tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Tease Ch. 01

The Tease Ch. 01


Chapter 01: The Neighbor

Jen was a military brat. Her father was an Air Force Academy graduate, and she had recently received a letter informing her that she had also been accepted to the Air Force Academy after graduation. Jen had always dreamed of having a chance to follow in her father's footsteps as an Air Force pilot. Her father, Lieutenant Colonel Frank Patterson, was commander of an F-16 squadron at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. It was the spring of Jen's junior year of High School, and she lived with her mother and father on the base. Their next door neighbors were Colonel Matt Riley, the commanding officer of the base, and his wife Karen. Their son Jake was in his first year at USC on a football scholarship.

Since their son was out of the house, Colonel Riley decided to turn his son's old room into something of a man cave where he could spend his off hours watching sports. Jen's room was directly across from Jake's old room, and there was a very clear view into Jen's window. Jen's father had been assigned to the base for the last three years, and while she had been friendly with Jake, he was two years older than her and a football star. He was dating gorgeous cheerleaders when she was a skinny little freshman in pigtails, so Jen never did any kind of flirting with Jake.

Two years later, Jen was a budding young woman quickly approaching her eighteenth birthday. Jen didn't date much, she spent most of her time doing what was necessary to secure an appointment to the Air Force Academy. Even though her father was an alum, and high ranking Air Force officer, it's still a difficult school to get into. Jen didn't spend all if her time studying, Jen recently discovered a way to have some kinky fun with her next door neighbor Colonel Riley. Jen always knew that her room was visible from next door, but Jake never had any interest in her. When the Colonel took over his room however, it wasn't long before Jen noticed that he enjoyed peeking at the nubile teen next door, and Jen enjoyed putting on a little show for him every once in a while.

Jen loved to come out of the shower with only a towel wrapped around her, and when she thought the Colonel was watching, casually drop it and climb into bed. She would pretend to be reading as her fingertips slowly explored her naked body. It didn't seem all that implausible that a teenaged girl, thinking she was alone in her room, would be naked in her bed, exploring herself.

Jen would spend an hour or so caressing her tits, playing with her nipples, and massaging the insides of her thighs. All the while her legs would be spread wide, exposing her clean shaven teenage pussy to the Colonel's eyes. After she had worked herself, and the Colonel, up into a lustful frenzy, her fingers would find their way to her throbbing clit. Jen didn't need toys, her fingers were enough to set her body on fire. She loved slipping her fingers deep inside herself and smearing the pussy juice all over her smooth and sensitive pubic area. Jen always made sure her head was buried in a book as she would pleasure herself to mind blowing orgasms two, maybe three nights a week, she loved letting the Colonel think he was getting away with watching this kinky little show.

Since Jen had lived on Air Force bases all her life, and knew how things worked in the military. She was well aware that if even the slightest hint, let alone actual rumor, got out, that the Colonel had any kind of sexual interest in her, the teenaged daughter of an officer under his direct command, it would certainly end his career. Jen was extremely careful in making sure no one else knew about her little shows. Jen also had a strong incentive to make sure no rumors got out about this.

Even though she was assured that the Colonel could never make an actual sexual advance toward her, she was still playing a dangerous game flirting with him like this. She was soon to embark on a career in the Air Force herself, and it wasn't unreasonable to think that he might still be on active duty when she graduated from the Air Force Academy in five years. If she went too far with her little teasing game, or let on in any way she was knowingly flirting with him, life in the Air Force could be very uncomfortable for both of them.

Despite that, playing with him was such a turn on Jen just couldn't resist, and one Saturday she decided she was going to push it to the limit. That weekend her father was away on a training mission, and her mother had gotten up early to do the weekly shopping. Jen decided that this was a good time to wash her dad's car while he was away. She put on a tight little cleavage exposing little tank-top, tiny little booty shorts, and flip-flops. Military people stick to their routine like clock work, so Jen knew that Mrs. Riley would be getting back home from her weekly shopping any minute. When she pulled up Jen walked over.

"Good Morning Mrs. Riley," Jen said cheerily as she smiled and greeted her neighbor.

"Good Morning Jennifer, how are you?" Mrs. Riley responded.

"Good, would you like some help with the groceries?" Jen asked.

Mrs. Riley was happy to accept the help and responded, "Oh thank you dear."

Jen grabbed some of the groceries and helped Mrs. Riley carry them into the house. Colonel Riley was in the kitchen drinking coffee. Jen also greeted him cheerily, "Good Morning Sir."

The Colonel looked up and returned her greeting, "Good Morning Jennifer, how are you?"

"Outstanding Sir," Jen responded.

Colonel Riley turned to his wife, gave her a kiss on the cheek, and said, "Honey, I need to go to the office for a while, I'm going to take a walk over there."

Jen saw a great opportunity and chimed in, "I can give you a ride sir."

The Colonel quickly responded, "Oh I wouldn't want to impose dear."

Jen wasn't about to let her chance slip away so she quickly countered, "It's no problem sir, just let me run grab my dad's keys, I'll meet you outside."

Jen ran and grabbed the keys, while the Colonel waited out front. When Jen came back outside the first thing she did was accidentally drop the keys, so she would have to bend over to pick them up. Jen's shorts were tiny, and she wasn't wearing any panties, so when she picked up the keys all of her womanhood was clearly exposed to the Colonel. "Damn," the Colonel thought to himself, as Jen's pussy lips were on display. They got in the car and Jen started driving towards the other side of the base. During the trip Jen was accidentally letting the straps on her tank top fall off her shoulder, exposing even more cleavage, fiddling with her shorts, exposing her forbidden teen pussy, all the while casually engaging the Colonel in conversation about school, and happenings on the base.

The Colonel was trying hard to respond normally, and trying even harder not to get a boner. He wasn't very successful at either. When they reached the relatively deserted side of the base the Colonel's office was on, the guard at the gate snapped to attention and gave the Colonel a salute.

"Good morning sir," the guard snapped.

Colonel Riley returned the salute and responded, "Good morning First Sergeant, I'll be about an hour."

"Yes sir," the guard replied.

The Colonel got out of the car, trying to conceal his extremely erect penis, and quickly disappeared into the building. Jen parked the car, got out, went over to the guard shack, and greeted the guard cheerily.

"Good morning First Sergeant," said Jen.

The guard gave a huge smile and replied, "Hey, there's my little buddy!"

First Sergeant Sykes was one of those crusty old NCO's that had been in the service since they were flying wooden planes. He'd served with Jen's father on several different tours, and had known Jen since she was in diapers, so her slutty little outfit didn't even register with him. All he saw was the little girl that played dolls with his own daughter. The Sergeant reached out, mussed Jen's hair and said,

"Your old man's been talking everybody's ear off, my little girl got into the academy.... "

Jen and the Sergeant were still chatting outside when the Colonel reached his office, he looked out the window to see Jen still there in her sexy outfit. "Damn," he thought to himself, as he stared at the half naked girl. "Man fuck it," he said out loud. He went down the hall to the latrine, locked himself in, and dropped his trousers around his ankles. "Uhhh," the Colonel moaned out loud as his hand slid along the shaft of his now painfully erect penis. The precum oozing out of his dick made an excellent lubricant, but he quickly spit into his palm, to provide and even more slippery sensation as he began to massage himself.

With the thoughts of the teen temptress from next door fresh in his mind, his hand vigorously glided up and down his hard as diamond shaft. The Colonel was only interested in some quick relief so as the pressure built up deep in his scrotum, he gave his cock a gentle squeeze and the first wave of ejaculate splattered on the sink in front of him. The second spasm from his loins deposited a thick puddle of white goo on the tile floor at his feet.

The Colonel stumbled backwards a bit and braced himself on the wall as his dick continued to dispense his seed. The warm creamy product of Colonel Riley's lust continued to squirt from the throbbing tip of his penis and flow down his fingers as he squeezed his shaft tightly. Once the Colonel recovered, he looked around and realized that his sperm was everywhere, "shit, that's a lot of cum," he thought himself as he began to clean up the pleasure he'd just sprayed all over U.S. Government property.

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