tagHumor & SatireThe Tease Ch. 01

The Tease Ch. 01


Sunset Beach, on the North Shore of Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands, is home of the world famous Pipeline. The most talented, experienced surfers come from all over the planet to test themselves against its high rolling breakers.

This beach also attracts surf bums, renegades and locals who like to party here. It's a wonderful swimming beach too; white coral sands in a sweeping crescent cove. But the undertow is serious; not for amateurs or the feint of heart.

I went there to get away from the crowds of Waikiki with its hoards of overweight husbands and wives wearing matching oversized T-shirts. And the fish-belly white forms, squished up together like sardines in cans on the beach.

I had a new book to read: "I was Amelia Earhart," and four days to spend in the hot Hawaiian sun, a brief respite from my life of 60 hour weeks at the office in San Francisco.

As soon as I could check into my hotel and get into some swim trunks, I plopped myself down on a big fluffy beach towel about fifteen yards from where the surf ran up and disappeared into the sand.

I chose a completely deserted part of the beach. The hot sun felt good. There was a light trade wind breeze. Blue skies. Paradise. An interior voice whispered, "Now all you need is Wonder Woman." Yes, I thought, this would be perfect if I only had a sun goddess for company.

Fifteen minutes later, as I rolled over to rub on some more Hawaiian Tan lotion, a tall slender woman walked up the beach, looked around, and without saying a word, spread her towel about five feet above mine up the slope of the beach.

She could have chosen any spot on hundreds of yards of unoccupied beach on both sides and above me. But she decided to spread herself out a few feet above me. She arranged her beach paraphernalia on the towel and proceeded to rub sun tan lotion all over her body. Then she took a Walkman from her purse, put on the headphones, turned on some music and lay down to read a paperback. I noticed a gold nameplate on her beach bag. It said Mary Sames.

I had rolled over on my stomach and pretended to be reading as I looked over the top of my book and up at my newfound friend's gorgeous legs. She was a redhead with soft shoulder length curls. She wore a very brief bikini in a color that almost matched her bronze tan. From a distance she would have looked nude. Her breasts were as perfectly formed as her thighs. Her midriff was firm and flat. She raised her knees to support the book she was reading.

Thank you for improving my view, I thought. Raising her knees gave me a chance to see little wisps of red pubic hair that had escaped from inside her bikini.

A signal flashed to my brain and alerted my groin for action. Blood started to travel south. I was wearing loose fitting trunks that were getting tighter every time I glanced at the red pubic hair curling out of her bikini.

I tried to get back into Amelia who was inviting me for a flight around the world, but I couldn't concentrate. The smooth, firm body that was spread out five feet from my face made reading difficult. And by now I was laying on a huge erection.

After a few minutes, she rose up and looked around, then quickly glanced down at me over the top of her sunglasses. Then she lay down again, flat, legs spread slightly wider now.

I couldn't resist making contact. I lowered my book, looked up at her and said, "Hi, there, I have a question I can't resist asking you."

She rose up on her elbows and smiled at me. "A question?"

"I was wondering; you could have chosen to sunbathe any place on this beach. It's about a mile long and there's almost no one on it right now. Yet you decided to lie here, a few feet from me. Would you tell me why?"

"Do you want me to leave?"

"Absolutely not," I said. "I couldn't be more pleased to have you right where you are, but I'm curious why you chose to be so near to me."

"It wasn't by chance. I followed you from the hotel. I was about to go out for some sun anyway and, well, frankly, I liked the look of your body. I decided to follow you because I thought it might be fun to meet you."

"Well then, let me introduce myself. I'm Steve Stone. San Francisco."

She sat up, took off her sunglasses and said, "Mary Sames, L.A."

I picked up my towel and threw it down next to her and shook her outstretched hand. She had bright green eyes. "Glad to meet you, Steve.' As I shook her hand, I realized my erection was still at full mast.

She looked at it and laughed, "Are you just glad to meet me Steve, or is that a banana in your trunks?"

I'm not embarrassed easily but for some reason, my hard-on made me blush. "I think I'm very glad to meet you, Mary."

"I can see you're an outstanding man already," she giggled.

"What are you, a stand up comic?" I asked.

"I love stand up acts," she said, "and I can see you do a pretty good one yourself."

"But this one's no joke," I said, playing along with her sense of humor.

"Let's see how serious it is," she said. She reached over and touched my erect penis, which had created a tent pole inside swim trunks.

"Looks like you're doing some hard time inside that prison. Don't you think we should let it out?"

"Mary, I love your sense of humor. Yes, I think we should let it be free."

She touched my erected trunks again, this time encircling the shaft inside with her hand. "I think you should let it come out and play," Mary said, smiling, teasing, tempting.

"Feel free."

"I'll only be too happy to give you a hand," she said with a little laugh.

She crawled over into a crouch, her knees in the sand. Then, with one smooth motion, using both hands, she pulled my swimming trunks off my body. My rock hard penis popped straight up. The crown of my cock glistened in the sun, fully lubricated with pre-coital fluid.

Mary sat back on my feet to look at seven inches of very hard penis that now stood before her.

"Well, hello there." She glanced at me and said, "Can I touch?"

"By all means."

She took the tip of her finger and slowly ran it around the ridge of my crown. She lifted her finger to her mouth and sucked in my precum. Then she showed me her tongue, flicking it in and out at me as she touched my cock again and brought her finger to her lips for another taste. Her tongue was one of the longest I've ever seen.

I needed no more of this teasing. I wanted her to jack me off, suck me off, let me fuck her, God, anything.

"I must say, Steve, that's some nice equipment you have there. Bear with me a while as I answer a call from the valley."

She leaned back and cupped her hand over the mound of her bikini bottom and began caressing it in small little circles with her fingertips while maintaining eye contact with me. "Ummm yes, nature calls," she purred.

My cock was crying out for attention. I wrapped my hand around it, holding it just under the head, raising my pelvis toward Mary's half open mouth and tongue. "How about a little kiss?" I said.

She dropped down between my legs, opened her mouth and stuck her long erect tongue out to touch the bottom of my cock. She licked it all the way up to the top and around the ridge of my crown. Then she pulled away, smacked her lips, smiled and said, "That's a delicious tasting piece of meat, you have there, Stevie?" She leaned back down on her beach towel.

"Mary, I can't stand this teasing. You're making me crazy."

"I've got an idea, Steve. Maybe this will help." She stood up over me and pulled off her bikini bottom and held it to my nose. The aroma only drove me even wilder. It smelled like the sea breeze, only muskier, spicier. Her bikini panties shimmered with her honey juices.

Almost involuntarily, I stuck out my tongue to lick them. But before I could, she pulled her bikini panties away to smell them herself.

"Ahh, doesn't that aroma make you crazy, Stevie boy?" Then she put her hand on her pussy and inserted a long finger inside her dripping vagina and raised it to her mouth. She smiled at me as she did, and again began flicking her tongue in and out of her mouth, licking her lips. "This tastes even better, Stevie boy. You'll have to try it sometime."

"How about now, Mary? Please."

"Stevie seems anxious."

The red hair of her pelvic bush shined in the sun, hot and wet. Her wetness was running down her thigh. She was standing directly over my face now and so I reached up and licked the sweet pussy juices from her leg.

"Why, thank you, Steve. I like a man who knows how to lick a problem."

************ "Mary, Mr. Shaft demands that you sit down with him now, this moment. He says you have to do it now or he might blow his top."

"Does Mr. Shaft want Mary to sit on him with Mary's top on?"

"No, Mr. Shaft says Mary should take of her bikini top now. Look at Mr. Shaft, Mary. You're torturing him."

"Whatever Mr. Shaft says." Mary popped off her bikini top and leaned down into my face. She had the most gorgeous breasts I've ever seen. I had been amazed at how long her tongue was but I was even more surprised to see how long her nipples were. They were like tiny penises, jutting out from her wonderfully round, firm breasts. She offered me one of her nipples. I suckled her. I've never had a gay experience but her nipple was so long and hard, I flashed on what it must be like to give a man head. She moved my mouth to her other nipple and said, "This big girl is jealous. She wants some tongue, too."

I made my tongue erect and danced it up and down the shaft of her nipple, licking around its base, massaging her breasts with the tip of my tongue. She moved her body around so that my tongue could lick and suck all over both her breasts.

She shook them gently in my mouth, and around my face. And as I suckled them she began to moan, "Oh, Steve, oh, baby. Steve, I want you to bite my nipples. Bite them now!"

I lay back on the towel and she kneeled over my head, her titties in my mouth. I took one of the nipples in my teeth and carefully, gently bit on it. I didn't want to hurt her by biting too hard but she seemed to want more, harder, sharper bites.

"No, Steve. Harder. Bite me. Please bite my titties. There, yes. Now, give them hickies, suck, suck, suck harder. Mark me!"

I kept sucking and began to experience a strange wild animal sort of feeling I've never known before.

"Bite my nipples now...my hard, big erect nipples. Bite them. Hard. Now!!" she cried out, almost pleading. This time I bit one of them harder. She cried out, "Oh, fuck, yes!" and turned to put the other nipple in my open mouth. "Now bite this girl, bite! Again!!" she cried out, almost in a wail. "Steven, yes, you motherfucker, yes, yes!" Her upper body twitched and heaved almost as if she was no longer in control of it. She got up on her knees, shuffled up toward my so that her pussy was just inches from my face. Her eyes clouded over as she looked at me and kept wailing. Then, just inches from my mouth, she reached down and shoved three fingers inside her sopping vagina. She uttered a feral sound I hadn't heard anything like since I was in Viet Nam, like some kind of jungle bird mating scream.

As soon as she touched her clitoris, her entire lower body spasmed, bucking up and down, flying her legs in the air, while she roared her animalistic, guttural sounds of climax.

She fell to the side, utterly spent and limp.

It was one of the most unusual orgasms I'd ever witnessed. I was mesmerized by what had just happened.

Mary fell asleep almost as soon as she flopped back down onto her towel.

And what about Mr. Shaft, who had been waiting so patiently for Mary to sit on his head and play, jump up and down?

Mr. Shaft, as she loved to call it, had received none of the orgasmic action Mary had just enjoyed. And while it was one of the most enthralling experiences I've ever gone through, the prick looking at me from between my legs, was definitely not satisfied.

After I looked up and down the beach to be sure no one was coming our way, I couldn't resist reaching for my shaft. I touched its head, encircled it with my finger, playing with my oozing precum as I looked over at the sleeping Mary Sames. Her body was about the sexiest thing that had ever lain next to me.

Her red hair was thrown back over her towel, crowning her perfect face. I began stroking slowly, taking my time to savor her beauty. As I thought about her violent, almost evil orgasm and how she exploded when I bit her titties, my cock grew more insistent. Her tongue was so long and snaky. In fact, now, as she lay there sleeping with her mouth slightly open, her long, pink tongue was laying on of her luscious lips; it actually fell outside her lips perhaps a couple of inches, soft now, waiting. I fantasized it was regaining its energy, preparing to become muscular and erect again.

This thought excited me so much I couldn't wait to come. I wanted to come at that moment almost as much as when I'd begged Mary to satisfy me earlier and she had just teased me to anxiety and frustration. Now I could do it and she was lying right there, naked for me.

I got up and kneeled over her, stroking my rock hard seven inches faster now. I cannot describe how wonderful it felt there on that beach, the hot sun all over my body, stroking, jacking over her. I suppose the eroticism was enhanced by how vulnerable I was to public discovery. Anyone could be ambling along this beach to see me doing this. But I didn't care; I wanted to intensify it. So I crouched between her legs, which were splayed apart, her pussy was open to me, still glistening, the lips still pouted. Her clitoris was still swelled and had not yet retreated inside its protective hood. It was no longer erect, but just seeing it peeking out for me was irresistibly exciting. My cock demanded more, more. I stroked, stroked, pumped, jacked and with each rapid up and down movement my eyes ran all over Mary's naked body. The breasts, the extremely long nipples jutting out from her large, bronzed breasts.

I could take it no longer. I came, ejaculating all over her reclining pussy. I gushed, pumping hand over hand, spurt after spurt, splashing her with my sperm.

I had no control over the growl that rose up from my throat. "Yes, oh, fuck, yes, yes...umm, ummm.... umm, fuck it, jack it, mmmmmauuu."

Mary woke up, startled for a second by surf of my cum on her pussy, brought back to live by my sounds of ecstasy.

She sat on her elbows and said, "Well, Stevy boy, I guess you and Mr. Shaft found something to entertain you while I snoozed. Well, well, well. I love it."

"Mary, I couldn't resist. And Mr. Shaft wouldn't take no for an answer." I was milking the last spermatozoa from my penis in a slow, final pumping. I caught the last handful of it and offered it to Mary. "You might be hungry after your sleep. Want a little taste of this?"

She leaped up to pull my sperm laden fingers into her mouth and sucked on them as if she were a little lamb, finding sustenance from her mother's teats. I could feel her long tongue inside swirl around the palm of my hand like an awakening reptile. She let the hot pink tip of it out to wash her lips. She made a little slurping sound.

"Umm, Steve, you taste so good. So frothy and bubbly. Like a tonic to me. I can't wait for more." Her nipples were becoming engorged again.

"That might be a few minutes, Mary. I must have shot a quarter a cup on you. God, that was great."

Mary sat back from me, reached for her bikini and started getting back into it. "Well, if Mr. Shaft wants to take a break, I guess I do, too. Come on, Stevy, you can buy me a Mai Tai up at the beach bar."

As we trekked back across the pearl white sand toward the hotel, Mary talked. She told me she was 33, and lived in a hillside condo in West L.A. and worked as an international courier for a firm called Schweitzer in Berlin with whom she'd been employed since she graduated from UCLA. She said she'd lived in seven countries in the past ten years.

"So, you're here in Hawaii on a vacation?" I asked as I continued to admire her body. Her breasts were so firm they hardly bounced as she walked. Her bikini top was so thin and tight it outlined her enormous nipples.

"Oh, yeah. I'm totally burned out. I've been in twenty cities in the past twenty-five weeks. I just needed a break."

"My lucky day, babe, my lucky day. I've never had a day on the beach like this one."

She grabbed my hand, squeezed it, and smiled at me with those big green eyes. She said, "We're going to get along fine, Stevy boy. Just you and me, alone together in a tropical paradise."

When we got to the bar I ordered a Mai Tai but Mary called for an exotic brand of white Tequila, something I'd never heard of before. I asked her where she'd learned of white Tequila. She said she discovered it in Acapulco on the recommendation of a friend from Mexico City. She had ordered it straight, no ice. "Here, try it; it's like no Tequila you've ever tasted before."

It was indeed. Very smooth, not like the sharp, biting taste of Tequilas I had drunk before. It had an unusual fragrance that made me think of the desert. It felt like a smooth, liquid fire drizzling down my throat.

"White Tequila makes me loose and a little bit crazy," she said. Then she raised the small glass to her lips and tossed it back, draining it. Her eyes flashed at me and her tongue zipped out of her mouth, pointy now, and ran itself around her lips from side to side. It snapped back inside her mouth as if escaping from the sun after a quick drink. I've never met anyone with a reptilian tongue and whenever she flicked it out left me agape.

"Mary, you're tongue...it's so, so..

My words were cut short by a hotel waiter who tapped Mary on the shoulder to ask, "You are our guest Mary Sames, are you not?"

She nodded, a bit irritated by his interruption.

"Forgive my intrusion, but I have a message from the Front Desk. They said it was very important."

With that, he handed her a folded note and left. Mary read the note, inhaled quickly in a kind of gasp, and asked me to order her another Tequila. I decided to order one for myself also.

"Nothing serious, I hope," I said.

"Certainly nothing I ever expected, I must say that, Stevy boy. We're about to have a visitor. Ready or not."

"Who's the visitor?"

"My sister Terri has all of a sudden decided to join me here in Hawaii. I haven't seen her in a year. She lives in New York. I didn't tell her I was going to be in Hawaii. Nobody knows I'm here except my boss in Berlin. How could she know where to find me, the hotel I'd be in? This is really weird."

"How long before she arrives?"

"Twenty four hours, Steve. And since Terri's not exactly the type for three ways, we'd better get busy, baby." She gulped her Tequila and signaled the waiter for two more. She had no trouble getting the attention of the waiter. He couldn't take his eyes off her.

When he fetched the fresh Tequilas, she moved one glass over to me and we drank them down in unison. By the time I signed for the bill, the white Tequila was kicking in.

She led me inside the elevator and pushed the button for the 39th floor. We were in the elevator alone. As soon as it began its lift, Mary pulled down my swim trunks and dropping to her knees in the elevator. She started kissing my rising cock and said, "Tequila does it to me every time. I just have to have sex."

"Oh, God, Mary, baby. I want you now but don't you think this is a little public. I mean were in a glass elevator inside the atrium of the hotel. Everybody down there is going to be watching us."

The snake came out of her mouth, flicked back in and she said," Who's going to care? This is Hawaii, baby. Everybody's here to have a good time."

Her mouth could hardly contain her extended, lizard like tongue. It shot out of her mouth as if propelled by the Devil himself. It immediately wrapped itself around my cock, now hard as the marble walls of the hotel. She made slurping sounds as her tongue traveled all up and down my shaft.

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