tagLesbian SexThe Teacher Ch. 03

The Teacher Ch. 03


Author's Note: This story was inspired by a fantasy that I've always thought of seeing. These characters are fictional. If this is the first chapter that you are reading, I would suggest for you to read chapter 1 first. Please do not copyright or print without my permission. Enjoy.



During lunch, I decided to go check up on my lover. As I entered the room, Maria's eyes met mine. I closed and locked the door, not wanting anyone to walk in on us. We met each other half way, and my hands went up to her neck to pull her down to my lips. Our lips met, tongue tangling together, wrestling. As we kissed, her hands ran down the front of my body and moved towards the back, caressing my ass, making me horny. Then she pulled back and said, "How about we continue this at my house. I'm done for the day."


We hurriedly left, carrying "papers" that needed correcting and headed to her house. As soon as we got inside, we were all over each other. Maria led me to her bedroom and we stripped each other as we headed inside. When we reached the bed, we were both naked and panting from all our touching and kissing. She pushed me on the bed before she said, "I owe you one remember."

She fell to her knees and began kissing my stomach, moving lower, making me impatient. My pussy was hot and ready for her to ram her tongue into. I pushed myself up on my elbows to watch her go down on me. My heart was racing as she reached my inner thighs. She kissed my inner thighs on each side, making me moan. Then she touched my labia with the tip of her tongue, making me jolt. I moved closer, trying to get closer to her tongue, but she moved away teasingly.

"God, you're such a tease slut. You love to tease, don't you, you fucking pussy licking whore."

Maria finally moved her head and fully licked my pussy, making me groan loudly. I gyrated against her tongue, feeling it enter my pussy hole. I cried out in ecstasy, "You bitch!!! God you're making me so hot!!! Yes!!! Keep licking me."

"Mmmmmmm..." was the response from Maria.

She spit on my pussy before ramming her tongue back into my pussy, bring me closer to my orgasm. I cried out more as her tongue licked my clit and her fingers entered my pussy. I humped her fingers feeling my climax coming. Then she did something totally unexpected, she stuck one finger into my asshole. I cried out in ecstasy as I felt her move it in and out of my hole.

"Yes Maela. You're my little slut aren't you? Say it, whore."

"Yes... Oh God... I'm your little slut Maria..." I panted, feeling my orgasm approaching.

She pumped her fingers into me faster, making me moan louder. Then she took my whole clit into her mouth, pushing me over the edge.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh... Fuuuuuuuuccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk! Yeeeeessssssssss! I'm cumming," I cried out, as I rode out my orgasm on her tongue and fingers. When I finished cumming, she licked up the juices and cleaned her fingers.

When she finished cleaning me, she moved up next to me, to kiss me. As we kissed, my hands moved down her body to cup her pussy, making her moan. I played with her clit and squeezed it hard, rubbing it around in circles. Her moans got louder as I rubbed her left breast with my other free hand. I continued to kiss her, pushing my tongue in her mouth, and she fervently kissed me back, moaning in my mouth.

I slid my fingers into her slit, making her groan and hump against my fingers. I pumped them in and out of her cunt, and by the way she was moaning, I knew she was growing closer to orgasm.

"Oh fuck baby... Adoro los dedos en mi bebé de coño," she said to me in Spanish while panting. I love your fingers in my pussy baby.

Getting even more horny, I drove my fingers into her pussy faster, making her moan louder and louder.

"Fuuuuuccccccckkkkkk... Yes! That feels sooooo gooooood."

"You wanna cum, you horny bitch?"

"Yes, I wanna cum," she replied.

"Then cum for me, you horny pussy lickin' whore."

"Ooooh.... God... I'm cumming..."

I rubbed her clit with my other hand, throwing her over the edge even more. She humped my fingers until her orgasm was over. When she laid back, I moved down her body and licked her pussy clean. First cleaning around the labia before opening her pink pussy and cleaning the rest, making her moan out loud. When I finished, I crawled up to her, kissing her deeply.

"Mmmmmm... you know, I found your bra and thong in my restroom," Maria lazily said.

"Really? Did you like them?"

"Are you kidding, I loved them so much. I was so tempted to taste that wet spot on the front after you left, because you left me when I wanted you to stay."

As she said this, her fingers drew circles around my abdomen, getting closer to my pussy, but just dancing away. We stayed in bed the rest of the afternoon. When I woke up at 4 P.M., Maria and I made love one last time, before I left to take a shower.

As I stepped under the shower head and let the warm water over my head, I heard the door slide open and Maria stepped in behind. She turned me to face her before she kissed me deeply and her hands slid down my body. We shampooed each other's hair, and used body wash to clean each other. After rinsing it off, Maria got down on her knees, pushing me back against the bathroom wall. She dipped her tongue into my navel, as her fingers slid up my thighs and cup my pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm... yes... that feels good."

Maria moaned in response before she turned me around.

"Bend over you little slut," she said as she rubbed my clit.

I complied and that was when I felt her tongue running against my asshole.

"Oh God..." I cried out, pushing back against her tongue.

She used her tongue to push deep into my anus, and I groaned even more. As she licked my ass, she pumped her fingers into my pussy.

"Ahhhh fuck... yes, you whore. Lick my ass, and fuck me hard."

She finger fucked my pussy harder and harder, making me moan louder and louder.

I felt my climax coming along.

"Ah, Fuck... fuck... yes, I'm gonna cuuuuuummmmmmmmmm..."

"Yes, cum for me, you little slut. Come for me..."

I climaxed and my body sagged against the shower walls. She cleaned my pussy with her tongue before turning me around and kissing me deeply.

"I have a surprise for you. Can you stay over this weekend, since it's Friday?"

"Yes. I would love to stay."

"Well, let's go move your car into the garage next to mine. Then I have a surprise for you."

She rubbed my pussy one last time, making me gasp in pleasure before we got out of the shower. I called my parents letting them know that I was staying with a friend because we were working on a project. I couldn't wait.

To Be Continued...

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