tagInterracial LoveThe Teacher Gets An 'A' Ch. 4

The Teacher Gets An 'A' Ch. 4


Gia once again found herself trying to struggle through her morning class load, her mind constantly wandering to Buck's thick, black cock as she went through the motions of teaching, she couldn't wait for lunchtime. She had become so addicted to his black cock, to all of them actually, she didn't mind it at all when she was forced to suck off one of the boys, she needed it so bad, but Buck was her man and she needed his most of all. It was Friday and also payday, and she felt like she was walking on a cloud as she walked towards the music room at lunchtime, her Buck would soon be filling her wet pussy with his big cock.

The music wing was practically deserted at lunchtime and she heard the heels of her shoes clicking as she walked down the halls, but just as she reached out for the door handle, a hand grabbed her petite waist and she was picked up and carried to another room as another hand covered her mouth to quell any protests. They went through a door and she heard it lock behind them and then she saw Julius waiting inside the room as she was lowered to her feet once more and turned to see that Robert had been carrying her, "What's up Teach?" she heard Robert say as she backed towards the desk at the head of the room, her heart had been set on Buck, not these two kids, she wanted a man, her man. A hand closed on her bare knee as it slowly rode her thigh up under her skirt and she could feel her pussy burning, "Yo Gia, me and my man here was just thinking how nice it would be to double team a nice little white bitch and there you were," and they laughed, "Buck's waiting for me, you two will regret this," she said and she felt the hand cover her panty clad pussy and the heat and desire burned deep within.

"Yo Gia, I don't think we have too much to worry about, Buck is fucking the dogshit out of Denise right now," and Gia didn't believe them, he couldn't be! A small moan escaped her lips as a finger dipped the material of her panties into her sopping hole, "I don't believe you," she said as she felt her legs involuntarily spread to allow the hand better access, "You're just telling me that so I will fuck you," and the finger now found her clit as it rubbed the cotton panties over it driving her mad with desire and she tried to control herself, not wanting them to know how turned on she was getting. "Guess we'll have to show this white cunt," Robert said and his hand slid from her dripping pussy as she felt herself ushered into the bandmaster's office.

Julius flipped on a TV monitor and she was shocked to see Buck and another woman come on the screen as he rammed her wonderful black cock into a black woman, "Julius, hit the sound man," and their voices suddenly came alive as he fucked her, "Damn you are tight baby, mmmm, take me, swallow this meat with that tight booty of yours," and Gia could feel tears well up in her eyes. She worked in the cafeteria, Gia had seen her there, she was bent over a desk while Buck plowed into her and she could hear the force of his thrusts as their naked bodies collided and the sucking sounds of her pussy as Buck filled her over and over again.

"Oh yeah baby, give it to me, I want to feel your hot cum squirt into me Buck, oh fuck me baby!" and just then she felt a hand as it traveled up the back of her leg and under the hem of her skirt, seeking out the wet pussy it had enjoyed minutes ago as he tears covered her cheeks. The monitor went dark and Julius stood before her and she felt frozen in place as his hands unbuttoned her blouse and drew her bra cups off of her tits and covered them, squeezing her pert nipples, "These ain't much for titties, but they are firm," Julius said and he lowered his mouth to cover one as she just stood there crying, the hand now drawing her panties to the side as it drove two fingers inside of her. A bite to her nipple startled her back to reality and she now felt what was being done to her as her body responded, they might be kids, but they had big cocks and right now she needed a big cock to take her mind off of Buck, "I want to suck you Julius, put that big cock in my mouth and I'll make you cum like you never have," and she felt Julius rise up from her tit and saw him open his jeans, "Put your lips around this Gia, suck me cunt!" and she dropped to his cock, her mouth covering it as she took all of it in and sucked.

She could feel her skirt being pushed up over her hips as her panties were drawn down her legs and the fingers were replaced by Robert's big cock as his entry caused her to swallow even more of Julius' cock, but her mind reeled at the two black cocks filling her from either end and she was soon lost in an orgasm. She felt Julius' hands cover her soft tits again as he ruthlessly raped her mouth, his thrusts burying his thick cock deep into the entrance of her throat as she struggled to breathe and cope with what this was doing to her body as she felt wave after wave of pleasure filter through her.

She could feel her own juices running down her legs as Robert pounded her tender pussy and she heard the wet sounds their fucking made and it made her double her efforts at fucking both of them, "oh man, this bitch loves black cock!" Julius said as he felt his balls tightening, ready to fill her throat, "Yeah, her pussy is too wet," and Robert withdrew and sunk his massive cock into her ass, making her yelp, "That's much tighter," she heard him say as he timed his thrusts with Julius' and suddenly they both erupted at once, sending hot cum into both ends of her as her sore ass tried to recover from the huge cock buried in it. Julius suddenly pulled out and jerked her up by her hair as she felt the last spurts of his hot cum cover her taut nipples and he looked at her flushed face.

"That's my little white slut, oh yeah, my cum looks good on your tiny tits bitch," and he began to rub it over her tits with his cock and then offered it to her to clean up and she greedily took him back in her mouth as she felt Robert withdraw and a flood of cum ran down her legs. For the moment anyway, she had forgotten about Buck as these two boys had used her, she felt her hair pulled and her face was turned to Robert's deflating cock and she cleaned it as well before they both put their cocks away and she reached down to pull her panties up and recup her tits and close her blouse.

"You are a pretty good fuck Gia, but I think we can make you better, you know what they say, practice makes perfect," and they laughed as she felt the sticky cum on her tits and between her legs and she headed for the teacher's bathroom to clean up, "Catch you later cunt," she heard Julius say as her heels clicked down the hallway. She was ashamed and heartbroken, the two had used her like the little slut she had become and the one black man she truly wanted, she had seen fucking another woman. She grabbed some paper towels and wet them as she headed for the stall in case anyone came in and shut the door.

She dropped her panties and saw the globs of cum that had accumulated in the crotch as she wiped herself to get the rest off, one hand opened her blouse and uncovered her tits as she worked at cleaning them up as well. She felt a tingle as her hands worked and sensed that she was getting aroused again as her eyes closed and she remembered the activities of just a few minutes ago and the towels dropped as her bare hands rubbed her crotch and nipples, her breathing getting rapid as she moaned slightly from her own hands. She cursed them and herself for the slut she was becoming, but her mind locked on the two black cocks that had recently ravaged her as she shook with another orgasm, her finger almost rubbing her clit raw as she came. She slipped her panties off and washed them out in the sink and then wrung them out and placed them in her locker to dry out as she smoothed her skirt out and opened the door, she didn't have a class this period and she got a Diet Coke and sat at the table.

She turned as the door opened, it was John Walker, he taught history, she was hoping for a black man, but he was white, "Hi Gia," he said as he got a Coke and sat in the chair across from her, "Hi John," she returned and looked out the window. They had fucked before, when she had just started at the school and he had dated her, but he wasn't black and even then she had longed for a thick, black cock. She could feel his stare on her and when she turned back to him, she could see the bulge in his pants and she remembered that she had no panties on and her legs had drifted apart and he was staring at her naked crotch! The smile on his face said it all along with his erection and she closed her legs to block his view as he tried to make small talk with her. His white cock was not what she wanted, she craved big, thick black ones now, her craving was insatiable, but she watched dumbfounded as he began to stroke himself through his pants and make gestures to her. She could get him for sexual harassment she thought, but it might prove to be her undoing to open that can of worms, so she just watched him stroke his cock as he stared at her, "Ok, I'll blow you, but that's all," she said, realizing she wouldn't get rid of him otherwise and she got up and went to the bathroom again with him on her heels. She turned to lock the door and his hands were all over her, kneading her tits and pushing up the hem of her skirt as his long fingers hit her pussy and she heard him moan.

She opened his pants and pushed them down along with his shorts as his 8 inch cock sprung out, he wasn't too bad for a white guy, not very thick though, but she would be able to satisfy her craving for the taste of cum anyway. She pushed him back down onto the commode and sank to her knees as she stroked his cock, moving it towards her lips and she felt him pull her skirt up over her tight ass as his hands rubbed between her cheeks and she felt his long fingers connect with her pussy.

She slid his cock into her mouth as his fingers teased her clit and even though he wasn't what she wanted, his cock and his fingers soon had her sucking with all of her charms as she felt his hips thrust to meet her mouth and his finger set her clit on fire. She cupped and squeezed his balls as she felt his cock start to twitch, knowing that she would soon taste him and just as he got ready to cum, he popped a finger into her ass and they both exploded as his cum shot into her mouth and she swallowed it down. She pushed back, dislodging his fingers from her and stood up licking her lips as she struggled to fix her skirt back and looked at him slumped back on the toilet, his cock still hard.

She walked to the mirror to check her face and she wiped off a few droplets of cum on her chin and as she turned to go, he grabbed her and threw her face first over the toilet as he jerked her skirt up once more, "No John!! I said a blow job and that's all!!" and she felt his cock glide along her inner thigh as it approached her aching pussy, but she knew his cock wouldn't satisfy her. His hand had the back of her neck as it held her head against the cold pipes and she felt his cock enter her, all the while she kept protesting. After the cocks she had experienced lately, his was almost without feeling as he slammed it into her and she felt his pelvis collide with her ass. His grip on her neck flattened her chest against the toilet seat as her hands fought to loosen his grip but he seemed to fuck her like a madman and much to her surprise she heard him say, "You fucking cunt!!! You love to be fucked, don't you slut? You think just because I'm white you don't have to fuck me, well sluts fuck everyone," and she trembled, did he know? He must have known to have even brought it up, then she felt his cock withdraw and enter her ass as he fucked it even harder than he had her pussy until she felt his cock explode in her ass and his grip on her neck began to loosen as she pulled her face off of the cold water pipes and he slowly withdrew.

She felt him grab her hair and pull her head around as he thrust his slimy cock back into her mouth, "Clean it off slut!" and she licked him clean, not liking the fear he was causing in her at his sudden change of attitude. "You walk around with no panties on, spreading your legs, teasing, you're a slut Gia. And rumor has it that you have developed a craving for black cock now, well, you can damn well take care of my white one as well!" and his grip tightened on her hair as he fucked her mouth, his balls crashing into her chin as he thrust. It was unreal as his cock grew in her mouth and she could feel his pace quicken, he was going to cum again!

His load this time was meager and she swallowed it down with no problems as his hand slowly released its grip on her hair and he slowly backed off, his cock flopping out as it softened and he stood there looking at her, "You miserable little slut. If you want your secret to remain one, you'll service me whenever I want you to," and she realized that she would have to take care of him to keep her job, now she did feel like a slut. He pulled his pants up and left and she spun around and sat on the commode as his cum dribbled out of her and she wept at the turn of events that had led her here.

She walked to the sink and once again cleaned herself with paper towels and fixed her skirt and returned to her next class, her whole demeanor now changed forever as she thought about all those she would be forced to please from now on. 3 o'clock could not come soon enough for her as she gathered up her belongings and got her panties from her locker, stepping into them and pulling them up, her mind still unable to comprehend Buck standing her up at lunchtime for someone else. She unlocked her car door and then hit the power locks to open the back door as she put her belongings in the back seat and someone shoved her into the back seat as they climbed in with her and she was held down on the floor boards as someone else started the car and it began to move.

One hand held her back down while the other roamed her ass and then it moved to her bare leg and under her skirt as they drove and it found her panty covered pussy as it stroked it. Her face was pressed into the floor as this hand worked her pussy through her panties and she got scared not knowing who it was and then she felt the car stop and the driver get out as the back door was opened and she was also pulled out of the car to see Julius had been driving and Andrew had been holding her down. They pushed her towards the door to the old house and she was shoved inside as they shut the door behind her and her eyes struggled to compensate for the dim lighting.

The window shades were all drawn and the furniture was sparse and she saw Julius smiling at her, "Well Gia, tonight we'll see what you're made of," and they both laughed and she trembled to think what might happen to her tonight. They both worked to get her clothes off and she was left standing in just her panties as they surveyed their prize once again and then Julius went out into the other room and returned with a cheerleader's out fit, "Put this on cunt!' he ordered and she began to dress, wondering why she needed to wear this. "Can I have my bra back?" she asked and they smiled at her, "You won't need it, you really won't need any clothes but this will make it seem routine if you're wearing this outfit," and they laughed as she finished dressing.

They sat her on the sofa and they sat on either side of her as their hands explored her chest under the top, her nipples getting quite erect from their touch and hands moved up her legs towards her panty covered crotch as they pulled the cotton to one side and fingered her. Julius locked his mouth on hers as she instinctively reached for the bulge in his pants, his huge cock making her moan. She opened his pants and stroked his magnificent cock and he moved his hand to her head, drawing it down on top of his lap as she took him in her mouth, his warm cock gliding against the roof of her mouth as she pushed her head down to take as much as she could.

She heard a door open somewhere in her mind as she sucked his big cock and he fingered her and she gave it no attention, only the cock in her mouth mattered to her as she sucked on it. His hips began to thrust up into her mouth as she strove to meet his thrusts and he soon filled her with his youthful cum as she swallowed, wanting this so much. She raised her head to see the room had filled while she had sucked off Julius, it was most of the football team!

"Who's the new cheerleader Julius? Looks like she likes black cock," and she heard them all laugh as they rubbed their own crotches, "Yo fellas, this here's Gia and she can't get enough black cock, that's for sure," and they all looked at her and she got a little scared, but also intrigued as she thought about all the black cocks standing before her. "Hey, I know you! You're that tight assed white teacher that I had last year," and she recognized him from her class and she felt somewhat ashamed that he had recognized her, "I used to watch your ass at the blackboard, wondered what it would be like to fill it, now I'm going to find out," and he pulled her to her feet as his hands circled her and he planted a big kiss on her. As their kiss broke she stepped back, "Julius, I can't do this. My job is in jeopardy with all these guys knowing about me," and she slinked backwards as they moved forward, "You got no say in the matter Teach, we gonna fuck you raw tonight," and she turned to run for the door, but Robert caught her by the arm and twirled her around as she fell to the floor and hands were all over her.

Hands went under her skirt and she felt the tugs as her panties were ripped from her body, hands pulled her top up and mouths covered her pert tits as she began to scream, "Go ahead baby, scream. We're miles from anyone and your screams just make me harder," and she saw someone moving between her legs as two others held her legs up and apart and someone caught her head between their knees as a big black cock dangled at her mouth. Their inexperienced hands tore and clawed at her petite tits as the black cocks were shoved into both ends of her and she felt her throat give way to its invader. They came pretty quickly and were replaced by two more as her mouth and pussy were savagely used again and again. Her nipples felt like they were being torn off as they continually used her and soon she felt her old feelings in her body as the parade of black cock continued and she found herself needing to be filled again.

They took breaks after they fucked her, but there were so many of them, she got no breaks as they fucked her two at a time until each of them had savored her at least twice and she found herself finally left alone, lying on her back as she felt their cum oozing out of her and she fought to regain her strength. She watched as they regrouped for their next assault, not sure how much more her tender body could take of these big, black cocks, but deep inside she felt her body craving more. She had no will to resist as she felt her legs once again pulled up and spread and that first black cock enter her, her moans started as he filled her and she watched as another one was lowered to her mouth once more, then her hands were closed around two more cocks as she jacked them off and they began to assault her tits once again, her body was wracked with tremors as her orgasms ran through her.

The two cocks she jacked exploded onto her chest as the hands left and she felt the hot cum burn into her flesh as the other two mercilessly fucked her, her body now experiencing one orgasm after the other as they used her. When they had each cum twice more she saw them begin to dress to leave and she knew her ordeal was coming to an end, although she secretly wanted it to go on, her body truly becoming insatiable now. She watched as they high fived Julius before they departed and then the kid from last year came over to her, still naked and crawled between her legs, "Time to feel that tight ass of yours Teach," and she felt his hands move her ass up off the floor as his cock poised at her entrance and he lunged forward as she let out a faint yelp and he buried himself inside of her and began to fuck her. His cock filled her up with every thrust as she felt another orgasm approaching and she writhed her tired body beneath him as he unloaded into her, his moans meeting hers and he collapsed on top of her. He got up and dressed and gave Julius a high five, "That was great man, always wanted to fuck her tight ass," and he left and Julius and Robert picked her up and pulled the remnants of the cheeleader's outfit off of her and sat her up in the shower and turned the water on.

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