tagGroup SexThe Tape

The Tape


"What's taking you so long? And where are you?"

"I'm an hour away; it's the traffic, baby."

"One hour? Oh shit. I had told you yesterday that my husband's going out of station today morning and won't be back till tomorrow night. And now you say one hour."

"Sorry, baby. It's the traffic. Can't take any chances with this traffic."

"Shit! And I thought you would be here an hour ago. Been waiting for you."

"What are you doing besides waiting for me, honey?"

"I'm playing with my tits, that's what I'm doing."

"Playing? How's that?"

"I've worn a housedress and I've pulled it up all the way. That gives me access to my tits and cunt. I'm kneading my tits and pinching my nipples. Oh god, hurry, darling. My cunt is on fire."

"So is my cock. I just can't wait to shove this cock of mine inside you."

"That's not the way we do it."

"Yes, I know. First you are going to suck me; and then we are going into the sixty-nine. Then, I'm going to plough my cock right inside your cunt. And before I come, I'm going to pull out and fuck your tits and come all over it."

"I can't wait, darling. My nipples have erected almost an inch"

"Go get an cucumber or something like that and shove it in your cunt. Maybe the fire will temporarily subside."

"I'm going to do better than that. I've got a dildo to do that."

"Dildo? You did not tell me you had one when you spoke to me yesterday afternoon."

"A friend of mine gave it to me. And I couldn't tell you in presence of Deepak, could I?"

"Does he know?"

"Why should my husband not know? Yesterday night, he shoved it inside me while I sucked him off. I swear he finally got an erection that I could at least suck off! You know he can hardly get it up these days."

"Now I'm feeling jealous."

"Your fault. Hurry up now."

"Is Swati coming too?"

"You bet she is! She's coming straight from the school. She can't wait too, for you and to see and feel the dildo inside her cunt."

"Where's the dildo? Go get it."

"It's right here beside me on the sofa."

"How's it like?"

"Black. It's about seven and a half inches long, and I swear it's about two and a half inches in diameter. And it's got balls into which I can fill up a liquid that splashes out when I press the nuts."

"And what have you filled up now?"

"Warm milk. At least that looks like man juice."

"So it's better than my cock?"

"How can it be? It's a toy and does not have a life. Just hurry darling, I want to have your cock."

"Shove it inside your cunt now."

"Mmmm. Done. Oh god, it feels good. And I'm licking my nipple."

"That's why I like your tits. They are so big."

"Oh god, I can't hold back. I want to come"

"I'm really jealous now."

"Why don't you pull out your cock and beat off?"

"And get involved in a smash up? No way. I got the cell phone on mouth piece and ear plugs, but no way am I going to pull out my dick and get into a smash"

"Boy, the dildo feels so good in my pussy. Ahh... I think I'm going to come now."

"You are making me jealous. I wish I were there. I would drill your mouth with my cock and shove that dick into your cunt. Ah boy, I am getting hot."

"So park the car and jerk off, stupid. That way you will last longer when we fuck."

"I think I'm going to do exactly that. Keep fucking yourself with that fake dick and tell me about it. I've parked the car and have pulled out my dick. Oh god! It's got so big."

"Jerk off, darling. Let's come together. Right now I've got the dick drilling inside me, and oh god, its really fast. I've got one hand squeezing my nipple and I've lifted my tit up so I can lick it."

"Oh my god, this is hot! I'm jacking off now and wishing it was you doing it. After all your hand is just as hot and moist; I love it when you jack me off."

"Like the time I did under the dining table with everybody having dinner and no one realized it?"

"That's why I love you, baby. Oh god, my hand's going so fast, it seems like a blur."

"So is the dildo. Keep fucking your cock, honey. As fast as I'm fucking myself with this dick."

"I wish I had your cunt or mouth instead, baby."

"You are forgetting my tits."

"How can I? We have done that so many times and I still wish that's the thing we do all the time."

"I love it when you shove your cock between my tits. My god, when your balls hit my tits, I go crazy."

"Shove that dildo faster, baby. I am going to come any time now."

"Ahh, ahh, oh god, this feels good, but I still wish I'd rather have your cock inside me, oh god, oh god, it's just like you were fucking me, oh god, my cunt's all ready to erupt..."

"And so is my cock. I'm going to come in the rag I use to clean the car, oh fuck, oh god."

"No, no, fuck yourself and come in your hand, maybe I can lick it up when we meet. Oh god, here I come, hurry up baby, come with me, now, now!"

"Oh god, here it comes, oh go, its shooting all over and its reached up to the steering wheel, oh god, baby, that's drained me up."

"Ahh, ugghhh, oh god, oh god, fuck, fuck, oh god!"

"Jeeze, that was good, baby. You were right. I couldn't have driven with a raging hard on in my pants for an hour."

"Forty five minutes, honey. You better make it up. I'm waiting."

"I'm going to make it in half an hour, baby!"


She saw his car entering the compound from the balcony. She watched him park it directly below the building and saw him getting out.

He climbed the two flights of stairs, amazed that he was hard again. He knocked once and the door opened.

She caught hold of his arm and dragged him inside, kicking the door shut behind them. Her hands shook as she locked the door and she was kissing his mouth.

She shoved her tongue inside his mouth and her fingers fumbled for the zipper of his pants. She was still wearing her housedress; a one-piece flimsy garment held in place by a pair of equally flimsy straps. As they kissed, he caught the hem of the dress and was pulling it up. She wasn't wearing anything under it and so it was quicker for him to fondle her bare cunt before she could pull his cock out through the parting in his underwear.

She moaned in his mouth when she grabbed his throbbing cock, jerking on it furiously as his hand thrust into her cunt, pinching it and fondling it.

They did not part their mouths until his pants were around his ankles. He then stepped back walking out of his pants and underwear and pulled her housedress swiftly over her head even as she stripped off his shirt.

As always, his eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw her naked body. More than anything, it was the sight of her large, heavy and still firm tits that immediately sent a surge of blood pumping to his cock. There was a slight bulge at her belly; but that was only to be expected – she was the mother of a twelve-year-old daughter. But by the same comparison, her tits should have also been sagging albeit slightly considering she was in her early thirties. But, the tits had absolutely no sag whatsoever. It was as if they defied gravity. The nipples were brownish, about half an inch in diameter, almost as if complimenting the rest of her brown color.

She had good thighs: round and strong. Her legs were long; after all she was well over five seven. Her ass cheeks were round and firm. She had wide shoulders and in stark contrast, her waist was remarkably narrow.

Her face wasn't what one would call very beautiful. She had a rather large nose, a very full mouth with lush lips and she had a very wide forehead. The mop of hair on her head was dark and curly; and at the moment, they were all tousled up. That was understandable; she had been curled up on the sofa waiting for him, and as of less than an hour ago, she had been playing with that dildo.

He took her back into his arms, crushing his mouth against hers. Their kisses were always open mouthed and she liked to suck on his tongue a lot more than she liked for him to suck her tongue. He felt her marvelous tits mash against his naked chest, the nipples almost punching holes through his skin. He ground himself against her body, feeling his erect and throbbing dick squeeze between their bodies against her belly. She moved up and down, masturbating him over her belly.

His hands went around her back and slid down to cup her ass cheeks, pulling her closer. She did the same to him; only, she managed to wedge a hand between his legs from behind to brush her fingers against his balls.

Finally he did what he always liked to do and what she always anticipated. He brought his hands between their bodies and cupped her large tits, his palms trying to desperately cover the entire flesh, which was impossible. He kneaded them as she moaned again into his mouth, almost biting off his tongue in the process.

Unwillingly, he pulled his head off hers and kissed her ears before sliding his tongue down to kiss the hollow of her neck. Then, he was licking her shoulders feeling her shudder.

Quickly, she pulled him down to the floor along with her so that they were now lying on the carpet, he on her top, still squeezing her tits, pressing his dick against her belly. She opened her legs as wide as possible to accommodate him between them, reaching below to grasp his hard cock again in her hands.

Their mouths fused together, his hands kneading her tits while she fondled his cock; they twisted and squirmed on the floor. She groped for his hands and carried them to her mouth. After breaking away from the kiss, she began to lick at his palms and he remembered that she had promised to do this. His palms still smelt of his juice; the juice that had shot out of his cock while he had jerked off in the car during their conversation. She then sucked on his fingers, one by one, till all of them had been thoroughly sucked and were dripping with her saliva when he recaptured her tits.

His hands felt hot and slithery on her tits now and her body reared up in anticipation. She bent her legs at the knees and pushed her body up. He understood. He got on his fours on top of her, his legs and arms spread wide apart and still on the floor. This gave her enough room to manipulate her body under him.

The tip of his dangling swaying cock brushed against her belly, just above her cunt. She did some kind of a flop that had her body off the floor, supported only by her palms flat on the carpet as her heels were. She swayed her body from side to side and slowly began to slide down so that his cock head dragged over her navel, over the small bulge of her belly, through the lush valley between her tits till it was brushing her neck and chin.

He remained like that, hunched on his floor and surprisingly calm, because he knew what was coming next. Lower and lower her body went till his cock was now dangling over her face. He drew his buttocks back, as much as it was possible for him to do and looked down. She looked remarkably sexy, her tits separated from each other, eyes fixed on his throbbing cock.

She let his cock dangle over her nose and she breathed in deeply to take in the aroma that was musky with his pre-cum as well as with the copious amount of semen that had run back over it after he had jerked off in the car.

Then, with a soft cry, she swayed back down till the shaft was positioned right over her mouth. He watched the tip of her tongue flicking out of her mouth to lick the glans and he groaned.

She licked and licked the flesh till the saliva was running down over it back on to her face. She used one hand to push back the pulsating shaft and went for his balls, licking him there before taking them, one by one into her mouth.

He felt like his cock was on fire and the only way to at least temporarily cool it was the opening of her mouth. She complied wordlessly; for words were no longer required.

If he had thought that the pressure inside his balls would be relieved to some extent, he was wrong, because when she took the width and half of the length of his cock inside her mouth, he shuddered and the raging increased.

She raised and lowered her face, sucking on his cock with intensity. He began to assist her by thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth, fucking her face just as earnestly as she was trying to get it fucked.

Gradually, more and more of the length of his cock began disappearing into her mouth as she relaxed her throat muscles and accepted him inside of her and he began to feel like he was fucking her in her cunt.

Her tits jiggled during every down stroke, and finally, unable to take it any more, he rose to kneel with her between his legs, her head poking out from the front.

This time, he grabbed her luscious tits and keeping his legs clamped around her head, began to move to and fro, now that her face was directly in level with his cock. He rested back partially on her still bent knees and reached behind him. She moaned with his cock in her mouth when his fingers found her wet cunt. She was ready, wide open and wet and jerked her hips upward when he shoved two fingers inside her.

It was difficult to establish a rhythm in this position, but they managed it. Every time he would thrust his cock inside her mouth, he would shove his fingers inside her cunt; every time, he drew his cock out of her mouth till only the tip remained lodged inside, he would pull his fingers out.

In and out, to and fro, round and round, they went. Her mouth was oozing with saliva and large drops of them dribbled out of the corners of her mouth. It looked to him as if he had already come inside her mouth but he realized what exactly she was doing. This was just a preparation of the next step.

Sure enough, when he was wet, she drew her ass up the floor so that she was kneeling too. They kissed again and he tasted himself on her mouth as she sucked on his tongue. Then he lowered himself slightly and she pushed up higher.

No words were needed as placed his erect and wet cock between her lush tits. She seemed to be inflamed by the sight of his cock between her tits and she reached up to immediately push them together, trapping him there. Then, she leaned back.

He held her shoulders and began the movements that the two of them loved so much. Up and down, back and forth his saliva glistening cock moved in her cleavage. His movements rocked her body and she counter thrust; moving down when he shoved his cock up the tunnel and rising on the balls of her feet when his cock pulled back. She strained her head downward to see the action and he pulled away his belly so that she could. He saw her tongue snaking out of her mouth and quickly understood. When he next thrust up he paused to allow her tongue to flick over the glans and then drew back again. Next thrust and she was managing to have the tip of his cock in her mouth, giving the head a deep suck before letting go to allow him to pull back.

They were in the center of the room and except for the sound of the whirring ceiling fan above, the only other noises were those made by his wet cock traversing its way up and down the cleavage and his fingers slamming into her pussy; a kind of a slurping noise.

Despite of the ceiling fan the two were now sweating profusely. He could clearly see his sweat dripping off his body onto hers and now he stopped fucking her cunt with his fingers. Instead, he now managed to begin rubbing her clit, which was erect with desire. He heard her gasp when he began this exercise.

She was trying to get more of his cock into her mouth when it poked up from her cleavage. He looked around and spotted the sofa. It was the one on which she had fucked herself with the dildo. He could see a couple of pillows lying on it and suddenly he had an inspiration.

He began to walk towards the sofa, carrying her along, without interrupting the plunging movement of his cock in her tit valley. Understanding dawned on her and she eagerly complied, dragging herself along with him till she had her back against the sofa. He shoved the pillows with one hand behind and under her head and she instantly leaned back.

He varied the angle of his thrusts now, crouching slightly lower. She kept her mouth open and in this way, his cock kept entering her mouth whenever it thrust out from the top of her formidable tits.

The addition of the sweat had made the space between her tits extremely slippery and he was enjoying the tit fuck immensely. He began to plunge his fingers into her cunt again, occasionally rubbing her clit.

He knew that she had been right. If indeed he had not jerked off on the way, he would have spurted his come a long time ago. Having already ejaculated slightly over an hour ago, he managed to keep the come from boiling over.

Like all things, the tit fucking too had to end. He reached down and grabbing her arms, hauled her to her feet. She rose willingly, locking his mouth against his, this time, plunging her tongue into his mouth.

His hands gripped the tits that he had been fucking for so long. He pulled and twisted them, almost cruelly. Her hands went down to take his rigid cock back into her hands and she began to jerk on the shaft. He pushed her backward till she was lying on her back, sprawled over the sofa.

He pulled her legs apart and hoisted them over his shoulders. Her head lay where the backrest met the seat so that the lower part of her body was lifted up. He grabbed his cock and rubbed the tip up and down her slit till she was moaning with ecstasy.

Finally, lining up his cock, he jammed it inside her cunt, making her cry out and grip his back with her legs. He wormed his cock into her till it was completely inside and their pubic hair tangled into each other.

Then, he drew back slowly till the tip was inside her hot and clutching pussy. Again, he plunged forward, his cock buried up to the hilt. He bent down and as she opened her mouth to cry out, covered it with his own. His tongue filled her mouth just as his cock had filled up her pussy.

Finally, he began fucking her. In long steady strokes, he quickly settled into a nice rhythm. He matched his tongue, stroke for stroke and she gratefully accepted both.

Her arms went around his neck and she pulled him closer to her.

He speeded up just as gradually, his tongue doing the same inside her mouth. Her hands had gone down under them to fondle his swollen balls and he was kneading her tits as he stroked in and out of her.

Suddenly, in one swift movement, he had spun her around so that he was now lying on the sofa and she was astride him. He buried his face in her tits as she began to control the speed and angle of their fucking. He grabbed and squeezed her ass cheeks, pulling her harder and deeper towards him.

She socked it to him so hard, the sofa moved from its place. He hooked a small stool towards the sofa and rested his legs on them so that she could sit on them and move to and fro. He felt her cunt muscles grabbing his cock and beginning to milk him. He opened his mouth around one large tit and began sucking on it, kneading the other.

Soon, the strokes were becoming faster but not as deep as before and they instantaneously knew that they were on the verge of their climax.

Pulling her to him for one last time, his hips rose to meet hers and her finger clutched at his shoulders. She screamed out incoherently and he knew that she was coming. He speeded up, holding her in place, giving everything that he had.

When he began to grunt and groan, she slipped out from him and swiftly went down to her knees. His giant glistening cock was waving in the air and she captured it in her hands. Leaning down, she stuffed him in her mouth and began to suck on him.

She jerked hard on the length that protruded from her mouth and bobbed her head in time with the movements her hands made.

He held her ears and began to raise and lower his hips, feeding her his cock till he was groaning and muttering incoherently.

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