The Target


Rutger approached the remote beach on his bicycle and he could see the sand dunes rising up ahead of him, he was almost naked except for a very skimpy pair of nylon shorts and as he cycled they revealed rather more than they covered, but of course that was why he wore them. A car park at the base of the dunes came into view and as he cycled across it he felt excitement building inside him at the prospect of walking naked along the open public beach hoping to see and be seen. Heading towards the cycle rack at the far end he passed a number of empty parked cars and smiled to himself at the thought of the potential targets waiting for him.

Before leaving his home in the nearby village he had popped a Viagra tablet in the hope that he might be able to maintain and show off his erection to an appreciative audience. Now, as he dismounted the bicycle the excitement was having an effect and his erect penis was clearly evident beneath the thin material of his tiny shorts. Glancing around him he slipped his thumbs under the tight waistband and with a sharp tug the Velcro strips holding the shorts together parted and the thin material fell to the ground leaving him naked except for a pair of sandals. His penis sprung free as it was released from the restriction of the shorts; at 10" fully erect it looked magnificent as he stood completely naked in the warm afternoon sun. Picking up the piece of cloth which up to a few seconds ago had been his shorts he folded it up and pushed it into a small saddle bag beneath the seat of his cycle.

He stood in the deserted car park and let the warm afternoon sun bathe his naked glistening body, completely shaven and covered in body lotion he looked magnificent, his firm muscles and erect penis tense with excitement at the prospect of naked exhibitionist fun. Taking hold of his penis he just couldn't resist stroking it and very slowly pulled back the tight foreskin to expose the sensitive almost purple head. He stopped stroking, something had caught his eye up in the dunes and as he glanced up he thought he saw a movement, not that it worried him he welcomed being seen and continued to stroke his penis for the benefit of his invisible audience.

He had been visiting this beach every afternoon for the past week, and he followed the same routine on each occasion. On the previous days he had walked naked amongst the dunes masturbating in view of the people on the beach, he was sure he had been seen at a distance particularly as he stood on the top of the dunes but he hadn't actually been close to or approached anyone. Today was going to be different; today he was looking for a target.

Rutger stopped stroking his penis, waved to the invisible voyeur on the dune and turned towards the path leading to the beach. But first he planned to climb to the top of one of the dunes to get a view of the beach and select his target or targets, and possibly get a sighting of the hidden voyeur who had been watching him in the car park.

For the past three days she had observed her target from a distance, he arrived at the same time each day scantily clad on a bicycle and each time he stripped naked in the car park showing off his firm bronzed body and impressive erect penis. She had watched him through her binoculars as he stroked his penis and pulled back the foreskin, this always made her moist between the thighs and it was all she could do to resist temptation and slip her fingers between her smooth moist lips. On the other occasions he hadn't seen her but for some reason today he had noticed something and appeared to put on a display just for her. She couldn't deny that she had enjoyed it and she soon became very aware of a damp patch in her tiny bikini bottoms. She wished she too was naked and could enjoy the freedom it would bring, but quickly reminded herself she wasn't here for pleasure and putting all such thoughts from her mind returned to watching the progress of her target. As his firm sexy buttocks disappeared from view she scrambled down from the dune and made her way to the car park, Rutgers bicycle was nearby and smiling to herself she walked over to it and retrieved a piece of nylon material from the cycle bag.

As Rutger approached the first dune he wandered off the path and climbed quickly to the top where he could see the whole of the beach and the other dunes around him. There were a few people nearby on the beach, most of them at the water's edge but he did notice that some lone sunbathers chose to stay close to the dunes. The beach was not clothing optional and although it was not unusual to see topless women no-one was completely naked other than himself, this excited him and his already erect penis visibly stiffened even more. He was certain he could be seen from where he stood and with the foreskin pulled back he felt even more exposed and on display, he so desperately wanted to masturbate in front of his audience but today he was saving himself.

He looked around towards the other dunes in the hope of seeing the voyeur but there was no-one, and then just as he was about to scramble back down to the path he noticed a young woman in a black bikini walking along the path from the car park, she had a bag over her shoulder and a black baseball cap shaded her eyes from the sun and his gaze. As he watched she approached the bottom of the dune and without warning removed her baseball cap and looked straight up at him, she was no more than 30 feet away and as she stared he could see a thin smile slowly spread across her beautiful face. He so wanted to stroke his erect penis as she watched but for some reason he couldn't, he just stood there glistening in the sun his penis beautifully erect and on display as she stared up at him.

For what seemed an eternity to Rutger they just stared at each other, her gaze fixed on him as he was so desperate to masturbate as she watched. Then without warning she turned her gaze from him and slowly made her way to the beach her long blond hair blowing in the wind and as he watched he couldn't help but notice her sexy little bottom moving beneath the thin material of her bikini bottom, he had found his target.

As she walked on to the beach she so desperately wanted to look back at him but dare not, he looked magnificent as he stood naked on the top of the dune, his penis erect and bobbing gently as the blood pumped into it. As she had stared up at him she was once again aware of her juices flowing between and down her legs, he must have noticed she thought to herself as she walked away. She just wanted to rip off her clothes and throw herself at his enormous erect penis, and then she remembered the strip of material in her bag which she had retrieved from his bicycle. She stopped and reached into her shoulder bag pulling out what had once been Rutgers shorts, she put the material up to her face and sensing the familiar scent of penis she almost succumbed to her basic instincts, but she kept on walking determined to concentrate on her mission.

Rutger watched her from the top of the dune as she reached into her shoulder bag and pulled something out. It looked like a piece of cloth and as she did so she raised it to her face and appeared to sniff at it. The cloth looked familiar and as he watched he felt pre-cum drip from the tip of his throbbing penis at the realisation of what she had just done.

She continued to walk down the beach parallel to the dunes for a further 200m, just enough to be out of sight of her target. Choosing a secluded place at the bottom of the dunes she laid out a towel from her shoulder bag and putting her hair into a pony tail pulled on her baseball cap and donned a pair of sunglasses before laying back in the warm sun to watch and wait.

Rutger waited until the girl was out of sight before scrambling down from the dune and making his way on to the beach, the Viagra was working well and his penis was still firmly erect as he wandered across the warm sand towards the water's edge approximately 100m away.

There were quite a number of people on the beach but the closest ones to Rutger were a group of 5 girls about 10m away. As he passed by them they must have seen him but they didn't react or even acknowledge the fact that he was naked, he found this a little strange but more so it was disappointing as he really wanted to show off to an audience. When he reached the water he turned to face the dunes and immediately saw a figure standing in exactly the same place he had been only a few minutes earlier. The figure was dressed in black bikini bottoms, white T shirt and wore a black baseball cap, she was staring out to sea and Rutger assumed she was watching him, so without any hesitation he took hold of his penis in his right hand and slowly started to stroke.

Laying on her side at the bottom of the dune she watched the naked man walked down the beach to the sea and as he stood with the water lapping at his feet he turned and once again she got a view of his magnificent penis, it was still erect and even at this distance she could see it clearly as he started to masturbate. He appeared to be putting on the display for someone else this time but she couldn't see who it was.

As Rutger masturbated, the figure on the dune turned and disappeared out of sight, much to his disappointment, and very reluctantly he stopped stroking his penis which was now dribbling even more pre-cum from the tip. He looked around to see if he could see where the girl in the black bikini had gone and in the distance he thought he could see here sunbathing at the bottom of one of the dunes. He was just about to turn and make his way towards her when out of the corner of his eye he noticed two people walking along the shore line towards him.

The girl in the white T shirt and black bikini bottoms had watched the naked man as he stood on top of the dune, unbeknown to him she had been sitting discreetly in one of the parked cars and had watched him as he arrived on his bicycle and divested himself of what little clothing he had. She had also watched with great amusement the girl in the black bikini remove the same item of clothing from his bicycle and take it with her. Now she watched him walking confidently down the beach towards the water, his firm sexy buttocks just beckoning to be touched and caressed. As he reached the water he turned and faced the dunes looking straight towards her, she wasn't sure but it seemed as if he was looking for an audience and when he saw her he started to stroke his erect penis. She was just about to move out of sight again when she saw 2 girls walking along the shore towards the naked man, she smiled to herself, it looked as if he was going to get his wish.

Rutger turned and watched the 2 bikini clad girls, they were staring at him intently as they approached and made no attempt to hide the fact that his penis was the focus of their attention. He couldn't resist temptation and as they watched he started to masturbate, slowly up and down his firm shaft showing off his glistening tip at each stroke. They stopped about 3m from him and watched as he slowly masturbated his hard magnificent penis for the whole world to see.

The small group who were sitting 50m away had now noticed what was going on and were moving in closer for a better view. Soon he was surrounded by 7 bikini clad females all watching him intently as he masturbated naked in front of them, not a word was spoken as they watched in silence, the only sound was from Rutger as his hand slid up and down his well lubricated shaft which was now covered completely in his pre-cum. He looked at each girl in turn as they watched him intently and in silence, but as he looked he noticed they were all wearing the same black bikinis and baseball caps, unfortunately for Rutger he was too intent on masturbating to his audience to realise the significance of what he was looking at.

He could feel the cum rising in his penis and he was clenching his buttocks ready for the first gush when the closest girl reached out, grasped his hand and stopped him stroking. She didn't say a word but just held his wrist firmly until he let go of his throbbing penis and then smiled as she and her friend turned and resumed their walk along the beach. Rutger was trembling, his audience had dispersed as if nothing had happened, it was his dream to be watched by so many girls but to be stopped on the point of orgasm was bizarre, his grand finale had been taken from him, it was as if it had never happened. He looked around him, there were at least 20 people on the beach close by, all girls and all dressed the same.

Rutger wasn't quite sure what was happening, the experience was beyond his wildest fantasies but for some reason there was something missing. He noticed that everyone around him on the beach was dressed the same, skimpy black bikinis and black baseball caps and then he realised what was missing there were no other men on the beach, he knew he should be disturbed but the excitement of being naked amongst all these women was clouding his judgement and his penis throbbed even more with anticipation.

In her place of relative seclusion at the bottom of the dunes she watched the naked man as the girls gathered around him, she so wished she could be there watching and perhaps playing too but she had to stay focussed for the end result. The girls eventually left him alone and she saw him standing there possibly feeling a little confused, but one thing was for sure, his penis was still firmly aroused and erect. After a short while he turned towards where she lay, this was her signal, she slipped her fingers into the waist band of her panties and in a second she had removed them exposing her smooth pussy lips, her clitoris excitedly pouting out between them. She then removed her bra releasing her firm breasts into the fresh sea air and then stood naked on her towel ensuring the target could see her, he did. Wearing only her black baseball hat and sunglasses, she lay back down, spread her legs slightly and waited.

Rutger looked around him searching for his target; he saw her standing naked at the edge of the dunes, she was looking in his direction and it was as if she was drawing him to her. As he slowly started to walk towards her she lay down again and he resumed stroking his penis, this was what he had been waiting for all afternoon. What he didn't notice was that he was being followed as he approached his target, all eyes were on him as 20 bikini clad girls watched and waited, this was what he had wanted all along. A solitary figure stood on top of the dune; if he had looked up he would have seen her watching him with a sadistic grin on her face.

She lay in anticipation as he approached watching him through her dark glasses knowing full well that his eyes were on her wet pussy, the temptation to slip her fingers between her lips and play with her clitoris was so great but for the sake of the mission she must resist.

Rutger was only a few feet away she appeared to be asleep, perfect he thought to himself, what he didn't realise was that she was watching his every move and so were 20 other girls behind him. He moved close and was now standing with his penis directly over her naked body; he was excited and began to masturbate his penis faster and faster. All he wanted to do was cover her naked body with the cum he had been saving all afternoon and it was all going to happen in the next few seconds. Clenching his buttocks and now standing between her spread legs he could feel his penis starting to throb, he was seconds away from spraying his cum all over her naked body.

From behind the sunglasses she watched him move between her legs, her pussy was aching with desire now and her juices were flowing as her swollen lips exposed her clitoris and the entrance to her vagina. She could see his buttocks clench and realised the inevitable was about to happen, in one swift move she slipped her hand behind her back and pulled out her ID badge.

"You're under arrest" she shouted.

But it was too late to stop the inevitable. Rutger froze in disbelief as his target held her police badge out in front of her, but no matter what was happening around him he knew he couldn't stop. He felt his penis start to twitch and pulsate, the cum was rising in him and then without warning unseen hands grabbed his arms and he was forced to release his penis. He felt handcuffs being snapped around his wrists and then the first jet of semen spurted from his penis; it was thick, white and hot as it hit the target, splashing on her naked breasts and tummy followed by more spurts which landed on her exposed pussy lips. Rutger was in seventh heaven, he had no control of his penis he couldn't stop cumming and he just continued to spurt his semen, the odd thing was that his target made no attempt to move as his hot juices splashed on to her naked body and no-one made any attempt to pull him away. As his orgasm finally stopped he looked around he was completely surrounded by bikini clad girls and all eyes were on his still erect penis as the last of his semen dripped onto his target's naked body, this was why he did it, but then he slowly realised, it was he who was the target.

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