tagGroup SexThe Temp Ch. 02

The Temp Ch. 02


This is Part 2 of my story, "The Temp." While it can stand alone, you should read the original story as well. Originally, “The Temp” was going to be a single tale, but a reader suggested I continue it with the pregnant Jenn getting involved – so I decided to follow up the original with this story. I really do love pregnant women – to me, there is nothing sexier than a woman in her last trimester of pregnancy. So, without further ado, I submit “The Temp, Part 2.” I hope you enjoy it.

It was Friday morning – the last day of work for my pregnant secretary, Jenn. Jenn was 8 months pregnant, and was finding it difficult to commute to work every day so she was taking an early maternity leave. A temp that I had hired to do some other work in the office, Gina, would be filling in for her starting on Monday. My affair with Gina is described in the first part of this story. Since it was Jenn’s last day, we had a party for her after work. It was just the seven of us – me, my boss, his secretary, Gina and our other assistants. We had some cake and drinks, and gave speeches about how much we’d miss Jenn while she was gone. We all chipped in for some baby gifts for her as well.

Jenn’s boyfriend, Phil, split when he found out she was pregnant, leaving Jenn by herself to raise the baby. She’d spent many hours in my office crying, and I always did my best to be a friend to her, as well as her boss. Jenn was around 5-foot 9-inches tall, with long brown hair, a nice round ass, and full breasts that looked to be much more than a handful. I always thought she was beautiful, but when she got pregnant and started “showing”, she became even sexier. I’ll admit, I’m one of those men who think pregnant women are incredibly sexy – the way their breasts fill out, the round curves they develop, the sexy glow they acquire – I love it all.

Around 6:30, the party was winding down and the last three people in the office were Gina, Jenn and myself. We finished cleaning up, and Jenn said she needed to talk to me. I led her into my office, and she sat down in my guest chair across from my desk. I couldn’t help but think that just 24 hours earlier, I was fucking Gina in that same chair. Jenn said, “Actually, I need to talk to Gina too.”

I called Gina into my office.

Close the door, Gina,” said Jenn.

Gina shut the door and scooted up on the edge of my desk. “What’s up,” she asked.

“Last night, I got all the way home before I realized I forgot my house keys. I got back to the office around 6:30 or so and heard some strange noises coming from in here. I tried the door but it was locked, but then I heard Gina yelling your name, something about cumming?”

She looked back and forth between me and Gina. We were, quite literally, fucked.

“You know if I tell the boss, you’re both fired.”

I nodded silently. Gina started sniffling, holding back her tears.

“Jenn,” I said. “Is there anything we can do to make you forget about this?”

Jenn stood up. “I’ve been so lonely since Phil left. I can’t exactly go to bars and pick up guys being 8 months pregnant, and even if I could, most men find me fat and ugly.”

“You’re not fat,” I said. “I think pregnant women are incredibly sexy, and you’re possibly the most beautiful pregnant woman I’ve ever seen. A man would be nuts not to want to have you.”

“Then today’s your lucky day,” she said. “I want you to fuck me. Right here, right now.” She started undressing, pulling her dress off, and letting her hair down. Clad in just a white bra and panties, she looked gorgeous. Her round belly was sticking way out past her full breasts. I got up from my chair and moved in front of my desk, and looked at Gina. She smiled at me and nodded.

“My hormones are making me so horny,” Jenn said. “And since Phil’s been gone, I haven’t had sex in over 7 months. I want you to touch me like you touched Gina. To run your mouth all over my body. To suck my tits and eat my pussy, and fuck me until I can’t walk. That’s what I want from you too keep my mouth shut about you and Gina.”

“What about me,” asked Gina.

“You can play too,” said Jenn.

She looked at me. “But you can’t fuck her. Tonight your cock is mine.”

I looked back at Gina. She looked at Jenn, then me. Gina put her arms around my neck and kissed me softly. “We have no choice,” she said. “I don’t want you getting fired.”

Gina pulled off my tie and unbuttoned my shirt. Jenn came over to us and gave me a long, deep kiss, her hands stroking my chest. She reached down and squeezed my cock through my pants, and moaned softly. Jenn stepped back as I unbuckled my belt. She undid my pants and pulled them down and off, leaving me in my socks and boxers. Then she turned to Gina and told her to take off her clothes. Gina did as she was told, stripping down to her thong.

“All of it,” said Jenn. Gina pulled off her thong, and stood there naked. She crossed her hands shyly in front of her pussy. “You have a wonderful figure,” Jenn said. She reached out and tweaked Gina’s nipples. “And such, full breasts, too. I can see why Jake wanted you so much.”

Jenn unhooked her bra and let her breasts spill free. They were magnificent - so full and round, her large nipples standing straight out. She put her hand around the back of our heads and pulled us to her chest. I hungrily attacked Jenn’s left breast, licking and sucking it with desire, while Gina tentatively explored her right one. Jenn told her to suck it, and Gina opened her mouth and softly sucked her right nipple.

“Ohhh yesssssss,” moaned Jenn. “That feels so good.”

I sucked harder on her nipple, bringing it in and out of my mouth. Gina looked over at me, and matched my actions with her own. I rubbed her hard, round, stomach, caressing her gently. I love the feel of a pregnant woman’s body, and was savoring touching her.

As Jenn moaned louder, Gina and I sucked harder on her nipples. I slid my hand down her stomach to the edge of her panties. Jenn spread her legs wider for me, and I slipped my hand inside her panties. I could immediately feel that Jenn had shaved her pussy as I slipped my hand lower. I touched her clit with my index finger, causing Jenn to gasp in pleasure. I kept fingering her clit as we sucked on her nipples. Jenn was pressing our heads firmly against her chest, as we sucked and nibbled with delight.

I moved my mouth away from Jenn’s nipple and kneeled in front of her. I reached up and pulled down her panties, revealing her glistening, shaved pussy. I gave her a couple of gentle licks, and I told her how wonderful she tasted. Jenn could barely keep her balance, with Gina sucking her nipples and me eating her pussy, so I had her sit in my guest chair. She leaned back with her ass barely on the seat and spread her legs wide. Jenn was a vision to behold, and I crawled back between her legs, staring at her dripping pussy. I slipped my hands under her ass and kissed up her thighs. As I reached her slit, I dragged my tongue from her hole up to her clit, before sucking her hard clit in between my lips. Jenn bucked her hips, grinding her pussy against my face.

Gina was standing here, unsure of what she should do. I stopped eating Jenn’s pussy long enough to tell Gina to get behind her and play with her nipples. Gina moved behind the chair and leaned over Jenn, rubbing her breasts gently, occasionally squeezing her nipples between her fingers. Jenn tilted her head back in pleasure, and with Gina’s leaning over her, Gina’s breasts were right in front of her face. Jenn reached back and pulled her lower so that she could suck on her nipples. I looked up and was amazed at the sight in front of me – Gina squeezing Jenn’s breasts, while Jenn nibbled on Gina’s nipples. Meanwhile I was devouring Jenn’s sweet pussy, licking and sucking, teasing her clit with my lips while squeezing her round ass. Jenn’s orgasm was building quickly. She let go of Gina’s nipples and pulled her down for a kiss. Gina returned the kiss, their mouths open and their tongues wrestling in each other’s mouth. I sucked Jenn’s clit in and out of my mouth and she thrust her pussy at me as she exploded. Her legs clamped around my head as she came, squeezing me against her pussy as I sucked up all her sweet juices. I let go of her clit as I lapped up all her cum, slowing down my tongue as her orgasm subsided.

I moved in closer and kissed Jenn, softly at first, then with more passion. She seemed invigorated by the taste of her own juices on my lips as we kissed. As we kissed she reached down to fondle my thick cock. I pushed down my boxers to give her easier access to my cock and balls. Jenn spread some of the precum around my cock, then slid her hand down to caress my balls. I moaned into her mouth as we kissed, then with her other hand Jenn gently pushed me backwards. I took her hint and laid down on the carpet.

Jenn kneeled in front of me and slipped her mouth around the head of my cock. I thrust my hips towards her as she slid her mouth down my shaft. She quickl y had my whole cock inside her mouth and held it there, swirling her tongue around it. I could barely breathe as she teased me, my breaths coming in short gasps. Jenn cupped my balls as she moved her head up and down, which always drives me nuts. Jenn could tell I was going to cum soon, so she pulled away and squeezed the base of my cock. The feeling passed, and Jenn released her grip. She did this to me several times, bringing me to the brink of cumming, before stopping and making me calm down.

I felt bad for Gina, who was mostly being left out, so I motioned for her to come next to me. I slipped my fingers deep inside her tight cunt, fucking her with my fingers as Jenn teased my cock.

Jenn saw what I was doing and said, “Make sure she doesn’t cum until I say so.” Jenn knew we had to do what she said or she’d tell my boss about our affair, and she was thoroughly enjoying her power. I brought Gina right to the edge of cumming, then pulled my fingers away, just like Jenn told me. I cleaned Gina’s juices off my fingers, savoring her sweet taste.

After bringing me to the brink three times, Gina straddled my waist, and guided my cock towards her pussy. She eased her way down my shaft, as I watched my cock slowly disappear inside her wet hole. Jenn closed her eyes, and I could tell how much she was enjoying the feeling of being fucked for the first time in such a long time. She thrust up and down on me, taking me deeper and deeper each time. After four or five tries, she let go of my cock and dropped all the way down, impaling herself on me. I grabbed her hips and pulled her to me as we kissed again. I slipped my hands down to her round ass and pulled her up and down on my cock. Jenn sat up and started riding me with short, hard thrusts. I loved watching her full breasts bouncing up and down, and leaned forward to suck on them. With each thrust they bounced towards my mouth, and I sucked took them between my lips and sucked on them hard.

Jenn leaned back, holding herself up with her hand on my chest as I thrust my cock in and out of her. Gina was next to us, fingering her cunt as she watched Jenn fuck me. I pulled her on my chest, and had her sit facing Jenn. She was grinding her pussy against my chest, matching Jenn’s motions on my cock. Jenn put her hands on Gina’s shoulders and leaned in to kiss her. Gina kissed her back, and reached out to play with her nipples. Jenn slowed her thrusts on my cock while the two of them were making out on top of me. Gina was close to cumming, but couldn’t get over the top just by rubbing her pussy on my chest. I told Jenn I wanted to fuck her from behind. Gina moved away as Jenn eased off my cock and got on her hands and knees. I got behind her, and slid my cock deep inside her wet pussy. I teased her with long, slow strokes as I reached around to play with her breasts, which hung low beneath her. I leaned forward, driving my cock all the way inside of her, making her moan. I started fucking her deeper and faster until she was almost ready to cum. Then I pulled out of her, leaving her pussy empty and wanting.

“What are you doing?!? Don’t stop now!” she yelled.

I whispered to her “I can stop now, or I can fuck you until you can’t walk. It’s up to you.”

“Oh Goooddddd Jake! Fuck me. Don’t stop. I need you to fuck me…”

I knew the position of power had switched to me, and I took advantage of it. “Then you have to let Gina cum, too. I want you to eat her pussy so she can cum.”

“Ohhhh Goddd yes, Jake. Just fuck me, fuck me.”

I had Gina sit in my guest chair just like Jenn did, her ass barely hanging on the edge. I gently pushed Jenn into position as Gina spread her legs wide. Jenn was hesitant at first, kissing up and down Gina’s thighs, but never hitting her pussy. I got behind her, my cock between her legs and reached around to her breasts. I pinched her sensitive nipples, causing her to cry out. “Eat her, Jenn. Eat her beautiful pussy.” I pinched her nipples harder, making her moan loudly. Tentatively, Jenn kissed her pussy. Slowly at first, then with increasing intensity, she kissed started with small kisses all over, punctuated by her tongue slipping in and out between her lips.

When Jenn hit her clit, Gina pulled her head into her crotch and clenched her thighs. Both women were moaning loudly as Jenn worked her tongue all over her cunt. I was rubbing my cock up and down Jenn’s slit, coating it with her juices as she brought Gina closer to cumming. Jenn was begging me to fuck her, but I told her not until she finished eating Gina. This made Jenn work harder, licking and sucking on Gina’s pussy faster and faster. Gina was bucking her hips back and forth, fucking her face while I stared in awe. Gina’s breathing was coming fast and shallow, and I knew she was going to cum soon.

I loved watching Gina cum and I coaxed her on. “Cum for her, Gina. Don’t hold back, baby, cum all over her face.”

Gina cried out and came hard. As soon as her orgasm hit, I drove my cock back into Jenn, slamming into her wet cunt over and over as she ate Gina. Jenn was moaning into her pussy as I fucked her, bringing Gina to two or three orgasms in a row. Lost in her pleasure, Gina kept moaning “Ohhh Jenn, ohhhh Jennn….ohhhh Gggodddddd Jennnnnn…” as Jenn sucked up all her juices. I kept slamming my cock deep into Jenn’s pussy – barely pulling out at all before thrusting hard inside of her. As long as I was fucking her, Jenn couldn’t move away from Gina’s pussy, and she kept licking and sucking her beautiful flesh until Gina begged me to let her stop.

I backed off for a minute, as Gina unclenched her legs and moved away. She got up and sat in my chair behind my desk as Jenn guided me back into her aching pussy. I reached down and fingered her clit as I pounded her cunt. As I rubbed her clit in fast, counterclockwise circles, Jenn thrust her ass back at me, keeping me buried deep inside of her. I used my thumb and index finger to pinch her clit and that sent her over the edge. She clenched her cunt around my cock and came hard, bucking wildly against me, her huge pregnant tits bouncing crazily as she came all over my cock. Her muscles clenching and unclenching around my cock was too much for me and I exploded inside of her, shooting load after load of cum deep inside her pussy. When I finished cumming, I pulled out and leaned back against the chair. Jenn collapsed on the floor, my cum dripping out of her pussy. Gina came over and sat between us on the floor. We must have been quite a sight, three exhausted, but satisfied people sprawled out naked on my floor.

Jenn sat up and took Gina’s hand in hers. “I’m sorry if I acted like a bitch before. I’ve just been so lonely and frustrated since Phil left, and when I saw you two together last night, I couldn’t handle it. I know it was wrong to try to blackmail you two, and I’m sorry. I’d never do anything to hurt you two.”

Gina leaned in and kissed Jenn softly on the lips. “It’s OK, Jenn. I understand.”

Jenn kissed her back, and soon the two of them were locked in a passionate embrace, their tongues probing each other’s mouths, while their hands roamed up and down their bodies. Before I knew it they were both on the floor, facing each other, kissing and rubbing each other like lifelong lovers. Then Gina surprised me – she moved down Jenn’s body and started licking her pussy. My cum was oozing out of Jenn’s cunt, and Gina licked it all up.

By this time, my cock was hard again, and with Gina’s ass pointing straight back at me, I took my opportunity. I moved behind her and rubbed her pussy with my index finger, spreading around all her juices. She moaned loudly as she ate Gina’s pussy, wiggling her ass back at me invitingly. When she was wet enough, I guided my cock into her tight hole. Both of us moaned together as I slowly fucked her. Since yesterday’s adventure, I’d been waiting to fuck Gina again, and I wanted to make it last as long as possible. I held onto her hips as I eased my cock in and out of her pussy, the three of us moaning together. I entered her with long, slow strokes, pulling out until just the head was inside of her, before sliding all the way back in. I had already cum a few minutes earlier, so I knew I’d be able to go a long time before I’d be ready to cum again. Jenn was moaning loudly as Gina sucked on her pussy, and I knew she was going to cum again soon. I moved my hand around to Gina’s clit and fingered her quickly as I fucked her, hoping to make them cum together. Gina was thrusting her hips back at me harder as I fingered her clit, while trying to concentrate on Jenn’s pussy. Jenn’s moaning became louder, and she grabbed the back of Gina’s head, holding her tight against her as she cried out and came again and again. Gina lapped up all her juices, bringing Jenn to peak after peak.

I kept the pressure on Gina’s clit, and had her cumming soon, too, making her pick her head away from Jenn’s cunt as she came in her own massive orgasm. Her muscles clenched around my thick cock as she came, holding me tight inside of her. I held her ass steady as she came, loving the feeling of being deep inside her as her orgasm washed over her. As her orgasm subsided, I started fucking her again, wanting to fill her with my cum. Gina, begged me to stop; she said her pussy was getting sore from all the attention of the last couple of days.

I pulled out my cock, coated with Jenn and Gina’s juices, and sat down on the carpet. Gina pushed me back gently and stared kissing the head. I closed my eyes as she licked and sucked my shaft, cleaning off all our juices, bringing me closer to cumming with each stroke of her tongue. I felt her slide her mouth all the way down my cock, taking my full length, and as she moved her mouth up and down, she pumped my cock with her hand. I felt another mouth on my balls, and when I looked up, it was Gina who was sucking on my balls, and Jenn with my cock in her mouth. I moaned loudly as Gina teased my testicles, while Jenn’s mouth pumped my cock. I was thrusting my hips up at them, my orgasm building quickly. Jenn pulled her mouth up, keeping just the head inside, while she swirled her tongue around and around. I couldn’t last any more and exploded, shooting my cum in her mouth. After the first shot, she moved her head down as much as she could, my cum running down her throat.

My orgasm done, I laid back, completely spent. My two lovers cuddled up next to me, and we laid there for a while. Jenn looked at the clock and said “Oh geez. I need to get home, it’s getting late.” She kissed me, then Gina, on the lips.

“You know,” she said. “I still have a month before the baby comes. Do you two know what I can do to keep busy until then?”

Gina looked at me, then Jenn, and smiled. “Oh, I think we can find ways to entertain each other.” She rubbed my cock and looked at me. “That is, if you think you’re ‘up’ for it.”

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