tagGay MaleThe Target Ch. 04

The Target Ch. 04


Started another series. It's confusing as hell but then it starts to make sense...

I think...

So do me a fav and go check it out. It's called "Sinful". If I get a thumbs up I'll go ahead and continue. If not...

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Jackie woke up the next morning alone. He sat up and looked around frantically for Roman. He walked into the room a few moments later, dressed in jeans and a tightly-fitting t-shirt. His dark brown hair was wet and a few spiky strands stood out.

"Didn't think you'd mind if I took a shower," he greeted Jackie.

Jackie laughed. "You should've asked me to join you."

Roman smiled and replied, "I didn't want to wake you. You're so cute when you're asleep." He was rewarded with a blushing Jackie.

Roman walked over and sat on the side of the bed. He leaned and kissed Jackie on the cheek. He tucked a stray strand of flaxen hair behind his ear and said, "Jackie, we need to talk."

Jackie looked puzzled. Roman tried to explain. "It's about... my assignment." Jackie frowned. He didn't like remembering Roman's profession, although it was the same as his own: a hitman. His current assignment was to kill Jackie, and that wasn't happening.

"What are you going to do?"

Roman bit his lip. "I have an idea, but you're not going to like it."

Jackie pulled his knees to his chest. "What is it?"

Roman took a deep breath. He looked at Jackie intently.

"You're going to have to disappear."

Jackie looked nervous. "Disappear?"

Roman nodded. "Think about it like this: you'll be laying low for a while. You can move in with me, if you want. But no going out in the daytime, and no accepting jobs. It's crucial that you stay out of the underworld for a while. I'm going to tell my client that you've been eliminated, and hopefully they'll stop looking for you. But if anyone sees you, we're both screwed." Roman took a deep breath. "Are you okay with this? You don't have to do it."

Jackie nodded. "It's for the best. I can deal with laying low."

Roman smiled and kissed him. Jackie wrapped his arms around his neck. They held each other in silence.

Jackie contemplated the lifestyle Roman had suggested. He wouldn't be able to assassinate anyone, and hopefully, no one would be able to assassinate him either. He'd be safe. But then again, he'd lived a dangerous life for most of his twenty one years. It'd be hard to adjust, but it was a logical plan.

Roman spoke. "So, how do you feel about moving in with me?"


That night, Roman pulled up to a specific street corner in his black Audi. A stereotypical dark alley was his rendezvous point with his anonymous client.

He stepped out of his car and whistled a tune as he walked casually into the alley.

"You here yet?" he called into the darkness. He was greeted by a figure stepping forward. He recognized his client from the days before: trench coat, dark buzz-cut, cold and leery gaze, ski-slope nose. Roman presumed him to be a mob boss of some sort, although he couldn't have been much older than he was.

"He's taken care of," Roman began.

Mob Boss narrowed his eyes. "How do I know you're telling the truth?"

Roman met his gaze evenly. "I knifed his ass when he was out last night. Wanna bet I didn't? See if you see him around any time soon." He laughed and pulled out a knife and motioned it across his throat. He put the knife away and raised an eyebrow.

Mob Boss nodded in approval. "He was quite a nuisance. Well then, your reward. 10 k." He handed Roman a bulging envelope. "I look forward to using your services in the future."

Roman held himself back from punching Mob Boss in the face. Instead, he nodded and turned away.

As he drove away, Roman breathed a heavy sigh of relief. Jackie was safe, as long as he stayed hidden.


One week later, Roman parked near the door to Jackie's apartment building and waited. A few minutes later, Jackie and his friend Cameo appeared. Jackie carried two suitcases and a guitar case was slung across his back. His cast was gone, Roman was glad to see, and he was wearing a suit as usual. Cameo carried a smaller case.

Roman stepped out of the car and helped them put Jackie's things in the trunk of his Audi. Jackie and Cameo hugged. She turned to Roman.

"Now you be careful with Jackie. He's delicate," she giggled. Jackie blushed furiously.

"Goodbye, Cameo," he said, flustered.

She laughed and climbed into her pickup and drove away.

Roman opened the passenger door for Jackie, being chivalrous. Jackie smiled and hopped in and Roman took the wheel. They pulled away, both of them smiling crazily.

"So," said Roman. "You ready to tell me how you broke your leg?"

Jackie laughed. "It's that important to you?" Roman nodded, grinning.

"It was a job a few weeks ago. It had to look like an accident. The hideout was an old warehouse. I was really stupid. I shot at a propane tank. The shit hit the fan. I had to jump from a third-story window. I was a lucky son of a bitch," he laughed again.

"How'd you manage to get the tank to explode? What'd you use?"

Jackie held his head in his hands and started laughing hysterically. "In... incendiary rounds."

Roman got a kick out of that. The two laughed for a bit. Roman pulled into the parking lot of his apartment complex.

"Alright. Let's get you moved in," he said, rubbing his hands in a let's-get-down-to-business kind of way.

Jackie nodded, and they began moving his stuff up to Roman's third-floor apartment.


The man stood on the rooftop of the building across from an apartment complex. He looked down and spotted his target.

Jackie Ellis. Alive and kicking.

And Roman Sinclaire. Also, unfortunately, alive. He would take care of that, though, if he became a problem. He turned and left the roof.

He would make his move that night.


Jackie set the last case down in the corner of the bedroom. He'd go through it all later. He heaved a sigh.

Arms came around him and held him close to a familiar toned chest.

"Looks like you're in my lair now," Roman laughed diabolically and nibbled on Jackie's ear.

Jackie laughed. "Oh no!" he said sarcastically.

"You better be afraid," Roman whispered. Jackie was immediately turned on by the horniness in his voice.

Roman kissed and nipped Jackie's neck. He was rewarded with a shudder down Jackie's spine and a moan escaped his lips.

Roman smiled devilishly and started stripping Jackie. In moments, he was shirtless. Roman couldn't get enough of Jackie's slim chest. He pinched his nipples, causing a gasp from Jackie. Roman loved the noises he made. His cock stood erect, begging to get inside Jackie.

Jackie slid his pants and boxers off and ground his ass against Roman's erection. Roman couldn't take it any more.

He shoved Jackie down onto the bed and took his own pants and boxers off. He whipped off his shirt and spread Jackie's legs.

"Ready to get your brains fucked out?" Roman eyed Jackie lustfully.

Jackie blushed and whispered, "Yes." His voice quivered in anticipation.

Roman positioned himself, took a deep breath, and thrust inside, burying himself to the hilt.

Jackie took in a sharp breath and rocked his hips, begging for more. Roman obliged, pumping in and out of Jackie's ass.

The friction that Jackie's tight ass caused against Roman's cock was intense. Roman soon found himself close to his peak, although it hadn't been long.

He pounded Jackie's prostate recklessly, delighting in every cry that Jackie gave. Roman reached out and started jacking him off. Jackie's cries intensified.

They came together, Roman filling up Jackie's ass, Jackie spurting on Roman's upper body.

As Jackie lay there panting, Roman moved up and down his body, leaving a trail of kisses. He sucked gently on one of his nipples, turning it stiff. He

loved watching Jackie's body react.

He curled up next to Jackie and held him close. Jackie licked a bit of the semen off of Roman's chest, which spiked Roman's arousal. He kissed Jackie, his tongue sweeping into his mouth and tasting himself.

They made out for a few more minutes until they both decided to take a rest. They huddled against each other, Jackie resting his head on Roman's arm.

He never knew moving in could be so fun.


That evening, Roman grabbed the suitcase that contained his sniper rifle and headed for the door. Jackie was waiting for him.

Roman planted a tender kiss on his lips and whispered, "Don't worry about me. It's a sniper job. Good snipers don't get caught."

Jackie hugged him. "Well, I'll try not to worry too much. Just don't be stupid."

Roman nodded, kissed him one more time and disappeared into the hallway.

Jackie sighed and bit his lip worriedly. He knew it was stupid to worry, he'd been a hitman for five years. He knew Roman would be okay. But doubt stirred in his stomach. He tried to blow it off and sat down on the couch and surfed the channels. He wasn't paying attention, and despite the knot in his gut, he curled up on the couch and soon drifted off to sleep.


10:14. He knew exactly where he was going. He climbed the steps to the third floor of the building and walked silently down the hall to the last door. He picked the lock like it was child's play. A few seconds later, he was in.

Jackie was on a couch, curled up and sound asleep. He walked over until he was standing directly over him.

It had been so long since he'd stood this close to Jackie. Too long. He knew exactly how he would react when he awoke. He delighted in imagining the look of surprise and fear on his boyish face. He licked his lips. He couldn't wait until Jackie woke up.

His former lover, Jackie.


Okay, so to make something clear real quick: You get to actually "see", for lack of a better word, the mystery man's face and appearance in the next chapter. And no, it's not Mob Boss, just in case there was some confusion there. :)

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