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The Telescope


Not too long ago we moved into a new townhouse and I have been busy getting everything organized, along with doing my job, which fortunately, I do out of my home. My husband, Tom, is a consultant and is on the road for extended periods of time or stuck at a client site. Considering the fact that we have only been married for less than a year, I get quite lonely and really miss the love making aspect of newly weds. I should add that he does try come home almost every other week-end, if he didn't I'd end going nuts.

The strange thing about me is that I was able to stay a virgin until I got married. Oh sure I'd get horny, but I thought that it was lot safer to masturbate, (often), rather than take a chance (which I had plenty of opportunities because of my looks,) of getting pregnant or pick up some sexually transmitted disease. Tom was the first and only man that I've had sex with

I manage to keep myself busy at my work, but in evenings I get lonely, especially if I feel horny. I'll look for an 'R' rated movie on t.v. and if it's a sexy one, I'll just pretend to be the female and masturbate as I'm watching. If I'm really bad off, then I'll put on an XXX rated lesbian video that we have, and pleasure myself for as long as the video is on, usually to about six to ten good orgasms.

I don't consider myself as a lesbian, more like a want to be bi-sexual, even though I do like to get fucked by a nice hard cock. The reason I say that is I've never had a sexual relationship with a woman, but it seems to be one of my common sexual fantasies and the best way for me to have an explosive orgasm when masturbating.

My husband is an amateur astronomer and has a very powerful telescope that I stored in our spare room, which I decided to make my office room and have a desk with my pc and files. I arranged everything and when I was finished, I put the telescope on its tripod and aimed it to the stars. On a clear dark night, with his telescope, the bright stars appear to be right in front of me. it's beautiful to watch them sparkle.

Our townhouse is three stories high and everything around else around us are single family, one story ranch style houses. However, on the next block, there is a two story, fourplex, two units upstairs and two units downstairs. The one unit upstairs had all the rooms facing us. The bedroom I set up for my office is on the third floor and I can see everything around us for miles.

This evening, after finishing up on my daily assignment, I was feeling horny, even more than usual, in fact I was wet. I thought that I would look at the stars before I went for my shower, thinking it would get my mind off my sexual needs. However, my mind had other ideas as I started to focus on some of the homes and apartments around us with the telescope.

I found it amazing how many people left their shades up or drapes open. This of course was in the middle of summer and I guess many people didn't have air conditioning in their homes. I've always been on the shy side so I've always closed our shades or drapes for fear of some peeping tom or voyeur watching me take a shower or walking around the house naked, which I do often when it's warm. Even a bigger fear is of someone watching me as I'm masturbating, which is often when Tom is away.

Then I saw her, a woman that looked to be about my age laying on her bed, totally nude and with a large dildo and a separate vibrator. With the telescope, it was if she was just in front of me. My god, I felt as though I shouldn't make a sound or she would hear or see me. I wanted to hear her moans as she was moving all over her bed. I could see her mouth move, I just wished that I could read lips. Her one hand held the vibrator on her clit and the other hand held the cock like dildo that she was fucking herself with.

I didn't have to read lips when I saw her screaming to a climax. She arched her back in one final lunge at the cock and then collapsed .I couldn't believe what I had just witnessed. I was touching myself as I was watching the scene that was in front of me and when my neighbor gave that final push to get the full impact of the dildo, I exploded along with her as my cum juices poured down my legs.

I took some tissues off my desk and quickly wiped my legs and pussy so that I didn't make a puddle on my carpet. My orgasm overwhelmed me and I was trying to pull myself together so that I could quickly go and take a shower. I can't believe that I've resorted to being a peeping tom to be able to gratify myself sexually. It would be one thing if I was a wild teen girl. but, my god, I'm a twenty six year old married woman. Never again, I told myself, I mean, this is degrading and perverted.

I took my shower and went to bed, but I tossed and turned all night as I saw the scene that I witnessed, over and over again in my sleep, or was I sleeping. I know that it was like a wet dream, over and over, and when I woke up to get dressed, my sheet was soaked from my cum. I'm in trouble, I've got to put that telescope away.

I did my work for the day and it was early evening and I told myself, "do it girl, put it away," but I had to have one last look. Again I had it focused on the same window, even though that unit had all of its windows facing me and I could look into just about every room in the apartment but the kitchen.

I didn't see anyone on the bed so I thought that it was just one of those chance things and thought to myself that , "now put the damn thing away," I thought that I'd just check one of the other windows and then I'd take it down so that I wouldn't be tempted. Then I saw her, she was in the other bedroom and was having sex with another girl, could this be her room mate? I felt as though I could reach out and touch them, they were that close with the telescope.

She had the girl tied up and spread eagled on the bed, and she was playing with the girls pussy with a dildo. I thought before this goes any further that I should just walk away, I couldn't do it. It was as if I was under a spell and I couldn't pull myself away, and again I was being drawn into the picture.

The girl that was spread eagled on the bed was squirming in delight, as the girl with the dildo reached one hand up and started twisting her nipples. Then the dildo was put aside and now had her mouth sucking on the girls pussy. Again, of its own accord, my hand went down to my pussy and it seemed as though that I couldn't do anything about it as I frantically played with myself.

Then the girl that was eating the girl laying down, abruptly got up and put a strap on dildo, untied the other girl and motioned for her to get on her hands and knees. Oh my god, she just took that giant cock and plunged it into the other girl as she reached her arms under and grabbed the girls breasts and started squeezing them. As she increased her speed, all I could think of was that I wished it was Tom's cock fucking me like that, or at least if I had something to put in my wanting pussy.

I stuck my fingers as far into me as I could while still having my eyes glued to the scene in front of me, I was moaning loud enough for anyone close by to hear me, but I couldn't help myself. Then the girl being fucked collapsed in a shuddering orgasm and I just went ballistic as I came, screaming "fuck fuck fuck I'mmm cuuuummmiiinnng"

I stood there, my legs weak from my orgasm and took one last look, I guess I thought that I should say, "thank you" to them, but what I saw was something that I did not expect. A nice looking, well built man came into the room, stark naked and his cock was throbbing straight out in front of him, he must have been watching the scene as I was.

"Enough girl, put the damn thing away," I kept telling myself, but I was weak and succumbed to my animal nature. Why is it that we just can't walk away from this and tell ourselves ,"enough is enough." Is it because we come out of our mother's womb in a state of arousal and that we were created to procreate, and that's why I'm always horny? I read in one of those 'Dear Abbey' columns once that a woman in her eighties said that she masturbated every day and wondered if it was harmful to her health: Point being is that it's there till the day we die, for some of the lucky ones, and not necessarily for procreation, at least not when you're eighty.

"Fuck it," I thought to myself, I'm going to watch this erotic scene even if I end up masturbating myself to the point of collapse and total exhaustion.

The man came over and kissed the girl with the strap on and adjusted the strap of the dildo so that he could fuck her from the rear as she fucked the girl that got back up into the doggie position on the bed. They were in sync, as if this was something that they did often, this was too much for me as I came hard again and had trouble catching my breath.

Thank god that Tom was coming home tomorrow or I would be a physical and mental wreck, a basket case at the rate that I was going. I promised myself that I would look, but I wouldn't touch myself so that I would have the energy to have sex with my sweetheart.

After I watched the three of them go through the acrobatics of creative sex, without touching myself, I took a cold shower and went immediately to bed and hoped to awaken to the sweet words of my husband whispering in my ear, "honey, I'm home and I want to fuck your brains out."

No such luck, the first thing that he said was, "honey, this was an exhausting trip and I'm really tired, I think I'll sleep the entire week-end." He could see my disappointment and then said, "look baby, I'll make it up to you the next trip home, I promise, and if you feel like masturbating, I'll understand."

I did just that, after he went to sleep, I went up to my office, went to the telescope and in total frustration, found that there was nothing or no one at home, I was ready to cry. I got on line and looked for an erotic story or something that would satisfy my craving. I found a story where a sweet innocent girl was picked up by three lesbians, pretending to be friends, took her to their place and then raped her. It did have a sort of happy ending because she really enjoyed it after they got her to cum about six times. At that time, I wished that I was the girl that got raped, I was hurting.

Tom was good for his word, he left Monday morning and gave me a kiss good-bye and he left me a total wreck. He also told me that he probably wouldn't be back for at least three or four weeks since he was going to Germany. After he left I started crying like a baby, I couldn't help it, I was really hurting.

Thank god, Monday evening she was back and she was up to her old tricks, I almost felt like going over there and giving her a big hug and kiss, now I could get myself off with someone else.

She was pretty and I would guess to be around my age, why couldn't I go over and maybe become friends with her. Being new in the area, I had no friends or family, I would just stand on the side-walk in front of her apartment, and when she came out I could tell her that I was a new neighbor and start up a conversation with her. Yes, I'm going to do it.

I watched her for a while until we both came together, I felt so much better. Then I started to make my plans as to exactly how I would approach her and not sound like a total moron. I got it, after I finish my work tomorrow, I'll go jogging and then just go up to her apartment and tell her that I noticed that she was about my age and wondered if she wanted a new friend, sounds great. I went to bed with a smile on my face and my hands on my pussy.

I went through my assignments for the day in a way that I've never done before. I even amazed myself how quickly and efficiently I could do my work when I was really motivated. I even had time enough to take a shower and rest up a bit before I left for my so called jog.

I put on a pair of short shorts, it was so tight that the crotch of the shorts worked it's way into my pussy and a halter top. I probably looked like the slut of the neighborhood, but hey, it was hot and it was summer, I don't think that I looked that much different from a lot of girls out there, plus, my body was in good shape, I said as I looked at myself in the wall mirror.

Then I looked again and asked myself, Tory, what the hell are you doing, you're acting like a hooker, my god, don't you have any self respect. This is bullshit I told myself, I need someone to share my sexuality with, why not? She's attractive and I need some human contact. I enjoy masturbating, it's relaxing, you do it leisurely at your own pace, do it in five minutes or five hours, and you can set the scenario in your own mind. If I feel like I want to be raped by burglar, a gang bang or a big black dog, or just a loving, guy or gal, depends on my mood. Before I left, I took one last look, and sure enough there she was, hell, she was a lot hornier than I was, she was at it from the moment she came home from wherever, I don't think that she worked. With that, I dashed out the door and all ready I felt my pussy gushing in anticipation of what I had fantasized about, sex with another woman.

I ran around the block once, just so that I'd be sweating and look more like I was jogging. Then I went up to the apartment on the second floor and knocked on the door. I knew that she was home because I just saw her fifteen minutes ago in her bedroom. I knocked again, this time a little harder and the door opened from my knock, evidently someone didn't close it hard enough for it to catch in the latch. I went into the entrance and called out, "hello, anyone home?" I went in a little further and called out again, still no response. Then I walked down the hallway where I heard some noise and realized that was the bedroom that she was in. I thought, "my god, this is crazy," but the sounds that were coming from the room were erotic noises of a woman that is really enjoying herself.

I felt like the cat burglar as I quietly waked down to the room where the sound was coming from and from the doorway, peeked into the room. I knew from her position that she wouldn't see me because when I watched her through the telescope, I knew that the door was at the opposite end of her head. It was now obvious as to why she hadn't heard me, she was in the doggie position and was being fucked by a machine that was pounding in and out of her pussy with a large cock like dildo attached to it.

She was unaware of my presence as the machine purred out its pleasure, and she moaned out her pleasure along with it. I couldn't help myself, I lowered my shorts and loosened my top and brazenly started to masturbate as I massaged my clit and twisted my nipples. My god, am I going crazy, coming into a strangers apartment unannounced, watching her getting fucked by a machine as I peek at her while I'm masturbating!!!!!

She was moaning to a shuddering orgasm as I was, then I quickly pulled up my shorts and just as I was heading for the entrance door, a deep male voice barked out, "breaking and entering, watching a person pleasuring herself without her knowledge, lady, your in serious trouble, you're not going anywhere. Jill, come out here, I've caught us an intruder and I'm about to call the police."

"What's the problem, Bill," she asked. She came out of her room stark naked, didn't even bother to wrap a towel around herself, I started crying and pleaded with them not to call the police. "I'm sorry lady, you just broke the law and as a law abiding citizen, I have no alternative but to call them, you do the crime, you do the time. But on the flip side is that where you'll be going, you definitely will be able to spy on a lot of women doing just what Jill was doing, of course, without the fuck machine."

As Bill was picking up the phone, Jill called out to him, "Bill, I've got a better idea, you know how many times I've talked about having a sex slut so that we could use anytime we felt like it, instead of picking up a hooker, well, we could use this lady if she is willing to, or it would be better to sending her to jail. So what do you think?"

I sat there petrified, my god, they wanted me to be a sex slave to them, or else I'll go to jail. I was sobbing away as I thought how I could get out of this, and them said, "I can deny everything you would be charging me with, I'll tell the police that allowed me in and then when you propositioned me and I tried to leave, you forcefully stopped me."

"Good try lady, the only thing is that I have evidence and I'll show exactly what I'll show the police, follow me and take a seat and we'll watch a little t.v.."

I started to protest and then my mouth froze, I couldn't believe what I was watching. It was a video of me coming in by myself, going down the hall and looking into the room where the girl was and then it zoomed in on me as I lowered my shorts and started masturbating, I mean you could see everything very clearly.

I started crying again and again he went to the phone, she said again, "Bill, honey, maybe she has changed her mind, maybe she would like to be our sex toy to play with, you know, she is pretty and looks like she has a nice body, let's give her a chance."

"O.K. slut, what's it going to be, jail or be our sex toy for us to use you any way we like?" I was still crying and I knew that I was in real trouble, I really didn't have a choice, I would never make it in jail.

I finally relented and told them that I would do anything they wanted with me, as long as I didn't go to jail as well as never show the video to anyone else.

"Before I agree," Bill said. "I want to see if you're what we want, you know some of the hookers we've had were pretty hot looking, so strip and let's see if I want to accept."

"Oh no," I thought to myself, I can't just stand up before these strangers and take everything off, but what choice do I have.

"Look slut, you're dressed like a slut, those hot pants are halfway into your cunt, so don't try to stall and pretend that you're to high society for this. Now strip or I call the cops, I mean like RIGHT NOW!!!"

If my husband ever finds out about this I know that he'll immediately ask for a divorce. I slowly, but reluctantly, took off my top and bra, and then lowered my shorts. "The PANTIES AS WELL," Bill ordered.

I had a Little trouble lowering my panties because the crotch was pushed into my pussy and my cum was making it stick to my pussy as I had to really pull it out, this was more than embarrassing, but I had no choice.

"You had a good cum watching my beautiful wife fuck herself with the fucking machine, so guess what, we're going to see if you look as hot as she does when she's being fucked by a robot. What do you think, Jill, does this slut match up to our standards?"

"To tell you the truth Bill, I think she's as good, and maybe even better that most of the sluts I've brought from the lesbian club, yeah, I think that she'll do, but we'll find out for sure. However, slut, we can always call the cops and show this video to them as well as your hubby, so no fucking faking anything, especially when your cumming, get it."

He put me in the same position that she was in on the bed, then he said. "Well Jill, I don't think we'll need any lube, your cum is dripping from the dildo and from the looks of the bitch, her pussy isn't exactly dry," he chuckled.

The dildo was on a shaft that was about two or more feet long and attached to a motor. The motor was on a tripod that moved around as it pushed in and out. The dildo was about ten inches long and it look like a thick cock, but it had some lumps on it. He slowly pushed it into my pussy, then asked his wife how it looked. She nodded her approval.

He turned the robot on and at first it felt as though it was going to split me in two and go right through me. It was going slowly and as much as I tried to keep myself from letting it get me excited, I couldn't stop it. It not only was going in and out of my hole, but it was also rotating as well as vibrating. There was no way I could stop myself from responding, but I just didn't want to give the satisfaction of seeing me cum. Damn, I can't stop it.

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