tagMind ControlThe Tea Master Ch. 02

The Tea Master Ch. 02


Monique was mesmerized by her surprising experience in the peculiar teashop, and her encounter with Javier, the tea master. It had been a mystifying escape into wonderland, falling deep down Alice's rabbit hole, never to be the same. It was otherworldly, and wonderfully so. She had never felt so known, and yet by the handsome stranger she had never met. Her body had never felt so alive and enraptured in pleasure by one orgasm after the other. She had an undeniable attraction and strange sudden aberrant allegiance to the eccentric tea master. She not only would do exactly as he says, she would do so gladly.

Thoughts of Javier and the unique Tea Shop distracted her at work the next day, which was a welcome diversion from having to work with Candace. Every unavoidable encounter with Candace escalated the overwhelming pain of betrayal. Every time Monique saw her, even from across the studio, her mind flooded with images of Candace's gorgeous willing bound body being fucked by Carl. How could her boyfriend and best friend do this to her, after all she had done for them? Nobody knew them better than Monique; she could practically read their minds and anticipate what would please them. In that one moment, Monique lost her lover, her best friend (and roommate), and the joy of working at the studio she loved so much. She did her best to avoid talking or even looking at Candace at work; instead trying to wrap her mind around what happened last night at the mystical teashop. Her eagerness to return to the magical place made time at work pass slowly. She was glad it was Friday.

Monique darted over there the moment she left work. She eagerly pushed the large ornate wooden door open to the eccentric teashop that was tucked away on the quiet unassuming side street. As she stepped in, she closed the door behind her to seal herself into the enchanted world. Her large translucent blue eyes danced around the room until they found Javier's dark browns looking back at her from behind the large counter. She smiled and blushed like a nervous schoolgirl. She felt a magnetic attraction to him, but strangely not as a lover despite the immediate arousal she felt at the sight of him. There was a mystical sagacity about him that drew her in. He somehow knew things about her that she didn't know about herself; he made her body come alive in ways she had never experienced before. If her first encounter with him was any clue of what he might have ahead for her, she was ready to hang on his every word, and always do exactly as he says, just as she promised, no matter what.

"Welcome back," he said as he watched her walk toward him, entering more deeply into the quirky teashop. She was wearing a sexy sleeveless royal blue dress that scooped low in front with a length down to mid-thigh, with matching four-inch heels. She knew it wonderfully showed off her firm ample cleavage, tight ass and long tanned legs. Her brown lightly curled hair cascaded off her shoulders. Unlike the day before, she had already removed her nametag from work and disposed of it in her small black purse. She had dressed for him and hoped he would be pleased. She could feel her nipples hardening and the tenderness between her legs already moistening with each step toward him.

"Thank you," she said. "Its always good to have repeat customers," she said with a smile.

"You're more than that," he said looking deeply into her eyes, reading her eager willingness from the pages of her soul. Butterflies took flight within her at the feel of him undressing the deepest parts of her.

"I am," she answered, confirming her continuing commitment. "I'd like another pot of that tea I had yesterday," she said daringly.

"That would be good," he said. "However, that tea was only the beginning of a world of exotics I have for you to experience," he said. "I have another one for you today."

"What is it?" she asked curiously.

"Do you trust me?" he answered, with a sly smile.

"I'm not sure yet," she answered honestly, having just met the mysterious brewer the day before. "But I don't think that matters. I made a promise," she added.

"True," he said, glad to see how deeply her promise of complete submission embedded in her psyche, following his command for her to always do exactly as he says. He had never met someone who responded so strongly to the exotic tea.

"I came back because you told me to," she affirmed, reinforcing her loyalty. "I couldn't stay away if I wanted to. Not that I did. I couldn't wait to get off work to come back here."

"I told you this can be addictive," he said. "When you left last night, you said there is no turning back for you. Now that you're here, there won't be."

"I don't want to go back," she confessed. "Go back to what?" she thought to herself. Her pathetic life destroyed by the treachery of Carl and Candace, the two people she cared about most? Go back to the empty gnawing pain of betrayal and miss the strange opportunity to escape further into the new mysterious world the tea master opened up to her the night before? There was no place she would rather be than this peculiar teashop, as nervous as the otherworldliness of it made her. She had never met anyone like Javier; there was something about him that made him dangerously irresistible.

"Then we'll have our tea in there," he said, pointing to a blue door on the back wall. Javier turned to the three baristas at the counter. "You have this," he said more as a command than a question.

"We've got it covered," the young petite blond woman closest to him behind the counter answered, with a knowing smile and wink. "We'll take care of the key."

Monique followed the muscular Latin tea master to the eccentrically colored large door. Javier reached into his pocket and pulled out a long gold key. It looked like it was from another time and world. He put it into the keyhole and turned until the sounds of loud clicking came to a stop. He opened the door and motioned for her to enter.

Monique's anticipation was mixed with nervousness and excitement as she stepped through the small threshold of the mysterious doorway. Her instincts told her somehow nothing would ever be the same. Everything in her set off alarms at the idea of walking into a locked back room alone with a strange man; yet everything in her also yearned for the dangerous adventure. It was one thing to drink a pot of exotic mind-altering tea in a public teashop; it was altogether something different to step through the strange enigmatic door into the secluded private realm of the mysterious tea master. Javier closed the great door behind them. He pushed the large gold key into the keyhole on the inside of the door, turning it again until the loud ancient sounds of the multiple tumblers fell silent, locked into place. Monique watched as he deposited the key into a hole in the wall, removing it far from either of their reach.

The room behind the mysterious door of the quirky shop was much larger than Monique expected. Most of the concrete warehouse was lined with shelves filled with exotic teas from around the world, dimly lit to protect their freshness. Monique's first breath took in the strong mixed aromas of rare plants and herbs. At the far end of the room Monique could see rows of live plants growing under heat lamps in what looked like an indoor greenhouse.

"This way," he motioned, pointing to their left. They walked about 50 feet through the storeroom until they came to another door, this one painted red. Javier opened it and invited her in. Monique didn't know it, but she was stepping into the rest of her life.

The room was a strange yet elegant apartment without walls dividing the rooms within it. As they stepped through the doorway they entered into a living room with a large couch, glass table, and surround sound theater system. Soft music played. Just behind the living room was a kitchen with granite counters and stainless steel appliances. Not surprising, there were teapots simmering on the stove. Just beyond the kitchen was a large bedroom with a king size bed. An open bathroom was next to it that boasted an extra large Jacuzzi and glass shower. The aroma of the brewing teas filled the stylish space.

"Welcome," Javier said as he closed and locked the red door behind them.

"Thank you," she answered, taking in the sophistication and strong aromas of the secluded flat. She felt a little reassured by the elegant comfort of the space. Either the strength of the smells or something in them made her body tingle. As Monique looked around, she discerned with certainty that she was all alone with Javier. The nearest people were at least two buildings way, with heavy locked doors between them. Only Javier and the barista in the remote out-of-the-way teashop knew where she was, and she heard the barista promise Javier they would not be disturbed. Monique impulsively pulled her phone out of her small purse and pushed the home button. It flashed on, showing the time was 4:37; the words "no service" flashed across the top left corner of the screen as she stood next to the tea master deep inside the bowels of the enigmatic concrete building.

"That won't do any good for you here," he said. "Go ahead and give it to me. It will come in handy later."

She handed him the phone.

"When do you work next?" Javier asked.

"Not till Monday morning," she answered.

"Good," he said, pulling his shirt off and throwing it on the end of the large couch. "We'll need to get started; we should have just enough time."

"Just enough time?" Monique asked. She had stopped after work, desperate for another pot of that addictive tea, and anything that might happen with it. She planned to be there maybe a few hours if things went as she hoped with Javier. The idea of staying for the weekend had never occurred to her.

"Your next adventure toward freedom," he said. "Take off your dress," he added as he walked toward the sound of the low whistling teapots in the kitchen.

"Just like that?" she thought to herself surprised. Her inner-conscious resisted yet her body tingled with arousal at his firm directive. The affects of the tea from the night before and her new strong inner compulsion now to always do exactly as he says caused her hand involuntarily to reach behind her back to take hold of the small zipper between her shoulders. She was perplexed at how strangely compliant she felt as she willingly lowered the zipper until it stopped just above her ass. She slipped her dress off of each shoulder, allowing it to fall to the floor around her ankles.

Rather than embarrassed, Monique felt strangely aroused by her nakedness in front of the mysterious tea master. She stood wearing only a tiny royal blue thong and matching heels. Her large round tits stood out firmly before her. Cold chills covered her body despite the comfortable temperature in the clandestine apartment. Her nipples hardened, betraying the secret of her arousal. She felt moistening between her legs. She laid her dress over Javier's shirt at the end of the couch. She somehow knew she would not see it again until she left; she wondered if she would see it even then. She felt her body continuing to relax and tingle, aware she was already succumbing to the early affects of the whiffs of strange aromas filling the apartment like incents from the teapots whistling softly across the room.

Monique looked up to see Javier enjoying the view of her almost naked body. She couldn't help reciprocating, admiring his muscular lean frame. His chest was firm, his abs were defined like a small ladder. Memories of his mastery over her from the night before flooded back, causing her arousal to grow just by watching him. No one had ever made her cum so hard and so many times again and again like he had. There was something so irresistibly mysterious about him. It's why she came back and now found herself nearly naked and sequestered alone with him in the secret lair.

"Very nice," he said, looking up at his new project admiringly. Have a seat on the couch he said, as he walked past her carrying one of the teapots. Two cups already sat on the glass table. He poured the two glasses and handed her one. He lifted his up to hers as if to toast.

Monique raised her cup to kiss his, answering the toast, before drinking the exotic tea. "Mmmm," she said genuinely. "What is this?"

"Just a nice starting tea to prepare us for what I have next for you," he said. "It is an ancient relaxant," he added.

"What do you have next for me?" she asked.

"A great deal," he said, sipping his tea.

Monique could feel the affects of the tea already doing its work, relaxing her mind and body. She realized she hadn't eaten since breakfast, which contributed to the affects of the tea working so quickly.

"Maybe I should eat something," she said.

"You will," he answered.

Over the course of the first hour, Javier patiently allowed the tea to prepare Monique for the evening ahead. It was important he didn't rush the preparation in order to enhance susceptibility for her conditioning. The time and tea also allowed any hint of inhibitions to melt away with every sip.

"Feel more comfortable?" he asked.

"Yes," she answered, feeling even hornier from the anticipation and relaxing affects of the tea.

"Wonderful," Javier said. "It is time for the next tea." He got up and replaced the first teapot with a second that had been simmering on the stove. He brought only one new cup over with it. He poured the new tea into the single cup. Steam billowed from the small cup. He removed the top from the teapot.

"While the tea in your cup cools, lean over and breathe in the wonderful aroma of this rare tea. It comes from a plant found in Malawi and a few areas near there in Central Africa. The areas are so remote and poor that few have heard of this plant. Almost all of the agriculture in that part of Africa is devoted to growing maize and beans just to survive, so this mostly grows wild. I smuggled seeds and shoots to become the sole grower on this continent. For reasons you'll soon appreciate, I am growing it here in my greenhouse."

"Mmmm, smells good," she said as the thick steam wafted up over her face as she leaned forward over it. Her large tits hung firmly below. A euphoric feeling began to permeate throughout her body.

"Drink your first cup," he said.

Monique obediently reached down and took the cup using both hands and brought it to her thick red-painted lips. She poured the warm elixir down her throat, instantly feeling the dizzying affects of the rare plant.

Javier refilled her cup. "Tribes use this plant in their dark arts and celebrations," he began explaining. "Your body will begin to feel overwhelmed with arousal," he continued. "As that happens, the deepest fantasies of your mind are also unlocked. It's all connected."

"Oh gawd," Monique said, more from the experience she was beginning to have from the tea, than the words he was using to describe it. "Oh gawd," she repeated. Her body began to squirm in the couch. Her already large nipples tightened, instantly pushing out at full erection, almost an inch. Monique's hands reached down, pressing her long fingers against her tiny thong, trying to restrain the sudden electrical charge in her pussy and escalating arousal.

"Your mind is going to lead you into a high, engaging all of your senses to bring your darkest sexual fantasies to life," he repeated. "Every step you take into your fantasies is voluntary, and each time you choose to enter one, the experience will be come more real and the pleasures more intense." Javier paused to let his words sink in.

"Oh gawd, this is incredible," she said, as her eyes began to glaze over, as her mind moved her toward the experience of the first most pressing fantasy.

"You must know, that each choice to enter into your fantasy will also send you deeper into irreversible submission to them. The lines between your fantasies and reality will be blurred until nonexistent."

Monique was willingly walking toward her first fantasy in her own mind as if walking into an irresistibly beautiful room. She took another sip of the tea.

"Most people have no idea what their mind is capable of," Javier continued, seeing her body continue to respond willingly to the grand invitation within herself, induced by the tea. "Far more than a high, the tea is tapping your mind's infinite ability to create in order to make your fantasies come alive - to make them real. If you choose to enter it, then don't hold back. The mind will be increasingly able to erase the limitations of reality in its commitment to pleasure you."

Monique's thick lips gaped open as she walked through the door in her mind's eye.

"Ultimate human pleasure comes through our connection with others," Javier continued. "As your mind opens up in its creativity, it will also reach out to connect with whoever is near you, to bring them into your experience. That's why we are secluded here together for the weekend. We are wired for desperate intimate connection with others. We are normally too guarded to allow that connection to reach its potential. The first tea you drank, and now this one, helps to remove any guard, any resistance, any inhibition. Your mind will connect with mine to invite me into your experience. I can already feel your mind opening up, enticing me into your thoughts, and so, summoning me into your fantasies."

"Yes," she said. "I can feel it. I sense you with me," she added as she continued deeper into her erotic imagination, closing the door behind her as she stepped into the first fantasy. "Isn't it amazing?"

"Yes it is," Javier answered. "As I said, each fantasy you enter will make resistance to the next more difficult, not that you will want to. It will also further secure your mind's connection with me, deepening your psyche's connection with my thoughts. There is no going back Monique. Are you sure you want to continue?"

None of it was lost on Monique, even in the haze of her mind's altered, or more accurately, enhanced state, that being able to hear his thoughts would have far reaching consequences. She was already volitionally compelled to always do exactly as he says, no matter what. By allowing herself to open her mind up to him, she could become subject to his every thought. She loved how the mysterious tea master was opening her mind. So far, submitting to him had only led to pleasures and discoveries she never thought possible for herself. She had no desire to stop now.

"As I said last night after we met, there is no going back," Monique answered in a sultry voice.

"As you wish," he said. He refilled her teacup and focused his thoughts on her mind. "Drink all the tea in the cup," he thought firmly.

Monique smiled as she looked up into his eyes. His voice in her mind was as clear as if he had said the words out loud. Somehow his thoughts also instantly became her own strong desire. She reached down, picked up the teacup and emptied it.

Monique gasped, as her mind lunged from sitting in the small room with Javier, into her fantasy, which suddenly felt more real than anything she ever experienced. A seductive smile came over her face. Her mind and body came alive with suspenseful eroticism.


A large regal smile came over Monique's face as she was suddenly enraptured to a different time and world. The change felt strangely natural and seamless. One moment she was sitting on the couch in Javier's mysterious sequestered apartment savoring the enticing tea, the next she was sitting on a throne in a fantastical palace. She could sense Javier's presence with her.

Princess Monique stood, taking in the magnificence of the expansive throne room. The seemingly endless marble floor went out from her sovereign chair like a glassy sea. Massive marble pillars circled the room as supports for the 30-foot high ornate ceiling. Large banners decorated the walls with erotic images. Exquisite carpets covered sections of the floor, accented by a royal long red runner leading to her seat of power. Large silk-canopied beds on either side of the throne made sense to Monique in her fantasy. Tables near the beds and around the room were covered with exotic fruits, known for their juicy succulence. Dozens of beautiful servants busied themselves to ensure the pleasure of the princess. Monique was pleased at the sight of the gorgeous female servants of every ethnicity wearing only short skirts that were nothing more than cloth waistband with small strips of fabric coming down in the very front and very back, barely covering their womanhood and ass. Even more to her pleasure were the centuries standing guard around the room, bulging in their muscularity, wearing only breastplates and holding spears. Other male servants were distinguished by wearing only sashes across their muscular bodies. Monique was struck by the massive size of every exposed dick surrounding her throne. She felt her own loins stir at the sight of them. A small string quintet played music for the pleasure of the princess.

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