tagInterracial LoveThe Teacher Gets An 'A' Ch. 6

The Teacher Gets An 'A' Ch. 6


She slept on the sofa and the knock at the door startled her, through her half open eyes she made her way to the door and as she looked through the peephole, she could see it was Buck. She opened the door, forgetting about how she looked, her clothes still a mess from earlier, her hair a shambles, she didn't care, Buck was here! She flung open the door and rushed into his arms and kissed him, only then did she realize he was not alone, as she saw the black woman behind him.

"What's up Gia? You said I needed to come right over," and she slowly sank back down on her feet as she recognized the cafeteria worker that Julius had made her watch Buck fuck. Her heart sank slightly as she realized that he was not to be hers, at least not tonight. She tried to contain herself as she invited him in and watched the black woman as she followed and they sat in the living room, side by side on the sofa. "So, what's wrong? Why the urgency for me to come over?" and she fought back tears as she secretly craved his black cock.

"I just had a bad week Buck and I needed to see you," she was hinting that she needed to see him alone, but he didn't seem to care, how could he do this to her? She fell to her knees before him and rested her head on his lap, Denise warily checking her out as Buck gently caressed her head. With her head hiding her hands, she began to stroke Buck's hard cock through his pants, feeling him get even harder as she did. "What is this shit Buck!"

she heard Denise say, "What are you to this white teacher bitch?" and she smiled to herself, having riled Denise and hoping that Buck would send her away as Buck tried to calm her down, "Now Denise, Gia needs some comfort, she had a rough week. I done told you about what's been happening to her with Julius and them." Gia's head shot up, "Buck, you told her?" and the tears formed at her eyes, knowing that Denise could bring her down as well as any of the others, "It's OK Gia, Denise won't say anything," and she felt a hand on her back as it traced down to her firm ass cheeks and gently rubbed. The hand made its way under the waistband of her slacks and she felt it's smoothness as it roamed her bare ass and then she felt the nails, it was Denise!

"You know Buck, this little white bitch does have a fine little ass on her," she heard Denise say as her hand began to squeeze her flesh and work even further down, "What say we both have some of this," and a look of total shock hung on Gia's face as she realized what was about to happen to her. I I've never been with a woman before," she blurted out, the idea not totally unappealing, but she was a little scared, "You don't want to eat no black pussy bitch? What makes you think I want that slimy white pussy you got between your legs? But, if you eats me real good, I just might have a taste," and she felt Denise's hand reach her lips of her pussy as she jumped.

Gia had seen many naked women in her life, but never a black one and the thought both thrilled and worried her as Denise pulled her to her feet and her hands now roamed Gia's body as she looked her in the eyes, "She be a skinny one, that for sure," Denise said as she worked to get Gia's blouse open. She glanced at Buck, hoping he would stop this, but she could see him rubbing his crotch and knew this was turning him on as she turned back to watch Denise's mouth cover one of her small tits and suck in.

Gia was nervous, this was new ground for her, and she let her hands rest on Denise's back as she sucked on her small tits and she closed her eyes and moaned, she knew what she was doing. "Yo Buck, this bitch's tits is so small, I can gets the whole thing in my mouth," she giggled as she returned to take a tit in her mouth to show Buck, it was true, her mouth completely covered Gia's tit and she felt her nose on her rib. She sucked on her tits and then stopped and raised up, "Now this is what you call titties bitch," and she pulled her top off to reveal a large set of tits, at least 44d's and Gia stared at them. Denise cupped them and shoved them at Gia, "Return the favor bitch!" she said as Gia looked at Buck and then lowered her head to accept a nipple.

Buck liked the contrast of the white mouth on the black tit and his cock jerked as he watched Gia suck on it. Denise grabbed her head and tried to force more of it in her mouth as Gia tried to back off, but she was strong, "Suck it you teacher bitch! You be always looking down your snooty white nose at us cafeteria workers, now I be looking down my nose at you while you suck my tit!" and she could feel the anger in her as she fucked Gia's mouth with her huge melon.

"You think just cause you went to college, you're too good to please a black woman, suck it good! I gots other things for you to suck later," and Gia was getting into the soft fleshy mound in her mouth as she sucked on the nipple, trying to please Denise. She stole glances at Buck occasionally, he had fished that beautiful black cock out now and she watched as his hand slid up and down its length, wishing it was her mouth that was doing it, she wanted him so bad, bad enough to fuck his girlfriend just to have him. "What say we introduce you to some black pussy teacher?" and Denise stepped back and peeled off her pants as Gia stared at the bush of black curly hair that presented itself to her gaze.

Denise took her hand and cleared all of the stuff off the coffee table and lay down on it on her back, lifted her legs to the end of the coffee table and spread them, her finger beckoning Gia to kneel between them. Her pussy lips were slightly gapped and the contrast between the deep ebony skin and the pink inner folds of her pussy mesmerized Gia, she had never seen a black pussy before, "Well, what you waitin for bitch, get to it!" and Denise spread her pussy lips wide as Gia glanced at Buck, still jacking off as he watched them. Gia breathed in her aroma as she approached, her musky odor was quite distinct as she neared her pussy and flicked her tongue out to lick the outer lips, hitting Denise's fingers as well.

Gia had tasted herself many times, especially lately, and Denise tasted almost the same, although a little different. She had a huge clit, and Gia could see it poking out from under its protective hood and she ran her tongue over it as she heard Denise moan, "Oh yeah, eat me bitch!" and she complied, getting into it now as she made Denise writhe on the table.

Denise threw her legs over Gia's shoulders and she felt her feet flat on her back as she began to eat in earnest now, wanting to make Denise cum. Denise's hands grabbed Gia's hair as she bucked against her mouth and her moans got louder. Gia had not noticed Buck getting up, but she felt her pants being drown down her legs as he moved in behind her, she would get to feel Buck's big cock once again as he positioned it against her tight ass. She felt him draw some of her juices from her wet pussy for lubrication and then she felt his thick cock slide between her ass cheeks as he pushed inside of her tight ass.

She began to eat Denise like she liked to be eaten and her efforts were paying off as Denise began to yell that she was about to cum, and Buck's thick cock was about to make Gia cum as well. She and Denise orgasmed at the same time and she tried to drink up her juices as they rolled down her chin, her own orgasm making her moan and causing her to miss most of it. She licked and cleaned Denise's pussy up as Buck hammered away at her tight ass and she thrust back to meet his thrusts. Just as he was about to cum, he pulled out and jacked it all over Gia's ass and she felt some land on her back as well as Buck moaned. She left Denise's pussy and turned to clean off Buck's beautiful cock as she sucked the remainder of his cum from it and jacked back to hardness.

Gia felt Denise push her down on her hands and knees as she moved in behind her and began to tongue Buck's jism from her firm as cheeks and Buck took his hard cock and moved behind Denise. Gia wanted to feel Buck's hard cock again, but Denise's tongue was feeling good also as it moved down the crack of her ass and towards her wet pussy and Denise forced her to her elbows as she thrust her ass up in the air to provide Denise an easier angle. Buck entered Denise and Gia heard her moan as her tongue stopped momentarily, and then she attacked Gia's pussy in earnest as she found her clit and sucked on it.

Gia began to rock her body back and forth to meet the thrusts of Denise's mouth and her hard nipples dragged on the carpet, hurting, yet pleasing as she felt herself drawn into another orgasm. She found it hard to catch her breath as she shook with another orgasm and her nipples ached from the constant dragging, she heard Denise lapping up her recent juices and then she stopped and Gia knew she was about to cum herself as Buck thrust in and out of her wet pussy before he too came. The musky odor of sex filled the room and Gia drank it in, she so loved that odor now. Buck got up and dropped to the sofa, exhausted, "I thinks you two needs to clean each other up," he smiled and she and Denise looked at each other and then Denise lay back on the floor on her back as Gia moved to take up a 69 position over her. This was not Gia's first 69 position, but it was with a pussy instead of a cock at her face and she began to scoop out Buck's cum with her tongue, relishing the flavor as she did and Denise worked on her as well.

They were truly getting into their oral sex with each other and didn't even notice that Buck was hard once more and moved behind Gia and Denise felt his balls drag over the crown of her nose as he slid into Gia's wet pussy. Denise began to lick Buck's powerful balls as he fucked the teacher and three sets of moans resounded through the room at the animal like sex they were having. Gia could feel Denise's hard nipples as they poked her smooth belly, it was definitely a feeling she had never experienced before, but she resolved herself to enjoy every feeling that she could get from the two of them.

Buck came in her as he grasped her waist and pumped his load deep inside and then he slid out, allowing Denise to clean him off as he did and once again, he sat on the sofa and watched the two of them go at it, stroking his wonderful cock as he did. The two of them cleaned each other out of Buck's cum and then Gia rolled off onto the floor as they both fought to catch their breaths. Gia glanced over at Denise's ebony body, her huge tits with their erect nipples and then she watched as Denise moved the coffee table out of the way and moved to Buck's lap, she wasn't about to suck Buck's cock without her and she joined her as they fought to put him in their mouths.

Finally, they agreed on sharing and their lips met around Bucks shaft as he moved it between them and they tasted each other as well as Buck. They shared his huge balls as well, as they massaged them, coaxing another load of hot jism to rise as it spurt out, coating their faces, and then they licked it off of each other. After a short rest, Buck and Denise dressed to leave, Gia begged them to stay the night, but they wouldn't, so she mournfully watched them go as she made her way upstairs to the shower, collapsing in bed afterwards with her towel wrapped around her. The alcohol and all of the sex got the better of her and soon she was dead to the world as she dreamed about her Buck and even Denise, that had worked out to be very pleasant indeed.

She tried to call Buck several times over the weekend, but always got his answering machine, leaving a message each time, but not hearing back, no doubt Denise had taken him home with her. She looked for him Monday morning, but heard that he had taken a sick day and her heart sank, she needed some more of his wonderful cock today. She considered taking a sick day herself, but she had left early Friday and didn't want to push her luck, so she headed for her first class.

As she turned the corner to go down her last hall, she felt someone pinch her ass and looked at a boy she didn't know, "What do you think you're doing young man?" she asked, tried to maintain her assertiveness, and he shoved her into the boy's bathroom as his hand clamped down on her right tit, "I need a BJ Teach, Robert said you loved sucking black cock," and she felt the fear once more, yet another one in an endless procession that she would have to service. He took her to the last stall and shoved her inside as she feel back onto the commode and he closed the door and fumbled with his zipper and she sat there watching as his large black cock appeared, 'It was a nice one,' she thought. His hands opened her blouse and pulled the bra cups off of her tits as he covered them with his hands and thrust himself at her mouth and she accepted him.

She hadn't had a cock since Friday night and she was hungry for one, although this one wasn't the one she wanted, it would do and ahs sucked on his shaft as he pushed himself deeper into her mouth, his cock head touching the entrance to her throat now as he began to build into a rhythm of thrusts and his hands pinched her nipples, still sore from the carpet burns. It wasn't Buck's cock, but it was a nice one and she sucked him, trying to make him cum, not only to get it over with, but she longed for the taste of male seed once more. She gasped as he clamped down on her nipples and then she felt his hot jism rush into her mouth and she swallowed him down, her nipples aching.

He drew back and she cleaned him off as he released her sore nipples and put his softening cock away, "Thanks Teach, Robert was right, you do give a good BJ," and he left her there, sitting on the commode as she heard the door close behind him. Her tits hurt so badly as she pulled the bra cups back over them and adjusted them in their holder, before she buttoned her blouse back up. She made a quick check of her face and hair and rushed to her class, 5 minutes late. All through the day she considered putting in for a transfer, things were getting out of hand and sooner or later, her secret would get out, but secretly she loved all the attention, especially all of the black cock she was getting.

Lunchtime found her in the cafeteria, it was her turn for teacher monitor, she surveyed the cafeteria and wondered how many of these boys she had sex with when she felt someone grab her arm and pull her down to the seat before her, she looked to see Julius' face smiling at her, "Join us Gia," and she looked around at his friends sitting there. His hand went to her crotch as he rubbed her mound through her slacks, "I've missed you Teach, it's been a long weekend," and she felt herself tense up. Another boy took the seat on the other side of her and his hand went up under her blouse and then beneath the waistband of her slacks and panties as it moved over her pubic hair and to her wet lips.

She sat there frozen as she looked around to see if anyone noticed, but they all carried on their conversations just like nothing was going on, "Yo Julius, this bitch got one hard clit man," and his fingers danced on her clit as she felt herself begin to ooze, "I think she needs some cock man, what say Teach?" and she felt humiliated that she had let all of this happen to her. She had become some sex toy, a slave to black cock, and a willing slave now, as she needed more and more of it. His finger made her moan lightly as he rubbed her clit and she felt a hot flash rush through her, an orgasm was building and if she had it here, she would never be able to live it down, "Meet me in the auto shop after lunch," she whispered as she worked frantically to dislodge his hand from her crotch and jumped up and left, her face flushed at the feelings he had caused.

As the bell rang signaling the end of the lunch period, Gia made her way to the wing that housed the auto shop, she had no class this period and auto shop didn't start until 2, so she could take care of their needs as well as her own and not get caught, she prayed. She looked as the door opened, thank God there was only two of them and they smiled as they approached her, smug in the fact that she would do whatever they said, "Get them clothes off Teach, or would you rather we ripped them off/" and they laughed and she began to strip, not having anything else to wear at school. Once she was naked, they led her over to a bench seat that had been removed from a van and told her to lie down on her back as they took up positions at either end of her body.

The one she didn't know pulled on the seat and she heard a click and he lowered the back of it as it made a bed as Julius grabbed two handfuls of her sore, raw tits and she winced in pain. "Look like rug burn to me, you been getting fucked on a rug Gia?" he laughed as he twisted her sore nipples and she yelped. They both freed their cocks and she glanced at them alternately as she felt herself drool slightly, she had become very addicted to black cock indeed, and they looked good to her. "Yo Michael, take either hole you want, Gia don't mind, do you Gia?" and he laughed as she shook her head, knowing she had no say in the matter and he lowered his thick black cock to her lips. His cock thrust into her mouth as the kid at the other end slammed into her pussy, causing her to deep throat Julius, "Oh yeah Gia, take my cock deep in your throat, such a good little white cocksucking teacher," and he thrust it back into her throat each time as she felt his balls hit her nose.

The kid at her pussy was inexperienced, but his thickness stretched her poor pussy with each thrust and she fought to come to grips with it, her natural lubricants kicking in now as he fucked her harder. Her lower body rippled as his body thrust into hers and she was driven onto Julius' hard cock and she prayed that it would end, but yet she didn't want it to either, as they used her petite body and began to fuck both ends of her in unison. Julius came first as his thick sperm shot into her throat and mouth and she gulped it down, feeling him soften between her lips, but his buddy was just getting to his orgasm as he filled her pussy with his hot jism and she moaned at the feeling of it coating her pussy walls.

He pulled out and Julius offered her mouth to clean him up and she complied as she licked the hot cum from him shaft and they put their cocks away and left her there, splayed on the seat as she wiped her mouth. She got dressed and made her way back to the teacher's lounge, where she cleaned up and made it through the rest of the day without incident. She cursed herself on the drive home, for letting herself give in to her desires, she had been raped, but they knew she wanted it and she cried as she pulled into her complex.

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