tagBDSMThe Temple Ch. 03

The Temple Ch. 03


Kathryn walked into her house Tuesday evening with a bag of groceries and an air of frustration. Her lack of sleep Monday night had affected her work, enough that her boss was angry with her for a short while. The chill reception from him had continued for part of Tuesday morning, warming up only after a lunchtime discussion between her and Richard Beckner. Even though fences had been mended, Kathryn was still upset that the problem had occurred in the first place, and her mood was down. After putting away her small bag of groceries (she had some years ago adjusted to cooking for herself or her and her daughter, instead of making enough dinner for her late husband as well), Kathryn looked through the small pile of mail inside the front door. She groaned over two bills, and threw away three sales circulars so quickly that she almost lost two other letters. Sitting at the kitchen table, she opened the one from her daughter first, hungry for news about Cindy's life and adventures in college.

"Dear mom,

Life goes on here at college. Classes are a combination of boredom and drudgery, with the occasional dash of tension and even rarer dollop of excitement. I'm about ready to choke my English 101 teacher. Turns out this school uses teaching assistants in the low-level English classes. The one I'm stuck with is going for her doctorate, and makes no secret that she'd much rather work on her graduate seminars than my class. My first paper for her was a 'C+'. I checked around, and a 'B' was the highest grade anyone in the class got. And when I asked her what I could have done better, she said that wasn't her concern. I took it to the English Department; they say they are looking into it. My other classes are going well; I even aced last week's Western Civilization exam. I couldn't have done it without you, mom, and all those times you had me watch 'Masterpiece Theatre' over the years. Helped me understand the reading a bit more.

I've been making a few more friends in classes, and learning which ones to be leery of. More than a few folks are trying to leach on to me for class notes at exam times. Been to a few parties, always with Beth. I'm lucky to have her for a roommate; we've looked out for each other pretty well at parties and kept the sleaze buckets from talking us into stupid stuff. I've already had three guys try to schmooze me into bed with them. Don't worry, I told them all to get lost. I'm not ready to be a mom, there's too damn many diseases out there, and I want it to be special, not just a roll in the hay.

Well, gotta close this so I can get it mailed off. Oh, yeah, the big reason I'm writing. Remember, Parent's Weekend is weekend after next. I know you've got a pretty busy schedule at times, but I'd truly love it if you could be here. If you can make it, try to be here by 10:30, that's when the big festivities start. There is a breakfast earlier, but I'm not about to ask you to drive here Friday night or early Saturday morning for so-so waffles. Bring Paul; he'll love the campus. But you two have to promise me -- no wild sex while you're here. Can't have you two corrupting the morals of the younger generation!!! But then again... maybe we'll corrupt you!!!

All my love,


Geez, Kathryn thought, I gotta make sure Rich doesn't need me in that weekend. Wait, this is my daughter. Rich will have to get along on his own. Besides, he's never given me any flack when I've wanted to see Cindy. Or to have time with Paul, for that matter. I think Monica might have said a few things to him. How Rich ever got lucky enough to get her for a wife, I'll never know. Shoot, I had better call Paul before I forget.

Kathryn picked up the phone on the wall by the kitchen table and dialed Paul's number. He picked up on the second ring.

"Hello, Paul? Honey, what are you doing weekend after next?"

"Nothing major, Kathryn. You have something in mind?"

"No major plans, eh? Well, then, you're gonna drive me to the University. It's Parents Weekend, and Cindy wants us both there. Got a letter from her today reminding me of it. And yes, she asked me to bring you along. But, she insists we don't provide any bad examples."

"I'm surprised she isn't trying to hide the bad examples from us!"

"Actually, she did mention something about that in her letter." They both laughed. "I hate to impose on you, but it's probably too late to get a hotel room or anything like that up there. I'm afraid we'll have to make it a day-trip."

"Kathryn, it's only a two-hour drive to the University. That's two hours there, and two hours back at the end of the day. It's not like we'd be driving across the country. We just have to get a lot of sleep on Friday night. Listen, how about I pick you up about seven, we get some breakfast at Paradise Café, and get on the road by eight. We'll be at the University by ten, and have a little time to find Cindy before things get into full swing. Sound good?"

"Perfect. I'll let you know if there's any change in plans. I'll let you go so you can finish your dinner and I can start mine. You take care, now, hon. Love ya!!"

"I love you too, Kathryn. Talk to you soon."

Kathryn hung up the phone and saw the other envelope. It had no return address, making her wonder whom it was from. Opening it, she found another envelope inside. This one had a single word written on it -- "Katya". Kathryn shuddered, put it down and went to make dinner. 30 minutes and a plate of leftover spaghetti later, she picked it up again and went upstairs. Once she was seated in a warm tub of lavender-scented water, she opened the note.

Dearest Katya,

I hope this notes finds you well and rested. If you are reading this, I am assuming you are in the bathtub with some candles lighting the room. When you are finished reading this note, you will give your legs and arms a good massage.

If you are reading this on Wednesday or later, you will follow these instructions after your bath. If you get this note before Wednesday, you will wait until after your Wednesday night bath to follow these commands. At that time, you will put on your pleasure harness and a pair of white panties. You'll turn off the ringer on your bedroom phone if you have one. You will then take your kitchen timer and set it for 20 minutes. In that time, you will pleasure and explore yourself with your hands as you did before. When the timer goes off, you will orgasm. Only when the timer goes off, that will be your trigger. Then you will set it for 25 minutes and again masturbate, cumming only when the timer goes off. Then you will set your alarm clock to go off in 35 minutes. That time, you will use your hands and whatever toys you may have available. When the alarm clock buzzes, you will cum. Once that is done, you will sleep in your harness and panties, no matter their condition. You will only do this one night. After that, Little Katya, you will go back to the covering sleeping clothes I told you to wear. And you will sleep in them until you return to the Temple. When you do, you will bring those panties with you, unwashed, as well as your pleasure harness and the items you brought before.

Now, Katya, massage yourself in the tub as I told you at the beginning of this note. Relax. Follow the schedule for your self pleasure properly. I look forward to Saturday, when I hope to again see you in Temple. At that time, you will tell me if you followed the instructions, how you followed them, and what the results were. You will serve me now by following these instructions well. In doing that you will please yourself... and please me.

As always, the note was unsigned. The breadth of the instructions, and the pleasure they seemed to promise, put a small lump in Kathryn's chest. She put her hand on her chest, as if to drive it away -- and felt the pendant He had given her. For some reason, she had not taken it off with her clothing. But holding it now, she knew she would follow the instructions on the note. For better or worse, she was linked to him, under his "spell", and would give herself as He dictated. No matter her love for Paul, she was His. She laid the note on the floor outside the tub and massaged her legs and arms. Feeling very relaxed, she dried off and put on her bra, panties and sweats. She was asleep seconds after setting the morning alarm.

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