tagLesbian SexThe Teacher Ch. 06

The Teacher Ch. 06


Author's Note:

If this is your first time reading this story, I would recommend you to read the chapters before this. Enjoy and please leave some feedback if you wish... Please do not copy without my permission.

XOXO, Maela

When I woke up Saturday morning, the first thing I saw was Maria's sleeping face. She looked so peaceful that I decided to use the bathroom. After I came out, she was still asleep, so I decided to give her a special awakening. As I pulled the covers off of her, I heard her moan in her sleep.

"Mmmmm... yes, Jessica right there."

I grabbed some scarves that I found laying around her room, and got to work, tying my beloved to her bed. She was tied loosely spread eagled on the bed and I went to the drawers where I found a ruler. This was gonna be fun I giggled, as crawled in between her legs. I leaned my head down and slowly started to lick her juicy cunt. Her body shuddered as I increased my efforts, my tongue flattening against her clit. Finally, her eyes shot open and she moaned, at the same time she began to grind her pussy into my tongue.

Finally she realized what I had done to her.

"Maela, why did you tie me up?"

I gave her an innocent grin before answering, "I don't know. Why don't you tell me who Jessica is? You were moaning her name in your sleep."

At that Maria blushed, and I used the tip of the ruler to gently rub against her clit. She moaned loudly and began to grind her pussy against the object. I laughed before gently spanking her pussy lips with the ruler tip. Maria let out a gasp, but followed it with a moan, "Mmmmmm... yes... a little harder please."

I smacked her pussy with the ruler again, a little harder this time, and heard her moan again.

"Who's Jessica?" I asked, as I used the ruler to rub her clit.

When she didn't answer, I used the ruler to smack her legs. She cried out in pain and pleasure.

"My, my, my, you sure are enjoying this aren't you, my slut?" I rubbed her clit with the ruler one last time before I went around and began smacking her breasts. The ruler left pink marks around her breasts, but nothing scarring. She cried out, but I could tell she was loving this dominating side of me.

Finally, she admitted, "Jessica Alba."

I looked at her before asking, "You were dreaming about fucking Jessica Alba while you were in bed with me, you slut?"

I used the ruler to spank her pussy again. She moaned and answered, "Yes. Yes!"

"Yes what?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Good girl," I replied as I stopped the spanking and used my fingers to rub her wet and hot pussy.

"Ohhhh fuuuuucccccckkk. That feels good Mistress."

I spanked her pussy with my hand before I asked, "What should you say?"

When she didn't answer, I spanked her pussy again. She cried out before responding, "Thank you mistress."

"Good girl." As a reward I inserted three fingers into her pussy, slowly. I pulled them out, and pushed them back in, a slow rhythm building.

"Oh fuck. Oh fuck Mistress Maela, you're sooooo good to me. Thank you. Ohhhhhhh.... Fuuuuuucccckkk," she cried out. "Please go faster Mistress."

I laughed as I answered, "Does my slut want me to go faster? Huh? You cunt loving slut. You want me to go faster?"

I sped up my fingers as I heard her cry out, "Yeeeesssssss! Go faster. Go faster. Please go faster Mistress. Ahhhhhhh fuuuuuccccccccckkkkkk... I'm gonna fucken cuuuuuuummmmmmmm..."

At the last second, I pulled my fingers out of her cunt, refusing to let her cum. She whined but one look from me and she quickly stopped. I found the strap-on on the dresser, so I strapped it on, walked over to the bed before I ran the tip of the dildo around her pussy. Once I lubricated the cock with her juices, I teased her clit with the tip, making her squirm and knowing that she wanted to grind her pussy against this cock until she came long and hard.

"You want this fucken cock inside your pussy, cunt?"

I saw her nod before I continued, "Say it. Let me hear you say it you fucken slut."

When she didn't respond, I used the dick to spank her pussy. "Say it cunt!"

Finally, she relented saying, "Yes. I fucken want that cock in my pussy. Put that cock in my pussy Mistress. Put it in my slut hole."

"Good girl," I replied as I slid the cock into her pink pussy. She cried out as the dildo penetrated her and I began to move at a slow pace, to get her hot. The other end of the strap-on was stimulating my clit, making me hot and bothered.

I moved the cock in and out of her pussy slowly until she screamed out, "Harder Mistress. Fuck me harder. My cunt wants it hard Mistress."

I moved at a faster pace, "You want it hard you fucken whore. You want it hard? Whose pussy is this?"

Everytime she didn't answer, I slowed the pace to punish her, and when she answered, I would speed up the pace until I heard her cry out, "Oh my fucken goooooddddddd.... I'm cuummmmiiiiinnnnnnggg."

"Fucken cum you slut. Cum on this dick."

As she came again, I felt the explosion of my own orgasm. When we both came back to our senses, I untied her, and pulled her to me before saying,

"Get down there and clean the cock slut."

Immediately, Maria moved down my body and began worshipping. She kissed my nipples and pulled them into her mouth, licking them into hard tips before moving down to my abdomen and finally to the strap-on. She expertly took the cock into her mouth and cleaned her own juices. She deep throated it and I moved my hips back and forth as to keep pushing the cock into her mouth. I felt myself getting turned on, my clit was swollen, and I felt my juices building up. Finally she finished and I told her, "Take the cock off me and start licking my pussy."

She complied, and as she began to lick, she licked the outside of my lips. Finally, she opened my pussy with her fingers and she started licking my hole. She stuck her tongue in and out my pussy, all the while I was screaming in pleasure.

"Awww fuck. Fuuucccckkkk slut. You are such a good pussy licker. Yeeeeesssss... Just like that. Just like that you fucken whore."

She continued to lick my pussy and tongue fuck it until I came.

"Awwwwwwwww fuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccckkkkkkkkkk.... I'm cuuuuummmmmiiiiiinnnnnnggggg..." I cried out as she continued to eat me to two more orgasms. When I couldn't stand it anymore, I pulled her up to me and kissed her hard, sticking my tongue into her mouth and tasting my own juices on her.

Finally we both got up and went to shower. After making love in the shower, and having two more orgasms, we went into the kitchen to make breakfast in our robes. As I sat down to wait for the bacon to finish cooking in the oven, Maria came up behind me and began to massage my shoulders before she moved them to my breasts and began to play with my nipples through the robe.

"You know, when you tied me up like that and played Mistress, you were soooo fuckin' hot."

"I knew you'd like that."

"Mmmmm-hmmm..." she began to nibble my earlobe.

"Sweetie, if you don't stop that, we're gonna have another fuckfest without breakfast. And you might just get another spanking, this time on your ass."

Maria laughed before saying, "Maybe I want another spanking Mistress. But you are right. I am hungry."

Finally after a nice breakfast, we sat in the living room to watch some television. After twenty minutes of silence, Maria said, "I wish we had more time together sweetheart. The end of the weekend is almost here. How about we go on a getaway next weekend?"

I sat up in surprise before answering, "Yeah, that's a good idea. Let's start planning."

We decided to go to take a drive to San Diego the next weekend. Maria had a beach house there that she received in her divorce settlement.

"It's secluded and romantic. Oooh, and we don't ever have to leave the bedroom," Maria laughed. With that said, I was suddenly horny again.

As she continued writing, I got on all fours and crawled over to her. As soon as she came within touch, I stuck out my tongue and licked her nipples through her robe. She gasped but continued to plan.

"Hmmm... I should pack some extra undies and sexy bras. My garters and stockings for sure. And..."

"The strap-on so that I can fuck you silly with it," I added before I pounced on her. She let out a small scream as I fell on top of her and opened her robe from the bottom where her pussy was. I cupped it under her robe, making her breathless just before I covered her lips with mine. She moaned into my mouth as I straddled her lap and stuck three fingers into her already dripping cunt. As I finger fucked her to orgasm, she sucked on my nipples, making me moan into her mouth.

"Mmmmmmmm... baby, that feels soooo gooooood..."

Once she was close, she moaned, "Make me cum... Make me cum Maela..."

I sped up my fingers and in seconds had her screaming out, "Oohhh mmmyyyy gooooddddd. I'm cumming baby. I'm cuuuuummmmmmmiiiiinnnnnggggg."

When I finished licking her cum off my fingers, she picked me up, and turned me around so that my ass was up against her pussy before she reached her hands around me and started rubbing my clit. I saw my reflection in her mirror and it looked like I was masturbating on top of her, except it was her fingers getting me off.

"You like that Maela? You like looking at us fuck in the mirror don't you? God you are one hot bitch!"

"Mmmmm... Yes... Oh my god..."

That got me even hotter and before I knew it she was fingering my clit to orgasm. My juices were all over her fingers and she smiled at our reflection before she sucked them into her mouth.

The rest of that weekend flew by, with us spending the majority of our time in her bedroom. Before I knew it, my weekend with my secret lover had ended and it was time to go back to school. Until next weekend, I thought to myself.

...To Be Continued...

Hope you guys enjoyed the latest installment of this series. Please leave feedback and comments for me if you can.

XOXO, Maela

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