tagGay MaleThe Target Ch. 02

The Target Ch. 02


Roman stared at Jackie in shock.

"Wait, what?"

Jackie held his gaze evenly.

"I'm not stupid, Roman. I know you've been following me. No one hangs around a restaurant without going inside, then just 'decides' to leave right when an employee, ahem, me, 'happens' to be leaving as well. Or just 'happens' to see said employee hobbling down the sidewalk and charms that employee into their Audi."

Roman could do nothing but stare dumbfounded at Jackie. But Jackie wasn't done.

"And that bio you had on me in your car pretty much sealed the deal."

Roman couldn't help putting his head in his hands. "Shit!" he exclaimed. "Fuck!"

Jackie sighed. "So then, when were you planning on doing it?"

Roman replied, "I don't know, just...shit!" he exclaimed again.

Jackie laughed. "Don't take this the wrong way, but you're not the stealthiest hitman I've ever encountered."

Roman raised his eyebrows in surprise. "There've been... others?"

Jackie nodded. "A lot of people want me dead."

"Why? What the hell did you do?" Roman couldn't help but blurt out. The thought of other people hunting down Jackie outraged him.

Jackie gave a despondent sigh that made Roman depressed. "I've killed the wrong kinds of people. Mobsters, gangbangers, so many of them. I've lost count. The underworld isn't so fond of me anymore." he laughed sorrowfully as Roman just stared at him, dumbstruck.

"Jackie... you... you're a..." he stammered.

He looked up at Roman. "Yes. I've been an assassin for the past five years."

Roman looked away. "Holy shit."

"I relocated over to this part of the city after another assassination attempt. I guess... I guess they found me." he hung his head and sighed again, but this time his lean shoulders shook in an unmistakable sign of sobbing.

Roman ran a hand up and down Jackie's back. "Don't, hey, don't cry."

Jackie looked up at him, tears streaming down his adorable boyish face. Roman felt like he had been hit by a train. Then, Jackie did something neither of them suspected.

He leaned for ward and wrapped his arms around Roman, sobbing into his shoulder. Roman's arms instinctively wrapped around his thin body.

"Shh. Don't, Jackie. Please don't." Roman tried his best to calm him.

Jackie looked up at him with eyes that could've swooned anyone, and for a moment, Roman wondered how someone this innocent looking could have been a killer. "Roman, I just want it to end. I can't walk around in my own home without feeling watched. I'm sick of living in fear. Please," he pulled a knife out of his sleeve and pressed the handle to Roman's hand. "Kill me."

Roman was taken aback. He threw the knife onto the coffee table, outraged. "No way, Jackie. No way in hell am I going to kill you. Not for anyone, not even yourself."

Jackie argued. "But you have to! You were hired to!"

Roman shook his head and cupped Jackie's face in one hand. "I don't care," he murmured as he lowered his lips to Jackie's.

Jackie gave a small cry of surprise. This turned Roman on even more. His tongue brushed lightly against Jackie's, and he reveled in the shivers that he felt run through him. He was just as turned on as Roman.

Jackie's hands felt along his chest, covered by a thin t-shirt. Each contact his fingertips made with Roman's abs sent shockwaves to his cock, now fully erect and straining to get out of his jeans.

Roman felt up Jackie's thigh and he was rewarded with a moan that clearly stated the intensity of Jackie's desire.

His probing hands soon met Jackie's hard member, clearly detectable beneath his suit pants.

Roman made quick work of undoing them and reaching inside. This earned another gasp from Jackie as they continued kissing.

He gripped the erection, maybe seven or so inches in size. His thumb swept around the head, which was leaking precum. Roman pulled it out of Jackie's pants.

Jackie broke the kiss and blushed, looking up at him. Roman gave a devilish grin as he started moving his hand up and down Jackie's length.

His moans of pleasure were almost enough to send him over the edge. Jackie's arms were hooked around his neck, and Roman could hear every lovely sound he made crystal-clear.

Soon, his noises grew even more frantic, and Roman knew Jackie was close. He jerked harder and faster until, finally, warm semen streamed from Jackie and he shuddered. Most of it had gotten onto Roman's shirt, but he didn't mind.

He took Jackie's face and kissed him again. "Feel better?" he asked, grinning wildly.

Jackie laughed softly. "Yes, thank you. Hey, um..." he pointed to Roman's cum-stained t-shirt.

"This? This is nothing," he said and pulled his shirt over his head and held it in his hand.

The way Jackie gazed at Roman's finely toned chest set his arousal ablaze again.

He leaned forward and whispered in Jackie's ear, "You're really cute, you know that?"

He could tell Jackie was blushing again and he lightly nipped his ear. He sighed and picked up his glass of scotch and downed it all.

His eyelids drooped. "Damn Jackie. This shit's strong."

Jackie stared at him blankly. Roman felt himself grow weary. Realization flooded through him. The bastard had drugged him!

"Yew fuckin'... son of a bitch," he slurred. His consciousness began to fade, and soon Roman was out cold.


Jackie stood over Roman on his crutches, pleased with himself. Apparently, Roman had been to busy looking at his ass to notice the tranquilizer he slipped into his glass. Idiot.

He was a cute idiot, though. Jackie liked the way his chocolate hair fell over his eyes. His abs were nothing to look down your nose at either. Jackie, against his better judgement, reached out and stroked Roman's wispy goatee. He was a hottie.

Now what was he going to do with him? Jackie wished he'd thought things through. He had a good few hours before Roman woke up. He sighed. There wasn't much he could do. He could call Cameo and fill her in, and she could help him decide. That sounded like a good idea.

Jackie hobbled into his bedroom and grabbed his cell phone. He dialed her number, and hoped she'd pick up.

Sure enough, a few rings later, he heard a familiar voice.

"Jackie? What's up honey?"

Jackie swallowed a knot in his throat. "Uh...Cam? There's a ... a um... there's a shirtless hitman on my couch."

Cameo laughed. "Is he hot? Did you charm him out of his pants yet Jackie?"

Jackie felt his face go red. "Shut up! He's out cold-"

She cut him off. "Woah there darling, start at the beginning."

He sighed and began recounting his evening, leaving out the crying and the hand job. At the end of his story, she whistled.

"Why'd you knock him out again?"

"I DON'T KNOW! Well... you know me... it was a precaution!"

She laughed. "Is he hot?"

Jackie sighed. "Yes..."

"Damn. I'll be right over, and we'll gang-rape him, kay?"


She laughed and hung up. Jackie sighed, exasperated. Cameo was quite a character, but she was his friend, the only person he could trust. She wasn't in his profession, but she still understood his troubles.

He returned to the living room, and Roman. He began to feel sorry. Everything that Jackie had communicated to him had been genuine. The sobbing, the moans, the laughs. The tranquilizer had just been a precaution. He hoped Roman was a reasonable person.

Jackie sat down next to his unconscious guest. God, he was gorgeous! He remembered the way Roman had touched him, and how he enjoyed it. He remembered how he had called him cute. He remembered how he'd refused to kill him. Jackie was infatuated.

He tried his best to shut the delicious memories out of his mind. He'd just met Roman today. For all he knew, he could just be an amazing actor. Jackie didn't want to believe it, but he had to accept the possibility.

He held his head in his hands. He didn't feel so good. After a few minutes, he heard a knock on his door.

He jumped up and staggered over to the door and opened it. Cameo stood there, fingerless-gloves covered the hands that were placed firmly on her hips. She was wearing a skin-tight strapless leather dress that ended just above her knees. Her black and red striped stockings set off a pair of black not-quite-knee-high boots. Black eyeliner and eyeshadow framed her hazel eyes. Her long black hair had a single highlight of red. Nothing unusual there.

She breezed past him, at home in his apartment. She made her way into the living room. He heard a whistle.

"Damn Jackie!"

"Don't. Start," he growled.

"Did you lose your purity yet?"


"I just want to know if my lil faggy-poo has been deflowered yet."


She laughed vigorously. Jackie huffed over and stood next to her.

"What do you think I should do?"

She seemed to be thinking hard. "Hmm. Maybe...nothing."

Jackie frowned. "I can't do nothing! Cam, what if he wakes up?"

She giggled. "You're overreacting. Calm down. When he wakes up, calmly, I repeat, CALMLY explain why you knocked him out. He'll understand."

Jackie bit his lip. "But what if-"

Cameo began walking over to his kitchen. "No buts. Do what Cammy tells you to."

Jackie grew irritated. "You could've told me this over the phone! Why'd you come over?"

She opened his refrigerator. "To steal your beer." She grabbed a bottle of Budweiser and started for the door.

Before disappearing into the hall, Cameo called to him, "Gimme a call when you guys..." she winked. Jackie frowned, and Cameo left.

He blushed when he noticed that she said "when".

Jackie began to feel weary himself, even though it was only around 7:30. He was like that. He'd go to bed early, then wake up in the middle of the night and review his jobs. He liked his schedule, although he hadn't gotten any jobs recently.

He cast one more look back at Roman before limping into his room. He tossed his hat onto his nightstand and loosened his tie. He slipped out of his shoes and socks and crawled into bed, asleep in moments.


Roman's eyes opened slowly. His situation came rushing back to him. That bastard Jackie! He hopped off of the couch and checked his watch. 10:36. His head was reeling from the drug. He did a 360, surveying his surroundings. A door was ajar, a soft glow came from inside.

He angrily pushed his way into the room. A lamp was on in one corner of the room. Roman saw a queen-sized bed in another corner, and a figure under the covers. Jackie.

Roman slowly approached the bed until he stood at its side, looking down on Jackie. His chest was rising and falling in a slow, steady rhythm, indicating that he was truly asleep.

If there was one thing Roman hated, it was being knocked out. He didn't like the feeling of helplessness. It didn't suit him. Jackie had broken his number one rule. He felt like he needed to do something. But what?

His eyes looked Jackie up and down. He could see that he was curled up, sort of like a cat. His pale blond hair was slightly mussed, his face was serene, mouth hanging open slightly. Roman tried his best not to be aroused by Jackie's appearance, but to no avail.

He was aroused and angered at the same time. He settled for just watching him sleep. It was creepy, sure, but Roman didn't really care about being creepy at that point.

Jackie rolled over, facing Roman. His face was so adorable that Roman had to resist reaching out and brushing his cheek, or doing something equally intimate.

Roman sighed, and without warning, Jackie opened his eyes. Roman froze. Jackie sat up quickly, fully awake, green eyes wide and mouth partly open. An expression filled his gaze that Roman recognized from many of his victims: fear. Jackie was afraid.


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