tagInterracial LoveThe Teacher Ch. 02

The Teacher Ch. 02


That night I didn't sleep, I couldn't bring myself to fall into a stupur and forget the drive with Carmen. Maybe it was my mind, and it was rethinking things that happened, how I wanted them to happen but they didn't. Either way but, I was happy with how the drive went. There was something there, between me and Carmen. She wanted to tell me something, before she changed her mind on speaking. I hoped, I begged god to make what she wanted to tell me about us, maybe a chance between us. Some nod towards it, from herself.

I hit my local Chinese take-away, and got some food then drove home to my low-rent accomodation apartment on the outskirts of Chicago, and it was a dangerous area.

The Next Day, 2:05PM, University of Chicago, Canteen

The next day was quiet, I came in for my double Social Studies lesson at 11 o'clock until 1 o'clock and I had decided it was time for lunch in the University canteen. I had dressed down even more today; with a blank black t-shirt, my jeans and Timberland Boots. I was sat in the canteen eating the special of the day; Tuna Surprise. Total shit more like, it was a mixture of tuna meat, sweetcorn and even potatoes. The problem was it tasted close to its expiration date, and the canteen was known to cook up foods the day they went out of date to save money.

I was shoving another foul forkful of the tuna surprise into my mouth, when she walked in. Carmen was stunning today, that was all I could say about her. She walked into the canteen with a cute, yet alluringly short denim skirt with black buckle belt on. It stopped just where her inner thighs began, and her ebony caramel thighs shone in the light of the canteen. Further up, she wore a simple, yet extremely tight and constricting black sports vest. She seemed to be wearing it to avoid wearing a bra, to keep her breasts in place.

She had dark purple ankle boots, with the zips along the sides of the boots.

She was wearing purple mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner. She looked stunning, with her hair pulled back into a ponytail that swung behind her as she walked. Every red-blooded man was staring at her, almost all were doing it openly whilst others stole glances from looking down at thier food.

She was smiling, walking alongside another teacher; a blonde bimbo with big tits but I wasn't interested in her; I liked Carmen.

They were smiling, and sharing a joke; when she spotted me sitting down to my lunch. She smiled even more, almost beaming and said something to the blonde friend and broke away towards me.

She was smiling, her beautiful eyes were staring down at me as she stood at my table. Her pelvis provocatively pushed out, even with her skirt on.

"James, I thought i'd find you here. What's the special today?" She asked me.

I laughed, with a grin.

"Shit they are calling Tuna Surprise, only surprise is the sell-by-date on this crap." I laughed. She giggled, and in one fluid movement slid into the chair in front of me.

"I love your accent, your personality... you are so forward and quite funny." She giggled.

I smiled.

"Glad you like that, one of the good things I have about me." I smiled with a wink.

She giggled, and I saw her eyes linger on me a bit longer than is normal.

"So how are you getting home after class today?" I asked her.

She smiled.

"Well my trains are on tonight again, they fixed the issues from yesterday. Will take me an hour or so to get back to my place." She said with a sigh.

I smiled and shoved my plate away from me to the side, and smiled.

"You aren't getting the train tonight, you're coming home with me." I said gently.

She smiled, and it looked like she didn't quite understand what I had just said.

"I'm coming home, with you?" She said almost smiling, for some unknown reason.

"Obviously, i'm taking you home. I'll drive you, Carmen." I laughed gently.

She smiled, and swung her head gently.

"Oh, I misheard you. Are you sure, its unfair on you that extra leg of driving?" She said gently.

I smiled, and leant forward.

"Nah, its just an extra twenty minutes to see you home safely." I said.

She smiled.

"Well at least let me make it up to you, yesterday and today. When you drop me off, come inside and i'll cook you some dinner. Its the least I can do for you, James. You've done so much for me, its unfair." She smiled taking my hand, now that got a few stares and suspicious glances but I let her take my hand.

"I guess i'll see you in class, James." She smiled squeezing my hand, when the blonde bimbo called her over.

She smiled, and with a final squeeze stood and went over to her. But she continued to look over at me, as she sat with the blonde bimbo and a few other teachers giving me a few smiles. But everyone of them lingered, it wasn't just a friendly one. She tried to look over at me, but her friends tore her attention away.

Lunch soon came to an end, and she left but not without another grin to me and she was gone.

Almost Two Hours Later, Modern History Class, 4:00PM

I made my way to Carmen's classroom, I pushed open the door on time and she was sitting at her desk smiling up at me.

"On time, James. Take a seat, hun." She said, I looked around the room and noticed we were alone. The rest of the class were still on their way.

She noticed me looking around the room.

"Relax, no one is here yet." She giggled.

I giggled back, and just gave her a lingering look. She smiled back.

"So we're all alone then huh?" I said.

She giggled, and cocked her eyebrow.

"Don't get cocky, James. I don't want to hose you down with water, like a dog." She grinned.

"A dog, can get quite aroused when hosed down by someone like you. You know the old saying, a dog in heat." I said with a wink, at my desk.

She grinned.

"A dog like you, would run rings around an owner like me. I couldn't keep up with you, or much less get a collar on you." She smiled, beaming as if she was happy about something.

"Well sometimes, a challenge is what is needed to spice up our relationship." I grinned with a wink.

I think the word 'relationship' gave her the shivers, and shivered watching me but she was smiling as she did. It didn't seem forced, but more relaxed.

"Well if you can think of ways to make this student and teacher relationship of ours more fun, just say." She grinnned.

I was about to suggest what I thought we were playing around with, sex and maybe a relationship if that was what she wanted. But at that moment the other students walked in, talking together taking their seats on cue.

She looked up at me, and smiled as she addressed the class about today's planned class.

The class soon settled down, and everyone pulled out books and pens to begin. My attentions were firmly on Carmen, but I had to at least try to learn. I smiled at her, as we began to work from the books. The class lagged on, and the time felt like ages. I wanted to be alone with Carmen, to talk to her in private. The class lagged on more, the final fifteen minutes setting in and the class was finally at an end. The class cleared out, there was some talk about some incident in the city; but I wasn't interested. My eyes were on Carmen.

The class was out, and the door closed behind them all. Carmen was busy with some papers, but her eyes moved to me and set on me.

"Class is over, I guess I should thank you for the lift home." She said gently.

"That would be nice." I said smiling.

Her eyes dropped to my crotch, and she smiled.

"I... I bet it would be." She said, noticing my hardon which I had not.

I tried to hide it, and she just smiled turning away from it.

"So what do you like to eat, James?" She asked putting her things away into her bag.

I smiled turning back to her, hoping to god my hardon wasn't on show.

"Anything, I love food in general." I said smiling.

"A true man, can eat anything. I like that." She said smiling slinging her work bag over her shoulder.

"Ready?" I asked her.

She looked up at me beaming.

"I've been ready all day." She grinned, and took my hand and pulled me out with her into the corridor to my car.

It was different, but not in a bad way now walking alongside each other. She kept taking my hand, everytime she could and held it as we walked out to a few stares of course.

We were soon out into the student parking lot, and holding hands openly. This was wierd, hard to make out what this was but I liked it.

We got to my banged up car, and I opened the back of the car and threw her bag in and she giggled.

"You can be rough can't you." She said sliding into the seat.

I leaned inside the car, on her side and was inches from her face as I was bent down to speak to her.

"I can be rough with you, but thats only half the fun." I grinned.

She grinned, and it appeared she was mulling over what I had just said.

"So what is the other half of the fun then huh?" She said.

I leaned in, and threw my cards on the table.

"Penetration, and violation." I moaned, my words rolling off my tongue.

She shuddered in her seat, and I watched her bite her lip.

"Want me to show you the first half of the fun, the rough side?" I asked, playing along.

At that moment, I saw her legs twitch and slowly squeeze together.

"Go on then, show me." She moaned.

"I won't resist, James." She purred.

I breathed hard, and took her delicate hands and pinned them to the head rest of her seat.

"I'm going to kiss you, understand that Carmen. I am going to slide my tongue into your mouth, a proper kiss." I moaned, I may not have looked it by my heart was beating like a drum in excitement and fear.

She nodded.

I leaned in and without a second thought of the consequences, covered her mouth with my own and pushed my tongue inside feeling her own. She shuddered under me, I could feel it as I kissed her like a lover. I could feel her hands clawing at mine pinning hers to the head rest.

She was moaning hard, as her tounge rested against mine. I dropped one hand on her own, and dropped it to her sports vest and felt her large breasts under it and god were they big and firm.

The kiss broke, and she was breathing hard against my mouth.

"Jesus, you are everything they all say you are." She shuddered as I saw her thighs clench, and were even moist from her excited sweating. I was about to drop my hands to raise her skirt, when the bells signalling the end of that hour's lessons sounded and slowly students began to leave the University.

"We better get you home then, huh." I said with a smile, I closed her door and made my way around to my side of the car and got into the driver's seat.

As I got into the car, I watched Carmen and she was shuddering with her eyes clenched shut. Her thighs were tightly clenched, and I could see them glistening.

I started the engine up, and pulled the car out of the parking lot into the streets.

There was a silence, between us and I could still see Carmen staring out of the car avoiding my glances. Her thighs were still clenched, it was a silence of guilt at what had happened between us in the parking lot.

She didn't look at me for a few more minutes, until we were in traffic. I coughed gently, and spoke.

"I shouldn't have kissed you, should I?" I asked.

Carmen sighed, and I could see her unclench her thighs.

"No, you shouldn't have James." She whispered low.

I nodded, and drove the car as we rounded a few corners. We were only a few streets away from her address.

"Well you enjoyed it, I think. You told me to do it, and I did." I said firmly.

She turned her head frantically to face me, she was unhappy.

"I... I did not expect that, I thought it would have been a peck on my cheek or something." She stammered.

I nodded with a sigh.

"What would you have done if the bells hadn't rang, and we weren't interupted?" She quizzed me.

I steered the car down the quieter streets, and turned to her.

"Do you really want to know the truth on that?" I asked.

Carmen went quiet, and nodded.

"Yes, I do." She muttered.

"I would have gone all the way in the car seat with you, with the whole student body of the University watching us I wouldn't have cared. All I would have cared about was you." I said steering, not looking to see her reaction.

She looked up at me, her piercing eyes and beautiful ebony skin allured me to look back.

"You would have fucked me, right?" She asked.

I smiled, and looked at her as she was watching me.

"Look down." I said simply, and she did as I watched her eyes drop they widened on my crotch and I was proudly sporting a hardon pointed in the air like a tent.

"I would have fucked you until, you couldn't take anymore Carmen." I said driving.

She shuddered at my words, and again her thighs clenched shut.

"But I admit, I crossed the line. I'm sorry for that Carmen." I said apologetically and continued to drive. There was another silence, and we were soon on her street coming up to her bungalow.

"Right, i'll let you out here. I don't think its a good idea if I come in for that meal you offered Carmen." I said as softly as I could.

She sighed, and stepped out of the car on her side. To be a gentleman as best as I could, being the circumstances I did not look at her ass as she got out.

Carmen closed her door, and walked around to my side of the car as I assumed she was walking to her front door. But she did not, she stopped at my door and looked down.

"I offered you a meal James, now get out of the car and come inside alright." She said firmly, turning on her heels and walked towards her front door.

I didn't move, more because I could not understand what the fuck was happening.

Carmen turned on her front door steps back to the car, and spread her legs standing straight with her hands on her hips.

"Move it, I ain't waiting all night to cook for you James." She said in a firm, yet seductive tone. I turned off my engine, and got out of the car locking it up before I followed behind her.

Now my gentleman's persona disappeared, and my eyes were on her legs and ass as she opened her front door with her keys.

Her ass looked so invitingly in her short denim mini-skirt, the front door was soon open and I followed her in as I watched her bubble butt shake and bounce under her skirt.

"Go into the lounge, i'll bring in some coffee then i'll get started on our dinner." Carmen said, and I could swear without looking at me she purposely crossed her legs seductively and made her way to the kitchen.

Christ this was torture, what was she doing? I asked myself.

I did as she told me, it was so sexy for once it seemed Carmen was being the sexual goddess I imagined her being finally. In the lounge, I put my coat down on the sofa and sat down in front of the television that wasn't turned on.

I could hear things in the kitchen being prepared, and the sound of the coffee maker whiring to life.

I sat uncomfortable, and waited for her. A few moments passed and I heard footsteps behind me from the kitchen, and Carmen walked in with a tray.

She gently put the tray down on the coffee table, and breathed hard sitting down next to me on the sofa.

"Coffee, James. Add sugar, and milk hun." She said.

There were two cups of black coffee on the tray, a small jug of milk and saucer of sugar with spoons.

"Oh god my fucking feet." Carmen gasped, closing her eyes briefly.

I smiled, and leaned forward.

"Put your feet up on my lap, i'll take them off for you." I said gently.

She looked at me, unsure.

"Come on trust me, its better than putting more strain on your back." I said gently, making a sneaky remark about her large chest. She nodded, and slid back against the arm of the sofa and lifted her legs and placed her feet in my lap.

"Thanks, James." She smiled.

I gently touched her dark purple ankle boots, and turned my hands around her exposed skin above the boots and found the first of the two zips, I took hold of it and unzipped it and slowly slid the boot off her feet. She moaned gently, and I put the boot on the floor. She had a pair of ankle socks on under the boots. I moved to her other foot, finding the zip pulled it down and slid the boot off.

I decided to play my chances, and with both boots off I kept her legs in my lap and rubbed her ankles gently, moving higher slowly.

"What are you doing, James?" She moaned, in a low whisper.

I smiled, and looking up I saw Carmen's face was glazed and her eyes were almost shut and she seemed in heat.

"Just easing your aches, Carmen." I said applying more pressure to her ankles.

I moved my hands up her legs, from her ankles kneeding her creamy ebony legs.

"Oh that feels good." Carmen moaned in a strong Chicago accent.

I kneeded more of her legs, and I was moving up inches from the edges of her denim skirt and I could feel her legs shuddering.

This was it, now I had to hope she wanted me to do this. I slowly moved up the sofa closer to her, and my hands touched the edges of her skirt and she moaned.

"What are you doing?" She moaned, and I could feel her pulling her skirt infact up exposing her thighs to me. I looked up, and her glazed expression was even stronger yet she seemed happy.

"I want to taste you, Carmen." I said straight forward, I moved closer between her legs.

She moaned, and was staring down at me.

"Do it, James. I'm yours." She shuddered, and I now moved between her inner thighs and with her pulling her skirt up the only thing in my way were a pair of silk purple panties that shone in the light of the room's lights.

She moaned, and I felt her legs tighten around my back.

"James, take your pants off. I want to see it." She shivered, as I undid my jeans pulling them off I kicked them aside.

Carmen was shaking, her eyes glazed they moved between my legs to my eyes as I peeled down my boxers and my cock sprang out erect and fully hard for her pointing into air like a sword.

"Oh fuck, mother of god you are a handsome bastard." She shivered, looking at my cock she was literally licking the drool from her lips.

"And you are a fucking goddess, Carmen." I said my voice, almost breaking I leant down now towards her purple panties.

"Take them off, and make me feel good James." She shuddered, spreading her legs more for me; her left leg was in the air dangling over the back of the sofa and her right foot hung touching the carpet floor.

I smiled and took hold of the waistband of her tight purple silk panties, and began to peel them down as Carmen gently giggled with her eyes dead set on my own.

I peeled them down, and they were around her ankles and I saw her womanhood. She was abit hairy, I guess she hadn't allowed any male attention near her womanhood for a while but it was still sexy. Her glistening womanhood was open, and the lips were inviting my rod to enter her.

I leaned in and kissed her womanhood on the lips, and tasted her and fuck my cock shuddered between my legs to full hardness.

I slurped, and began to suck on her pussy and slid my tongue in between her ebony lips finding her clit.

"Oh mother fucker, get in there." Carmen squeeled, her eyes closed tighty she grabbed my hair and pulled my head further between her thighs to eat her out more.

I slid my tongue so deep in her womanhood, I finally found her clit and sucked on it hard. That set Carmen off, like the girl in the Exocist film swinging her legs around me and literally wrapping them around me tightly grinding her womanhood into my face.

"Oh James, fuck me, make love to me my lover. Fucking ride me my stalion!" She gasped grinding her sopping wet womanhood into my face, as I sucked on her clit.

Her lips quivered, and she had to bite down to stop them as she shook literally under me. I could tell it was an orgasm building up, overtaking her, a few more seconds and she would release her orgasm and cum for me.

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