scene, she came from the side of the camera as they focused on her tits. You did her? Wow, boss! Did your wife know?"

"Shit, no! Neither did anybody else, except Smitty." Charlie slumped back in his chair, and was silent a few seconds. "Hell, I haven't heard from him in ten years, and that was a bump and run out in L.A. Why would he be calling me now? Call him back, will you? Maybe I'll ask him for copies of our tapes," he said with a smile.

"Just yours. You can see mine in the flesh anytime, boss," she answered, her hips swaying gently as she left the room.

"Jacko, Charlie Morgan. How the hell are you?"

" Charlie, you old horn dog! You've come up in the world, no pun intended."

Charlie laughed. "Yeah, a bit, for a while. Until the Administration changes, anyway. What's going on?"

"I hear you're in charge of the detail that escorts Bob Gilbert's wife around. That so?"

"Yeah," he answered, puzzled. There weren't that many people outside of government circles who were aware of the chain of command in the Service. "Why?"

"I had occasion to observe them in a, uhh, situation which called for some, mmm, finesse and gentleness from the older guy. I think his name is Joe. He wasn't as attuned to her needs as he should have been; in fact, he was almost abusive. Worse than that, I suspect he has tried to, ahh, force his attentions on her since then."

Charlie was quiet for several seconds as he digested what Smitty had told him. "Uhh, Smitty, is this all tied up, somehow, with your work?"


Charlie snorted before answering, "Yeah."

"Do you need any clarification?"

"Jack, what in hell were you thinking? She's Bob Gilbert's wife, the..."

"I know what he does. She came to me, asking for one of my 'adult' auditions. When I suggested including her agents, she agreed. After seeing how he treated her, I put a bug in her purse, and heard him, well not him, heard her tell him to take his hands off her and get back in his usual seat. The younger agent had to threaten to arrest him before he complied."

"Shit!" Charlie took a deep breath and blew it out through his nose, massaging his forehead. "Okay, I'll call her and see what she wants done. Is she all done with you?"

"No. She wants to bring a woman she thinks is sleeping with her husband back for some payback." Smitty laughed. "Would the Horse, be interested in helping her out?"

"Christ, Jack, keep quiet about that. I spent a lot of years burying that past. Do you know what kind of shit I'd be in if people learned I used to..."

"Take it easy, Charlie. Nobody's going to find out from me. And, as long as you follow directions and don't try to take advantage of the women, I can guarantee your anonymity."

"You can, huh? Then why...shit, just the possibility of doing Mikki Gilbert has me flustered. She's gotta be one of, if not the hottest of the Washington wives. Hell, why not? I'm single again. When?"

"Be here Wednesday morning, around 11, so we can get you in costume."

Mikki hit the play button on the house phone answering machine. There had been about a dozen calls, most from Jodi. She was surprised when she got the message from Charlie Morgan, the Special Services Agent who supervised her bodyguards, asking her to call him back as soon as practicable.

"Agent Morgan, this is Mikki Gilbert. You asked me to call you."

"Ahhh, yes, Mrs Gilbert. I had a call this morning suggesting that one of your agents might have been, mmm, less than respectful toward you recently, and I was calling to see if that were true, and if so, what you would like done about it."

"I see. Can you tell me the source of your information?"

"He left the name of John Smith."

Mikki smiled. "So, possibly an alias, but not necessarily. Yes, Joe Dick, the older of my two regular escorts was," she hesitated, "difficult this morning before we started back from Baltimore. Actually, I was planning to call you this afternoon to request someone new."

"Hmm. Mr Smith said he had reason to believe the agent made unwanted overtures toward you..."

"Mr Smith seems to know a lot ..."

"He told me he had bugged your purse. He apparently was afraid for your safety."

"You know who Mr Smith is?"

"Yes, Ma'am. Several years ago, I worked with him on a few occasions."

"Then, you know..."

"All he told me was that your visit to him was confidential, and was at your request. That's all I need to know about that. Was Agent Dick out of line at any time?"

"Yes. I contracted with Mr Smith to make a birthday present for my husband. He suggested that my two agents might be willing to participate in the... activities. Agent Dick thought that doing so gave him certain liberties. The other agent, Agent Pieters, had to remind him that it did not.

"I would rather not have to deal with Agent Dick anymore, but, up to now, he's been very helpful and I wouldn't want to see his record tarnished at all because of a momentary lapse."

"I understand, Ma'am. I'll take care of it. Agent Dick will remain on duty for the balance of his shift with you today, and there will be someone new tomorrow."

"That's fine, Agent Morgan. Thank you."

Saturday afternoon, in a quiet bar she knew, Mikki waited until the waitress had set their drinks down and went on her way. She took a sip, checking the taste of her dirty martini. With an unconscious nod, she put the glass down and looked at her companion, Jodi, taking a sip of her white wine spritzer.

"How long have we known each other?" Mikki asked the slightly younger blonde.

"Oh, god, almost forever! I was a sophomore in college. It was moving in day, and we were assigned to the same room at the sorority house. What was that, fourteen, fifteen years ago. Why?"

"A long time to be friends. We know everything, practically, about each other, and practically nothing. I'd trust you with my deepest secret, but wouldn't think of leaving you alone with my husband."

Jodi laughed. "I'm not sure which of us that reflects on, your husband or me."

Mikki joined the laughter. "Both, probably." She paused to take a sip of her drink.

"I'm not sure how to ask this. In the past, sometimes obviously as a joke, and sometimes not so obviously, so it was hard to tell if you were serious or not, you've intimated you'd like to join Bob and me in bed."

"Mikki, I..." Jodi started, flustered. Mikki reached out and gently wrapped her fingers around her friend's hand.

"Hear me out. Several times over the past few years, Bob has hinted that he'd like to watch me with another couple, a man and a woman." She hesitated and took a deep breath. " Would you like to be that woman?" She let out the breath, which seemed to come from her toes. A nervous laugh escaped her. "Wow! I wasn't sure I was going to be able to get that out."

Jodi looked at her as if she were waiting for the punch line to a joke. When there was nothing but silence for a long minute, she shook her head. "You're serious. But...How...Why..."

Mikki interrupted. "Bob has a birthday coming up. I thought I'd create a video of the two of us with a guy I know of, a film producer my sister put me in touch with. I've seen some of his work and it's good. Last week, I approached him, and he's willing. The only other person who would have to be involved would be his photographer, errr, cameraman.

"The man involved would be masked, as would you, if that's what you wanted. Bob wouldn't care about seeing the guy's face, but he'd go ape if you were masked until the end and then took it off."

Jodi felt her quim opening up, causing more than a little tingle between her thighs. "God, you've really looked into this, haven't you? It sounds so hot. When were you thinking of doing it? Don't tell me this afternoon." She forced a laugh and took a large sip of wine.

Her hints to join Mikki and Bob over the past few years had been a real representation of her desires. But joining Mikki with some other guy, someone she didn't know from Adam, She wasn't totally sure about that. She hadn't done anything like that since her college days.

Mostly on impulse, she picked up her drink and nodded. "Sure; why not? I'm not seeing anyone right now, so there's noone to get upset if I screw some anonymous prick." She drained her drink and signaled the waitress for another.

"The producer said he'd hold Wednesday afternoon open for me. I'll call and confirm the time, but he said he'd have everything ready for a one p.m. shoot, as he put it. I'll pick you up about half past eleven; okay?" Jodi nodded.

Tuesday afternoon, Mikki had alerted her agents that she wanted to drive to Baltimore in the morning, and they should pick her up around eleven, She was down from her twentieth floor condo at eleven sharp. "We need to pick up Mrs Spearman; she lives in Winston Tower. Do you know where that is?" she asked, addressing Kyle, the new agent, who was driving. He assured her that he did know the new apartment building and got them there with time to spare.

She sent him up to get Jodi. While he was gone, she reminded Harry of their destination. "Do you remember how to get there?"

"Oh, yes, ma'am. No disrespect, but it would be a hard place to forget after last week."

"I know I suggested last week that your services might be needed again this week, but Mr. Smith has informed me he thinks it better if you and Agent Michaels aren't involved. I believe he has arranged for your, umm, companions from last week to entertain you this afternoon."

Harry's face broke into a huge grin. "Again, ma'am, no disrespect, but that'll be just fine. I agree with Mr Smith; it's best if Kyle and I aren't involved in the film any more. Tell him we said thanks for the, umm, entertainment."

Mikki laughed. "I will be glad to pass that on. I think you should drive us there. That will be better than trying to give Agent Michaels directions. Ahhh! Here they come."

Like he had a bit over a week ago, Smitty was sitting on his desk, drinking a cup of coffee while waiting for Mikki and her entourage. Charlie was down in the dressing room, getting into costume with Rico's help. He watched as the Caddy limo turned into the plaza parking lot and pulled up to the door. This time he went out to open the door on the passenger side of the long car. He helped Mikki exit, then turned to extend a hand to her companion.

Jodi ignored his hand and stepped out of the limo. She was as tall as Mikki, at five-ten, but that's where the similarity ended. Where Mikki's coloring reflected her Hispanic roots, Jodi was as blonde as her Swedish mother, with eyes nearly as blue as a sapphire. While Mikki would be described as voluptuous, Jodi was lean and lanky. Her pullover sweater barely revealed her small A-cup breasts. Her Slavic heritage was stamped on her face, with her broad flat forehead and high cheekbones, with a wide mouth, dimpled at each end when she smiled. Both women were strikingly beautiful, each in their own way.

"Smitty, we should get inside," Mikki said softly. He nodded and led the way.

Inside, he turned to Harry. "The girls are waiting for you at the Bide-a-Bit. I understand they have arranged for you to attend a rather unique party. Stay open minded and enjoy yourselves. Just be back tomorrow at five."

Kyle looked worried. "Uhh, Mrs Gilbert..."

"It's okay, Agent Michaels. Mr Smith is on my list of safe places. Just have Agent Pieters back here tomorrow at five o'clock, ready to drive us back to Washington. I don't know what entertainment Mr Smith has arranged for you two tonight, but I'm sure Harry will take full advantage of it. You should, too. You're single, aren't you?" The young agent nodded. "Good. I'm told your companions this evening are especially attractive. Enjoy yourselves."

With a grin, Harry asked, "Is that an order, Ma'am?" Mikki, Jodi and Smitty laughed in reply and ushered the agents out of the shop.

"Smitty, this is my friend, Jodi Spearman. She has agreed to be the other woman in our film."

"Pleased to meet you, Jodi. Has Mikki told you anything about the film we're about to make?" Jodi looked at Mikki, and shook her head. "She told me she wants to keep your identity secret until the end, so you and I will be wearing masks throughout most of the filming.

"Mikki, you said you wanted to start by performing oral on the two of us, and end up getting fucked by both of us. Do you want Jodi to use a strap on, or just a hand held dildo?"

"Oh! I, uh, hadn't really thought about that. What do you think Jodi?"

"Unh, I think if it was me, I'd choose the strap on, or maybe a double ended one, if it's available," she replied, looking at Smitty.

"Yeah, I have a selection of those. No problem. Now, Jodi, besides being eaten by Mikki, and fucking her, do you have any limits on your participation? Are you willing to let me fuck you? Do you do anal? If Mikki uses the dildo on you, are you up for a dp experience?"

Jodi's stomach fluttered. Although she went by Mrs, she was and always had been single. She hadn't been with a man since the second semester of her sophomore year in college, and with only a few women since then. "Uh, as long as you take the time to prepare me properly, yes to all the above. When Mikki asked me to help her, I decided I wouldn't put up any limits. Maybe I should have thought it through a little more," she replied with a nervous laugh.

Smitty smiled at her. "Don't worry; we want this to be enjoyable for everyone. The plot is that Mikki has come for an audition. You, Jodi, are my assistant, to be called on for help as needed. We all start out clothed, but you two will go commando and braless. Questions?"

"The masks," Mikki said.

"I'll bring Jodi's to your dressing room as soon as I get mine on. Let's go down now, and I'll show you to the dressing room." Smitty led them to the elevator, and then to the women's dressing room.

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