tagMind ControlThe Tea Master Ch. 03

The Tea Master Ch. 03


Monique's body ached, but wonderfully so. The entire weekend was fantastically consumed in the erotic fantasy, as if she had fallen down Alice's rabbit hole into another world. She strangely felt as if she was losing herself in her submission to the mysterious tea master, and yet she was somehow gloriously finding herself in ways she didn't know was possible.

She did as Javier had told her, returning to her apartment covered in the cum that drenched her all weekend. It was impossible to hide as she walked in. Candace was drinking a cup of coffee in the kitchen, wearing only a t-shirt, too tight to conceal the outline of her beautiful tits and too short to cover her pussy. Monique couldn't deny the ache of seeing her standing there, instantly flooding her mind with the vivid images of Carl fucking her beautiful bound body behind her back.

"Damn, where have you been all weekend?" she asked, stunned by the sight of Monique's cum-covered body, concealed only partially by the dress she wore to work the previous Friday.

"Heaven," Monique answered, "rather than this hell-hole with you," she quipped as she walked straight into her room to shower.

"Damn," Candace repeated, stunned at the look of deep pleasured contentment on Monique's face and the sight of her painted body. Monique looked like she had taken a bath in cum.

Candace's curiosity grew with every passing hour through the day as she watched Monique interact with customers and guests at work. She had never seen Monique look so happy, even when she was at the peak of her relationship with Carl. It was still awkward and uncomfortable for the two to interact at work. Monique continued to make a point to avoid Candace, as she had since the moment she walked in on her betrayal with her beloved Carl. While it grieved Candace that her betrayal cost her friendship with Monique, she saw it as worthwhile to have bagged the prize of having Carl for herself - and the amazing sex with him that Monique used to brag about. Everything she said about him was true. And yet, how could Monique be so happy and seemingly unaffected so soon? Where had she been all weekend? Candace's irrepressible nosy curiosity and envy was driving her crazy. She knew Monique too well; she knew something was different. None of it made any sense.

Monique could read Candace as well, and could tell her sudden unexplainable happiness in the aftermath of the seismic betrayal was bothering Candace. Monique savored her secret. Time passed quickly for her at work. Monique broke from her usual routine of having lunch with Candace, or grabbing something quick at the sandwich shop two doors down, to satisfy her longing to see Javier, if only briefly.

Monique hurried to the teashop and pushed open the large ornate wooden door to step into her new magical world. Her eyes quickly darted around the room, eagerly looking for her master. Her face lit up and eyes widened as they locked in on her prize. Javier smiled back at her from behind the large wooden counter with the backdrop of the dozens of exotic teas behind him. She wondered what new experiences they would summon for her, and what new worlds they would transport her to.

Javier's mind connected with hers and directed her to unbutton the top three buttons of her blouse. As if her idea, and despite her keen social awareness of its indecency, Monique immediately unfastened the top three buttons of her white blouse. She instantly smiled with satisfaction, as if his penetrating thought had been something she was dying to do. Every act of obedience to her master's mind deepened her submissive connection to him, as well as the inner-contentment it brought. "Sit at the back table," he thought, focusing his mind on hers. Monique walked to the back table and sat in the large overstuffed chair where it all began a few nights before.

"Oh gawd, I am so desperate for you," Monique said as Javier walked toward her with two cups of tea in his hands. "I couldn't wait to come back."

"I've missed you too," he answered. "How was work this morning?"

"I've never felt better, thanks to you," she said. "I'm a little sore, but in the best ways," she added.

"Hmmm, good," he said. "And Candace?"

"I can't look at her," Monique confessed. "I can tell my happiness today is bothering her though. She just about shit a brick with envy when she saw me walk into our apartment covered in your cum. She's too competitive to let it go. She wants to gloat that she got Carl, but not knowing where I was all weekend and why I am so happy is driving her crazy."

"Sounds like you're enjoying it," Javier said.

"I want to rub her face in it," Monique answered honestly. "As much as I am lost in this amazing magic, I can't get over the picture of seeing Candace blindfolded and bound, while Carl was having his way with her. What bothered me even more was how she didn't care what it did to me," she added.

"Then make your justice fit her crime," Javier said.

"What do you mean?" Monique asked.

"Invite her here. Tell her you want to talk and make things right. When she comes, put her under the spell of a tea and use her mind to bring your justice.

"Damn, we can do that?" realizing she had a lot to learn from him. "That's awesome. It's wonderfully evil."

"Its not evil," Javier answered softly. "It's justice. There is a difference."

"We can really do that?" she asked admiringly.

"You can do that, and more," he answered.

"What about Carl?" Monique asked.

"What about Carl?" Javier replied. "Bring him in, offer him some tea, and then let him also reap the consequences of his actions. Karma."

Monique smiled devilishly. "Damn, you are good at this," she said.

"I am. I am only harnessing the power of teas that has been used for centuries. They answer many secrets of antiquity."


"How did Cleopatra come to such power as a woman in ancient Egypt, even seducing and having her way with the most powerful men in the world like Marc Antony? Many think it was just her beauty and political prowess. Honest historians know that makes no sense. One cup at a time, she brought leaders to their knees under her spell. Soon, the power of the teas will be yours to wield," he said.

Monique smiled slyly as she leaned in closer to her Master, imagining the ways she would use it.

"Shall I call you my Cleopatra?" he asked.

"You can call me anything you wish," she said, "or tell me to do anything that pleases you. I will do exactly as you say," she added, repeating the covenant planted deep in her soul.

"Use the teas," he said. "You are ready. It is time to exact your justice and set yourself free for me."

Monique smiled devilishly. "What do I do?" she asked.

"First give me your bra and panties," he thought, without saying the words out loud.

Without hesitation, Monique opened her blouse and removed her lacy bra. She reached down under her short black skirt and pulled her thong down.

"Now, go back to work, letting Candace see you like this. It will make her more curious where you have been. Invite her to join you here after work to talk and to put things behind you. Call Carl, and ask him to meet you here to talk at 7:00. By the time both of them leave, your dreams will come true."

Monique felt her loins stir from Javier's thoughts invading hers so freely. His deep voice, even in her subconscious was soothing and sexy. She felt secure, surrendered and empowered all at the same time. It was surreal to be so connected to him so deeply that she could hear his thoughts and commands in her mind as if they were her own. "If he can read my thoughts so easily," she wondered to herself, "there would be no limit to his ability to pleasure her." Javier smiled back at her in response to her wonderings. She wanted desperately to fuck him, to let him have his way with her. She could feel her nipples harden with arousal, pushing against her tight white blouse. The thinness of the starched fabric left nothing to the imagination.

Monique felt as emboldened as she was exposed, walking back into the studio lair of her nemesis. Candace's audacious venal lust had taken everything away from Monique; could it be that real justice to return the favor was possible? Monique could almost taste it like the mouthwatering savor of Javier's thick cum.

Candace was captivated by Monique's confidence as she returned to work, suddenly also realizing Monique was no longer wearing the lacy bra that had shown through her thin white blouse earlier. It was impossible to not notice, with Monique's nipples pushing through so nobly. "Damn, where have you been?" she asked, breaking the tense silence.

"Heaven," Monique answered, repeating her response earlier. "We need to talk," she blurted.

"Okay," Candace answered, riveted with curiosity. Candace knew she had the upper hand and had nothing to lose talking with Monique, since Carl was now hers.

The bell on the door to the studio rang, announcing the arrival of guests entering. "After work, there is a teashop one block up and two blocks north," she said. "Let's meet there," she said.

"I've never seen it," Candace answered.

"It's there," Monique said. "Meet meet there."

"Sounds nice," Candace said.

"It's heaven," Monique said. Monique made a point not to say another word to Monique all afternoon, letting her squirm in her curiosity. While Candace was occupied with the guests in the studio, Monique snuck to the back room to text Carl. "I need to see you, just to talk. Meet me at 7:00 at the tea shop two blocks north of Main Street." Her text was more of a demand than a request.

Monique's phone buzzed with Carl's reply. "OK," he simply answered. He called Candace an hour later and discovered that she would already have been at the teashop with Monique after work, and might still be there when he arrived. He hoped she would, so the two of them would outnumber the awkwardness of meeting with his ex.

Monique walked excitedly toward the teashop the moment the studio closed its doors for the day, knowing Candace wouldn't be far behind. She opened the large heavy familiar ornate door and closed it behind her. Her eyes darted around again for Javier, and found him where he usually was behind the large wooden counter, in front of the endless cubbies of exotic teas. She hurried to him for his sage-like advice.

"I've mixed a couple teas to create a special blend for your friends," he said.

"They're not my friends" she thought angrily to herself.

Javier smiled. He could read her mind as clearly as if her thoughts were displayed across her beautiful forehead. He looked forward to the justice she was there to bring, freeing her from her preoccupation of their betrayal.

"Simply offer her this tea. Tell her it is one of your new favorites," he advised. With each sip, her mind will open to the power of suggestion. As she begins drinking it, tell her how wonderful and addictive the tea is. It will become so for her. After her second cup, her mind will be in an almost hypnotic high and she will have lost all inhibition. At that point, your commands will become irresistible for her. Anything you say will be planted irreversibly into her psyche.

"Oh my gawd," Monique said in shock at the powerful gift he had concocted for her to exact her justice. "Are you serious?"

"You will see how serious," Javier answered without speaking. His thoughts landed in her mind as if he had spoken them out loud.

Monique smiled devilishly. At that moment, the large colorful ornate front door to the teashop opened. Monique continued her smile at the sight of her prey stepping into her snare. Candace was wearing the sheer short cream-colored stylish top with a bra underneath and a short red leather skirt with matching five-inch red heels that she had been wearing all day at work. Monique had noticed how Candace had been dressing to please Carl since she had stolen him from her.

"Hi Monique," Candace said feeling an arrogant superiority over her, despite the faint pangs of guilt for stealing her prized Carl behind her back.

"Your tea is ready," Javier said to Monique as he saw Candace walking up to the counter. "I'll bring it over to you," he said.

"Thank you," Monique said to Javier with a wink. "Hi Candace," she said, acknowledging her arrival.

"Cute shop," Candace said sincerely, making small talk. "I've never noticed it before."

"It is cute," Monique agreed. "They have amazing teas. I went ahead and ordered my favorite for us," she said.

"Great," Candance said agreeably, unfamiliar with options beyond the obvious popular bland blends.

"Let's sit back here so we have more privacy," Monique directed, pointing to the back corner where her erotic adventure with Javier began almost a week before. Candace took the comfortable overstuffed chair against the wall so she could see the rest of the room and front door; Monique took another comfortable chair Javier had positioned for the occasion.

Javier followed with a tray, providing a pot of regular tea for Monique, and well-steeped pot of the custom exotic tea for Candace. "Anything else I can get you?" he asked, looking at both women in the eyes, offering a smile to Monique.

"Thank you Javier," Monique answered. "This looks wonderful."

"Enjoy," he said.

"He's cute," Candace said admirably. Her words wounded. She had already stolen Carl; now she had eyes admiringly on Javier.

Monique let her words fall without a response. She allowed the magical steam from the small pot in front of Candace to whiff up to her nostrils, doing its initial work as she engaged Candace in small talk. After just a few minutes, Candace found the tea to be enticing to pour and begin drinking.

"This is really good," Candace said.

"I'm glad you like it," Monique answered. "They have some great blends here."

The more Candace drank, the more she wanted. She refilled her cup. The addictive quality of the tea kicked in more quickly than Monique thought.

"I like the way it makes me feel too," Candace volunteered. "There's a buzz, almost like a high," she added. "I haven't had anything to eat today." She finished her second cup and poured a third.

Monique smiled at the revelation. She knew the tea would hit her more strongly on an empty stomach. "I don't know about a high," she answered. "They say some teas are good for the soul. Speaking of that, thank you for coming so we could talk," Monique said, changing the subject.

"Sure," Candace said, "what do I have to lose?" she added. Her words stung for Monique. It was true. Candace had already taken everything away from Monique, most especially her formerly beloved Carl. As Javier had said, it was time for justice.

"That's true," Monique answered. "Tell me you'll do exactly as I say," Monique added, looking into Candace's glazed eyes.

"Sure. Why not?" Candace replied. It was as if her words fell from her thick red lips involuntarily, yet sincerely. Candace understood what she was saying and felt surprised by it, but something deep within her made her feel willingly compliant.

"Take off your bra and panties," Monique ordered to test her powers of persuasion with Candace under the influence of the exotic tea blend.

"Take them off here?" she asked. "Right now?" Deep in her psyche Candace knew it was something she would never do in public, yet somehow the suggestion felt right, almost necessary.

"Yes," Monique answered. "Right here and right now," she ordered.

Without hesitation, Candace reached under her sheer top and unclasped the front opening of her bra. She pulled her arms out of the sleeves of her blouse one at a time, allowing her to pull the straps off her shoulders and down her arms to free her from its confines. She pulled the bra out from under her top and handed it to Monique. The sheer material left nothing to the imagination. Candace surprised herself at the sudden arousal of exhibitionism while sitting in her chair facing the rest of the teashop, exposing herself to any who might look in her direction.

"Now your panties," Monique ordered.

"Right," Candace said as she stood up and pulled her tiny thong down her legs from under her short red leather skirt. Again, she felt a deep inner surprise at herself for her actions, but it seemed strangely okay. By standing up to remove her thong, she called more attention to herself as she stripped in public. Javier smiled from behind the counter, seeing the plan he had devised with Monique already working so well.

"How do you feel right now?" Monique asked.

"Kind of slutty," Candace said with a slight blush, and really horny.

"Good," Monique replied. "It's just the beginning for you, because from now on, you will wake up every morning feeling incredibly horny, and then your horniness will grow with every passing minute. From now on, there is nothing you love more than being slutty. You have in incurable insatiable thirst for cum, men's cum, women's cum, any cum. And the more cum you get, the more desperate you will become for it. You are addicted to cum and will do anything to get it. Do you understand?"

Candace had always seen herself as a classy businesswoman who loved sex in her private life. Monique's words invaded her psyche, rewiring her mind as if confirming every word as if they had always been true. "Gawd, I'm so wet," Candace answered. "Everything you are saying is true. How did you know that?"

Monique noticed Candace's nipples standing fully erect, pushing through her sheer blouse. "You're feeling thirsty for cum now aren't you?" Monique asked.

"Damn," Candace said. Despite the tea, her mouth was suddenly dry, craving cum to quench her thirst. Candace started looking around the teashop for where she might satisfy her craving.

Monique put her hand up to get Javier's attention. He smiled as he walked over. "May I help you?" he asked.

Monique smiled at her new lover. "Candace, tell Javier here what you are."

"I'm a slut," she said matter-of-factly.

"And what do you want? What are you thirsty for?"

"Gawd, I'm thirsty for cum," she said, surprising herself deep down in her psyche by her candidness to the complete stranger, yet somehow justified by the undeniable desperation of her thirst.

Monique smiled at the beginning of Candace's public humiliation as a slut. Her devious plan of justice had begun better than she imagined. She looked up at Javier with gratitude, determined to thank him appropriately at the first chance she had.

Javier could read Monique's mind and smiled at her commitment of gratitude.

"She'll gladly pay for it," Monique added. "There isn't anything she won't do to get some cum," she added.

"One moment please. I think I can help you."

"Thank you," Candace said, jettisoning any awkwardness for boldness to have her ravenous thirst satisfied.

Within a couple minutes, Javier returned with three large men in expensive business suits. "Ladies, I'd like to introduce you to Justin, Bryan and Paul. They have the law practice next door."

Monique and Candace looked up at the three burley men. "They look more like football players," Candace said with a sparkle in her eye. All three were well over 6'5" with muscles bulging from their tight expensive Italian suits. Paul and Bryan were black, with Justin's white complexion contrasting, standing in the middle.

"We met playing football in college and have been best friends ever since," Paul, the largest of the three answered.

"Damn," Candace said looking at the mammoth size of their hands.

"I told them how thirsty you are for cum and that you guarantee the best fuck they've ever had if they give it to you. If you don't disappoint, they'll pay me for your services with some pro bono legal work I need done."

Candace's lust grew to a boiling point looking at the three gorgeous specimens. She had fantasized about taking on three men at one time, but had never done it before, let alone men so large.

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