tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Tales of the Silver Wind Pt. 02

The Tales of the Silver Wind Pt. 02


The cargo bay hatch groaned as it lowered. Searing heat flooded the compartment. Sebastian's green eyes stared out as the wind swept the granules into the air. His plasma rifle sat snugly against his back. He knew it wouldn't do much if they encountered one of the deadliest creatures he had ever fought against. Not when it took five of his soldiers to kill the smallest of the breed. However, his people were scattered to the wind, and the only one that could match his speed if not strength was Akasha. Their exoplating nullified most of the plasmas power, and lasers pistols would only annoy it. The only sure way kill one of those enormous creatures was slipping a blade between the spaces of their exoskeleton.

"Step where I step, don't not wonder off, I rather not fight a Drader," Sebastian warned sternly.

"What's a Drader?" Adriana asked watching the relic from the past step off the ship.

"You know what a spider looks like yes?" Sebastian asked looking begin him.

"Yes," Amanda shivered she hated those things. It was why she took up a life in space. Where spiders were nowhere to be seen.

"Well, just think of these as really, really large spiders. Where the largest of the species the Ahastic - are about half the height of the rear end of this ship, if not as wide," Sebastian said matter-of-fact.

"Just how do you know this?" Richard sneered. His hand inching down toward his knife eager to plant into Sebastian's spine. That was until Akasha took hold of his wrist.

"You lay a hand on him and I'll kill you!"Akasha growled menacingly as she held Richard against the wall of the cargo bay.

"Down Akasha! No one, is going to kill anyone, isn't that right Richard?" Lulu asked pushing the two of them apart.

"The thought did cross my mind," Richard spat. He never did like the Candary. He didn't like Akasha either for that matter.

"Then you can stay on the ship while we're gone," Lulu commanded. She wondered if it was time to cut her losses with Richard. As of late, he was becoming more of a problem then he was worth. Yet she worried about losing the only good, reasonable doctor in the quadrant. If they were supposed to meet up with the Candary ship within a week, Lulu knew she couldn't have Richard attacking Sebastian. Not after what she had just learned about him. She didn't think that would end well. She didn't need the entire Candraian Empire out for blood.

"Let him try Captain," Sebastian said offhandedly, "As to how I know all this, well that's because an Ahastic borrowed beneath the field camp we had set up. When we were fighting the Polorians on this planet, it killed ten of my soldiers and wounded another twenty. Mind you, these were the best of the best in the Imperialist. When I said don't leave my tracks, that's to keep you and I from becoming dinner," Sebastian said looking at Adriana.

"Still I like to see one," Adriana said quizzically. Everyone gathered around Sebastian as he bent down to fetch a small pebble. His green eyes scanned the horizon looking for any slight movement just above the surface. Fifty yards northwest from their position. Noticing how the sand shifted ever so slightly. It wasn't from the wind, nor was it by the small lizards that live just beneath the surface to escape the sun.

"There's one right there," Sebastian said pointing towards the spot, "Now, don't look away, it's only going to appear for a few seconds," he said before tossing the pebble. Amanda fainted as the behemoth erupted from it's hole. Adriana stared in awe of the creature. Lulu made note of not straying from the path. Akasha stared at her future mate in wonder. Knowing if he could survive against such a beast. Then she pondered just how strong their children would be. "Well, it would appear our Doctor won't be joining us," Sebastian said looking down at Amanda.

"Richard, why don't you take Amanda to your cabin, and mind the ship while we're gone," Lulu said placing Amanda into her husband's arms. She didn't particularly care for the look he gave her. "Stow the attitude Richard, or you can find yourself out of a job," Lulu whispered sternly. She wasn't one to be pushed around. Not by her own crew mate, she was a pirate after all. She wasn't apprehensive on killing Richard if she had to. In her world you didn't allow anyone to walk over you, that would only show weakness. Weakness. Would only get you killed in her world. One which she was determined to rule. "Now, Sebastian lead the way to this village."

An hour under that blazing sun they walked. Lulu, Nathan and Adriana were panting heavily in the heat. While Akasha and Sebastian seemed at ease in the sizzling heat. How Lulu loathed Sebastian as he stood on that dune, his blond hair swaying in the breeze without a drop of sweat on him. Yet her shirt was beginning to show a very revealing outline of her breasts.

"Sebastian, how much longer?" Lulu groaned as she unscrewed the lid of her canteen.

"We're already there," Sebastian said pointing towards the hidden trail that led to the Bastiel tribes village. He was very found of those seclusive people. When the Polorians invaded their planet. It was with their help that they were able to drive them off. Due to their use and knowledge of all the secret passageways that cut through the mountains. Also, how their warriors fought along side them during those hair raising battles. However, much of those bloody years were, Sebastian couldn't help but think of them as his brothers. He just hoped someone from that time was still alive. If not then this was going to be a very short trip. Holding up his hand when they reached the entrance to the trail. It wasn't wise to go unannounced.

Folding his hands together, pressing his thumbs together leaving a slight gap. Bringing it to his lips. Blowing out a slow, long, shrill whistle of the tribes friendly signal. Sebastian heard the others shifting behind him as a chorus answered him. Repeating the signal adding a slight variation to it. Telling them he was an old friend and in need to see the chief.

"Sebastian, how long will this take?" Akasha asked low looking around for any sign of movement.

"Not long, they already knew we were here when we landed. Since the war they don't get many visitors. They do like their solitude," Sebastian said eyeing the cliff walls. Seeing every sentry they had set up given his past experience with the ways of their tribe. "Whatever you do, don't say a word. To them you are an invader, regardless that you travel with me. To them you haven't earned the honor of speaking," Sebastian said matter-of-fact. His hand twitched as it hovered over the handle of his plasma pistol. His eyes narrowing at the dust cloud that approached them. "Whatever happens, don't draw your weapons. That will only guarantee our deaths," Sebastian said blowing out a breath moving his hand away from his weapon.

Sebastian tilted his head to the side. As the flamboyant head dress of the chief could be seen. He never knew the leader to be so rushed, yet that was over a hundred years ago. Sebastian didn't know how long Bastians lived for. That never came up when they were in the fox holes. A twinge of sadness flooded his mind. When it wasn't the chief he had fought along side of, yet that blue face of the new chief did look familiar to him. Sebastian groaned as the eight foot tall, blue skinned bear of a chief hoisted Sebastian off the ground in a massive bear hug.

"My old friend!" The chief spoke in strange pops and clicks. "I thought I and my people would never see you again. After you and father slew that villainous cur!"

"Tobaston! Is that you?" Sebastian asked whizzing as he struggled to breathe, looking up at the old chieftain's son.

"Aye old friend it is I. Though the last we saw of one another I was but a babe and you a grown man. Still it seems you haven't aged one bit since," Tobaston chuckled slapping Sebastian's shoulder. "So tell me why have you come? You know we don't like visitors no matter how honored they are among us."

"We," Sebastian said pointing towards those behind him. "Need some of the water," he said pointing to the peak of the mountain that over looked the village, "That lies up there, I know how sacred it is to you. However, there is a planet in trouble that is in need of that special water. If you would allow us to fetch it, you have my word we won't disturb your holy place." Sebastian watched as Tobaston stroked his hairy chin as he pondered his request.

"Sebastian, what did you say?" Lulu asked wishing they had brought their translator.

"He's deciding whether or not to honor my request," Sebastian said over his shoulder.

"If he doesn't?" Lulu asked looking at the strange being. She wondered if she could just fly to the peak on the mule in the dead of night and just take it.

"Then we leave and the people of Randor will need to find a new home," Sebastian said plainly.

"What if we just sneak up..." Lulu's voice grew still in her throat as Sebastian peered back at her. The burning anger she saw in those green eyes unnerved her to her core.

"I would kill you before you even tried," Sebastian said darkly. "To steal from my friends... I'd rather rot here then be apart of that ship, am I clear?!" he growled low.

"Crystal," Lulu said taking a dry swallow.

"Good," Sebastian said coldly. Sebastian watched as Tobaston walked back towards him after he had conversed with the tribes elders.

"Only you may take the water, however, the way is hard for one not of our people. If you accept then you must leave your gear other than the container for the sacred water," Tobaston said with the authority of the chief.

"I understand. Will you have someone escort them back to our ship to wait for my return?" Sebastian asked as his backpack dropped to the ground, his plasma rifle, along with his pistol soon followed after. Leaving him only his knife to defend himself should he encounter anything on that mountain.

"Sebastian?" Akasha asked worryingly.

"Akasha, see that my stuff finds it's way back to the ship."

"Of course, but what's going on, what did he say?" Akasha asked as he clipped two empty canteens to his belt as he turned around.

"They have agreed, however only I am allowed to go," Sebastian said braising himself as she threw her arms around him. "It'll be fine Akasha, I should be back within two days," he said rubbing her back.

"You sure you can do this Sebastian?" Lulu asked skeptically.

"Sure, it shouldn't be a problem. This isn't the hard part yet," Sebastian said lightly, kissing Akasha goodbye. Lulu wrapped her hand around Akasha's as they watched Sebastian disappear around the bend of the trail.

"Come on Akasha, we need to have the ship ready for when Sebastian when he gets back," Lulu said tugging on her hand. Their escort wasn't the talkative type which was fine with Lulu. She didn't want to know what the person had to say. Her mind was too focused on the task at hand and the fate of her engineer. Thanking the man as they reached her ship, opening the hidden control panel lowering the hatch as her red hued eyes fell upon that lone mountain. She pondered if Sebastian could truly do it. Yet she wasn't about to cross him, at least not yet. Lulu knew that would only led to her very quick death. One which she was dead set on not experiencing any time soon.

"Here, let me help with that," Lulu said taking Sebastian's backpack from Akasha. She needed to talk with Akasha alone.

"Where's Sebastian?" Amanda asked from the walkway above them.

"The inhabitants would only allow Sebastian to go alone. So he's going mountain climbing," Nathan sighed glad to escape the heat of the dessert. Stranding in front of the life support vent as the cool air dried off his sweat.

"So you allowed this back water people to just push you around. If it was me I'd just kill them and take the water," Richard smirked evilly down at them as the hatch rose.

"Richard!" Amanda said shocked. She had tried to quell his attitude while they were gone. Yet it seemed to only anger him more. "You can't speak to the Captain like that. Do you want to get us thrown off this ship?!" Amanda had no wish to return back to her former life. She liked the Silver Wind. She enjoyed the people on board. Yet her husband was dead set on ruining everything. For months now they had been at odds with each other. In a drunken stupor he had told her of the indiscretion he had at one of the Star ports. Since then she had slept in the medical bay. She tried to make it work, yet she knew it was over.

"Would that be before or after Sebastian killed you with the same gun you once tried to use?" Akasha growled.

"Yes, do answer her Richard," Lulu said narrowing her eyes her hand inching towards the her own laser pistol.

"If I was..." Richard went crossed eyed as he stared at the smoking hole in his forehead. Lulu watched as his body fell toward tipping over the railing, flipping and tumbling before his body struck the metal floor.

"Nathan, see that piece of garbage is off of my ship," Lulu commanded. "I'm sorry Amanda, but it was him or me," she said nodding to Akasha.

"I know Lulu, he was planning to kill you the moment you got back," Amanda sighed hanging her head. "What's going to happen to me?"

"Do you still want to be this ship's doctor?" Lulu asked looking up at her.

"Of course, I love this crew," Amanda said her lip trembled hoping Lulu wasn't going to maroon her on that giant spider infested world.

"Then I see no reason you can't continue as our doctor," Lulu said smiling sweetly at Amanda. She knew there was no love lost if Richard died. Amanda had complained numerous times of her folly in marrying the man when she visited her cabin.

"Then I'll go prepare the medical bay should Sebastian need it," Amanda said nodding to Lulu. When she had examined Sebastian. Her test had her befuddled, she had to rerun them three times before she accepted the results. What she had learned from all that data, made Amanda wonder how well he could put those hard, sculpted muscles to use. Glancing down as Nathan dragged Richard's body towards the hatch. Amanda said goodbye to the life that could have been. If Richard hadn't been so pigheaded, obtuse, and condescending.

"Akasha," Lulu said as they entered the engine room, "So you have taken Sebastian as a mate?" she asked as she locked the door.

"Yes, I did," Akasha said laying his rifle along with his pistol on top of his footlocker. "I also know what you and he have been doing," she said glancing up, "I understand why you did it, and I'm okay if you need him from time to time."

"Really!" Lulu said in stun awe, "I was sure you would claw my eyes out or something," Lulu said placing Sebastian's pack on his hammock.

"If you wish I can do that too," Akasha teased cocking out her hip. Her brown leather pants becoming taut, detailing every curve of her lustrous posterior. Her thin linen shirt was slightly darker then her pale skin. Giving her the excuse to go without a bra during the trek through the dessert. Yet if you were brave enough or stupid you would be able to see the slight pink hue of her nipples showing through. However, Lulu knew every curve of Akasha's body.

"Umm... how about I make it up to you," Lulu smirked as she pulled Akasha towards the sonic shower.

"No, not here," Ahaska said taking hold of Lulu's hand. "Your cabin would be more suited for this."

"True it would, however, I'm sweaty and in need of someone to wash my back," Lulu said seductively. She didn't need to use the drug she had used on Sebastian to entice Akasha. She knew her friend well enough not to use such things. "Does Sebastian know how aroused you get when someone does this?" Lulu asked reaching behind Akasha's back, her feather light touch danced along her skin from the base of her tail down the three foot length to the patch of fur at the tip. Lulu smirked as a low rumbling purr emanated from Akasha's throat. She knew how Akasha enjoyed that. It was always in her peoples interest to know everything that would please their current partner.

"He might," Akasha said breathlessly, "It's a common trait among my people," she said her hands running down Lulu's chest. "If you keep that up you might feel something filling that mound of yours," Akasha said lustfully, her prehensile tail slipped between her legs. Akasha smiled wickedly at Lulu's gasp as her tail rubbed along her womanhood.

"I forgot that thing has a mind of it's own," Lulu stuttered as Akasha's tail rubbed along her clitoris.

"Shall I show you what else it can do?" Akasha asked her tongue ran over her fang as her nimble fingers slowly unbuttoned Lulu's shirt. She felt the coolness of Lulu's skin slowly heat as her fingertips softly ran up her stomach. "Why don't we lose this?" Akasha whispered her nose nuzzled Lulu's neck as her hands pushed Lulu's shirt off her shoulders.

"Yes," Lulu softly moaned as Akasha kissed along her neck. How she enjoyed the touch of a woman. The softness of their skin, their gentle touch, their slow ease into each others seduction. However, a woman could never truly fulfill the role of men, at least not for her. Though she did enjoy the time she spent with them nonetheless. "Now," Lulu said fighting for breath, "I can't be the only one standing here bare chested," she said her hand slipped beneath Akasha's waist band. Her fingers brushing along Akasha's pubic hair as she tugged her towards the shower.

"Oh, that is true Lulu, you can't be the only one standing here partially nude," Akasha cooed her thumb rolled along Lulu's light brown areola, enjoying Lulu's moan as it rubbed circles around her hardened bud. "Why don't you help me?" Lulu smirked knowing this wasn't how Akasha normally acted when they were together.

"Tell me Akasha this forcefulness? Is it because of Sebastian?" Lulu asked as tossing her shirt onto the table the women of the ship had placed there. To allow them a secluded place to feel like a woman so far removed from society. "Is this because you're his mate now?" Lulu asked her tongue flicking against her teeth as she cradled Akasha's left breast.

"Yes," Akasha said weakly, feeling her cheeks heat as Lulu caressed her heavenly orb.

"And you're okay with sharing Sebastian?" Lulu asked her breasts pressing against Akasha's. Her eyes glanced down to those lush lips she always enjoyed on her hot mound.

"Yes," Akasha answered as Lulu sneakily undid the buckle of her gun belt.

"I wonder what he would think if he saw us, I wonder," Lulu whispered hungrily before she claimed Akasha's lips as her own. Akasha's hips wiggled as Lulu pushed her pants off her hips. Her lips plucked sweetly at her pale skin as her fingers skimmed along those bright pink lips. Feeling Akasha shuddering as her middle finger disappeared within those sweet labia. Lulu slowly sank down her chest, savoring the sweet taste of Akasha's skin. Akasha gripped Lulu's shoulders to keep her upright as Lulu teased her secret entrance.

"Yes, Lulu, right there," Akasha moaned softly biting her lip as two of Lulu's fingers penetrated her canal. Thoughts of Sebastian sped through her mind as Lulu sucked gently on her right breast. Her thighs clenched as she rode Lulu's exploring fingers. Her tail whipped in excitement as she felt her approaching climax. Yet it wasn't Lulu she thought of between her legs, no, it was Sebastian. How she longed for the chance to lay beside him, to show him the ways of Candary mating.

"Akasha, come help me with these," Lulu said kicking her legs in the air as she sat on the table. They could never do it in the engine room when she hired Sebastian to her crew. Since then they had to sneak around to either her cabin or Akasha's. Now, however, she wondered if they could talk Sebastian into allowing them to put on a show for him every once in a while. Lulu was sure Sebastian had seen far more provocative things in his long life. Yet the thought of him watching made her mound begin to liquefy. "I think a certain place is excited to see you Akasha," Lulu purred spreading her lips open. Her sweet juices glistened in the blue-green light of the plasma injectors.

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