tagErotic CouplingsThe Tease.... Ch. 01

The Tease.... Ch. 01


My whole body shakes as I enter the hotel. I have waited so long to see you and now we are so close. I know that you have booked a room in the hotel, but still I go get my own. I tell the clerk that under no circumstances is anyone to be informed about this room. I make sure that it is only a few doors down from the room you have booked. I take the keys to both rooms and make my way up. I enter my own room first and leave my things there. I take a shower and get ready for what I have planned. I put on a lacy bra with matching panties, stockings and high heels. I put on a long coat on top of it and leave my room to go to ours.

I position a chair in front of the bed, a small table next to it with a small lamp pointed at the chair. I turn off the rest of the lights in the room and get comfortable on the bed. My breathing is fast and I can feel butterflies in my stomach. Suddenly I hear a key in the door. You enter the room.

“Leave the light off please darling,” I say. You close the door and step closer. “Undress and sit down in the chair,” I tell you.

You don’t question me, but do as I request. You undress in the shadows. I can hear everything you do and it excites me even more. Once you are naked you step out of the shadow into the small circle of light around the chair and sit down in it. I gasp at the sight of you. I have to take all my control to stay where I am, instead of running to you to feel and taste your beautiful body. My fingers long to run through the hairs on your chest, to play along your stomach and come to rest on your perfect hard cock.

My voice quivers as I say “Stroke your hard cock for me baby.” You wrap your hand around it and slowly start stroking up and down. You can see the surrounding shape of me, but no more. The darkness hides me perfectly. I watch you for a few moments and then I can’t resist the fever between my legs no more. My hand goes down between my opening legs and I start stroking my hard clit. I moan lightly as I touch it. I can see little drops of precum run along your cock, wetting it. I open my legs further and my fingers slide into my wetness. You know exactly what I am doing. You can see it in the shadows. You can hear it. You can smell it.

“There is a blindfold on the table next to you. Place it over your eyes please,” I say. You obey me and cover your eyes. Then your hands go back to your cock and you carry on jacking off for my eyes. I need to know what you feel like and I get up. You can hear the light clicking of my heels as I come closer. I walk around you and let my hand go to your face from behind you. My touch is warm and soft. I lean forward, pushing against your shoulder. My hand runs over your chest. You feel soft and I purr into your ear. Your hands are still stroking your cock and even as my hand gets closer you don’t stop. I place my small hand on top of yours and move up and down with you.

Then I remove my hand and walk around to your front. I get down to my knees in front of you. I let my tongue lick across the tip of your cock and taste you for the first time. I can hear you suck your breath in at the touch of my tongue. I savour the first taste. My hands run up your inner thighs, and I can feel you tremble. My fingers come closer to your balls. Gently I cup them in one of my small hands. I look up at you and see that your head has dropped back. Your hands are still stroking your cock.

My tongue starts circling your swollen cockhead, licking up the precum that is running along it. I let my second hand come up from your inner thigh and grab the base of your cock. I purr lightly and you remove your hands. Your cock is mine now. My hand is too small to enclose your whole cock. You can feel my soft hand burn into your skin. I slowly start moving my hand up and down. I can feel your cock in my hand, so hard, yet so soft. I can feel every vein and ridge. I love the way you feel in my hand.

My tongue starts licking along the underside of your cock. I open my hand so that my tongue can go down to your balls. I lick along them and then gently suck them into my mouth. All the time I am watching you and I can see the way you are clawing into the arms of the chair. I release your balls and make my way back up to the tip of your cock. My hand closes around it again and I move my other hand up to it too. I open my mouth and cover the head of your cock. The velvety cockhead slides deep into my mouth. I start sucking you in gently. Inch by inch you push deeper.

I purr as you reach the back of my throat and you can feel it against your cock. I take you as deep as I can and then move back up. My hands following my mouth. I start repeating the sucking in again. And again. My movements getting faster. You grab my face in your hands and moan each time I suck you in. I know that you are getting impatient for me to take you deeper, but I am enjoying the teasing. Your grip on my face gets harder as I go down on you again, and suddenly your hips buck up.

Your cock slides into the back of my throat. You ram up with your hips again and your cock gets embedded deep in my throat. I can hear you moan out in ecstasy. You loosen the grip on my face again and I move back up. Your cock slides out of my throat and my mouth till I am sucking on the head again. In a fast move I go down again and you ram back into my waiting throat. You start guiding my face up and down as you fuck into my mouth.

The whole time my hands play along your chest or squeeze your tight balls. Between moans I can hear your fast breathing. Your hips thrust up again and again. Getting faster and harder. Your moans turn into deep growl.

“Yes! Oh god baby…yes!!” you growl out and I know that you are about to come. I suck in harder. I can feel the first shot of creamy cum hit the back of my throat. I swallow and suck more. One stream of cum gets followed by the next and I start milking your cock. There is so much of it that some starts running along the side of my mouth. It drips down onto my breasts. Slowly your cock stops shooting cum and your grip on my face lightens. I suck up you and clean you up.

I move up and straddle your lap. My lips meet yours and I kiss you passionately. You can taste your own cum on my lips. Your hands move up my legs. You can feel the stockings and growl lightly. I laugh lightly and lean forward till my face is close to your ear.

“Wait a minute,” I say, “and then you can remove the blindfold.” I get up off your lap and walk away. You wait a while and then remove the blindfold. Your eyes take a moment to adjust to the light pointed at you. You look at the bed, expecting to see my shadow there, but it is empty. You call for me but no answer. You look at the table beside you and notice a small note lying there. You pick it up and read.

“I will call you tomorrow for more. Kisses.”

I can hear you curse through the door and can’t help laughing. I walk down to my own room and enter it. I lock the door and undress again. I slide in between the cold sheets of the bed. I can still smell you on me. I can still taste you. I close my eyes and fall asleep with your image on my mind. Something makes me wake up suddenly. I can feel a hard hand in between my shoulder blades, pushing me down into my bed. I am about to scream as a face comes close to mine.

“Think you can escape me so easily you little bitch?” I hear your voice ask, “Now it’s time for me to teach you a lesson!”

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