tagInterracial LoveThe Teacher Gets An "A" Ch. 8

The Teacher Gets An "A" Ch. 8


Gia practically fell onto her sofa as she stumbled through the door, she could still feel the cum oozing from her pussy and ass from her day’s activities. Her panties and bra were gone before the first bell this morning and she wondered why she even bothered to wear them anymore. Her obsession with black cock would be her ruination, she thought to herself as she felt that familiar trickle across her ass cheek. She needed to get a shower and hit the sack, she was wiped out completely, but her body did not want to move. Finally, after a short nap, she made herself get up and climb the steps to her bedroom and into her bathroom as she struggled to turn the water on. Her skirt and blouse lay in a heap on the floor as she drug her tired body into the shower, ‘ How many cocks did I take today?’ she questioned herself as the warm water danced across her face, she couldn’t remember anymore, it was a countless parade of black cocks that used her poor body each and every day anymore.

All of them told her that her petite body would grow accustomed to their huge cocks, but her pussy and ass were so sore as she soaped them, trying to wash away the reminders of the day’s activities. At least it was true about her mouth, it accommodated them all, though she had always been a great cocksucker. She had long since quit worrying about getting caught, her cravings for the black serpents had caused all of her worries to be pushed aside anymore, she had to have it. She quite frankly didn’t have any choice anymore, they just took her at will, wherever the mood struck them. Thankfully, none had taken her in a place where she had been caught, thus far, and she thanked her lucky stars for that much, anyway. All she ever wanted to do was be a teacher and if this got out, she’d be ruined, at least in this state. She thought back to the first time they had taken her and she got a warm feeling in her stomach, it had been so abrupt, but she had enjoyed every one of them, she closed her eyes and remembered their hard, black cocks as they fucked every opening of hers. She stroked her clit as she thought and soon found herself moaning out loud as her orgasm rushed over her and she almost collapsed right there in the shower.

Her shower done, all the sticky cum gone, she toweled herself in front of the mirror, looking at the red marks where they had slapped her cute, perky tits and rubbed some lotion on them. The lotion felt good and it soothed her abused skin as it coated it, her poor nipples having suffered the most. ‘Why do I have to like being controlled so much,’ she asked herself, she was putty in their hands and they knew it. She pulled on her terry robe and walked out into her bedroom, ready for sleep, but it was not to be. “’Sup, Teach?” it was Joel, she had forgotten to lock the front door in her daze, “What are you doing here Joel?” she asked, but she already knew the answer. Joel had fucked her brutally this morning in the shop before everyone arrived, keeping her bra and panties as a souvenir. Her mind raced back to it, his hands clawing her small tits as his huge black cock filled her pussy from behind, “Come on in Rocky,” he said as she was shocked to see another boy walk in.

“This here’s that white cunt I promised you, we both gonna have some of this tonight,” and Gia backed up towards the bathroom, “Come on Teach, show my boy Rocky that tiny white pussy of yours,” and he ripped the robe open, spilling out all she had to offer. “Where do you get off bringing another boy in here?” Gia asked as she saw Joel’s face tighten, “Who the fuck you calling a boy, CUNT!” and he slapped her hard across the face, causing her to fall back on the floor, her robe bunched behind her back. Her jaw stung as she could feel it reddening, “For insulting Rocky like that, I think maybe we’ll let him have your ass, you white cunt!” and she grimaced at the thought of yet another black cock invading her tender ass today. “What say Rocky? You want some tight, white asshole from the Teach?” and she watched the smile come to him as he rubbed his crotch and nodded his approval. Joel grabbed her by the arm and drug her to the center of the open space and jerked her robe off, “Show Rocky what a nice pink flower you got for him Teach, and be quick about it!” and she found herself getting up on all fours and arching her ass up, “Pull them cheeks apart Bitch! Show him his prize!” and she slowly complied as her hands went back to open up her tender asshole to their gaze. She heard Rocky sigh and Joel said, “See? I told you this bitch was nice and she’ll do whatever we tell her, if not, she knows her fucking body will pay the price!” It was true, she would do whatever they told her, she had no choice in the matter.

Gia watched as they both got undressed, she had seen and felt Joel’s cock, but she sucked in a deep breath when Rocky’s was finally freed- IT WAS HUGE!!! “Rocky’s what we call a freak of nature, Teach, he’s every bit of 13 inches and none of the girls will fuck him, so I suggested my favorite little whore- you.” Gia’s eyes teared up at the thought of that monster in her ass, “Please Joel, I didn’t mean any offense when I called him a boy, really! It wasn’t a derogatory statement, only a statement of your age, I’m much older than you. Please, he’ll rip my ass apart with that thing!” Joel stared at her for a moment and then looked to Rocky, “Whatchya think? Want to spare the cunt’s tiny little ass, don’t matter to me, I’ll hold her for you if you wants it,” Gia’s eyes pleaded with Rocky to reconsider, “I’ll do anything else you want Rocky, just please not that,” and she could see him thinking. She crawled over to him and began to mouth the head of his monster cock to dissuade him from tearing her apart and found she could barely fit a couple of inches of him in her mouth, no wonder the girls shied away from him. His cock grew towards its full length as she saw she was arousing him and she pleaded again, her mouth full of this monster and she was barely past the crown. “You take at least half of me in your mouth and I’ll spare your ass, but Joel can fuck it if he wants to,” and she nodded her head as she tried to force more of his cock into her mouth and felt Joel lining up behind her.

Joel rubbed the head of his big cock against her wet pussy to lube it and then she felt him probing at her pink star and she lunged forward onto Rocky’s cock, gagging, as Joel rammed the head of his cock into her tiny passage. He slapped her tender ass cheeks, “Relax dammnit! You’re hurting me cunt!” as she fought to suck cock and relax her anal muscles as well. Joel inched into0 her ass as she stared down at her nose, watching to see how much of Rocky she had consumed, just over a third and he was pushing at her outer ring of her throat already! She stretched her lips and forced herself to take more as Rocky began pumping her tight ass and her muscles began to relax and she could hear his breathing changing as he worked up a rhythm. She glanced up and saw that Rocky had his eyes shut tight as she began to feel his cock quiver in her mouth, a signal that his orgasm wasn’t too far off. “You gots to have at least half in your mouth before he blows Bitch, or no deal!” she heard Joel say as she fought to admit this monster to her throat. Joel made her exceed half when he slammed her hard and jerked on her hair, just as she felt Rocky’s cum pour into her throat and she held her breath to swallow it. The seal was so tight around his cock, that cum backed up from her throat into her mouth and had nowhere to go. As Rocky’s orgasm subsided, she struggled to breathe and swallow the rest of his cum as she heard Joe cry out and felt his hot load deep in her bowels.

They both pulled out of her and she collapsed on the floor, struggling to catch her breath and soothe her aching jaw muscles. They high fived each other and sat on her bed watching her struggle to get back to normal breathing, “That was great Joel! Man this cunt knows how to suck a cock!” They looked at Gia and then Joel said, “She knows how to fuck one too, Brother,” and Rocky smiled. “Crawl your skinny, white ass on over here and clean me up, Bitch!” Joel said as she looked at his slimy cock hanging on her bedspread. She had really been repulsed with the idea of sucking a cock that had been in her ass in the beginning, but she had grown to tolerate it, as she crawled over between his legs and went to work, “Slurp Bitch! Be noisy, that turns me on,” and she purposely made slurping sounds as she sucked him clean. “Ain’t nothing finer than a little white cock slave sucking her own ass off your cock, Rocky my man. Look at her, she loves it!” and it was true, she loved sucking cock, that was no lie. Joel’s 9 inches she could easily swallow and she worked her head down until his ball sack hit her chin and she turned her head from side to side, she knew that drove him nuts. Soon, he had hold of her head as he fucked her petite mouth and watched her drool run down her chin, the loud suction sounds driving him towards another release as he grabbed a handful of her hair and held her tight on his cock and streams of cum shot into her throat. She struggled to breathe through her nose as his cock shot wad after wad and blocked her mouth. Finally, he let go and she had to once again try to regulate her breathing.

She could see that Rocky was getting hard once more and she wondered if her pussy could take all of him, she didn’t have long to wait as he pushed her onto her back and crawled between her legs, jerking his huge cock as he aimed it towards its target. She hated to admit it, but all of this had turned her on so much and her pussy was nice and juicy, hopefully that would ease the pain when this monster found its way inside of her. Rocky grabbed her legs and pushed her ankles up to her ears as his cock flooded her open pussy lips and began to wet itself. Her leg muscles were stretched, but she knew that it would help him gain access as his cock head slowly entered her tight pussy. She grimaced, as he worked it in, inch by inch, “Oh God! How much more?” she pleaded as he stretched her canal to its maximum, “almost there bitch, one final push,” and she could feel him in her womb as his balls finally hit her ass and he stopped, allowing her to adjust. She could feel tears running down her cheeks, this was the biggest cock she had ever taken and she felt a little pride, but above all else, she felt very full and she waited for him to start moving in and out. It felt like he was pulling her womb out with his cock and then a searing pain shot through her as he slid back in. Her moisture began to flow as her pussy accepted this monster and she began to relax and get into it, “Fuck me with that black poker!” she screamed as he picked up his pace and she felt her whole body shake as he hit home time after time and before she knew it, she was screaming out her own orgasms, one right after the other. Her body felt like a quivering mass of Jello as it became one continuous orgasm until he slammed her hard and she felt the burning of his cum in her stretched womb.

She had been exhausted when she got home, now the feeling was tenfold, her whole body ached. Rocky slid out of her and let her legs drop, then straddle her chest and offered his slick cock to her and she licked it clean, much to her own surprise. They dressed and left, telling her they would “catch” her tomorrow. She fell asleep right there on the floor, cum oozing from her as it soaked into the carpet, but she dreamed of that huge cock that had ravaged her so well, as she slept.

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