tagLesbian SexThe Teacher Ch. 11

The Teacher Ch. 11


Author's Note:

Hey guys, I know that it's been such a long time, but I've been having a hard time just finding the inspiration to write this story, trying to figure out where to go from here. Thanks for your comments and patience with me and this story. As I have mentioned before, this is one of the last few chapters left and I will try to submit new series. Please do not copy or print for your own purposes without my permission. Enjoy and please leave some feedback if you want...

XOXO, Maela


College began two months after Maria and I were last together. I had been cut off from my family because I told my parents that I was a lesbian. I cried for the first month that I lived alone, but I refused to tell Maria what happened because I didn't want her to get in trouble with the law.

I missed her terribly so, and every day that went by, I could not help but think about her. As I was laying in my bed, I couldn't help but think of our last night together. We made passionate love, then laid in each other's arms until sunrise before I reluctantly left her warm bed. With one last kiss, we went our separate ways. I ran my fingers across my pussy as I replayed the last time she used her tongue to lave my sensitive clit. I continued to stroke faster as I pictured her standing behind me, stroking our favorite strap-on in and out of my wet pussy, until I came.

I left my bed to get ready for my first day of class, making sure I had enough time to make it to school and find parking. By noon, my day was over, and I drove back to my one-bedroom apartment. As I neared my door, a familiar figure stood near my door, knocking. I ran up the stairs and the breath was knocked out of me as the love of my life turned around and saw me.

We ran into each other's arms and kissed, not needing to say any words. We stumbled into my apartment and I pushed her against my door, wanting her more than life itself. I tore open her button up blouse, and palmed her braless breasts, thumbing her nipples and watching as they grew hard. I suckled them deeply, hearing her gasp aloud and breathe hard.

"Oh gawd Maela! I missed your touch so much. Touching myself has just not been the same," she breathlessly let out.

"It took you long enough to get here!" I furiously drew her tits back into my mouth, making her moan even more. Gawd I missed this. I missed her.

She pulled my shirt off of my body and took off my bra, before playing with my already erect nipples. I moaned as she sucked my tits, running my hands through her hair, afraid that this was all a dream. When she bit my nipple, I sucked in a breath and realized that this was not a dream. She was really here.

She pulled down my skirt and ran her tongue down my torso to my belly button before running her gorgeous tongue down to my waiting clit. As I felt the first brush of her tongue on my pussy, my knees buckled and we both fell down to my carpet. She continued to lovingly lick my pussy, catching all my juices.

Knowing how much more she could turn me on, she hummed against my pussy, making me shudder before telling me, "Oh fuck Maela... You're pussy tastes so wonderful. Do you like this? Do you like what I'm doing to this pussy?"

When I didn't answer, she pushed her index finger in my pussy. My body bowed off the floor as I felt her finger fill my hole. It's been so long. She pulled it out, and as I watched her, stuck it in her mouth before adding her middle finger and filling my pussy once again. I cried out passionately as she finger-fucked me hard and fast, just as I liked it.

"Oh fuck Maria. Oh fuck. I'm gonna come!!" I shouted as my climax hit me hard. My whole body came up off the floor as Maria continued to suck my clit and drive me crazy.

As I came down from my sexual high, Maria sat watching me, the most beautiful smile I've seen in awhile on her beautiful face. As she continued to smile at me, I noticed that her short skirt was still on, so I reached for her, pulling the skirt down her long silky legs and we walked to my bedroom.

I gently laid her down on my queen sized bed, wanting to kiss and worship every little inch of her delectable body. I began kissing her head, her neck, her breast, making her shiver at my attention. As I got near her pussy, she cried out, "Hurry Maela!! My pussy is so wet for you!"

"You want my tongue on your pussy, you slut?" I asked her, knowing that the dirty talk was making her wetter.

Maria began to play with her pussy, and I slapped her hand away. "I didn't say you could play with your pussy slut!"

She whimpered in frustration but played along, as I bent down and slowly licked her clit. She gasped as I sucked her clit into my mouth, and licked it up and down like a little cock.

"Mmmmm... I love this pussy," I commented as I lovingly tapped her clit, making her body jump to my ministrations.

"Do you want my finger in your pretty pussy Maria?"

"Hmmm... yes."

"Yes what, slut?" I asked as I tapped her clit again.

"Yes please Mistress." Maria begged.

I inserted my finger into her wet pussy, loving the familiar feel of her pussy. I used my thumb to stroke her clit and she cried out.

"Mmmm... Mae- Mistress, please give me more."

I grinned, feeling particularly wicked.

"What do you need more Maria. Tell me, my beautiful slut."

"Hmmm..." she moaned, "please give me one more finger in my pussy Mistress. Please."

I kissed her clit, before adding another finger to her pussy. I began to lick her clit, but kept my fingers inside her, refusing to move them until she told me what she wanted me to do with my fingers in her pretty pussy.

"Oh gawd Maela!" She cried in frustration.

"Yes slut?" I inquired while continuing to lick her clit.

"Move your fingers. Finger-fuck me."

I moved them slowly, and she tried to hump my fingers before crying out, "Fuck me faster and harder. Please Mistress!!!"

I complied, moving my fingers in and out of her pussy faster and harder, making her cry out louder and louder with every single stroke, while my mouth worked on her clit like a little cock, until her body came up off the bed and her pussy contracted around my fingers, letting me know that she found her orgasm.

As she laid on my bed, recovering from her orgasm, my fingers still inside of her, I reached under my pillow for my new vibrator. It was shaped like a pair of lips with a tongue that sucked on the clit when turned on. I put it on her clit, turned it on, and added a third finger to my lover's pussy. She gasped loudly, at the new sensations as I finger-fucked her, and the vibrator played with her clit.

I used my other index finger to run lovingly over her anus, before penetrating her. She humped my fingers as her passion grew.

"Mmm... you're so responsive my slut. Would you like me to use a dildo on your ass soon slut?"

"Mmmm... oh gawd... Yes!!"

"Yes, what slut?"

"Yes Mistress... Please fuck my ass with a dildo soon. Please!" She cried out as I continued to spear her ass and pussy with my fingers.

"Good girl," I complimented as I stroked her longer and faster until her pussy spasm a second time around my fingers and she cried out long and loud.

"Oh FUCK!!!" At last we rested, my head on her breast and she stroked my hair.


"Yes honey?"

"How come you're here?"

Maria lifted my chin to look at her before answering, "Because I couldn't go on with my life anymore without you."

I kissed her before asking her, "What about your job?"

"I quit three weeks ago. I had to make sure that I got the new job here before I quit and came after you. I work at a new high school now."

"Where are you living?" I asked shocked at her confession.

"Well, I hope we'll move in together soon, but I'm staying at a hotel right now."

I perked up immediately. "Come stay with me. We should get your stuff, and you can move in right away."

She smiled brightly, "Are you sure?"

I slapped her pussy for asking such a silly question. "Of course I'm sure. I would love to come home to that pussy any day." I kissed it, to emphasize my point.

She pulled me up to her and kissed me, running her fingers across my already wet pussy, fingering my clit, making me breathless.

"Mmmm... my turn now Maela. It was pretty sneaky of you to put three fingers in my wet pussy. But you know what?"

I groaned as she slipped two fingers into my soaking cunt. "Hmm... what?"

"I loved it," she whispered in my ear as she flicked it with her tongue and I shivered.

She stroked my pussy expertly and took me over the edge quickly. We laid back down on the bed. I took a deep breath before telling her everything.


"Yeah sweetie?"

"I told my parents that I was a lesbian."

"What did they say?"

Tears rolled down my face as I remembered the last time I talked to my parents.

"They disowned me." Maria took me into her arms as I cried my heart out.

"Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry. Why didn't you call me?"

"I didn't want to get you in trouble. Anyway, I'm no longer talking to my parents."

"It's all right my love. We'll be our own family." She hugged me close and stroked my back.

Now that she was back, everything in my life was perfect. I began to look forward to a future spent with her.

To Be Continued...

Please leave feedback... ;P...

XOXO, Maela

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