tagBDSMThe Teasing Game

The Teasing Game


That was your game. Teasing me.

I could hear the tinkle of rain against the window. It was pitch black dark in the room. The fan was on high. But I was still sweating. I have lain here for over an hour. The digital clock with bright, red numbers told me so as the minutes ticked by slowly and the urge to come became stronger and more intense.

My wrists were tied with silk above my head to the headboard. My legs ducktaped together. The tape began at my ankles and continued up to mid thighs. My nipples were numb now from the biting clips. But it was what was in my pussy that made me sweat and squirm. A small, single battery, vibrating egg was securely shoved up my pussy. It was only enough to warm me up, not send me over the edge.

Finally I hear the door creak open, and you walk in with a lazy smile on your face. You don't speak to me. You slowly, painfully, remove the tape from my legs. I spread them slowly for you to inspect me.

"You're all wet. Maybe, another hour will teach you to control yourself."

My eyes widen, but you continue.

"In another position though. With some different instruments."

I shake and shiver in excitement. You untie my wrists, but I do not move. You move me. Soon, I am in a completely different position. I am standing on the bed now, my arms in chains connected to the ceiling, my legs spread open. You take the egg out of me.

"Well, let's not allow delicious juice to go to waste." you say right before you kneel before me and lap at my wet pussy.

The strokes of your tongue start slowly, softly. They caress my clit, my hairless pussy lips. And then you poke your tongue into my depths, swirling it around, faster and faster. Soon enough you start to become aggressive, sucking all over my pussy. I feel myself building up, almost there, so close... And then you remove your mouth. My build up slowly ebbs away. I groan in frustration, but you again replace your tongue, following the same process. You start slowly, then continue with fervor. Once more, I am so close to cumming, but again you remove your mouth just in time. This system continues for a good thirty minutes, each time I am hopeful that this will be the one where you will let me cum, but every time I am disappointed.

Finally, I am sweating and sagging in my chains. You stand on the bed, looming over me. You press your body next to mine, your hand caressing my curves, my hips, my buttocks, my breasts. And you begin to play with my pussy again, this time with your hand, tickling my sopping folds. But then I feel you fiddling with me. You are clipping something onto my slit. I jerk in my restraints as the clip is secured to my clit. But you are not done quite yet. You have two, fairly small, bullet-shaped objects that you hastily tape over my hard nipples. The bullets on my nipples and the clip on my clit begin to vibrate in synchronization.

I moan, and my eyes roll to the back of my head. Again, I am closer. And this time I know I will make it because you can't remove the 'instruments' fast enough, I just know it. I am so close, so damn close... but the vibrations stop. I growl. And then the bullet on my left nipple starts, and then the bullet on my right nipple begins. I can feel myself building up, and yet again they stop. Suddenly the clip on my slit vibrates, and now the right bullet...I'm coming, I'm coming...but no. Abruptly my left nipple starts to vibrate and now my clit again. Oh, God, please make the agony stop. And it does, leaving me panting.

I was in such a frustrated state of mind that I didn't see you as you blindfolded me. Suddenly the room was completely and utterly dark. Next I am gagged. I think it's a rubber ball gag. I poke at it with my tongue. And finally you insert ear plugs into my ears. I am completely closed off from the rest of the world. I can't see, talk, or hear. I can only feel.

The vibrating toys begin at random and stop just before I am about to cum, teasing me, leaving me hanging and panting. Left nipple. Clit. Nothing. Right nipple. Nothing. Right nipple and clit. Nothing. All three. Nothing. Left and right nipples. Nothing. Clit. Nothing. Right nipple. Nothing. Clit and left nipple. Nothing. Left nipple. Everything. These random switches continue for Lord knows how long. Each time I am just about to cum, and then the vibrations cut off. I moan around the gag ball countless times. I'm not sure if I'm alone or not, but the agony is killing. I can't stand being teased like this for so long. I need satisfaction. I am panting hard around the gag ball, hoping maybe this time I will be allowed to cum, but I'm not.

Finally, hours later--it's got to be hours, I've been shaking in agony for what seems like forever--I feel you fiddling with my body, removing the vibrating toys. I am still blindfolded and gagged with ear plugs in, but now you have moved me into a new position, allowing my straining legs to relax. I lie on my back, my arms tied to the upper corners of the bed, as well as my legs--to the bottom corners. I am laying spread eagle for you, completely vulnerable and at your will. I feel your mouth at my pussy, but just barely. You caress my lips with a feather-light touch, tickling me, teasing me. You stroke my erect clit once, twice, four times, seven times, fifteen. I'm building. I'm almost there, but you remove your mouth. Why do I always expect you'll let me cum? I know you won't.

I feel your weight leave the bed and I lie motionless, scared shitless, yet excited beyond belief, wondering what you will do next, what you have up your sleeve. I lie on the bed for about ten minutes--all guesstimation--before you return to remove my bindings and guide me to a machine. I am lying on my stomach now, bent at the waist. My arms are handcuffed together underneath the thin machine. It feels like a steel table, maybe. My legs are spread and chained to the legs of the table. I am shaking, wondering what will happen now, wondering when I will be allowed to cum. I wait. And wait. My pussy is quivering, waiting for a touch, a caress. It's torture waiting with no stimulation, but finally I feel you fiddling with me, tickling my wet folds, teasing me with...with...a feather! I moan around the gag ball as this realization hits. I squirm, needing more friction, but you pull away, leaving me untouched and unsatisfied. I wait, knowing what you desire now. Soon, I feel the feather again. You titillate and tantalize my clit and pussy lips with the feather. After endless feather torture, you're gone again. I wait.

Now I feel you fiddling with my ass crack, rubbing a finger up and down, lubricating it. I tense, knowing what is coming. And sure enough, you begin to slowly insert a butt plug. It's not large, just big enough to fit securely inside. Now, you are inserting something--a vibrator?--into my pussy. It's rather large and stretches me. I feel incredibly full being double penetrated. Next, you pinch my clit tightly. I gasp around the gag ball only to realize you're not pinching me, but something metal is. And not only is there a metal clip on my clit, but the clasp is connected to a chain, a rather large and long chain. You pull the chain up behind me, placing it in my ass crack, keeping the butt plug and vibrator securely inside of me. The chain runs up along my back, and I soon find out that on the opposite end of the chain is a collar that you secure around my neck. The chain is only just long enough to make it, pulling on my clit intensely and making sure the butt plug and vibrator are firmly inside. I am panting from all of the tools you are using. But you're not finished yet. Suddenly the butt plug and the vibrator begin to pulsate within me. I pant, grinding my hips, trying to create friction, building up, sure you will allow me to cum this time. Almost there. Just one more...but no. Everything stops, and my build up recedes. I am panting from all the work I put into it, but I don't get to rest for very long, for the vibrations have started up again.

This cycle continues for well over an hour. I am sweating profusely now, exhausted of being endlessly teased with no satisfaction. Suddenly you remove the ear plugs, and I can hear again. The rain is still splattering against the window. The fan is still on high, even though I am burning and sweating. You pet my hair, running your fingers through the tangles lovingly. I jerk as the vibrations begin suddenly.

"Are you ready to cum, my pet?"

I nod vigorously. You unchain my limbs and flip my body over on the metal table. You unclip my clit and remove the collar. You slowly remove the vibrator and butt plug, and I feel exceptionally empty, craving for the satisfaction of cumming. I know it's coming soon because you said it yourself. You're letting me cum now. I can sense it. You straddle me at the waist, and I feel the tip of your cock at my entrance. I thrust forward, but you pull back.

"Lie still. Patience."

You continue to caress my pussy lips and clit with the tip of your cock for a few minutes before you push it inside, just barely. A little farther. One inch. Two. But then you remove it entirely.

"Tomorrow, my pet, you shall cum." You say as you get off the table and leave me, teased, tortured, and unsatisfied. For the rest of the night.

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