tagInterracial LoveThe Teacher Gets An 'A' Ch. 7

The Teacher Gets An 'A' Ch. 7


It was well into the school year now and Gia had gotten accustomed to being used daily. She had mixed emotions about it, she loved all the cock, but she feared for her job. She had long since quit wearing panties and bras, having seen so many shredded, and she found that her pussy could now accommodate the largest black cock. Her months of abuse had stretched her to the point that she wondered if a small cock would even be felt, much less please her. It was barely 9:30 and already she had given two blowjobs, one at the loading dock behind the school and one in the bay's bathroom at the far end of the school. She licked her lips, tasting the still saltiness there from her recent work, when she looked up to see Robert leaning against the lockers, watching her approach.

"'Sup teach?" he said as she neared him, seeing the bulge in his jeans and feeling her pussy begin to moisten. She didn't answer him, afraid to seem too friendly with all of the others in the hall to overhear and walked past him, turning into the hall that led to the auto shop. Suddenly, she felt herself pushed into the empty auto shop and turned to see Robert behind her, "When I talk to you cunt, you better answer me!" he spat as he slapped her across the face and she reeled and covered her cheek. "Robert, I need to keep this job, if I appear too friendly, it may arouse suspicions," and he stared at her, watched her wince as he raised his hand once more. "I don't give a rat's ass about your job bitch. All I care about is that fuck machine of a body you got. Now get down on your knees and suck my cock!" Slowly she sank to her knees, looking at the anger in his face and then the bulge in his jeans, "Well, what the fuck are you waiting for? Take it out and get to work and it better be good!"

Gia worked his pants down to his knees and then gripped his big cock in one hand as she leaned forward to take it in her mouth, feeling his fingers gather up her hair as he suddenly thrust in her mouth. "You fucking white cunt! You are here for one purpose, to service black cocks!" and she felt his cock enter her throat in two jabs as she tried to relax and take it. He began pulling on her hair as he thrust into her throat and she fought back her gag reflex, feeling his sperm laden balls crash against her chin, she tried to push back on his thighs so that he wouldn't go so deep, but he was having none of that as he batted her hands down, "Keep them by your side bitch!" She cursed herself, like she had done nearly every time since this all began, but she could feel her pussy getting so very wet as he fucked her throat.

She prayed it would end, in fact she would welcome his man seed bubbling down her throat, she just couldn't seem to get enough anymore. He pulled her nose onto his groin as his spunk shot into her throat and she felt slightly cheated that she didn't get to taste it, but as he slowly backed out, she did get a taste of the last dribbles his softening cock had to offer. She sat back on her haunches as he put his now cleaned and emptied cock away, wishing that she could feel one in her pussy. He offered her his hand and pulled her to her feet, "Get them clothes off bitch!" he said and she hoped that she was going to get what she wanted as she quickly peeled her clothes off and stood naked before him.

He led her across the shop to the back room and she could feel her pussy getting even wetter at the thought of getting fucked, but then she remembered her clothes, "What about my clothes Robert?" she said and he just closed the door behind him as he stroked her tits, "Later," was all he said as he bent forward and captured a nipple in his mouth and she ran her fingers through his curly hair as he suckled her. Her mind reeled as her body took in the delicious feelings and his hand worked on her clit making her moan out loud. Ever since her first blow job this morning, her body had felt like it was supercharged and his hand and mouth quickly got her off as she muffled her screams of pleasure, but she still needed some cock in her. After her orgasm, Robert offered her his fingers and she greedily licked her own juices off of them, then he moved her to the back of the room and took her right hand and tied it to the fork of on engine hoist and then the left hand followed, this scared her slightly, but she was so horny, she didn't really care. She watched as he walked behind her and then she felt herself jacked up off the floor until her weight was completely supported by her arms and the muscles stretched and the pain set in, "Please Robert, it hurts," she cried and he stopped and walked back around in front of her, admiring her helplessness. "I brung these from home," he said as she watched him pull out some clothespins and snap them by her tits, NO!!!" she cried and he smiled as he attached one to her left nipple and she felt it bite into her, then the right nipple as she squirmed to shake them off.

"You see, little white teacher cunt, you needs to respect us. You can't just ignore us when we speak to you, we don't give a fuck about your damned job, just getting our rocks off!" and he slapped her tit, making the clothespin sway and forcing tears from her eyes. "I think maybe a lesson is in order, you needs to know who's in charge here," and he slapped her ass, making the clothespins vibrate some more. "Please Robert, I've serviced you all, taken you all in every hole, swallowed gallons of cum , I don't deserve this!" He stared at her, "You know you've craved everything you've gotten Gia, don't give me that white cunt trash, you belongs to the brothers now. You know you do and it's time you show us some damn respect! You walk around with your uppity white pussy stinking of black cum, you never complain when we're depositing it, so it's high time you gave us the respect we deserves." Gia bit her lip, he was right, she had enjoyed every fucking she had gotten and lord help her, her body always craved more. She couldn't believe that a simple fantasy could have escalated so far, but he was right, she did crave more. Right now, just thinking of that black cock she had just sucked, had her pussy melting, wanting it in her. "You're right Robert, but I have to keep appearances up, my job is at stake. I can't appear too friendly or there would be an investigation," and she saw no change in his demeanor, he just stopped and left the room with her strung up on the engine hoist, naked to the world. "Robert?" she said, just slightly above a whisper, not wanting to get caught in this position, but no answer. Gia sobbed as she thought of her predicament and then heard the door open again, afraid of who it might be, but then saw Robert carrying her clothes.

He threw her clothes on the workbench and then walked back to face her, she had totally forgotten about the clothespins until he tweaked on them and the pain returned. "I'm sorry Robert, I'll respect you all, just please, let me go," and she saw an evil smile on his face. "Sorry teach, can't do that. You needs to be taught a lesson," and she saw him unzip his jeans and she felt the wetness return to her pussy as he cock flopped out. He grasped her ankles and threw them on his shoulders as the rope bit into her wrists and his cock pushed at her pussy lips, seeking entrance. He slid in with no problem, owing to her state of arousal and his cock was soon buried balls deep as she struggled to adjust to its size. She pushed down on his shoulders with her calves, to take away some of the strain on her arms as his cock pounded her wet pussy and she finally realized that she was getting the big black cock she needed so desperately. His hands squeezed her meager tits, forcing the blood towards the pinched off nipples, hurting at first, but then she concentrated on his this cock hammering in and out of her and she felt herself about to explode. She began to tug at her bindings, so that she could make her body meet his thrusts and she felt that familiar feeling deep inside as her mouth hung open and her orgasm approached. His cock met no resistance now, as her juices had her well lubricated and she screamed out as the first wave of orgasms overtook her, making her body convulse. "Oh God, that's it!!!! FUCK MEEEEEEE!!" she screamed as her body shook and her orgasm exploded. His cock was unrelenting even as her own orgasm began to subside, but when she felt the first gush of hot cum, another orgasm hit her.

Robert just stood there, motionless, as her pussy milked the last of his cum from him, then he slowly slid out and let her dangle once again. Gia couldn't explain it, the bondage and domination seemed to enhance her orgasm and now, the clothespins no longer seemed to hurt, but as he removed them, the sudden rush of blood back into her nipples made them ache. He lowered her and she finally felt her feet on the floor again, then he pushed a chair under her and she sat down and he tilted the arm of the hoist until her arms were in front of her. She watched him as he pulled his pants back up, waiting to be freed. "This is how it's gonna be teach, I'm gonna tell them at the office that you got sick and had to go home. Then, I'll send my homeys in here to let you see who's in charge. If I gets a good report at the end of the day, that you have shown the proper respect, then I'll let you go. If not, then we'll just have to keep you hear all night until you learn your lesson," and Gia's eyes welled up as she thought how anyone could find her here like this, a slut to black cock. She could already feel Robert's cum oozing out of her as it pooled between her legs, "Robert, someone might find me here," she pleaded, "Oh they gonna find you alright, but just my homeys. This room is just for storage and auto shop is going to a local dealership for classes today. So, it'll just be you here and whoever wants to use that white cunt of yours, so you best show respect to whoever comes in here today teach," and he walked out, leaving her there.

The puddling cum was now sticking to her thighs as she struggled against her bindings, but it was no use. She thought back on how she had gotten herself in this position, if she hadn't craved to find out what it was like to fuck a big black cock, she would never have gotten here. She heard the door opening and she cringed, unsure of who it might be, then she was startled to see three black guys and a black girl enter. She recognized one of the guys, but the others were unfamiliar. "Look at what we have here, Robert was right, they is a white cunt teacher here just begging for some big, black cock," and they all laughed at her demise. Gia felt ashamed, but of course, the thought of some more black cock excited her. She barely paid any attention to the girl as the three guys stood in front of her, then one began to crank the lift and she was drawn to her feet, her cum coated thighs sticking to the chair and then breaking loose, causing her to wince in pain. "Look like Robert done filled this bitch up, good thing most of it has run out," one said and they laughed again. "What's the matter, cat got your tongue? Robert says we supposed to help him teach you some manners, teach," and she could feel her own humiliation as she wondered how many more she would be forced to satisfy. They each took out their thick black cocks and Gia felt a small tremble between her legs, her submission to black cock was becoming quite an obsession with her.

"Yo, Nicole, get your clothes off bitch!" one of them said to the girl and she looked at him disdainfully, but complied. She had a nice body, big tits and a thick rump as Gia took her nudity in. "We gonna fuck Nicole here and if you nice, we'll take care of you too," and she watched as the three guys gathered around Nicole and aimed their cocks at her face. She began to suck from one cock to the other while the guys pulled and pinched at her nipples and Gia was getting very hot. Before she knew it, she found herself drooling, wishing she could have just one of those thick cocks piercing her lips as Nicole worked on all three.

One of them exploded on her face in a torrent of jets as the thick cum clung to her face and then another one added to it, making her face almost white with cum. The third made it into her mouth and Gia could see it pump it's thick juices out and she was wishing it had been her, she could just taste it. "Nicole, get over there and let that white cunt of a teacher clean your face for you!" and she moved to Gia's face and smiled at the task that Gia had at hand. It was useless to resist and she really did want to taste it, so she stuck her tongue out and began to lick the salty cum from the girl's face as one of the guys moved up behind Nicole and a hand snaked around to play with her ample chest. As she went to lick her chin clean, Nicole turned and instead French kissed Gia, letting her savor the remnants in her mouth as she tongued her and Gia felt the black girl's hands on her meager tits.

All of the sudden Nicole broke the kiss and jumped to the side, "I told you, not in my ass!" she said to the tall black man behind her and he laughed, "Guess I'll just have to take the teach's back door then," and Gia felt herself turned around as the thick black cock rubbed over her ass cheeks, resting in the cleft between them and then inching down until he spread them with his fingers and sought out her little used hole. He tried to get in, but she was dry and the pain was intense, then she felt his spittle envelop it and he tried again, easing the head in this time as she winced from his size. She screamed out as he plunged into her depths and as she did, another cock found it's way into her mouth and raced towards her throat. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Nicole getting fucked doggy from the remaining black guy and she watched, as her tits seemed to dance back and forth. The pain had subsided in her backsides now and she eagerly took his length inside as the other thick cock made it's way into her throat. They both came at the same time, making her join them as she felt cum erupt in either end of her at once and she struggled to swallow it as he pinched her nipples. The cock dropped out of her ass and she could feel his cum sliding down her thighs before her stretched ass could close, then they high fived each other in triumph, "Yeah, our teach sure loves to fuck and suck."

Her attention turned to Nicole as she heard her scream out her orgasm and watched as the black cock pumped it's hot jism into her. They untied her hands and she rubbed her wrists, trying to get her circulation back and then they pushed her to the floor in front of Nicole, "Clean her out teach, she needs to get to class," and they all watched Gia as she inched over to Nicole and began to lap at the expelling cum, hearing Nicole moan at the feeling. Nicole grabbed Gia's head and held it to her crotch as she came again, filling Gia's mouth with a mixture of male and female cum and then Nicole pushed her to the floor. She sat on the floor, wiping her face as they dressed and then watched as they picked up her clothes as well, "You can remain free teach, but if you wants to go anywhere, you'll have to go in your birthday suit," and they all laughed as they left.

Gia backed up to the wall and took her head in her hands, disgusted at what she had endured, but knowing that her body had enjoyed it. She looked at her watch, only 3 hours until school was over and hopefully, she would be free. She looked around for something to clean up with, she had dried cum on her face and thighs, but she couldn't find anything. She silently opened the door and looked out into the shop and saw a locker room across the room and she darted for it, hoping no one would see her. The water felt good as it coated her body and she found some soap and cleaned up. Her hair had become matted as well, from a combination of cum and hands twisting it and she tried to get the mats out, but with little luck. She turned the shower off and searched for a towel, going through the lockers, until she finally found one and began to towel off. She looked at herself in the mirror, she was a mess.

Just as she turned to try to sneak back to her room, someone came in and she hid behind the door, waiting, hoping, they would not find her, but then she remembered why she was here and was afraid she would fail to please someone and it would get back to Robert. He was one of the seniors, she had seen him before, though she couldn't recall his name and he seemed to be searching for something. Thinking it might be her, she walked out into the room and he smiled wide as he saw her naked form, "You must be Gia, they told me you would be here and would do whatever I said," he said as the feeling of dread hit her once again. "Yes, anything you want," and she lowered her eyes, trying not to show her humiliation, but at the same time, she could see the bulge in his pants and it excited her.

"I never fucked a white girl before and never a teacher either," and he kept staring at her, "why don't you just come over here and show me how good you can suck a black cock for starters," and she felt herself drawn to him as she dropped to her knees and worked at his pants until his huge cock popped out and hit her in the face. He was huge and it excited her, though made her apprehensive as to whether she could take it all. She had a lot of experience of late, but not one this big. She could feel her pussy juice up as she licked his cock and swirled her tongue over the head, tasting his secretions. She worked the fat head into her mouth and felt her lips stretch at it's girth until she got about a third of it in her mouth and began to pump it, hoping he would be satisfied with that. Though it seemed impossible, his cock was still growing as she pumped a third of it in and out of her mouth, trying to apply just the right amount of suction. He began to moan as she worked on him and it didn't take him long to fill her mouth with his thick cream as she struggled to swallow it down. She prayed he would not want her ass, he would surely rip her apart, as she cleaned his cock with her mouth and he patted her on the head, "You are a good cocksucker, teacher," and he smiled.

Her worries were renewed when he told her to lie on her stomach on the car in the show and she heard him push his pants down and then felt him come up behind her, smoothing his hands over her ripe ass cheeks. He toyed with her puckered star, but then she felt his cock against her wet pussy as it began to stretch her pushing the head inside. The car hood was cold on her bare tits, but she was hot all over as the massive black cock invaded her tight chamber and inched forward until she felt him stop and her pussy adjusted to it's size. He grabbed her wrists and pulled them to the small of her back and held onto them as he began to thrust in and out of her and she felt her pussy getting so very wet and any pain being replaced with sheer pleasure as he fucked her.

The car began to rock under his thrusts as his cock bottomed out inside of her and she clenched her teeth to muffle her orgasm, wanting it to last. His cock was so big, that she felt every pulse of cum that shot into her and he held tight to her wrists as he emptied into her and the gradually let her wrists go as she slumped forward onto the car and he covered her back sides with his size. When she had finished milking his big cock, he slid out and stood up, though she was having a hard time just moving at all. "I'm going to have to have some more of you teach," he said as she heard him pulling up his pants and then he patted her on the ass, "I'll be looking for you," and she heard the door close and she struggled to stand up.

She went back into the locker room and cleaned herself up once again and when she returned, Robert was standing there, "Have a nice day teach?" he smirked as she stood there averting his gaze, "I did as you asked Robert, can I go now?" and she watched him unzip his pants, "One more blow job for today and then you can go," and she made her way to him and dropped to her knees, taking his cock in her hand as she kissed the head and then put it in her mouth and began to suck him off. After she had drained him, he threw her the bundle of clothes and zipped up and left. Gia was thankful that this day had finally ended.

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