The Team


Rick heard one of the girls mutter softly to the other.

"I think that was rape. He forced us."

An equally quite answer came floating back to him.

"Oh, really? Refresh my memory. Which one of us said, no, stop or don't?"

"Now that I think about it, not me, I have to admit."

"Neither did I. Why didn't you."

There was a small sigh, and then a giggle.

"I didn't want him to stop. It was exciting."

"Same here."

All the way back to the dorm Rick could hear the girls chatting and giggling. It sounded like they were reviewing his performance and giving him marks. If so, he didn't want to know.


When they arrived at the dorm, Sandra was still sound asleep. Rick quickly realised that it was going to take more than a gentle shake to wake her, so he offered to carry her up to her room.

"OK," said Nancy. "She on the fourth floor room five, sharing with Jan. Just take her up and dump her on the bed. We'll come up to tuck her in after we've checked in with the warden and let her know that Sandra is home as well. She'll probably come up to ensure that you do actually leave the premises. She's a stickler for that."

"Jan? That would be the Jan who is also in the team, right? I know Jan."

Rick took the elevator while the girls went to see the night warden. While exiting the lift he accidently kicked the ash tray that was in the corner of the lift between the doors so that they wouldn't close. He glanced back at it, then shrugged. His hands were full and they shouldn't still have ash trays in elevators, anyway. If they were in a hurry the girls and the dragon lady would have to run up the stairs. Checked the door numbers and found room five. The door was ajar, but Rick politely knocked, and then shouldered the door aside and entered on hearing Jan call for him come in. Jan was standing beside her bed in shortie pyjamas, shortest he'd had the pleasure of seeing in a while.

Rick smiled at Jan and gave her a wink. "Hi, sweetheart," he said. "Haven't seen you since this morning. Just bringing an errant girl home. Nicki and Nancy will be along shortly to chase me out and tuck her in."

He laid Sandra on the other bed and then turned back to Jan. "I've been wanting to do this for a long time, but we won't have much time so it will have to be a quickie," he laughed.

"Lift your arms," he said taking the hem of her top, and when Jan did he lifted the top straight up and off. Startled, Jan snatched her hands back down to cover her breasts, opening her mouth to protest his audacity but froze in shock as his hands dropped, thumbs hooked the pyjama shorts and whipped them down and off, Jan stumbling back a little as he lifted a foot to free them.

"What are you doing," she hissed, realising the inanity of her question even as she asked. She flushed and felt heat suddenly rising within her. She liked Rick and had sometimes wondered if she should advance things to more than friendship now that she was eighteen, or if he put the moves on her, what she would do.

She suddenly found that yes, she would like to see what he was like as a lover, and was astonished at the way her pussy seemed to ignite while suddenly being flushed with liquid. She didn't move, but just watched fascinated as he unzipped and let his erection out, seeing him reach for her and drawing her to him. "Have to hurry before the dragon arrives," he whispered, picking her up and holding her to him.

Jan found her arms automatically clutching around his neck, her legs scissoring around his waist while he supported her weight and gently steered her so that her pussy was touching the tip of his cock. She felt him holding her there for a moment, giving her a chance to object, before thrusting upward and impaling her with a rapid stroke.

She relaxed onto his cock, feeling it drive up into her while she just stared at him, captured by his eyes and smile. Then he was thrusting up into her with ever increasing rapidity, while she found herself pressing down to meet it, urging it on, willing to have the event gallop to a fast and furious conclusion. Jan gave a muffled cry, burying her face in Rick's shoulder as she felt him spend himself, feeling her own quick climax. She was still shuddering with the aftermath of that unexpected loving and climax as Rick lowered her to her feet.

She stood there, staring at Rick, unable to speak, and before either of them could say anything they heard the ding of the elevator and realised that the girls and the night warden were finally on their way. Still naked, Jan dived frantically into her bed while Rick hastily kicked the PJs under the bed and turned to leave. He was just opening the door when the night warden barged in, closely followed by Nicki and Nancy.

Rick frowned at the warden. "It's polite to knock before you enter a room," he observed. "You never know what we may have been doing."

"Yes, well I'm here to see you don't," the warden snorted. "I'll escort you out. You two get Sandra into bed properly. And you can help," she added, glaring at Jan who was well tucked into her bed, only her eyes showing.

She marched out, escorting a suitably humble Rick of the premises, leaving the girls to tidy up and get themselves to bed.

Nancy turned to Jan. "OK, Jan. Out you hop and give us a hand."

She grabbed Jan's blankets and ruthlessly stripped them back, intending to stir Jan into action.

Nicki and Nancy then stared at Jan's scarlet face, noting that she was also naked and sweaty.

"Why are you blushing, Jan?" gently inquired Nicki.

The two girls could see the answer by the deepening blush and the look on Jan's face.

Nicki and Nancy looked at each other and laughed.

"You too?" said Nancy, incredulously. "The man's a menace. How did you find time?"

Nicki sighed. "You know, we'll have to ask Sandra if he bonked her earlier. I suspect that he didn't just promise to escort her home out of the goodness of his heart. We could have some interesting things to discuss on the way to practice tomorrow."

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