tagRomanceThe Tales of Ariel Brody Ch. 02

The Tales of Ariel Brody Ch. 02


Everybody's old enough, foxy enough, you're better off reading Chapter 1 first, blah blah...


William Brody was passed out on the sofa. It's funny how, with a very little experience, you can get to recognize the difference between asleep and passed out. I felt a little heartsick because he'd been doing so well the past few weeks. I could see that he'd had enough of a snootful this time that I'd have to help him to bed; William Brody's my Dad. He works for an advertising novelty firm which is the current rung on the ladder he's working his way down.

I'm Ariel Brody and I'm not quite sure how to describe myself. I'm a high school student who's studying to get into Cornell Veterinary School. I'm also the part-time administrative assistant to Frank Wright. His thoroughbred breeding and racing operation is ranked as being in the top twenty in the country. I got the job with Frank after having been referred by David Knowles.

Now we get to the hard part; how to describe my relationship with David. To say that he's my sixty-one year-old lover would only be partially accurate. I guess you could say that he's my Sugar Daddy were it not for the fact that he doesn't give me any money. He probably will be giving me some money if I get into Cornell, though. The deal we have is that if I can get into Cornell on my own merits he'll pick up the tab for tuition and fees.

Actually, that's just part of the deal. The whole deal was that in return for getting me the job with Frank's Gateway Farms and paying my way through college and vet school I was to agree not to turn any tricks. Not that I had even the slightest desire or inclination to be a prostitute, it's just that that was how we met. He was staying at the Hyatt in D.C. and I was the hooker who was sent up to his room in response to his call. I'd only been a hooker for twenty seven hours and David was only my third customer, but that's how we met.

Dad had drunk our rent and our landlord had suggested that I could partially pay that month's rent by rendering 'other services' for him. I agreed and he became the first of my three clients. Facing the reality which I had thus created, I decided that selling myself in the Hyatt would be far more remunerative that servicing Mr. Patalounis the landlord. Hence came David; several times as I remember!

Dad's timing could have been better. Howard, David's driver, was waiting outside to take me to National Airport so I could fly to Lexington for my weekend job at Gateway. David wasn't flying down with us, but he was meeting me at the farm.

I called Howard in and between the two of us we got Dad into bed. I left him a note telling him what to eat for the weekend and left. One of the nice things about having money, or at least about David's having money, can be found in airports. If I had booked myself to Lexington Kentucky I would have had to get to the airport at least two hours before the flight, schlep my bags through painfully long lines so I could pay for the right to be abused by a staff of ignorant security paranoids who feel threatened by the steel shanks in my Sketchers and whose cumulative IQs don't add up to the numerical size of those sketchers; only to be told at the gate that even though the plane wasn't scheduled to depart for another twenty-five minutes they had a policy not to board anyone in the last thirty minutes. Have a nice day!

Howard drove me to the general aviation side of the airport, drove the Lincoln right up to David's Cessna Citation where he put my luggage and me aboard, and then put the Lincoln in the hanger the Cessna had just left. He made sure I was securely buckled in, strapped himself in too, and took off. Nobody cared if we were an hour early or late, or that my key chain ornament was one of the world's smallest switchblades at 1½ inches. Nobody asked Howard about the 9MM Beretta in his armpit for which he had carry permits in Virginia, D.C., and Kentucky. In short it was hassle free travel.

After we landed in Lexington it was my turn to drive. One of the perks of my job was the use of a loaded Hummer H2. Howard got the bags from the Cessna, threw them in the back of the car and got in the passenger side. He knew better than to try to drive. The H2 was my baby!

I dropped Howard off at the bungalow he always used before I headed to the clinic to check on a yearling filly with a viral infection I was very concerned about.

I was taking a break behind the clinic watching the horses in the paddocks when someone came up behind me and reached around to unbuckle my jeans. I smiled to myself. "Whoever you are, you'd better perform really well if you're going to throw me behind schedule!"

David pulled my tank top and bra over my head and started to kiss the back of my neck while his hand went into my pants.

"Not much privacy here big boy!"

"Ask me if I care."

"Just for the record, are you trying to seduce me or is this a rape?"

"You pick, and by the way; ask me if I care." I was rapidly getting to the point where I didn't care either. I unbuckled his pants and pushed them to the ground as I pulled him on top of and into me.

After we were done David hiked himself up on one elbow. "Interesting odor."

"That's because you made love to me while I was lying on top of a pile of horseshit. You're going to have to hose me down before I can get dressed.

"Well we'd better get to it if we're going to be on time for dinner."

I gathered my clothes and let David carry them as I strutted ahead of him to the wash rack on the end of the building. I knew I looked good naked. As he was hosing me down with the warm water hose we used for bathing the horses, Kathleen Wright came around the corner. She smiled at us but never broke stride. "No David, this wash rack is for horses. Horses are the four legged ones. Your grandniece only has two legs that I can see; nice ones, I might add." At the dinner where I first met the Wrights, I had been introduced to them as his grandniece.

Dinner was delightful. Frank and I went through the list of horses, comparing notes as to what course of action was advisable for each animal. David flirted with Kathleen who was wearing a scrumptious lime green translucent dress which left almost nothing to the imagination. I couldn't imagine how any of the three of us could keep our hands off that abundant figure. She stood up. "It's a beautiful evening. Cordials and desert will be served poolside everyone."

Kathleen usually allowed me one after dinner drink with the 'grown-ups' and I did have a taste for Grand Marnier. Frank was the only one who succumbed to a piece of Sacher Torte. Mostly we were just relaxing after a satisfying day. Conversation was at a minimum so it startled me when Kathleen spoke. "Well I can't take it any longer. The water just looks too tempting. Avert your eyes if you must, but I'm going in." With that she slipped out of her dress, kicked off her shoes, and having nothing left to take off, dove in.

I wanted to join her, but my gut told me that Frank would be embarrassed having a naked teenage girl in his pool. It would sort of rub his nose in David's and my affaire. So I stripped down to my underwear and dove in wearing bra and panties. I guess even that was too much for Frank as he bade everyone goodnight.

David came over to me at the edge of the pool. "I want to get up in time to watch the babies work at five thirty so I think I'll turn in too." I reached up and laced my fingers around his neck. That he was able to stand up with me hanging on him was impressive. I wrapped my legs around him and kissed him hard and wet. I could feel his hands in my panties squeezing my ass as we kissed. I guess he figured Kathleen was okay with just about anything.

"All right if I swim for a while before I wake you up to sexually assault you?" I bit his lip.

"Sure, but we'll have to see who assaults whom!" He walked back toward the bungalow.

Kathleen had gotten out of the pool and was at the poolside bar making herself a drink. I called back toward her. "I know I've already had my evening ration, but I'd love another GM."

"I'm way ahead of you Ariel." She was headed back toward me with two glasses and the GM bottle.

I sat on one of the chaises. "I feel clammy sitting in wet underwear. Do you mind?" I took off my bra and panties.

"Strip away! I loved how you looked in the wash rack." She poured the two drinks, handed one to me and sat on the other chaise. "I know he's the most charming man I've ever met, but how did sixty-one year old David wind up with someone who's six months one side or the other of the line that defines jailbait?" She leaned toward me with her glass. "Cheers!"

I clinked glasses with her and downed my two fingers in one gulp. "We got together because he is charming and opposites attract?"

"Don't fish for complements." She reached for the bottle and poured for us both.

It took a few minutes for me to compose a real answer to her question and she gave them to me, apparently contemplating her glass of booze. "I guess I got lucky. My Dad and I had a severe case of the shorts, and little Miss Take Charge here decides that prostitution was the solution to our short term money problems. I got lucky because twenty seven hours into my new career my third client turned out to be David. We talked, we had sex, we talked, and then we made love. He told me I was through with hooking and I was. He told me I was going to work here weekends and I am. He told me that the addition of my experience here to my application would help get me into Cornell. I don't know if it was that which did the trick or not, but I got my acceptance letter on Thursday. I'm sure that there must be a statistic somewhere saying that the odds are about a million to one against us lasting any length of time, but we enjoy being around each other." I poured for us both.

"Cool. Who knows, maybe it'll last awhile." She turned toward me. "So this all happened the night of the dinner at the Cuthbert's when Frank and I first met you?"

"Yep. I've known David about five hours longer than I've known you."

She was back to contemplating her glass. "After a while, do you get the feeling you're I-Ving pure sugar when you drink this stuff?"

I had put the bottle down on the side of my chaise away from Kathleen, so she had to lean across me to reach it. I couldn't help myself, I squeezed her breast. She immediately flipped over so she was on her back in my lap. My hand ran up and down her body as she pulled my face down to kiss her. The kiss went on for a long time as our hands explored each other. Then she pulled away. "I guess if we expect men to follow rules, then we should too."

"I beg your pardon?"

"If you want to continue this sometime, hit on me when you haven't had a quarter bottle of Grand Marnier. We respect guys who take the amount of alcohol the girl's had into account, so I guess I should be just as noble." She sighed. "I was enjoying your kiss, though."

I stretched and purred. "You have succeeded in starting my motor. I may just take you up on your invitation some time." I started to walk naked down the lane to the bungalows. I tossed over my shoulder, "In the meantime, I think it's time to rape David. Goodnight!"

"Somehow I don't think he'll resist too hard. Goodnight Ariel."

When I got to the bungalow David was sound asleep. I crawled under the sheet and took his penis in my mouth. As it began to get hard, David started to wake up. Funny how that happens! He reached over, grabbed my hips and pulled me on top of him. As he kissed everything from my inner thighs to my lower belly his hands stroked my body so lightly it bordered on being ticklish. My nerve endings were cranked up to the point where even the slightest touch had a powerful effect on me. He was rubbing his nose against my clit and I could feel how wet I was. I knew I had come at least twice. I had never let anyone cum in my mouth before but I was determined for that to happen now. When he started to explode I could feel a simultaneous paroxysm in myself. I think I screamed.

I glanced over at the clock and saw it was almost five AM. "Sir, it's almost five o'clock. Time for your shower if you want to watch the babies work."

"I'm not sure I can walk to the shower much less soap myself. That was something!"

"I kinda liked it myself. In fact, even though I'm mostly convinced that the difference in our ages will do us in; right this minute I'm in love with you. I know I love your cock!

I'll tell you what; if you can handle the walking, I'll handle the soaping. Besides, I don't want Kathleen to think I'd fucked you into unconsciousness."

He groaned, but he got up and started toward the shower. "I'm sticky. You are one juicy wench!"

I ran up behind him and bit his ass. "Just an expression of my passion for you m'dear, you make me wet."

We showered and went out to the horses. The ones we were watching were yearlings and they were going through the process most people referred to as 'breaking'. Up to this point all the babies' time had been devoted to play. Now they were embarking on their new careers as racehorses. Now they still played most of the day, only now some of the games were those chosen by their human companions. To a horse each new experience must be approached with caution. Being led to the left when their natural inclination might be to go to the right would often be viewed with trepidation. A blanket on one's back can be scary to an animal that's never had one.

David whispered in my ear. "Want to go riding this afternoon?"

"Are you asking me to ride a horse or ride you?"

"Both would be fine with me, but I was thinking of riding horses out to a spot I know by the river. Then I get to ride you, or vice versa."

"Sounds great."

The weekend was great. I accomplished a lot, I learned a lot, and I screwed a lot. What could be better?

When I got to my front door back in D.C. I was surprised to find that it was unlocked. I went in. "Daddy, are you here?"

"In the kitchen, Ariel."

I dropped my bags and went into the kitchen. "Why aren't you at work? Aren't you feeling well?"

"I'm fine, I'll be a little late but I'll leave in a minute. Ariel, who's Luis?"

My heart stopped. Luis is the concierge at the Hyatt that pimped for me on two tricks of my brief sojourn into prostitution. "He's a guy I used to talk to once in a while, but I decided that he was a creep. I haven't talked to him in ages."

"Well he's called twice this weekend and he does give me the creeps. The first time he just left a message with his number. The second time he told me that it was in my best interests to make sure you returned his call. It sounded like he was trying to threaten me."

I faked a laugh. "That little creep won't take no for an answer, will he? Well I know how to make him go away. He's married and he's more afraid of her than just about anything else." I went for my bags. "Don't worry Daddy; I'll take care of Mister Rojas!"

I decided that a physical confrontation would be more to my advantage than having it out over the phone, so I went straight to the Hyatt.

I marched right up to the concierge station and got angry. "How dare you call my father and threaten..."

"Hold on Miss Tough Guy! All I wanted was to know when to set up the appointment for you and Mr. Bennett?"

"Are you completely brain dead? I don't trick anymore! I wouldn't..."

"Boy you're awfully excitable today. You din't let me finish. Mr. Bennett's not a John; he's from D. C. Children's Welfare Services."

My jaw dropped. I didn't know what to say or feel.

"I guess that shut you up, huh Missy? Anyway, how's four o'clock sound? I know how you don' like appointments before four on a school day!"

"Why do I want to meet with this person?"

"Well you know, it's for your own protection. You know, teenage hooker, no visible mother, alcoholic father; sounds like 'lack of proper supervision' to me! I 'spect they'll make you a ward of the District after they take you away from that drunken father! They probably won't like any unsupervised trips to Kentucky, either. Is that called interstate tricking? I dunno."

"They can't prove a thing."

"Really? I dunno; I think they can prove your father's a drunk. I think they'll be able to induce me to testify that you worked this hotel on two occasions. I din't want to make extra work for housekeeping those days so I saved the cum-stained sheets from Room 483 and Suite 1204. I bet they know how to do a DNA somethin' to prove that Miss Ariel Brody was being boinked by Mr. Arthur Collins in 483 and by Mr. David Knowles in 1204. Oh, and those two guys can kiss their asses goodbye. I don't know if its statutory rape or child molestation or whatever, but they better kiss their wives along with their asses, 'cause the only kisses they're gonna be getting' are from guys named Bruno."

"But I'm eighteen!"

"True, but the publicity can't do either one of them any good. Oh Hell, I'm sure a prosecutor can come with something to charge 'em with. Your Dad'll probably be mad too, don't you think>"

I was numb. "What do you want?"

Luis smiled his most lecherous smile. "To be friends, tha's all. You're gonna be my good friend. 'S a matter of fact you're gonna be in my stable. You're going to trick for me when I want and where I want. Tha's all! Oh, and you can forget about 'a free sample after four referrals' shit! I fuck you whenever I want. As a matter of fact, I want now! Let's go upstairs."

I didn't say a word. I followed Luis. My whole life was in tatters. Even while he was on top of me, thrusting away, I was only half aware of him. I just saw everything I wanted, everything I valued, drifting away. The Gateway, Cornell, David, all gone.

It wasn't enough that I come to the Hyatt when he had someone lined up. He had me show up after school whether he had someone scheduled or not. Yesterday he took me back to the 'just in case' room that the hotel employees used for themselves. He made me give him a blowjob and then sent me home while he was muttering about 'wasting a night with no income'. Tonight though... Tonight he had no appointment scheduled so he dressed me in satin hot pants and a halter top. Made me wear a pair of 5 inch tall 'fuck-me' pumps and sent me out to street walk Vermont Avenue. I was convinced that someone I knew would see me, but I found I didn't care anymore.

I was in some guy's parked Toyota going down on him for $50 when there was a rap on the driver's window. "Don't stop bitch." The guy rolled down his window. "What the fuck do you want; can't you see I'm busy?" I could only see the pants and belt of the man outside the car but when he said, "Excuse me sir." I recognized Howard's voice.

"Excuse me sir. I recognize that this is a delicate moment, but my employer sent me to ask you if you'd like to have $300?"


"My employer desires this young lady but realizes you have paid for her services. You can either finish what you're doing, whereupon my employer shall hire her; or you can stop her now and receive the $300. My employer hates to wait."

The guy grabbed me by the hair. "Cool it bitch. Some asshole just threw away $300 to stop me from shooting my wad in your face." He turned to Howard. "You can have her, but your employer just wasted a lot of money on a slut who's not even very good."

Howard led me back to the Lincoln. I got in the jump seat and was surprised how in control I was, considering this was the first time I'd seen David since I'd gotten home. He just looked at me without speaking.

I shrugged my shoulders and got down on my knees in front of him and started unzipping his fly.

"Stop that." His voice was level, calm and controlled.

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