The Tease


You lie prone on the bed completely relaxed after your shower wearing only a pair of white silk boxers. Soft classical music plays in the background. Occasionally a breeze flutters through the sheer curtains and chills your bare skin. Suddenly humming accompanies the classical music and you realize that you are alone no longer. A small crooked smile spreads across your face and you lazily turn your head toward the direction of the sweet familiar voice.

I enter the room freshly showered hair still wet wearing only an open untied robe. I busy myself moving my freshly laundered lingerie from a wicker basket into my top dresser drawer. You watch my every move savouring every glimpse of my body as I unselfconsciously move about the room singing all the time. Even just a half a second glimpse of the roundness of my breast or the softness of my stomach or the navel ring, clit ring and shaven pussy is worth the wait. I move about so freely seemingly not even noticing you’re in the room. I turn around toward you to retrieve a g-string that has fallen from the heap and as I lean down the entire front of my robe gapes open giving you a full view. As I stand back up after retrieving the lingerie my eyes meet the hungry eyes of you, my lover.

Your sexually intense gaze is unmistakable as your eyes drink me in. You look down and realize the cause of your intensity; your cock is hard and throbbing. I simply smile back at you enjoying the affect I have had on you.

"Sabrina honey, can you get that later?"

Without answering your question I turn back to the laundry and slowly put the rest of it away continuing as if I had never been interrupted, but I am contemplating my next move. You continue, your gazing imagining just what you would like to do to me. I even more deliberately place each piece of lingerie in my dresser drawer allowing certain more pieces to dangle tantalizingly from my fingertips. Then slowly and casually I move toward the bed. I feel a draft through the window that makes my robe flutter open again and just before reaching the bed I move to close the window much to your frustration. As I approach the bed again, you roll over and reach your arms out to me shooting your sexually intense gaze at me. Letting me know that you’re hot and horny and wanting me to come to you now! (I love to tease you, paying you back for all the teasing you do to me) I sit on the bed next to you as you move to remove my robe. I stop you,

"In such a hurry?"

“Sabrina you are so beautiful. I need you now" you plead

Your intense gaze takes on a little of a lost puppy dog look. I put my finger to your mouth and indicate for you to roll back over. You hesitate at first, but then willingly obey my wishes knowing that I must have something in mind and my plans never disappoint. I slowly start to massage your strong shoulders and the back of your neck. My soft hands are surprisingly strong.

"Sabrina that feels so good"

I take my time and move my hands massaging down your back squeezing firmly the sides of your waist and then lower around your hips. I press my hands hard against the base of your spine and just under the band of your boxers. I straddle my body over your legs so that I may put all my weight into the massage.

"Oh God Sabrina that feels great."

I then move down even lower under your boxers and start squeezing your cheeks. Soon the boxers have become too much of a nuisance and I gently tug them down as you lifts your hips and allows me to easily remove them. Once freed of them I she re-straddle your legs and lean over and teasingly lick the base of your back. You let out a groan. The sensation of my warm and wet pussy pressed against your leg and my soft tongue on your back and your increased sensitivity to my scent starts to drive you wild. You attempt to roll back over, but I stop you and hold your arms down to the bed.

"Sab, I need to touch you" You plead.

I softly respond "Not yet.”

Still holding down your arms I lean over and more zealously lick and bite the flesh on your back. Finally confident that you will obey my wishes I releases your arms and once again massages your ass starting from the hips and then moving in and down toward your balls. I firmly and slowly almost torturously slowly massage the back of your thighs moving closer and closer to where you want me to be. You part your legs slightly to allow me greater access. You’re your groans increase in frequency. I gently bite your ass as my hands move to cup your balls and then slowly massage them.

"Oh Sabby yes . . .yes. I want you"

You attempt to roll over and this time I permit you to. Your erection springs up much to my delight as you release it from underneath yourself and I continue massaging and then sucking your balls and then running my finger from between the balls and up and under your shaft. Back and forth I move my finger as you almost involuntarily grab at my breasts hanging from the robe. You squeeze them and then tug at my hard nipples. I slowly draw my mouth from the base of your shaft to the sensitive head kissing, sucking, and licking every inch of your hardness. Your hands make their way from my breasts to my head.

"Sabrina take it all take it all"

My wetness is soaking your leg now and my scent is overwhelming you. I eagerly engulf your entire erection with my mouth until you feel the tightness of my throat around the tip. You thrust against my mouth as I suck you’re hard on and continues to fondle your balls. In and out you move the wave of pleasure overwhelming you. Your legs start to tremble and you feel the cum pulsing in your hard balls.

I suck and lick even harder holding the base tighter and squeezing your balls more firmly unable to wait much longer for your delicious explosion.

"Give it to me . . . I want it now. I want you to cum in my mouth.”

With one last strong thrust against my mouth you explode with a roar releasing almost all you’re cum in one powerful shot. I greedily swallow your cum as your cock spurts out the little remains and then I lick up the excess not missing a drop. I slide my body up your and passionately attack your mouth. I relentlessly probe your mouth with my tongue not for a moment letting the intensity decrease with my slick hot pussy now soaking my belly. Almost having to free yourself from my mouth you insist on moving your mouth lower as you roll me on my side saying clearly to me in our own private language

"your turn.”

You then move me on my back my robe falling to the bed completely exposing my body to you. Your lusty kisses move down my neck as I sigh and then across my shoulder blade and then you cup my left breast and at first gently kisses the nipple and then attempt to sucks at the entire breast. You move to the right breast and give it similar attention and then move lower. Your kisses and licks move to my naval and then around the soft roundness of my stomach. My soft sighs have turned to gentle moans as your lips move down toward my soaked pussy. You gently kiss the top of the area as you massage my soft inner thighs. My moan increases in volume as I spread my legs slightly more for you. Your mouth moves to my inner thighs, which you kiss, and ever so gently bite. Soon I can feel your tongue on my lips. You slowly lick my lips savouring the taste.

"Mmmm Sabrina . . . so good".

You spread my thighs a little wider and then teasingly touch the tip of your tongue to my throbbing begging clit. My entire body convulses at the touch.

"Oh my God baby" breathlessly escapes my lips.

Your tongue continues sliding in and out of my wet folds and then quickly plunges into my vagina and then up and over my clit again, but this time more aggressively and satisfying. My body spasms again, as I grab for the mattress, and then grab for your head.

"oooooooOOOO" I almost scream.

You continue to plunge your tongue into my pussy and then tightly up and over my clit in a quickening rhythm amazingly your tongue seems to go deeper each time. I am becoming dizzy with pleasure. Every nerve ending on my body seems to be at attention and my body is awash with warm tingles. The pleasurable sensations overwhelm me and soon I feel completely weightless. The shocks just spread and spread seeming to never stop. I continue to float and soon there is something different . . . a different sensation and then your gasping mouth is over my own gasping mouth. Your slightly damp from perspiration body is briefly pressed against my heaving chest. Then I realize that my hips are grinding rhythmically against yours as your hard cock slides in and out of me. You lift me back slightly as you finally free me of the robe. The only sounds I hear now are my own ragged breathing and that of you my lover and the sound of my pussy eagerly taking you in. We move together as one for what seems to be a most amazing eternity. I tighten and relax my pelvic muscles in order to increase your pleasure as you being pleased please me. Your response to this is immediately indicated by his louder groans and almost growls. You lovingly run your hand through my still damp hair and kisses against my lips between gasps

"Oh Sabrina . . ..”

Our movements quicken to a frenzied pace. I feel completely dizzy and almost ready to pass out as my body begins to convulse uncontrollably. Your hands continue to fervently explore my body and each placement of your hands seems to, if possible further ignite my fire within.

"Oh my God, OH MY GOD, you feel so . . . so good"

I scream out filling the room with deafening moans. You thrusts even deeper and harder and then finally erupts.

“Baby”! I scream out as your hot cum fills my pussy.

You collapse on top of me and for a moment we are both completely spent and lifeless. You slowly start to kiss my lips and face to help bring me down safely. I continue to gasp for breath and then pull your mouth to mine as if I may be able to receive oxygen from you. I desperately try to revive myself and soon my breathing starts to slow and a sense of complete tranquillity and well-being encompasses me. I wrap my arms tightly around you and you continue to tenderly kiss every inch of my face and neck and wipe away the tears of ecstasy on my cheeks.

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