tagInterracial LoveThe Teacher Gets An 'A' Ch. 3

The Teacher Gets An 'A' Ch. 3


She opened her eyes to see Bucks handsome face, his arms still wrapped around her and she slightly lifted the covers to gaze once more at the cock that had given her so much pleasure, her hand reaching out to stroke it as she felt him begin to stir and get hard as well. His arm came off of her and she slid her head down and flicked her tongue over the head of his cock as it twitched from the sensation and she popped it in her mouth, his hands moved to her head as he awoke from her hot mouth on him.

His hips begun to thrust his hard cock into her mouth as she struggled to capture all of it, her throat expanding once more as he filled it and she sucked and swirled her tongue, wanting to please her hero so badly as he squirmed and arched his back and she felt his hot cum empty into her mouth. She worked hard to swallow it all, but some had escaped her mouth as she felt it dangle from the corners and she pulled off of him, her tongue gathering it up and then licking his entire shaft to make sure she had it all and then concentrating on his balls as she heard him moan at her mouth's touch.

"We'll be late for work Gia," he said and they jumped up and dressed for work, a passionate kiss as they parted in the parking lot and each drove towards the high school. Her ass hurt badly as she squirmed on the car seat, unable to find a comfortable position and as she parked and walked in, she was self conscious about her walk, not wanting to reveal what had happened to her and her efforts to walk normal caused her more pain. She found a cushion in the lounge and brought it back to her classroom, it seemed to make sitting more bearable as she went through her morning classes and she wondered if everyone saw the look of total contentment on her face.

At lunchtime, she stopped by the teacher's bathroom and she went into the stall and pulled her skirt up and her panties down as she sat on the commode, her pussy and ass hurt as she went to the bathroom and when she wiped, the pain was almost unbearable, like it was raw down there. Gia was a petite woman, her body not used to the cocks that had ravaged her the day before, but she was glad that she had been able to make a connection with Buck, she had wanted him since her black visions first began and it was great that he was gentle with her.

She pulled her panties back up and pushed her skirt back down, trying to adjust to how her panties felt against her and turned to flush the commode and opened the door of the stall to see Julius standing there, "You're not allowed in here, get out!!" she yelled and he just stared at her.

"You know Teach, I still got them pictures, wouldn't look too good for you if they got out, now would they?" and she remembered the pictures and her heart sank, he was right, it would end her teaching career on the spot. "What is it you want Julius?" she dropped her head as she said it, knowing damn well what he would want, "I just think maybe you should be very nice to me and anyone else I tell you to Tech, could save you a whole lot of headaches," and his hand cupped her tit through her blouse as she felt her nipple stiffen.

'Oh what had she gotten into?' she thought as his hand moved between the buttons of her blouse and pushed the bra cup down off of her tit and his hand covered it, "I think you got some fine little tits Teach, your nipples feel great," and he pinched it between his thumb and forefinger, "But I think I need my knob polished Teach, what do you say? A blow job for Julius, huh?" and she slowly backed up and sat back down on the commode as her fingers nervously opened his jeans and fished his hard cock out. "Let me hear it Teach," and she glanced up at him, "Julius, I need your cock in my mouth," and she saw the big smile on his face, "Is that the only place you want my big cock Teach?" and she felt so ashamed as he prodded her to answer, "I want it to fill every hole Julius, I belong to it," and she shut her eyes in shame, black cock had ruined her, she craved it, even like this. To be a trashy white slut, to be fucked at will, her body wanting a black cock more than anything and her mouth closed over his hard cock as she sucked him back into her mouth, her head bobbing to force more into her mouth, if only Buck would come rescue her. His hands went back into her blouse as he uncovered her other tit and pinched at her nipples and she felt her pussy getting moist, her panties quite wet now.

"You're a good little cocksucker Gia, oh you don't mind if I call you Gia do you? Mrs. P is so formal and I want to call you by your white slut name, suck my cock Gia, suck the cum right out of it, rub my balls you white bitch!" His hands pinched her nipples harder as he pumped in and out of her mouth and she knew that he would soon blow, his balls tingled in her hands. "Suck my cock whore!!!" he yelled as she felt his cum erupt in her mouth and throat and she also felt some trickling down her chin as his thrusts shot it out of her mouth and his hands felt like they would rip her nipples off. He backed off and she licked her lips and wiped her mouth, totally humiliated by the names he had called her, but she had those thoughts herself, she had become a slut and a whore, a taste of black cock had done this to her and she needed so much more of it.

"You tell Buck about this shit and I'll make you fuck the whole damn football team, you won't be able to walk for a week slut," and he left and she sat there trying to recup her tits in the bra and button her blouse, yet her moisture between her legs remained. She grabbed her head with her hands and cried, what had happened to her? She had been a respectable teacher and now she was nothing but a slave to black cock, but the more she ran it through her mind, the wetter she got, 'I need Buck,' she thought and went to look for him. She found him in the band room, cleaning and polishing the floors, "Oh Buck," and she ran up and threw her arms around him, "Gia, you'll get us in trouble, come into the instrument room where it's more private," and he led her off to the back of the room and through a door, taking her behind the stacks of instruments in their cases, "What's wrong Gia?" he asked as she hugged him and trembled.

Oh Buck, I need some of your cock baby, I need you to fuck me, I'm going insane from want," and she rubbed his cock through his uniform as she felt it growing at her touch, "Gia, we could both get fired fucking on school grounds if we get caught," and he saw the look of need in her eyes as tears streaked down her cheeks and then he locked the door and returned. She pulled her skirt up around her waist and her panties down and off and she worked at his zipper, "I need this Buck," she said as she pulled on his hard cock and then turned and bent over an instrument case and beckoned him behind her.

He could see how wet she was, her juices trickled down her thighs as he approached, and then he slipped his cock into her as she backed up on it, skewering herself as she did. Her moans filled the room as they got their timing together and he fucked her, 'It was a good thing the whole band area was soundproofed,' he thought as she began to scream out with each stab. This was the first time that Buck had fucked her pussy and she was loving it, his kind, but strong way, pushed her into one orgasm after another as her screams echoed through the room and he couldn't take much more either as he moaned and shot his load into her as her pussy worked to milk the remaining cum from his cock.

Buck had never even thought about fucking a teacher, they were usually too tight assed and prim and proper to even give him a glance, but Gia was different, she lived for his cock in her and he loved the feelings of it being there. He had fucked a couple of the cafeteria workers, but Gia was his first white woman and she sure could fuck. He pulled out of her and she spun around to clean his cock off before he even had a chance to put it away and he listened to the sounds of her slurping as she looked up at him and felt like she had finally gotten the one black cock she really wanted. He watched her as she stepped into her panties and pulled them up and then pushed her skirt back down, only to come and put his cock away too, giving it one last squeeze before pulling his zipper up.

"Come over to the house tonight after work Buck, please?" and he agreed and she left and he studied on what was evolving and if it was really what he wanted. The rest of the day dragged on and when 3 o'clock hit, she gathered up her papers and headed for her car, her heels clicking as she walked down the hall, as she turned the corner she came face to face with Andrew, "Hey Teach, what's up?" and he drew her hand to his cock, "Good guess," and he laughed as he backed her into a vacant classroom and locked the door, "Get your skirt up and them panties off, I want some pussy!" and she hesitated, "Am I fucking speaking Greek bitch! Do what the fuck I say!' and she pulled her skirt up once more and her hands pushed her panties down, "That's more like it cunt, now, show me that pussy, spread it open with your hands," and she slowly pulled her pussy lips apart and she felt his finger slide in between her hands as he drove it deep inside of her.

"I sure have acquired a taste for this white pussy Teach, why don't you climb up on the desk so I can fill it up for you?" and slowly she complied as she sat on the edge of the desk and scooted onto it until her legs hung off and he moved between them. He took her ankles and rested them on his shoulders as his hand fed his cock to her pussy and she gasped at being filled with another black cock as he pushed forward, burying himself in her and her back fell against the desk. She could hear the sounds of her wetness as he plunged in and out of her, "Damn Teach, you like this black cock don't you? You are so fucking wet, you were hoping for some black cock weren't you?"

Secretly, she had, but it was Buck's cock she wanted again, not this young boy who had no idea how to please anyone but himself as he pumped his load into her and she lay there and took it. He backed out of her and she saw him staring at her splayed pussy as his cum dripped out of it, "Now, get down here and clean this up slut!" and she slid off the desk and cleaned his cock up as he gave her instructions, "Yeah. Lick the head, suck my balls, you fucking pathetic cunt," and she did as he instructed, knowing that the sooner she was done, the sooner she would be free of him, at least for today.

After Buck had showed up last night, they wouldn't dare come to her home again, and as he headed for the door, she pulled her panties back on and straightened out her skirt before picking up her briefcase and leaving, wiping a small glob of cum from her chin. Her panties were very stiff now as the cum that had leaked out of her had dried and made them uncomfortable, so she stopped at the Public store to get something for dinner and went into the ladies room, peeling her panties off and depositing them in the waste basket as she looked at herself in the mirror, there was a trace of white on her chin, no doubt dried cum from earlier, and she wet a paper towel and washed it off before she set about her grocery shopping.

She went to her car and then drove home and carried her purchases into the house and took a quick shower before making dinner, her mind wandered to Buck and she could feel herself getting wet once more. He showed up and she pointed to the table and she saw the surprise in his face as he realized that she had made him dinner and he sat down while she brought the serving dishes in and sat them before him. They chatted and laughed through dinner and he helped her clear the table and do the dishes and she took every opportunity to touch him, playfully at first, but then she felt the warning signs from her body and knew that her craving would have to be soon satisfied as she led him up to the bedroom.

She pulled the straps of the sun dress off her shoulders and watched his eyes as it fell to the floor and he saw she was naked, then she watched his erection growing in his pants as she rubbed herself, "It's all yours Buck, take it and do with me as you will, just fuck me!" and his hands replaced hers as he roamed her body and she felt the tingling of his touch as her pussy began to get so wet once more. She had become obsessed with black cock, there was no denying it, she craved it all the time and especially Buck's as she worked to free it, his pants in a heap around his ankles as she pushed his shorts to join them and her hand closed over his big cock, stroking it as she sighed. "Command me lover, what would you like to have first?" and she dropped to her knees like an obedient slave and stroked his hard cock.

Buck stared at her, afraid of what she was becoming, he loved fucking her, there was no doubt there, but he neither needed or wanted a sex slave, and he pulled her to her feet, "Gia, I didn't come here just to fuck you, I have feelings for you," and he hugged her as his hands caressed her back. "I need you to fuck me Buck. Fill me with that beautiful black cock, I want to feel it everywhere," and she pushed back and dropped to her knees, engulfing his cock with her mouth as she rocked back and forth sucking on it.

She could sure suck cock, he had to give her that and before he knew it, her talented mouth had him cumming as she swallowed him down and he arched his back, driving his cock into her throat. "Mmmmmm, what a nice dessert," she said as she licked her lips, "Tome for your dessert now Buck," and she led him to the bed and crawled onto all fours, her ass sticking up in the air, "Take either one or both Buck, I will love anything you do to me," and she pulled her ass cheeks apart, exposing her tender flesh to his gaze as he moved towards the bed, his fingers tracing her ripe ass as they delved between her cheeks and rubbed her tiny anus and then her wet pussy and she bucked against him.

He drove his cock into her pussy, a squeal of delight coming from her as he did and she jammed her ass back against him to savor all he had to offer, her pussy on fire as she started cumming immediately and her pussy tensed around his big cock and he moaned out too. His thrusts got more advanced as he filled her waiting pussy over and over again until he grabbed her waist and unloaded in her, his cum setting off another orgasm for her as their screams filled the room. They flattened out on the bed, their bodies spent as their breathing rasped and they drifted off to sleep. She woke up to the shower running as Buck showered for work and she quickly went to join him, her pussy once again wet a she saw his naked body in the shower and her hands reached around him to grasp his cock and bring it to life.

She dropped to her knees and slammed him into her mouth as she sucked on his hard cock, wanting to taste his cum once more as she worked him into her throat and his hands fell on her head as she tried to swallow his massive cock. He arched his back as she felt his cum rush into her mouth and a gurgled moan could be heard from deep in her throat as she swallowed her man's cum.

They dried off and dressed, "Meet me in the band room at lunchtime Buck," she pleaded and he wondered just what a monster he had created.

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