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The Tease


She had been flirting all night. He had been watching her. She wore a demure little black dress, cut-away at the shoulders, exposing her perfectly toned arms and just skimming her knees. Her dark hair was shoulder length, framing her pretty face. Regular work-outs kept her small arse taught and toned and she had surprisingly large tits for her small frame. Her slender legs were complimented by sheer hold ups and finished off with a pair of black, stilettos. She was more attractive to men than she realised, unaware that her sexually charged personality left them all desperate for her attention.

He had a slim, powerful, athletic, build - 6 feet tall, with broad shoulders and narrow hips he had strong, powerful legs and an impressive dick.

"I've been watching you all night you dirty little prick teaser. Now you're going to pay.

"Lift your dress Fenella, I want to see your knickers." Doing as she was told, Fenella lifted her skirt. Her black, neatly, trimmed bush was visible under her lace thong.

"Take the dress off." She undid the zip and let the dress drop to the floor. She stood before him wearing only her black lacy underwear and high heels. She watched him as he slowly looked her up and down, his gaze taking in her half-cup bra and tiny lace thong, his stare lingering over the lace tops of her hold ups and then down to her sexy stilettos.

"Turn around, lean over the sofa and pull your knickers down." She did as she was bid. "Now spread your legs, and open your pussy lips, I want to see you."

Fenella felt a delicious wave of pleasure sweep over her as she obeyed unconditionally. The inside of her thighs was already slicked with her own juices - she was feeling as horny as hell. Her clit was engorged, pulsating in anticipation of what was to come. She knew only Lewis's humiliating commands would satisfy the immense carnal ache in her cunt. The thought of Lewis feasting his eyes on her gaping, wet, pussy only intensified her pleasure.

She could hear Lewis undoing his belt, and trouser zip, heard the sound as his pants dropped to the floor. She knew how turned on he would be and could visualise his long, thick, dick, with its heavy, bulbous, head. But only visualise it, she knew she was not allowed to turn around until, or unless she was instructed to do so. Fenella knew her place very well, she was delighted to serve Lewis as his sex slave.

"Right you horny, little, bitch, this is what you get for your prick teasing." Fenella moaned involuntarily as she felt his large dick plunge deep inside her eager, twitching cunt. Lewis slipped his hands expertly inside her bra, hoisting her tits out, resting them on top of the lace fabric so that her nipples jutted out in front, hard and horny.

She felt his fingers tease and twist her nipples, pulling them, then letting them go. She could feel the effect of this erotic pleasure making her fanny twitch deep inside. Thrusting herself back against him, as he rammed his cock into her, that exquisite pleasure began to build, bringing her close, so close, to orgasm. Her breathing was deep and she was just starting to cry out when he withdrew from her. "Oh no you don't lady, not until I say you can. Turn around, and on your knees, you've got some cock sucking to do first."

Whimpering with the tantalising frustration of what she had been denied, Fenella was still very happy to comply with her master's demands. She turned to face his enormous, pulsating dick glistening with her own juices. A trickle of spunk seeped from the tip.

Taking it in her perfectly manicured hand Fenella bent forward and wiped the head slowly over her hard nipples, all the time staring directly up into Lewis's eyes. She could feel the wetness of his spunk on her tits and smell the maleness of him. Still holding the base in her right hand, she slicked her tongue over the tip before gently nibbling and licking the shaft. Then she began fucking him with her mouth: plunging her head down, taking his full length in then simultaneously, sucking and working her tongue as she moved her head rhythmically up and down. "God you're good," he murmured.

She could feel his body stiffening, hear his breathing, his short, frantic, breaths. Fenella loved to suck dick, but she was desperate for her own satisfaction too. She could feel her clit positively throbbing with desire. She really hoped that Lewis wouldn't come first and leave her to wank herself off. He could be oh so cruel this master of hers.

He must have read her mind and taken pity on her. Just as she thought he was going to spunk into her mouth, he withdrew his dick from her. It took him a moment to catch his breath, she could see by his eyes that he had been incredibly close to shooting his load.

"I want you to lie back over the sofa arm. Let's get your pussy nice and high, so I can see what I'm doing. I know what you want." Fenella couldn't help the broad smile spreading across her lips, she was completely blissed out at the thought of her impending pleasure - her master knew how to please her. Spreading her legs wide, Fenella sank back onto the soft sofa. Her pelvis was tilted high, exposing her already prominent mound.

That gorgeous feeling of his tongue slipping expertly over her clit made Fenella moan out loud. He worked his tongue quickly, alternately sucking and circling her clit. Fenella's breath was coming in short sharp pants when she felt him begin to lap her clit with a wide, flat tongue.

Without moving his lips from her pussy he spoke, "What do you want Fenella?" "I want you to finger fuck me".

"Well ask nicely then."

"Please Master, will you fuck me with your fingers and lick me 'til I come?" Fenella felt first one, then two digits slip inside her hot, wet, eager pussy.

Lewis finger-fucked her hard and lapped away at her clit like a little puppy dog. Fenella could feel the orgasm start to build, her whole body arching, ready to accept the delicious waves of pleasure as they burst over her again and again.

She opened her eyes to see him standing over her with that enormous, pulsating, delicious, dick. His eyes were roaming over her near naked body, taking in every exposed intimate sight. She knew how he loved to see her tits pushed up over the top of her bra, forcing them out and up. His eyes lingered over the sight of her spread legs, still clothed in the lace tops - her open cunt twitching from her orgasm.

He leant forward and took her hands in his. Pulling her to her feet he led her over to the deep rug in front of the fireplace. Lewis lay down, settling himself comfortably on the rug. "Right Lady, you've had your fun now you're going to give me what I want."

"What would you like Master?"

"You're going to fuck me Fenella."

Moving into position, she straddled him, her feet flat on the floor, either side, she lowered herself onto his waiting cock. They both moaned out loud with the feeling of that glorious penetration.

Lewis's eyes were wide open as he took in the divinely erotic sight before him. Fenella knew that from his position he could see his cock, sinking deep inside her hairy quim, see her pert tits bouncing in front of him. This position allowed him complete, deep access to her cunt. She tightened those cunt muscles around his dick as she fucked him hard. She loved to watch his face as they fucked, see the expression in his eyes as his orgasm grew ever closer.

She started to tease her own nipples, knowing that the sight of her long, red painted, nails brushing over them only intensified his pleasure. He hauled himself forward to take one hard nipple in his mouth, - the pleasure of that was amazing. Oh how she loved to be simultaneously sucked and fucked!

Lewis fell back to the floor as Fenella felt her second orgasm begin, she threw her head back and let out a cry of ecstasy as she felt him spurt his come deep inside her. She fell forward onto his broad, chest, feeling her tits press against him, his big dick still stretching her fanny wide. Fenella hoped Lewis would always want her as his sex slave.

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