tagBDSMThe Teacher Ch. 01

The Teacher Ch. 01


A hush fell over the classroom as I entered. I gazed around the room taking each of the senior students that I would be responsible for teaching the next month. Some of them looked like they belonged junior high instead of being seniors in high school. Some of them looked like they should not be in school at all but in their first or second semester in college. I was always amazed at students this age, just turning 18 and caught between adulthood and childhood.

I heard not so quiet comments about my legs, my breasts, my body and what a select few of the male population of the room would like to do to those various parts. A smile twitched at the corners of my full lips. I could not deny that I did in fact enjoy the attentions of these Young men.

After opening my brief case I stood, walking around to the front of my desk I sat on the edge and crossed long slim legs. I introduced myself as MS Rose and told the class that they would be stuck with me until the end of the school year, one month. I called the role to get to begin to get names with faces. There was a pretty blonde in the back and I could tell that she was what they deemed one of the 'popular girls' I noted a few students with thick rimmed glasses keeping to themselves and I recognized them as the 'brains' of the class. My eyes traveled to a small group of young men. I listened to the names, deciding to pay special attention to this group of young men. I had been for warned before accepting this position that the reason the previous teacher had left was because this select group had sexually harassed her daily in class and in the end they had attempted to rape her although there was no proof other than her word against theirs. To avoid ruining her career she quietly went away and accepted a position in upstate New York.

Sitting behind my desk now after the lunch break I glanced up and watched the students. Some working on an assignment I had just given. Looking up over the rim of my glasses I watched as one boy in particular, Todd, watched me. Acting as if I did not know I leaned back in my chair, and took a deep breath knowing full well that the v of my shirt would open to reveal the top of ivory breasts. I wished I could have seen if He had a hard on beneath the desk.

The day was pretty uneventful and with the exception of the derogatory remarks made from the 'naughty section' as I now referred to them as I was quite pleased as I walked to my car the end of the day.

I suppose I should of been surprised but I wasn't when two of the boys from class approached me as I walked through the parking lot. Both were large boys and each took one side as we walked, making small talk until I halted at my car. I felt crowded suddenly and pushed into the side of my car. My tight little ass mashed into the surface as Todd, leaned in to my face and David, stood close almost to shield us from other eyes. I felt Todd's fingers fumble then pluck at one of my nipples and His words in my ear were nasty.

"I know you are a hot bitch MS Rose. I seen how you flaunted these tits for me all afternoon."

I winced as he pinched but I think that my reaction to Him was not one He had anticipated. My hand had slid down to His crotch and my fingers now had a firm grim on his balls and dick.

I growled low." I didn't give you permission to touch my tit little boy."

Todd laughed, "I don't think I need your permission bitch"

His fingers were brutally twisting my nipple now. My grip tightened on his crotch, particularly digging into his fleshy balls.

"When I am ready for you, slut boy I will tell you, until then you just step back and be a good little boy. You will obey me, and so will your friend." He laughed, this time so did David, reminding me of his presence. He was laughing too.

I cleared my throat and now spoke loud enough for both boys to hear.

"Mr. Roark, I am fully aware that if you do not pass my class that you will not graduate, and if you do not graduate then you will not be going to that fancy school that your Daddy has had his hopes and dreams for you to attend. I also know that if that should happen you will not get a penny of Daddy's fortune." I looked Him square in the eyes and this time I laughed. David shifted uneasily and I lifted my gaze to Him.

"And Mr. Jenkins, I have no doubt that if you should not pass my class you will not graduate and of course, that means you will be stuck at home with your father, who it seems, likes to play with boys rather than his wife, his boys to be exact."

I held my gaze and smiled as I saw the anger on his face then the defeat. Letting go of Todd's balls I stepped away from the car, straightened my outfit and crooked my finger at both boys.

"Have no fear boys, you will indeed get to fuck this delicious body and much more, however it will be on my terms, when I say and how, you both will be my bitch sluts and will obey me perfectly. Understood?"

Todd and David nodded. "Good boys, now it has been a long day and I am going home. I will expect both of you to come to class tomorrow with no underwear on. I want to be able to observe those youthful cocks all day long. Oh and wear loose fitting shorts!" I called out.

As I put the key in the ignition I laughed. They sure didn't expect that from little ole me. I had much in store for my boy toys in the next month.

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