tagLoving WivesThe Tape Ch. 3

The Tape Ch. 3


On the third day the mail had been empty, just the usual assortment of junk. No tape from Anna. Tony had been very disappointed. He wasn't sure why, but he was. He didn't really know how he felt about all of this. There was his wonderful, and until now anyway, sweet little wife. Tony had suggested opening up their sex life for quite a while, but now that that had happened, he admitted to second thoughts about it. All this time thinking in his mind how exciting it would be to watch her with someone else, well, now that it had happened, he kept alternating between lust and anger, hate and jealousy. He just didn't know. Not that he could change it now he reasoned to himself. But still his feelings just kept running between open hostility to guilt to extreme lust and excitement. He really just didn't know what to think.

On the fourth day another tape arrived. This made tape number three. Tony had rushed home from work just in anticipation of what might be waiting for him. Not getting a new tape the day before had left his mind reeling. The thoughts of what Anna might be doing so far away, and without him were almost more than he could control.

Tony settled back on the sofa and hit the play button on the remote. The tape opened up with Anna sitting on the edge of the bed, dressed in a spaghetti strap red top and a long gray skirt. Tony thought she looked great. Anna began to talk into the camera…

"Hi baby. I hope you are doing OK. I miss you. I wonder if you've enjoyed the surprises I have sent you. You know, all those times that you've mentioned watching me with another man, or a threesome, I heard your comments; I just didn't really want to think about it. But out here, far away, those conversations were on my mind more than I realized. I decided to act upon them, and then I came up with the idea to video it as a way for you to watch, without you being here, cause I wasn't really sure if you could just sit and watch. I was afraid you'd get mad and get nasty with me or whomever I was with… I know you better than you will admit love."

"I confess, I was a bit nervous, and that's why I started with the tape of me playing with myself first, kind of a courage builder. But it has been exciting. I hope for you too. I do love you, more than I can say, and I miss you. This tape contains another surprise for you. If you can't take it, stop now, and don't worry about it. If you're as excited as I've been, then sit back and enjoy yourself."

With that, Anna blew the camera a kiss, and got off the bed. Tony debated on turning off the VCR. However before he did, the camera panned away from the bed, and an attractive redheaded woman, looking to be maybe 25 or so stepped in the picture looked at the camera and said "Hi Tony". Tony sat and watched. He was glued to the screen now. The woman was very attractive, quite shapely and was wearing an excellent looking gold satin top and a tight black skirt. As music began to fill the audio she began to dance. And she was quite a dancer Tony noticed. The music had a Latin beat to it, and the redhead moved to it in an exciting and sexy manner, but seemingly effortlessly. She swayed and tossed her long hair around in a circle, back and forth. As she danced she ran her hands over her body. Cupping and squeezing her breasts, sliding down her curves to her hips, then both hands in between her legs. Tony became aroused, and off went his pants to allow himself access to his hard dick. Then Anna stepped into the scene and the two women began to dance together.

As they danced, the touched each other, rubbing their breasts together, their hips, and finally their mouths locked in a kiss. They locked in a very passionate kiss indeed, and Tony could easily see tongues dancing around. He stroked himself with a grasp just hard enough to stimulate himself, but not hard enough to go overboard. He didn't want to get off yet. He admitted he was totally hooked on this show. The women began to undress each other. The first thing to go was Anna's top. She wasn't wearing a bra, and her tits, firm and tight looked perfect. The redhead leaned down and kissed them, one then the other. Then Anna helped the other woman by pulling off her top, she too wasn't wearing a bra. He tits were bigger than Anna's and they weren't quite as firm because of it, but her nipples were much bigger, and Tony found himself drawn to them just as Anna was, taking them into her hands and then kissing and running her tongue around them.

All the while, they both continued to move in some fashion to the music. The skirts came next, Anna's then the strangers. Both women were also with out panties, and now, except for high heels, completely naked. Tony laughed and commented that the heels were an "excellent" touch. The ladies moved toward the bed, kissing in passionate embraces as they did so. Hands running over each other.

When they climbed on the bed, Tony struggled to hold himself back. Just watching them kiss, the softness of two female lips meeting, it was like his greatest, most secret desire. They seemed to become one. The passion was clearly visible. They kissed and hugged, while hands roamed across their bodies. As Tony sat engrossed, his lovely little wife, a woman that no matter what she had done in the past, he knew she had never been with a woman, as he watched, she flowed like water being poured from a glass. She rose up and slid down the redhead's body, stopping to kiss and lick her tits. Sucking her big nipples into her mouth. Anna seemed to be trying to swallow the other woman's whole breast in to her mouth at once. The moaning from the redhead only heightened Tony's lust and desire to get off.

They both rose to their knees and faced each other, chest to chest as they started to kiss and hug. Then they dropped down on the bed, side by side in a classic 69 position. Anna rolled on to her back, head toward the camera, and the redhead climbed on top of her. The camera moved in for a close up of Anna licking the redhead. Tony wasn't surprised at the camera's motion; he knew the guy from the last video had to be around somewhere…

As he watched, the camera began to move toward the other end. Tony got an excellent view of the redhead sucking on Anna's pussy. He realized he was breathing hard, and pulling on himself more. As he tried to settle down, the camera backed away and re-zoomed in on Anna's face. She had her eyes closed, and seemed to be more than enjoying herself. Her tongue was rolling circles around the redhead's clit. Tony smiled at the realization that she was indeed a real redhead. Anna was working her over hard, and the other woman began to move her hips up and down a bit, telling Tony she was most likely close to getting off. Suddenly Anna turned away from what she was doing to look toward the camera, and speaking for the first time in quite awhile said "she's going to cum, you better do this now".

Tony heard a man's voice say "ok". Then the camera went still, and zoomed in on Anna's face as she moved her mouth back toward the redhead's clit. As Anna began to suck and lick on her, a male hand grasped the redhead's ass, and right before Tony's eyes, slid his cock into her. Anna was now on her back sucking and licking a woman's pussy while a cock, and a nice one at that he noticed, was doing a long deep slow fuck of the same pussy. The redhead let out a small moan, then a nice loud grunt and screamed as she climaxed. The man fucking her moved faster, gaining momentum until he was pounding her hard and fast. She continued to grunt and moan as her climax continued. Anna was furiously licking and sucking her clit, and at the same time, licking on the strangers shaft as he fucked the redhead. Suddenly the man let out his own grunts and grabbed his dick and as he withdrew from the other woman, and pulled it once or twice and began cumming. His creamy white load shot out and smacked Anna right in the face. She lifted her head as best she could and turned her face toward him. The man didn't waste any time, he directed his load down to her face.

She kept her eyes and mouth shut, but he was covering her in cum. As he finished, she opened up her eyes, and gave a semi disgusted look at him, then said something like "eughh". Tony wasn't sure exactly what she had said, but knew she hated it when he came on her face, and she had never swallowed his load.

The man started to laugh, and Anna joined him. Then the redhead, got up and turned around and the camera was perfectly positioned to see her begin to kiss Anna's face, and lick her face clean. Anna opened her mouth to her, and they kissed with the sticky residue on their lips. The man had left the picture, and the camera then backed away from the close up. 'What a sight' Tony thought to himself, 'two gorgeous women lying totally naked on top of each other kissing'. With that thought, Tony got off, blowing his load across the living room rug. And at the same time, the screen went dark, but Tony could hear his wife's playful laughter as the audio went out too.

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